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Arqana 2012 Deauville December Breeding Stock Sale

December 8 - 11 2012

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
1Maimara (FR)Makfi (GB) - Hideaway Heroine (IRE)
2How High The Sky (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Hint of SilverDARK ANGEL
4UNNAMEDDanehill Dancer (IRE) - Hitra
5Insouciante (IRE)Pivotal (GB) - Insijaam
6Bigzam (GB)Zamindar - Intrum Morshaan (IRE)Silver Frost (IRE)
7Willow Breeze (GB)Hard Spun - Island BabeFree 
8Unnamed (FR)Lope de Vega (IRE) - Ivory Coast (FR)
9Monterosa (FR)Mineshaft - Juliya SpaceKentucky Dynamite
11Calahorra (FR)Soave (GER) - Kendorya (FR)
12UNNAMEDDanehill Dancer (IRE) - Key Figure (GB)
13Saintina (GB)Royal Academy - Kistena (FR)King's Best
14Kamaran (IRE)Manduro (GER) - Kristin's Charm
15Lone Cat (FR)One Cool Cat - La Sioule (AUS)Duke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
16Land Star (FR)Peintre Celebre - LandlockedFree 
17Floating World (IRE)King's Best - Larrocha (IRE)
18UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Last Cast (FR)Free 
20Nadeaud (FR)Soave (GER) - Halix (FR)
21Oui Dire (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Lettre de CachetEquiano (FR)
22Gossamer Seed (IRE)Choisir (AUS) - Light And Airy (GB)Free 
23UNNAMEDCape Cross (IRE) - Loutka (FR)
25Shaqira (GB)Redoute's Choice (AUS) - Hammiya (IRE)Free 
26Kya GulchThunder Gulch - Luna Kya (FR)Sageburg (IRE)
27UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - Chaibia (IRE)Free 
28Chaibia (IRE)Peintre Celebre - MawhibaMastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
29La Hague (FR)Zieten - Mercalle (FR)Le Havre (IRE)
30Unnamed (FR)Whipper - Mermaids Quay (IRE)
31Fine and Mellow (FR)Lando (GER) - Mika Red (BEL)Fastnet Rock (AUS)Free 
32MelikovaBernardini - Mille (GB)Free 
33Lily America (FR)American Post (GB) - Miller's Lily
34Influence (FR)Dansili (GB) - Moiava (FR)
35Bernie's MoonBernstein - MoonstarPour Moi (IRE)Free 
36Miss Carmie (FR)Excellent Art (GB) - Moortown (IRE)
37Villerville (IRE)Gulch - Mowaadah (IRE)Le Havre (IRE)
38UNNAMEDPeintre Celebre - Multiple (IRE)Free 
39Flame Trees (GB)Johannesburg - Myrtle (GB)Cape Blanco (IRE)Free 
42Louisa M Alcott (GB)King's Best - Nabati
44Nouvelle Amie (GER)Noverre - Nouvelle Perle (IRE)Equiano (FR)
45Next topmodel (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Nouvelle Princesse (GER)
46UNNAMEDInvincible Spirit (IRE) - Olimpic Girl (IRE)
47Peace Talk (FR)Sadler's Wells - Pampa Bella (FR)Sageburg (IRE)
48Peace Lina (FR)Linamix (FR) - Peace Talk (FR)Elusive City
49Peaceful Love (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Peace Time (GER)Monsun (GER)
50UNNAMEDMedicean (GB) - Peach Pearl (GB)
51Pitch Blue (IRE)Peintre Celebre - Perstrovka (IRE)Free 
52Sainte Colombe (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - PharapacheLe Havre (IRE)
54Playland (GB)Cape Cross (IRE) - Playact (IRE)
55UNNAMEDRip Van Winkle (IRE) - Poltava (FR)Free 
57Zingela (GB)Dalakhani (IRE) - Quiet Counsel (IRE)Archipenko (FR)
58Phille PhuongQuiet American - R D FilleAstronomer RoyalFree 
59Hellenistic (GB)Street Cry (IRE) - RahiyahFree 
60MowaajahaInvincible Spirit (IRE) - Rakiza (IRE)
61UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Ramzia (IRE)
62Ramzia (IRE)Soviet Star - Rayseka (IRE)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
63Right Way Left (GER)Montjeu (IRE) - Remote Romance
64AlmogiaGone West - Ronda (GB)Le Havre (IRE)
65Best Loved (IRE)Dubai Destination - Rosa Parks (GB)
66Gaanya (FR)Oasis Dream (GB) - Saba (ITY)
67Saga d'Ouilly (FR)Linamix (FR) - SaganecaKing's Best
68Lombatina (FR)King's Best - Sahel (GER)
69Multiple (IRE)Mull of Kintyre - Sail away (GER)Rip Van Winkle (IRE)Free 
71VociferousStreet Cry (IRE) - Sander CamilloFree 
73BankruptcyArch - Seeking the HeartFree
74Selana (GER)Lomitas (GB) - SeldomCanford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
75Sentimental UnionDixie Union - Sentimental GiftMyboycharlie (IRE)Free 
76Sister RocksRock Hard Ten - Serena's Sister
77Set Dreams (FR)Galileo (IRE) - Seven MagiciansFree 
78Fine Claire (GB)Three Valleys - Shining Sea (FR)Free 
79Unnamed (FR)Montjeu (IRE) - Sil Sila (IRE)
80UNNAMEDStarspangledbanner (AUS) - Endless Night (GER)
81UNNAMEDHigh Chaparral (IRE) - Silver Haze (GB)Free 
83Trophy Baby (GB)Gone West - Sismix (IRE)
84AasyaHard Spun - SiyadahFree 
86La PolonaiseSmart Strike - SolderaFree 
87Marigay's Magic (GB)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Speak Softly to MeLope de Vega (IRE)
88Alivera (FR)Danehill - Spectacular JokeSoldier of Fortune
89Added Attraction (FR)Kendor (FR) - Spring Morning (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
90Unnamed (FR)Motivator (GB) - Space Quest (GB)
91Skagen (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Stravina (GER)Soldier Hollow (FR)
92Sun BitternSeeking the Gold - Sunray Superstar (GB)Acclamation (GB)
94Super VannyVan Nistelrooy - SupergirlSageburg (IRE)
95Unnamed (FR)Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Sweet And Sour (IRE)
96Tianshan (FR)Lahint - TangshanSiyouni (FR)
97Duniatty (GB)Green Desert - Tatora (GB)
98Abusive (GB)Green Tune - Tender MornElusive City
99IslandiaJohar - Tenderly (IRE)Makfi (GB)
100UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Dream for Life (FR)Free 
101Kajsa Kavat (FR)Layman - Territorial (GB)
103UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Three Owls (IRE)
104Top Cool (FR)Pivotal (GB) - Top Order
105Dutch Diamond (GB)Dutch Art (GB) - Treasure Trove
106Tres Dance (FR)Sinndar (IRE) - Tres Ravi (GER)
107Mazayyen (GB)American Post (GB) - Tropical Barth (IRE)
108Tropical Flore (IRE)Big Shuffle - Turfquelle (IRE)
109MakaasebPulpit - Turn and SparkleNaaqoos (GB)Free 
110Pennedepie (GB)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Turpitude (GB)Le Havre (IRE)
111Charmeuse (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Underwater
112Vadazing (FR)Spinning World - Vadaza (FR)Lawman (FR)
113Vermentina (IRE)Darshaan (GB) - Vereva (IRE)Siyouni (FR)
114DreametteFusaichi Pegasus - Volga (IRE)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
115Street RomanceStreet Cry (IRE) - Walewskaia (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
116UNNAMEDDuke of Marmalade (IRE) - May (GB)Free 
117May (GB)Montjeu (IRE) - Wanton (GB)Canford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
119Ladyholme (GB)Lomitas (GB) - Whitehaven (GB)Lope de Vega (IRE)
120Mountain Rose (GER)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Montfleur (GB)Elusive City
121Wonderfilly (FR)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Wicken Wonder (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
122Naan (IRE)Indian Charlie - Wingspan
123Triple WitchingPulpit - Witching Hour (FR)
124Tabreed (GB)Sakhee - Za Aamah
125Tender MornDayjur - La PitieZamindar
127Zamid (FR)Namid (GB) - Zarkana (IRE)Zamindar
128ZoubrovkaProud Citizen - ZinziberineFree
129Aramina (GER)In the Wings (GB) - Akasma (GER)Monsun (GER)
130BusinesslikeProud Citizen - Da River HossFree
131UNNAMEDShamardal - Dancing Lady (FR)
135Mandura (GER)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Mandellicht (IRE)New Approach (IRE)
136Anadiya (FR)Bahri - Alnamara (FR)DESERT STYLE
138Suave (IRE)Sadler's Wells - Anaza (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
139Diabolique (GB)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Silver Rain (FR)Pour Moi (IRE)Free 
140Spin (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Pieds de Plume (FR)Fastnet Rock (AUS)Free 
140bSweet Stream (ITY)Shantou - Snug Dinner (IRE)Oasis Dream (GB)
141Athb (IRE)Teofilo (IRE) - Anbella (FR)
143Miss Fifty (IRE)Whipper - Annatto
144Anna Spectra (IRE)Spectrum (IRE) - Anstandige (GER)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
146Model Black (IRE)Trade Fair (GB) - Ashford Cross (GB)
147Miss Lago (IRE)Encosta de Lago (AUS) - AthykaFree 
148Unnamed (FR)Makfi (GB) - Auenpearl (GER)
149Be StillStreet Cry (IRE) - Banksia (GB)Free 
150UNNAMEDRaven's Pass - Tres Rapide (IRE)
150bUNNAMEDMakfi (GB) - Fureau (GER)
151Cold Cold Woman (GB)Machiavellian - Banquise (IRE)Acclamation (GB)
152Boldogsag (FR)Layman - Belga WoodKing's Best
153Baladewa (GER)Monsun (GER) - Bennetta (FR)DICK TURPIN
154Jewel Box (IRE)Pivotal (GB) - Birthstone (GB)
155Foreign Legionary (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Renashaan (FR)Free 
156Blue SailKingmambo - Black PennyExceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
157Gold Round (IRE)Caerleon - Born GoldDALAKHANI
158Ebrah (GB)Singspiel (IRE) - Broken Peace
159Pachamamma (GB)Pivotal (GB) - Cairns (UAE)
160Wild Wind (GER)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Woman Secret (IRE)Galileo
160bVezina (FR)Bering (GB) - Marie de Vez (FR)
161Lady's Art (FR)Verglas (IRE) - Calithea (IRE)
162UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - SalorinaFree 
163SalorinaA.P. Indy - Chaibia (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
164BruscaGrindstone - Chic CorineINVINCIBLE SPIRITFree 
165Ridafa (IRE)Darshaan (GB) - Ridaiyma (IRE)
166UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - Chimes Blues (GB)Free 
167Duo de Choc (IRE)Manduro (GER) - Choc Ice (IRE)
168Claveria (FR)Nayef - ClodoraSilver Frost (IRE)
169AccordiaSmart Strike - Colony BandKendargent (FR)
170Elletelle (IRE)Elnadim - Flamanda (GB)Galileo
170bAzeville (GER)Shamardal - At Once (GER)
171Chica Loca (FR)American Post (GB) - Comete (FR)
172UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Compulsive Quality
173Crackovia (FR)Daylami (IRE) - Cracovie (GB)Makfi (GB)
174CreamcakeMr. Greeley - Cracovie (GB)
175Maid To Master (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Starlight Dreams
176Trend Line (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Dabiliya (IRE)Free 
177Daltiana (FR)Selkirk - Daltaiyma (IRE)
178Hadrian's Waltz (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Dance to the Top (GB)Pour Moi (IRE)Free 
179Commendable (GB)Pivotal (GB) - Danehurst (GB)Le Havre (IRE)
180Darayya (IRE)Zamindar - Darakiyla (IRE)
181Daramakfi (FR)Makfi (GB) - Darakiyla (IRE)
184DivergenceRed Ransom - DellagraziaFootstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
185UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Diamond Light
186Dirama (FR)Dalakhani (IRE) - Diamond Tango (FR)Free 
187Singapore Joy (FR)Sagacity (FR) - Doliouchka (GB)
188Discophilia (GB)Teofilo (IRE) - Electric Society (IRE)
189EvadingStreet Sense - Ever Love (BRZ)Free 
190Famous LillyRahy - Famously (IRE)
192Derivatives (IRE)Dansili (GB) - Favourable Terms (GB)
193Secrete (FR)Cape Cross (IRE) - Featherquest (GB)
194UNNAMEDAqlaam (GB) - Latent Lover (IRE)
195Latent Lover (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - Feather Bride (IRE)Sir Percy (GB)
196Unnamed (FR)Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - For Joy (GB)
197For Joy (GB)Singspiel (IRE) - Fine and Mellow (FR)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
198First Sandia (FR)Sabiango (GER) - First Class (GER)Silver Frost (IRE)
199Monst (IRE)Monsun (GER) - First One (ARG)
200Save Me the Waltz (FR)Halling - Flawlessly (FR)INVINCIBLE SPIRIT
201Neuquen (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Four Green (FR)Free 
202Action Chope (FR)Muhaymin - Free Track (FR)
203FlandreElusive Quality - Fresnay (GB)Free 
204Galleria (GB)Dalakhani (IRE) - Galatee (FR)Free 
205Chinese Wall (IRE)Aussie Rules - Ganar El Cielo (GB)DREAM AHEAD
206Gallivant (GB)Danehill - Gay GallantaDALAKHANI
207UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Germance
208Believe Me (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - Golden WingsFastnet Rock (AUS)Free 
210UNNAMEDSilver Frost (IRE) - Good Hope (GER)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
211Houda (FR)Green Tune - Habilea (FR)Elusive City
212UNNAMEDHigh Chaparral (IRE) - Habilea (FR)Free 
213Sandy Winner (FR)Priolo - Heavenly Song (FR)King's Best
214Unnamed (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Heaven's Help
215Kristin's CharmSwain (IRE) - Hidden Dreams (GB)Manduro (GER)
216UNNAMEDAmadeus Wolf (GB) - High Sea (IRE)
217Unnamed (FR)Kentucky Dynamite - Highborne (FR)
218HoublonniereSeeking the Gold - Hopes and FearsFalco
219Miss PossibilityChimes Band - How Can That BeMyboycharlie (IRE)Free 
220Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - I Should Care (FR)
222Irish Queen (FR)Speedmaster (GER) - IntentionPour Moi (IRE)Free 
223Rotterdam (GB)Rainbow Quest - Irish OrderSilver Frost (IRE)
224UNNAMEDRip Van Winkle (IRE) - Japan (GER)Free 
225Kenaaya (FR)Monsun (GER) - Jindy's DreamSageburg (IRE)
226Jezebel (GB)Owington (GB) - Just Ice (GB)King's Best
227Kadiana (IRE)Grand Lodge - Kadaka (IRE)Siyouni (FR)
228Kalatuna (FR)Green Tune - KalasingerLe Havre (IRE)
229Unnamed (FR)Elusive City - Kalatuna (FR)
230Ammia (IRE)Medicean (GB) - Kezia (FR)Siyouni (FR)
231Kansas (GB)Kahyasi (IRE) - Khalafiya (IRE)Soldier of Fortune
232Kelida Dancer (IRE)Clodovil (IRE) - Kirunavaara (IRE)
233Love and War (GER)War Blade (GER) - La Bouche (GER)Muhtathir (GB)Free 
234La Marisma (FR)Sinndar (IRE) - La Cibeles (FR)Saddex (GB)
235Unnamed (FR)Zebedee (GB) - La Ville Lumiere
236Lamora (GB)Sinndar (IRE) - Labour of LoveTurtle Bowl (IRE)
237Lupinie (GER)Platini (GER) - Lady Fox (GER)Archipenko (FR)
238UNNAMEDAuthorized (IRE) - Lady Liesel (GB)
240Lady Angele (FR)Ski Chief - Ladygoon (FR)Country ReelFree 
241UNNAMEDMr. Sidney - Lafayette (GER)
242Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Lanciana (IRE)
243UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Landora (FR)
244King's Folly (FR)King's Best - Latifolia (GB)Astronomer RoyalFree 
245Vraona (GB)Fantastic Light - Laughing GirlFalco
246Lonestar Spirit (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Law of Chance (GB)
247UNNAMEDBig Bad Bob (IRE) - Law of Chance (GB)
248Cape Talks (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Lia (IRE)
249Olimpic Girl (IRE)Darshaan (GB) - Lille Hammer (GB)Royal Applause (GB)
250AlfaguaraRed Ransom - LisaleenSiyouni (FR)
252Logjam (IRE)Royal Academy - LoopholePour Moi (IRE)Free 
253Unnamed (FR)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Louve de Saron (FR)Free 
254Louve And Love (GB)Dalakhani (IRE) - Louve SacreeFree 
255Living in Love (FR)Mount Nelson (GB) - Love Over Gold (FR)
256Fortunately (GB)Forzando (GB) - Lucky Dip (GB)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
257Lyrical (GER)Grape Tree Road (GB) - LyceanaAreion (GER)
258Belga WoodWoodman - Madame BelgaSlickly (FR)
259Madonje (GER)Monsun (GER) - Madhya
260Unnamed (FR)Paco Boy (IRE) - Madura (GER)
261Kandykaine (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Madura (GER)
262Maggi Fong (GB)Dr Fong - Maggi for Margaret (GB)Kendargent (FR)
263Golden Friends (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Majestic Lady (FR)
264Unnamed (FR)Aqlaam (GB) - Manarah
265Madura (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Mandellicht (IRE)Soul City (IRE)
266Magic Howard (FR)Zambezi Sun (GB) - Marcela Howard (IRE)
267Margie Queen (GER)Sternkoenig (IRE) - Margie BelleManduro (GER)
268Maryqueenofscots (IRE)Fantastic Light - Marie de Blois (IRE)Wootton Bassett (GB)
269Marie Rock (IRE)Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Marie Vison (IRE)Free 
271Unnamed (FR)Lord Shanakill - Market Index (IRE)
272Unnamed (FR)Champs Elysees (GB) - Marla (GER)
273Diamond Red (FR)Diamond Green (FR) - Massatixa (FR)
274MureefaBahri - Mata Cara (GB)Lope de Vega (IRE)
276Flying Plover (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Matikanehamatidori (JPN)Stormy River (FR)
277French ActressTheatrical (IRE) - Mercantile (FR)Captain Marvelous (IRE)
278Marie Vison (IRE)Entrepreneur (GB) - MetisseMastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
279Hermilia (GB)Hernando (FR) - MimaliaZoffany (IRE)Free 
280My Memoir (IRE)King's Best - MisbegottenSilver Frost (IRE)
281Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Misdirect (GB)
282Unnamed (FR)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Mislix (FR)Free 
283Zakryss (GB)Zamindar - Miss Chryss (IRE)HELIOSTATIC
284Magdala (FR)Hawk Wing - Miss Chryss (IRE)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
287Bint Nas (IRE)Clodovil (IRE) - Molomo (GB)Youmzain (IRE)
288Moonavvara (IRE)Sadler's Wells - MonevassiaSageburg (IRE)
289Pony Girl (IRE)Darshaan (GB) - MypreciousprospectWhipper
290Grey LinaEmpire Maker - Mysterious Lina (FR)Le Havre (IRE)
291Mysterious Guest (FR)Barathea (IRE) - Mysterious Move (GB)Alex the Winner
292Nazlia (FR)Polish Precedent - Nasriyda (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
293UNNAMEDDutch Art (GB) - Nelly Dean (GB)
294Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Neriella (GB)
295Sister Agnes (IRE)Dr Fong - Nibbs Point (IRE)Dutch Art (GB)
296La Chapelle (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Nightime (IRE)Le Havre (IRE)
297Tulipe Royale (FR)Java Gold - Nigrita (GER)King's Best
298Nowosti (GER)Lomitas (GB) - Nobilissima (GER)Wootton Bassett (GB)
299Dona Antonia (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Note of DesireSilver Frost (IRE)
300UNNAMEDAmerican Post (GB) - Nouvelle Amie (GER)
301Ophelia Sun (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Oceangirl (FR)Samum (GER)
302Odessa (IRE)Sadler's Wells - OdeSir Percy (GB)
303D'Articleshore (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Offshore BoomSoul City (IRE)
304Olympic Skater (IRE)Loup Solitaire - Otaiti (IRE)Stormy River (FR)
305Unnamed (FR)Medicean (GB) - Pearl Quest (GB)
306Pearl Quest (GB)Rainbow Quest - Oyster Catcher (IRE)Muhtathir (GB)Free 
307Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Paree (IRE)
308Antipodal Point (IRE)Oasis Dream (GB) - Partly Sunny (GB)
309UNNAMEDElusive City - Pasba
310Poltava (FR)Victory Note - Passiflore (FR)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
311Pax Mina (FR)Keltos (FR) - Pax Bella (FR)Diamond Green (FR)
312Unnamed (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Peaceful Love (GER)
314Russian DollRainbow Quest - Petrushka (IRE)Whipper
315Benalmadena (FR)Nashwan - Pharatta (IRE)Whipper
316Pharma WestGone West - PharmaTurtle Bowl (IRE)
317Pink and RedRed Ransom - Pinaflore (FR)Siyouni (FR)
318Poule d'Essai (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Plains Indian (GB)Areion (GER)
319Tamada (GB)Lucky Story - Play Around (IRE)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
320Panzella (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Ponte Brolla (FR)Soldier of Fortune
321Soiree RusseNureyev - Private ViewFalco
322Princess Mix (FR)Linamix (FR) - Proud PuppySoldier of Fortune
323Unnamed (FR)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Queen of Wands (GB)Free 
324Trumbaka (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - QuestinaFalco
325Esclarmonde (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - QuestinaDuke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
327Coiffure (GB)King's Best - Quiff (GB)Elusive City
328Solaria (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - Radiant Energy (IRE)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
329Don't Stop Me Now (FR)Zamindar - Ragazza Mio (IRE)
330Dos Lunas (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Rambler (GB)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
331Confusion (FR)Anabaa - Red Stella (FR)
332Unnamed (FR)Lawman (FR) - Relais d'Aumale (GB)
333Rose the One (FR)Meshaheer - Restless Mixa (IRE)Zafeen (FR)
334Sea Paint (IRE)Peintre Celebre - Ring BeauneElusive City
335Never Pink (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Ring PinkAqlaam (GB)
336Unnamed (FR)Mr. Sidney - Rizierella (FR)
337Ratisbona (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Rondinay (FR)Lord of England (GER)
338Fusaichi Dream (IRE)Fusaichi Pegasus - Royal Ballerina (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
339Ethelinda (GB)Indian Ridge (IRE) - Royal Touch (IRE)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
340Rainbow Lake (FR)Dark Angel (IRE) - Russian Doll
341Sagariya (FR)Shamardal - Saga d'Ouilly (FR)
343Lemon CrunchLemon Drop Kid - Salon PriveHAT TRICKFree 
344Diva Pop (IRE)Peintre Celebre - Sans Prix (FR)Linngari (IRE)
345UNNAMEDBernstein - Sans Reward (IRE)
346Sersoura (FR)Dalakhani (IRE) - Sarkala (IRE)Manduro (GER)
347Intriguing (IRE)Fasliyev - Sea Mistress (IRE)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
348Legendary Glory (IRE)Halling - Secret Melody (FR)
349Libre Lady (GB)Librettist - Secret QuestionMuhtathir (GB)Free 
350Belle Masquee (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - Secret WellsDREAM AHEADFree 
351Pomme d'Amour (IRE)Dansili (GB) - Seditieuse (IRE)Elusive City
352Unnamed (FR)Dunkerque (FR) - Seduisante (FR)
353Strategie (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Seelland (FR)Free 
354Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Seelland (FR)
355Set Et Match (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Settler (GB)Irish Wells (FR)
356Diamond Laly (GB)Observatory - Shavya (GB)Stormy River (FR)
357Teoris (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Political Parody
360Starks (FR)Daylami (IRE) - Silver SingingZafeen (FR)
361Silver Market (FR)Marchand de Sable - Silver Swain (FR)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
362Seduisante (FR)Anabaa - Silvermine (FR)Mr. Sidney
363Silver Face (FR)Iron Mask - Silverqueen (FR)Muhtathir (GB)Free 
364UNNAMEDRip Van Winkle (IRE) - Sinueuse (FR)Free 
365Poisonous (FR)Nayef - Snake Dancer (IRE)Free 
366Blue Impact (IRE)Dixie Union - Sneaky Quiet
367Snow Valley (FR)Choisir (AUS) - Snow Lady (SWI)Siyouni (FR)
368Unnamed (FR)Lope de Vega (IRE) - Solaria (IRE)
369Sainte Foy (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Souffle (GB)Le Havre (IRE)
370Samya (GB)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Special Society (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
371Anestasia (IRE)Anabaa - Spectacular JokeTurtle Bowl (IRE)
372Annabama (FR)Anabaa - Stop Lodge (GER)
374Suama (FR)Monsun (GER) - Suave (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
375UNNAMEDArcano (IRE) - Subilita (GER)
376Summer MelodyWar Chant - Summertime ShowersLe Havre (IRE)
377UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Sundae Girl
378UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Sundancer (GB)
379UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Super Motiva (GB)Free 
380Amour Malpic (IRE)Azamour (IRE) - Sur Ma Vie
383UNNAMEDGentlewave (IRE) - Tadawul
384Tigresse Africaine (FR)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Tanzania (IRE)Peintre CelebreFree 
385Chavela (IRE)Second Empire (IRE) - Taysala (IRE)Doctor Dino (FR)
386Palm Cove (UAE)Jade Robbery - Temora (IRE)Evasive (GB)
387Unnamed (FR)Zamindar - Terre d'Espoir (FR)
388Valera (IRE)Ad Valorem - Tipperary Honor (FR)Wootton Bassett (GB)
389PeerlessPure Prize - To WinnersAstronomer RoyalFree 
390Together (FR)Valanour (IRE) - ToomixaGreat Journey (JPN)
391Toamasina (FR)Marju (IRE) - Top Speed (IRE)Country ReelFree 
392Loving Away (FR)Gold Away (IRE) - Touchee d'amour (GER)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
393Tractation (FR)Act One (GB) - Trading (FR)
394Trading (FR)Anabaa - TresoriereMr. Sidney
395Tempura (GER)Cape Cross (IRE) - Trumbaka (IRE)
396UNNAMEDFalco - Turpitude (GB)
397RascafriaJohannesburg - TuviahMyboycharlie (IRE)Free 
398Hill of Grace (GB)Desert Prince (IRE) - Tycoon's Dolce (IRE)Whipper
399Velsheda (FR)Hawk Wing - Vadlaviria (IRE)Le Havre (IRE)
401Viane (FR)Cardoun (FR) - VaroomLe Havre (IRE)
402UNNAMEDManduro (GER) - Vassileva (FR)
403Viking's CoveMiswaki - VeniseAstronomer RoyalFree 
404Vazarina (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Vezara (IRE)Free 
405Grise Leigh (FR)Green Tune - Vezina (FR)
407Vizinga (FR)Marju (IRE) - Visorama (IRE)
408Kikinda (FR)Daliapour (IRE) - Voodoo Lounge (GER)Linngari (IRE)
409UNNAMEDSinndar (IRE) - Waconda (GER)
410Sculpted (FR)Orpen - WengeTurtle Bowl (IRE)
411Satwa Blue (IRE)Anabaa Blue (GB) - Whitby (FR)Soldier of Fortune
412Unnamed (FR)Starspangledbanner (AUS) - Windya (FR)
413Shoeless (FR)Le Havre (IRE) - Without Shoes (FR)
414Wonderful Life (GER)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Wonderful Dreams (GER)Soldier Hollow (FR)
415Lusail (FR)Oratorio (IRE) - Ysoldina (FR)Free 
416Unnamed (FR)Tamayuz (GB) - Zahrada
417Zainzana (FR)Green Desert - Zainta (IRE)Zamindar
418Zaiylama (FR)Zamindar - Zalaiyka
419Evasive's First (FR)Evasive (GB) - Zalia (FR)
420Zulia (GB)Red Ransom - Zanna (FR)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
421Zarafsha (IRE)Alzao - Zarabaya (IRE)Soldier of Fortune
422Zardaba (FR)Choisir (AUS) - Zarkalia (IRE)Sinndar (IRE)
423ZarnitzaQuiet American - ZawaahySiyouni (FR)
424A Ma Yen (ITY)Doyen (IRE) - A Ma GuiseOrpen
425Anna Victoria (GER)Royal Solo (IRE) - A Priori (GER)Siyouni (FR)
428Unnamed (FR)Astronomer Royal - Added Attraction (FR)Free 
429Ailette (GB)Second Set (IRE) - Akasma (GER)Manduro (GER)
430UNNAMEDAfleet Express - Al BeedaaFree 
431UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Algoma (GER)Free 
432UNNAMEDAussie Rules - Alharmina (GB)
433Relais d'Aumale (GB)Rainbow Quest - Alieria (IRE)
434Attachee de Presse (IRE)Danehill - Allons EnfantsSageburg (IRE)
435Suvretta Queen (IRE)Polish Precedent - AllwakiDENON
436Amarilou (FR)Slickly (FR) - AmarigeKendargent (FR)
437UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Amarinda (GER)Free 
438Amenapinga (FR)Spinning World - AmenDESERT STYLEFree 
439Susanna Vassa (FR)Equiano (FR) - Anasy
440Unnamed (FR)High Chaparral (IRE) - Anestasia (IRE)Free 
441Anna of Dubai (GER)Dubai Destination - Anna Victoria (GER)Le Havre (IRE)
442La Plesse (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Antioquia (GB)Air Chief Marshal (IRE)
443Armanda (GER)Acatenango (GER) - Aragosta (GER)Intikhab
444Aaliyah (GER)Anabaa - Arpista (GER)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
445Muzayadah (GB)Monsun (GER) - Asawer (IRE)Evasive (GB)
446Allez Hongkong (GER)Sakhee - Autriche (IRE)
447OililyMt. Livermore - Axe CreekSlickly (FR)
449Baselga (GER)Second Set (IRE) - Bankula (GER)Monsun (GER)
450Boa Vinda (FR)High Yield - Baracoa (SWI)Whipper
451UNNAMEDElusive City - Basse Besogne (IRE)
452Bramaputra (IRE)Choisir (AUS) - Bayalika (IRE)Cockney Rebel (IRE)
453UNNAMEDFastnet Rock (AUS) - Believe Me (IRE)Free 
454Loved By All (IRE)Elusive City - Bianca Cappello (IRE)Youmzain (IRE)
455Touch Me Now (IRE)King's Best - Bibi Karam (IRE)
457Boathouse (GB)Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Blue FernFree 
459UNNAMEDHigh Chaparral (IRE) - Brooklyn AcademyFree 
460Blazing Beauty (GER)Monsun (GER) - Bukett (GER)Siyouni (FR)
461Bella Platina (GER)Platini (GER) - Burgberg Lady (GB)Poet's Voice (GB)Free 
462Alice Town (GB)Darshaan (GB) - Cape Grace (IRE)Naaqoos (GB)Free 
463Caribena (FR)Linamix (FR) - CaribbeandriftwoodSoldier of Fortune
464Corrozal (GER)Cape Cross (IRE) - Casanga (IRE)Lawman (FR)
465ManukaMr. Greeley - Chaibia (IRE)
466Clodovina (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - ClodoraDESERT STYLEFree 
468UNNAMEDElusive City - Corrozal (GER)
469Eleganta (IRE)Desert Style (IRE) - Cover Girl (IRE)Equiano (FR)
470Unnamed (FR)Samum (GER) - Cracking Melody (GB)
471Cracking Melody (GB)Shamardal - Cracovie (GB)Wootton Bassett (GB)
472Newcastle (FR)High Yield - CruelleSoave (GER)
473Key Circle (UAE)Jade Robbery - Crystal GazingSageburg (IRE)
474UNNAMEDEquiano (FR) - Crystal Plum (IRE)
475Delicatesse (FR)Stormy River (FR) - Dancing Rose (FR)
476Swinging Lonely (GER)Lomitas (GB) - Saldenschwinge (GER)
477Lettre Intime (FR)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Diamoona (FR)
478Low KeyJohannesburg - Diana My LoveElusive City
479Oasis Rose (FR)Naaqoos (GB) - Dream Rose (IRE)
481Veulettes (IRE)Beat Hollow (GB) - Dundel (IRE)Air Chief Marshal (IRE)
482Vitesse Superieure (GB)Statue of Liberty - Energetic Star (GB)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
483UNNAMEDAzamour (IRE) - Esclarmonde (IRE)
484Fair WestGone West - Fair KrisMount Nelson (GB)
485Unnamed (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Fair West
486Fait Accompli (GER)Bering (GB) - Fantastic Flame (IRE)Lord of England (GER)
487UNNAMEDLawman (FR) - Fashion School (GB)
488UNNAMEDTeofilo (IRE) - Faviva
489Confidente (IRE)Awesome Again - Fidelite (IRE)Free 
490UNNAMEDNaaqoos (GB) - Fire Finch (GB)Free 
491Maud (GB)Halling - Flossy (GB)
492Unnamed (FR)Dark Angel (IRE) - Flying Plover (IRE)
494Funny Crazy (FR)Chichicastenango (FR) - Folle Garde (FR)
497Lille Ida (GB)Hawk Wing - Fur Will Fly (GB)Cockney Rebel (IRE)
498Handloom (IRE)Monsun (GER) - Velvet Lady (GB)MAMOOL
499UNNAMEDTeofilo (IRE) - Fusaichi Dream (IRE)
500CloudspotterStreet Cry (IRE) - Gather the StormSageburg (IRE)
501UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Giralda (IRE)
502UNNAMEDRip Van Winkle (IRE) - Gold Charm (GER)Free 
503Dareen (IRE)Rahy - Golden OpinionSoldier of Fortune
504CentralienneDixie Union - Golden Party
505Gold Charm (GER)Key of Luck - Goldkatze (GER)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
506Sintra (IRE)Kris (GB) - Gracious LineKing's Best
507Sapfo (FR)Peintre Celebre - Granadilla (GB)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
508Gracilia (FR)Anabaa - Great News (FR)
509Shining ValeTwilight Agenda - Great Revival (IRE)Wootton Bassett (GB)
510Unnamed (FR)Evasive (GB) - Green Delight (IRE)
511Between You and Me (FR)Kendor (FR) - Green Field Park (GB)Astronomer RoyalFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
513Fine Grain (JPN)Fuji Kiseki (JPN) - Mill Grain (GB)
514Touch of the Blues (FR)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Silabteni
515Great Journey (JPN)Sunday Silence - Ambrosine
517Princess SkippieSkip Away - Halo's PrincessGentlewave (IRE)
518Summer Dance (FR)Machiavellian - Hasanati (FR)Le Havre (IRE)
519Unnamed (FR)Aussie Rules - High Perfection (IRE)
520Sky MambaSky Mesa - HilarityHELIOSTATICFree 
521Hot CoalRed Ransom - Hot SilverPanis
522Unnamed (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Huroof (IRE)
523UNNAMEDAstronomer Royal - I'm RightFree 
524Zukhruf (GB)Unfuwain - Intercede (GB)Gold Away (IRE)
525Unnamed (FR)Peintre Celebre - Intriguing (IRE)
526ManarahGiant's Causeway - Ishtak (GB)Evasive (GB)
527Petite Sonate (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Jane Eria (IRE)
528Japan (GER)Key Royal (GER) - Jeanine (GER)
529Little Jane (FR)Literato (FR) - Jeanne de Habay (FR)
531Kermansha (FR)Lando (GER) - Karasiyca (IRE)
533UNNAMEDNaaqoos (GB) - Katelyns KissFree 
535Kozaka (FR)Mark of Esteem (IRE) - Kozmina (IRE)Siyouni (FR)
536La Belle Blue (GER)Law Society - La Dancess (GER)Samum (GER)
537Whipped Cream (FR)Whipper - Lady Glitters (FR)
538Without Shoes (FR)Highest Honor (FR) - Lady Winner (FR)Silver Frost (IRE)
539Darshana (FR)Okawango - Lame de Fond
540Leadflor (IRE)Poliglote (GB) - Lead CoraSunday Break (JPN)
542Semire (FR)Mizoram - LespoisAmerican Post (GB)
543Laurel Canyon (IRE)Lando (GER) - L'Etoile de Mer (FR)
544UNNAMEDAussie Rules - Lexington Dream (FR)
545Princesse Bleue (FR)Anabaa Blue (GB) - Life On the Road (IRE)Slickly (FR)
546Lignite (IRE)Priolo - Light the SkyWay of Light
548Love Liu (FR)Librettist - Liu (IRE)Stormy River (FR)
549Ring Ring (FR)Bering (GB) - Loretta GianniAir Chief Marshal (IRE)
550La Victoria (FR)Anabaa - Lost PrairieAlex the Winner
553Unnamed (FR)Excellent Art (GB) - Low Key
554By the Best (FR)King's Best - Luminosity (GB)Sageburg (IRE)
555Lamdiya (FR)Dalakhani (IRE) - Luna Gulch (FR)Free 
556Passing Lady (FR)Anabaa - Lune de Mai (GB)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
557Lariyda (FR)Dr Fong - Luriyya (FR)Free 
558Leverage (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Lyrical (GER)Sholokhov (IRE)
559Madeleine's BlushRahy - Madeleine's DreamSlickly (FR)
561Magic Millions (FR)Great Journey (JPN) - Magic Dawn (IRE)
562Maaqoos Glaz (FR)Naaqoos (GB) - Mahyara (FR)
563Docteur Buzz (FR)Dr Fong - Makila (IRE)Free 
564Unnamed (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Mandy's Valentine (GER)
565UNNAMEDMastercraftsman (IRE) - Marie de Blois (IRE)Free 
566Marie Du Val (FR)Valanour (IRE) - Marie de Vez (FR)Vatori (FR)
567Lady Glitters (FR)Homme de Loi (IRE) - Marie GlittersWhipper
568Marie de Blois (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Mary Astor (FR)
570Unnamed (FR)Tertullian - Masako (IRE)
572Ronda (GB)Bluebird - Memory's Gold
573Vytinna (FR)Victory Note - Messini (IRE)Naaqoos (GB)Free 
574Musha Cay (FR)Hawk Wing - Metal ChimesWay of Light
575Mademoiselle Bleue (IRE)Layman - Millionaia (IRE)
576Mehany (FR)Danehill - MonadisVatori (FR)
577Memoire (FR)Sadler's Wells - Moonlight DanceKendargent (FR)
579Unnamed (FR)Great Journey (JPN) - Musee du Vin (GB)
580Silver Screen (FR)Silver Hawk - Mystery Play (IRE)Zafeen (FR)
581Glimmer (GB)Royal Applause (GB) - Mythic (GB)Stormy River (FR)
582UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Nalear (FR)
584Noemie (FR)Beaudelaire - New MissAmerican Post (GB)
585Vassileva (FR)Lomitas (GB) - NicillaSoldier of Fortune
586A Simple Path (IRE)Imperial Ballet (IRE) - Nicola Wynn (GB)Silver Frost (IRE)
587Uvana Bere (FR)Della Francesca - Olga Bere (FR)Le Havre (IRE)
588UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Paintbox (GB)
589Piste Sauvage (IRE)Brief Truce - Paix BlancheGentlewave (IRE)
590Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Panzella (FR)
591Kalisia (GB)King's Best - Passe PasseFalco
592Unnamed (FR)Lawman (FR) - Passiflore (FR)
593Siyouli (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Pausili (FR)
594Unnamed (FR)Diamond Green (FR) - Pax Mina (FR)
595Prophecie (FR)Dansili (GB) - Peace SignalMontmartre (FR)
596King's Pearl (FR)Kingsalsa - Peerles PinkHIGH ROCK
597Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Perruche Grise (FR)
598Unnamed (FR)Myboycharlie (IRE) - Persian Ruby (IRE)Free 
599Unnamed (FR)Diamond Green (FR) - Phantomine
600Paintbox (GB)Peintre Celebre - Photogenic (GB)Kingsalsa
601Pine Cone (IRE)Dr Fong - Pine Needle (GB)Country ReelFree 
602Parisham (FR)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Pink and Red
603Pisa (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Plains Indian (GB)Lord of England (GER)
604Polar Cadeaux (GB)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Polar Charge (GB)Sageburg (IRE)
606Unnamed (FR)Kentucky Dynamite - Pomonia (FR)
607Alsu (IRE)Fasliyev - Pourquoi Pas (IRE)Soldier of Fortune
608Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Princess Liu (IRE)
609Unnamed (FR)Azamour (IRE) - Princess Skippie
610Promenade AgainWild Again - Promenade ColonyFalco
611Proud Boy (FR)American Post (GB) - Proud Douna (FR)
612Spranza (FR)Desert Style (IRE) - Rada Angel (IRE)
613Rocciosa (GB)Singspiel (IRE) - Rainbow Mountain (GB)Gentlewave (IRE)
614UNNAMEDWay of Light - Rainbow Pointe (ITY)
615Valse Bere (FR)Hold That Tiger - Realdad (ARG)
616Rapid Roy (FR)Meshaheer - Red Rings (FR)
617Fruhling Feuer (FR)Green Tune - Reef Squaw (GB)Falco
618Daleel Al Reem (IRE)Dubai Destination - Relish (IRE)Youmzain (IRE)
620Market Index (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Rich Gift (GB)Kendargent (FR)
621Unnamed (FR)Le Havre (IRE) - Ring Ring (FR)
622Brilliante (GB)Sillery - Riviere d'ArgentSandwaki
623Rochelle (FR)Anabaa - Roanne (FR)
624Red Berry (FR)Zieten - Rose Violette (FR)Vatori (FR)
625Aphrodite (FR)Whipper - Roseanna (FR)
626Cashmere Rose (GB)Cape Cross (IRE) - Roslea Lady (IRE)
627Rigoureuse (FR)Green Tune - Rotterdam (GB)
628Rova (FR)Vatori (FR) - Royal Lights (FR)Way of Light
629Generalite (FR)Kendor (FR) - Rudolfina (IRE)FINE GRAIN
632Djoua (GER)Galileo (IRE) - Dawn SideSamum (GER)
633Face the GipsyWar Chant - Sally Wood
634Unnamed (FR)Myboycharlie (IRE) - Salute the Sun (FR)Free 
635Sashanuma (IRE)Dashing Blade (GB) - Sasanuma
636Musee du Vin (GB)El Prado (IRE) - Sauterne (GB)Great Journey (JPN)
637Quadded Bere (FR)Epistolaire (IRE) - Shadeed ValleeKendargent (FR)
639Shamarkanda (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - SharakandaMyboycharlie (IRE)Free 
640Veliana (FR)Vettori (IRE) - Shavya (GB)Silver Frost (IRE)
641Shermiyna (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Sheragia (IRE)Kendargent (FR)
642Spertezza (FR)Hurricane Cat - Shigeru Summit (GB)
643Unnamed (FR)Air Chief Marshal (IRE) - Shindawa (FR)
644Unnamed (FR)Orpen - Shiver Stream (IRE)
645SouslecieldeparisPulpit - Si Je N'Avais Plus (IRE)Le Havre (IRE)
646Shooting Lodge (IRE)Grand Lodge - Sidama (FR)Sageburg (IRE)
647Silent ShodaJohannesburg - SilencieuseAir Chief Marshal (IRE)
648In the Woods (GB)You and I - Silent IndulgenceCockney Rebel (IRE)
649Silver Swain (FR)Swain (IRE) - Silver Screen (FR)DENON
651Spiert (FR)Hold That Tiger - Slavenska (FR)
652Unnamed (FR)Linngari (IRE) - Slitana (FR)
653La Noe (GB)Nayef - Snow Gretel (IRE)Free 
654Shiver Stream (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Snug Dinner (IRE)Orpen
655Our Beautiful (FR)Sinndar (IRE) - SolosoleVespone (IRE)
656Songa (GB)Muhtathir (GB) - Sparkling Star (FR)Free 
657Sunday Surprise (FR)Orpen - Spira (IRE)
658Sycamores (FR)Gold Away (IRE) - Sporades
659Siloe (FR)Domedriver (IRE) - Starks (FR)Meshaheer
660Starvalla (FR)With Approval - Star's Proud PennyLiterato (FR)
661Sardinelle (FR)Verglas (IRE) - Stella Berine (FR)Myboycharlie (IRE)Free 
662Geisha Lily (FR)Gone West - Sudarynya (IRE)
663Blue Blade (ITY)Dashing Blade (GB) - Sweet Second (IRE)Air Chief Marshal (IRE)
665Sweet Smile (GER)Distinctly North - Sweet Tavla (IRE)DENON
666UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Tenue d'Amour (FR)
667Alkia (GB)Daylami (IRE) - Testaruda (IRE)Hurricane Cat
668Thandiswa (FR)Zamindar - Themba
670Tonalite (FR)Bering (GB) - Times (FR)Dunkerque (FR)
671Unnamed (FR)Youmzain (IRE) - Touch of Silk (IRE)
672Hermanville (IRE)Hurricane Run (IRE) - Trading Places (GB)Never On Sunday (FR)
673Tremauville (FR)Panis - Transylvania (FR)
674Trigger Shot (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Trigger Happy (IRE)Panis
675Polite ReplyWith Approval - Tsar's Pride (GB)Cima de Triomphe (IRE)
676Tinkerbell (FR)Lord Shanakill - Tulle (IRE)
677Touvoie (FR)Anabaa - TurkeinaFuisse (FR)
678Unnamed (FR)Dark Angel (IRE) - Uva Fragola (GB)
679Nunez (FR)Zieten - ValeniaSlickly (FR)
680Victoria Page (FR)Anabaa - Valley Springs (GB)Zambezi Sun (GB)
681Valse Bleue (GB)Barathea (IRE) - Valse Mystique (IRE)
682Volga VolgaSpeightstown - VatrouchkaPeintre CelebreFree 
684VatrouchkaKingmambo - Venise
685Vallee Celebre (SWI)Peintre Celebre - Vert ValVespone (IRE)
686Beriosova (FR)Starborough (GB) - Viking's CoveWay of Light
687Ipsofacto (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Vodka (FR)
688Jacira (FR)Sillery - Vol SauvageKendargent (FR)
689Abrisham (GB)Shamardal - Wardeh (GB)
690Sarabande (GB)Nashwan - Western ReelAir Chief Marshal (IRE)
692Westalin (GER)Sternkoenig (IRE) - Wildbahn (GB)Sholokhov (IRE)
693Melody Mood (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Willowy MoodYoumzain (IRE)
694Histoire Doree (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Yukiko (IRE)Free 
695Zalafira (FR)Nashwan - ZalaiykaDARK ANGEL
696Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - A Simple Path (IRE)
698UNNAMEDThewayyouare - Alivera (FR)Free 
699Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Alsu (IRE)
700Anchusa (IRE)Nashwan - Amaryllis (IRE)Cima de Triomphe (IRE)
701Anayasa (FR)Oratorio (IRE) - Anadiyla (IRE)Free 
702AngelucciaGrand Slam - Angela Serra (GB)Silver Frost (IRE)
703Unnamed (FR)Astronomer Royal - Art Fair (FR)Free 
704Artemika (FR)Desert Style (IRE) - Artistica (IRE)
705Unnamed (FR)Creachadoir (IRE) - Atabaa (FR)
707Amandine (FR)Amadeus Wolf (GB) - Azucar (IRE)Air Chief Marshal (IRE)
709Green Ridge (FR)Green Tune - Baino Ridge (FR)
710Brionne (GER)Pivotal (GB) - Baltic Gift (GB)
711Begueule (FR)Bering (GB) - BathyaleStormy River (FR)
712Sajetta (FR)Gentlewave (IRE) - Be In Motion (IRE)
713BielskaDeposit Ticket - Beautiful BedouinFalco
714Bella Anna (IRE)Anabaa - Beauty And Style (AUS)
715Minnaloushe (FR)Black Minnaloushe - Belga WoodZafeen (FR)
717Hvasavi (IRE)Dubawi (IRE) - Berkeley Lodge (IRE)Cockney Rebel (IRE)
718Bocabelle (FR)Celtic Swing (GB) - Bocanegra (FR)Falco
719Maille Asie (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Bric MamailleKendargent (FR)
720Star of Bombay (FR)Zamindar - Brilliantly (FR)
721Bubble Gum Girl (FR)Green Tune - Bubble Dream (FR)FINE GRAIN
724Venize (IRE)Kaldoun (FR) - Canaletto (FR)Silver Frost (IRE)
725Coconino (IRE)Okawango - Cancalaise (IRE)Astronomer RoyalFree 
726Waterwild (FR)Country Reel - Carmel (FR)Free 
727Carousel GirlGulch - Carnet SolaireMedecis (GB)
728Unnamed (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Carousel Girl
729Idothea (IRE)Sinndar (IRE) - Celestial Lagoon (JPN)
730Ourika (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - ChanteleauGold Away (IRE)
731Cleanaway (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Claraway (GB)Zambezi Sun (GB)
732EncircleSpinning World - ClarinovaWootton Bassett (GB)
733Moena (FR)Youmzain (IRE) - Connaissance (IRE)
734Naktis de Cass (IRE)Rakti (GB) - Cornelia (FR)Elusive City
735Madam Blanche (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Countess Majella (IRE)Free 
737Daewoo Ling (GER)Observatory - Dadrala (IRE)Kendargent (FR)
738Damelina (FR)Green Tune - Dame Blanche
739Dixie Dance (IRE)Orpen - Dance Treat
740ArdhaElusive Quality - Dance TrickTurtle Bowl (IRE)
741UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Danny's Choice (GB)Free 
742Shamardanse (IRE)Shamardal - Danse Bretonne
744Divine Melodie (FR)Lando (GER) - Dentelle (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
745Douceur Nocturne (FR)Zieten - Dentelle (FR)American Post (GB)
746UNNAMEDSilver Frost (IRE) - Desert Nights (IRE)
747Unnamed (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Diamond Laly (GB)
748Unnamed (FR)Stormy River (FR) - Diamond Nini (FR)
749Happy Wedding (IRE)Green Tune - Diamond White (GB)
750Diamond Nini (FR)Highest Honor (FR) - Diamoona (FR)Falco
751Unnamed (FR)Kentucky Dynamite - Dietrich (FR)
752Mist (FR)Numerous - Dis Moi Tout (FR)Kendargent (FR)
755Surrey Storm (GB)Montjeu (IRE) - Dont Dili Dali (GB)
756Ordensfrau (GER)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Dramraire Mist (GB)Samum (GER)
757Dream's Pegasus (AUS)Fusaichi Pegasus - Dream's TogetherSageburg (IRE)
758Hyperbola (GB)Teofilo (IRE) - Eccentricity
760Elayouna (FR)Dr Fong - Elva (IRE)Free 
761Elgin (FR)Air Eminem (IRE) - End Music (JPN)
762Indanehill (IRE)Indian Danehill (IRE) - English Rose (FR)Literato (FR)
763UNNAMEDLawman (FR) - Enigma (GER)
764Unnamed (FR)Creachadoir (IRE) - Erivia (FR)
765Speechless (GB)Desert King (IRE) - Excellent AlibiGentlewave (IRE)
766Red BravoRed Ransom - ExeminaCountry ReelFree 
767Flying NowTiznow - Fabled FlyerFree 
768American Tune (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - FandazzleWay of Light
769Allumette (GB)Rainbow Quest - Flame ValleyKing's Best
770Ignited (GB)Red Ransom - Flaming Cliffs
771Fleet Dancer (GER)Platini (GER) - Fluid DancerLe Havre (IRE)
772Folle Journee (FR)Great Journey (JPN) - Folle Tempete (FR)
773Spring of Pearls (IRE)Big Shuffle - Foreign LoveGentlewave (IRE)
774Unnamed (FR)Whipper - Fruhling Feuer (FR)
775Jane Eria (IRE)King's Best - Ginger CandyTurtle Bowl (IRE)
776Maitresse (FR)Singspiel (IRE) - Gold PebleWootton Bassett (GB)
778Great News (FR)Bering (GB) - Great ConnectionFuisse (FR)
779Campanaca (FR)Prince Kirk (FR) - Green MaidStormy River (FR)
780Miss Lena (GB)Medicean (GB) - Greensand (GB)Literato (FR)
781Giacinta (IRE)Hurricane Run (IRE) - Grosgrain
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
782Kalygarde (FR)Kapgarde (FR) - HairlyDiamond Boy (FR)
783Signature (FR)Robin des Champs (FR) - Hereke (IRE)LAVERON
784Dear Tom (FR)Librettist - Highest Price (FR)
786Schlenderana (FR)Monsun (GER) - HunacaMAWATHEEQ
787Baragan (FR)Barastraight (GB) - In Tune (FR)
788Jookhasi (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Joon (FR)
789Karla Maria (FR)Antarctique (IRE) - Kaer Gwell (FR)
790Mamushka (IRE)Muhtathir (GB) - Kaldushka (FR)Turgeon
791UNNAMEDKingsalsa - Kikinda (FR)
794Unnamed (FR)Doctor Dino (FR) - La Sayida (IRE)
795Lacina (GB)Nashwan - La SplendideKingsalsa
796Dedale (FR)Turgeon - Labyrinth (FR)Sholokhov (IRE)
797Fille Legere (FR)Victory Note - Lady for a DayMartaline (GB)
798Reine du Lac (IRE)Dr Devious (IRE) - Lady Windley (GB)Orpen
799Silver Silver (FR)Silver Frost (IRE) - Last Empress (FR)
802Loin de Toi (FR)Martaline (GB) - LointaineSageburg (IRE)
803Mer d'Arabie (FR)Ballingarry (IRE) - Louve d'Arabie (FR)Kapgarde (FR)
805La Bay (FR)Alamo Bay - Luanda (IRE)Sageburg (IRE)
806Unnamed (FR)Gold Away (IRE) - Lumiere de Boitron (FR)
807A Sinda (FR)Sinndar (IRE) - Lune Rouge (IRE)Martaline (GB)
808Grande Souveraine (FR)Sillery - Magnissima (FR)Zanzibari
810Tune Maid (FR)Green Tune - Maid of Honor (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE)
811UNNAMEDDunkerque (FR) - Malaisie
812En Vedette (FR)Astarabad - Malandra (GB)
813Maya de La Luz (GB)Selkirk - Maria de La Luz (GB)Air Chief Marshal (IRE)
814Nika Glitters (FR)Nikos (GB) - Marie GlittersKapgarde (FR)
815Manmary (FR)Mansonnien (FR) - Mary Bay (FR)Turgeon
816Unnamed (FR)Panis - Matja (FR)
817High Class (FR)High Yield - Millefiori
818Cucujo (FR)Valanour (IRE) - Million Lights (IRE)Vatori (FR)
819Frodon (FR)Nickname (FR) - Miss Country (FR)
820Miss Bahamas (FR)Shining Steel (GB) - Miss MendezVespone (IRE)
821Malendure (FR)Kingsalsa - Mission Accomplie (FR)
823UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Nanouska (GER)
824Louvadeus Has (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Nasou (FR)Turgeon
825Bitter Green (IRE)Choisir (AUS) - Night Sphere (IRE)Free 
826UNNAMEDSmadoun (FR) - One Way
827Si St Eloi (FR)Limnos (JPN) - OttolinaSaint des Saints (FR)
828Belle Oubava (FR)Linamix (FR) - OubavaFINE GRAIN
829Heaven GreyEddington - PahlmuhreeFree
830Vision d'Auteuil (FR)Vision d'Etat (FR) - Pharistella (FR)
832Breche de Boitron (FR)Great Palm - PondikiMontmartre (FR)
833Auberoche (FR)Lucarno - Pondimari (FR)
834Polemique (IRE)Poliglote (GB) - Pony Girl (IRE)
838American Teenager (FR)Martaline (GB) - Princesse Pauline (FR)
839Polga (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Pro GoldZambezi Sun (GB)
840Queebo (FR)Librettist - Queen of Saba (GB)
841Renegade Run (FR)In the Wings (GB) - Raintree RenegadeShakespearean (IRE)
842Unnamed (FR)Fuisse (FR) - Roanne (FR)
843Rum Chocolate (GER)Sholokhov (IRE) - Rose Hedge (GER)
844Egypto (FR)Evasive (GB) - Rose of Egypte (FR)
845Fragante Royale (FR)Fragrant Mix (IRE) - Royale Aquarelle (FR)Kapgarde (FR)
846Royale Video (FR)Video Rock (FR) - Royale Laguna (FR)Special Kaldoun (IRE)
847Princesse d'Anjou (FR)Nononito (FR) - RoyallaSaint des Saints (FR)
849Sohaila (GER)Owington (GB) - Sankt JohannaLe Havre (IRE)
850Spatzolita (GER)Goofalik - Santa Clara
852Shadala (FR)Dalakhani (IRE) - Shamanara (IRE)Poliglote (GB)
853Shannongold (FR)Turgeon - Shannondore (FR)Soldier of Fortune
855Unnamed (FR)Fuisse (FR) - Sky Mamba
857Unnamed (FR)Palace Episode - Somewhere (FR)
858Romane Grandchamp (FR)Saint des Saints (FR) - Spirit of PearlsAstarabad
859Salsadancing (FR)Kingsalsa - Star Dancing (GB)
860Kerry Rose (FR)Tel Quel (FR) - Star SystemTurgeon
861Cavtat (FR)Doctor Dino (FR) - Steadfast (FR)
863Unnamed (FR)Nickname (FR) - Tamahyasi (IRE)
864Montanara Paris (FR)Turgeon - Tikiti DancerKapgarde (FR)
865Tinera (FR)Kendor (FR) - Tinerana Memories (IRE)
866Super Maman (NTB)Robin des Champs (FR) - Tourbrune (NTB)Network (GER)
867Unnamed (FR)Zambezi Sun (GB) - Traicy (FR)
868Unnamed (FR)Creachadoir (IRE) - Tree Palms (FR)
869Kaboolette (FR)Kabool (GB) - Tree Palms (FR)GREAT PRETENDER
870Miss Canon (FR)Cadoudal (FR) - Uberaba (FR)Martaline (GB)
873UNNAMEDDr Fong - Velda (GB)Free 
874Velda (GB)Observatory - Viavigoni (GB)Zafeen (FR)
875Who's Afraid (NTB)Loup Sauvage - Vis Comica (NTB)Al Namix (FR)
876Western Tale (IRE)One Cool Cat - Wild Life
877Amansara (FR)Turtle Bowl (IRE) - Acenanga (GER)
878What Cheeky (FR)Cadoudal (FR) - Admiration (FR)Montmartre (FR)
879Formigny (FR)Trempolino - Agincourt (FR)Saint des Saints (FR)
880Sanpaco (FR)Saint des Saints (FR) - Aimela (FR)
881Old Beino (FR)Highest Honor (FR) - Aldbourne (IRE)Martaline (GB)
882Ardesia Si (FR)Treasure Kay (GB) - Alessia SiSilver Frost (IRE)
883Annamaara (FR)Peintre Celebre - Alexia FedorovnaFree 
885Damozane (IRE)Ballingarry (IRE) - BaliynaSaint des Saints (FR)
887Let's Dance (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Baraka Du Berlais (FR)
889Aloisi (GB)Kalanisi (IRE) - Bellona (IRE)Kingsalsa
890Buck's Bo Bo (FR)Trempolino - Buck's Beauty (FR)
891Unnamed (FR)Le Havre (IRE) - Caldas (IRE)
892Cibicotti (IRE)Xaar (GB) - Celestial Bold (IRE)Wootton Bassett (GB)
894Miss Millenium (FR)Mansonnien (FR) - Chanson du ChenetBarastraight (GB)
895Crazy Cube (FR)Whipper - Chatcat (SWI)
895bLoumie (FR)Loup Solitaire - ChoumieVision d'Etat (FR)
896Baraka Du Berlais (FR)Bonnet Rouge (FR) - Cindy CadSoldier of Fortune
897Chatcat (SWI)Brief Truce - CulataZafeen (FR)
898Change Partner (FR)Turtle Island (IRE) - Cure the Blues (IRE)Al Namix (FR)
899Dulce Panem (FR)Panis - Danissima
901Loralas (FR)Kahyasi (IRE) - Dedale (FR)Poliglote (GB)
902Mission Accomplie (FR)Sleeping Car (FR) - DominatriceIrish Wells (FR)
903UNNAMEDSlickly (FR) - Dona Bella (FR)
903bDona Rez (FR)Trempolino - Dona MarezMartaline (GB)
905Anjou (FR)Enrique (GB) - Esteraza (FR)
906Evita (ITY)Shantou - Eva (ITY)DENON
907Folie Lointaine (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Far Away Girl (FR)Sageburg (IRE)
908Romance Turgot (FR)Bateau Rouge (IRE) - Femme Rouge (IRE)Poliglote (GB)
910Queen of Saba (GB)Daylami (IRE) - Flourishing Way (GB)Way of Light
911Ultratlantique (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Force Atlantique (FR)Kapgarde (FR)
912Damasako (FR)Turgeon - Formigny (FR)
913Gift (GB)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Fouesnantaise (IRE)Falco
917La Jalousie (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Golden WingsFree 
919Amorina Back (ITY)Pay Me Back (IRE) - Grande Amore (ITY)DENON
920Rose Bombon (FR)Cadoudal (FR) - Grande Or Rose (FR)GRIS DE GRIS
921Flower des Champs (FR)Robin des Champs (FR) - GuendaleSholokhov (IRE)