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Barretts Equine Limited 2013 January Mixed Sale

January 22, 2013

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
2Queen's DueDevil His Due - UnquestionableladyAwesome GamblerFree
3Quiet MomentQuiet American - ArousingLucky Pulpit
5Ready for CrowdsRedattore (BRZ) - Work the CrowdThorn Song
6Red TableRed Ransom - White CornersSought After
7UNNAMEDE Z Warrior - Renegade Cat
8UNNAMEDUnusual Heat - Rockella
9RockellaTribal Rule - Monterey Gold
10RuminateVindication - Youcan'ttakemeDixie ChatterFree
11LannisterTriumphant Flight - Running Debate
12Running DebateOpen Forum - Miss Running VanyTriumphant Flight
15UNNAMEDE Z Warrior - Rutters Renegade (IRE)
16UNNAMEDReady's Image - Shadow SkillsFree 
17ShaliniUrgent Request (IRE) - Code It NikkiGiacomo
18She's Our TenChapel Royal - StarettaCindago
20UNNAMEDGrey Memo - Shezaseaheroine
21ShezaseaheroineSea Hero - On a Clear DayInformedFree 
22UNNAMEDLucky J. H. - Sierra Fame
24Sixy DevilDevil's Bag - Plenty O'TooleSquare Eddie
27Spool OutSilic (FR) - Storm Birdie
28Lacey's RainbowDesert Code - Storming SlewFree
29Stormy LakeStormy Atlantic - Lay LineFree
30UNNAMEDTriumphant Flight - Three Moons
31Three MoonsPulpit - HaramooniTriumphant Flight
32Tiz a MiracleCee's Tizzy - Summer DressLucky Pulpit
33Tiz a ProblemCee's Tizzy - Soviet ProblemLucky Pulpit
34Triumphant FlightChullo (ARG) - Jetinwith Kennedy
35Tuesdays With PGhostzapper - DancinandsinginTribal Rule
36UNNAMEDBrave Alex - Umaimah Flys
37Umaimah FlysFly So Free - UmaimahAwesome GamblerFree
38Unlimited HighHigh Brite - Donna DuckLucky J. H.
39UNNAMEDIdiot Proof - Very Chic
40Vicki's MandatePerfect Mandate - MorochazaVronsky
41UNNAMEDFlashy Bull - Wayne's PrincessFree
42Western EngagementGone West - Ringshaan (FR)Sierra Sunset
43Two AcesBenchmark - When and Where
44UNNAMEDPomeroy - White ScarfFree
46Wide Eyed ViewBenchmark - Wide Eyed WandererDixie ChatterFree
47Wild N SlyArch - It's a Shame
48UNNAMEDBenchmark - Wild Tickle
49Wild TickleRoar - Really WildTribal Rule
50YaltaPrivate Terms - LiberadaLucky J. H.
51Ying YingPirate's Bounty - Dancing LizDixie ChatterFree
52UNNAMEDTannersmyman - YourfinalanswerFree 
55AffirmativeUnbridled - Tom's a La Mode
56Chattin With DixieDixie Chatter - Affirmed MissFree
59AnointedCryptoclearance - Code It NikkiLucky Pulpit
60UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - ArgentaFree 
61ArgentaMineshaft - Pacific SquallKafwainFree
62UNNAMEDGrey Memo - Ask Kathy
63Ask KathyLouis Quatorze - Cleopatra's PearlDixie ChatterFree
65UNNAMEDDixie Chatter - Ata PretenseFree
66Babe IncludedInclude - Northern BabeFree 
67Backstreet DancerStreet Cry (IRE) - Wild SambaCindago
68BanAfter Market - Big Band TalentDixie ChatterFree
69Beau's GemBeau Genius - Mint BanquetSierra Sunset
70UNNAMEDTannersmyman - Beau's GemFree 
72UNNAMEDMarino Marini - Bewitch Bewild
73Beyond BriteHigh Brite - Beyond a DoubtSwiss YodelerFree
74Big Daddy's LadyThe Daddy - Wild Lady A.Sierra Sunset
75BriteyednbushytailHigh Brite - Kintla
76UNNAMEDParading - Calliope's Spirt
77Swiss BrewSwiss Yodeler - ChabukaFree
78ChabukaRiver Flyer - Baroness V UllmannPapa ClemFree 
79Chulla BelChullo (ARG) - Mistical Bel
80Clean BreakSwiss Yodeler - Escape With MeHeatseeker (IRE)
81ConfectionaryCandy Ride (ARG) - My Gal's GoldFree 
83Cougar MountainStormy Atlantic - Seattle EnvoySierra Sunset
85UNNAMEDCindago - Dancing Event
86Dancing EventEvent of the Year - Isadora's DanceSierra Sunset
87UNNAMEDGrinding It Out - D'Or Ruckus
88Double DipFrench Envoy - Looks Like a LadyStormin Fever
91UNNAMEDSquare Eddie - Dubai Doll
92UNNAMEDTriumphant Flight - Echo d'Or
93Echo d'OrEastern Echo - Cherry d'OrTriumphant Flight
94UNNAMEDTriumphant Flight - Edamame
95EdamameBold Executive - Native GeishaTriumphant Flight
97FresalAtticus - La FresaFree
98Gallantin GalAtticus - Political ParfaitSquare Eddie
100Mischief ClemPapa Clem - GlitteringmischiefFree 
101GlitteringmischiefBold Badgett - Glitter IceHeatseeker (IRE)
103UNNAMEDLucky Pulpit - Good Lady Luck
104Gorgeous TriesteOld Trieste - Beating the Buzz (IRE)
105UNNAMEDPapa Clem - Gotcha NowFree 
106I'm Happy for YaBedford Falls - Happy CountessFree 
108UNNAMEDBushwacker - Hidden Creek
109High PricesHigh Brite - Carson's Lady LoveLucky J. H.
110UNNAMEDDixie Chatter - InsightFree
112UNNAMEDGrey Memo - Joint Agreement
113Lady in LoveOutflanker - Farma LoveInformedFree 
114LadyloreVideo Ranger - Romantic JetTribal Rule
116Lake MarinaMeadowlake - She's SomethingUnusual Heat
117La Maitresse (IRE)Desert King (IRE) - BanariyaThorn Song
118Last Girl StandingArtax - Truly Needy
119LatronicaCee's Tizzy - Sweet Soft Shoe
120Light WhiteningPopular - Star LaneComic Strip
122Line OneDecarchy - Hail SquallGiacomo
123Local FlavorBertrando - Brisa de MarDixie ChatterFree
124Hand TricksBertrando - Loma Linda Lass
125Loma Linda LassPhone Trick - Mayflower LassTribal Rule
126Long Legged LovelyBenchmark - Susan's Choice
127Macho LadyMacho Uno - Hidden CreekAwesome GamblerFree
128Macho MissMacho Uno - PoopsieAwesome GamblerFree
129Ma Ka BetArtax - ZadkielTannersmymanFree 
130UNNAMEDPapa Clem - Mercedes DancerFree 
131Midnite MamaAffirmed - Mama SimbaTribal Rule
132Mi Mi MineMi Cielo - QuietudeDesert CodeFree
134Miss NicolieWalter Willy (IRE) - Lady Snerd
135Ms. BootyRoar - Star LaneComic Strip
136Musical LadyProspector's Music - Ambitious LadyGrinding It Out
138KleistparkLucky Pulpit - Mystical Heat
139OfficerwasispeedinDeputy Commander - Song of SummerDixie ChatterFree
140OnemorefortheroadOld Trieste - Penny BluesBedford FallsFree 
141Penuche RoyaleChapel Royal - Mine DarlinBedford FallsFree 
142Phi Beta HeatUnusual Heat - Chi Chi NetteEnglish ChannelFree 
143UNNAMEDElusive Warning - Picky Princess
144Pie YammyRoar - Chasseur DameSierra Sunset
145UNNAMEDTime to Get Even - PoopsieFree
147Pride HunterLion Heart - Maiden's LandingCyclotron
148Princess AmelieBertrando - Negative PledgeBenchmark
149PrytaniaRoyal Academy - TchopitioulasVronsky
151Ruby SlippersFormal Gold - IdaSierra Sunset
152Sea of RedUnusual Heat - Sarah's Echo
153Spanish CrayonEl Corredor - Color Me SpecialSierra Sunset
154Total BullFusaichi Pegasus - Pattern StepFree 
156Charm N BroadMr. Broad Blade - Charm N ExcessGood JourneyFree 
157Dancing JoJohannesburg - Daffodil PrincessUnusual Heat
158Plucky PulpitLucky Pulpit - Demon Dance
159Demon DanceCathedral Bells - Im a DemonThorn Song
160Her Purple HeartMr Purple - Ruckus RidgeLucky Pulpit
161Midnight InterludeWar Chant - Midnight Kiss (NZ)
162Our New DancerOur New Recruit - Marseille Ballet
201Lake PiruSalt Lake - Red Neck Gal
202UNNAMEDStormin Fever - Restless Appeal
203UNNAMEDTough Game - Rich Acre
204Sunrisa SunrisaBushwacker - River Cutie
205Gold MagicStormin Fever - River Gold
208Lightly SaltedPapa Clem - Salty StephFree 
209Sharp ActOur New Recruit - She's an Eleven
210Go Goldie GoCindago - Shay
211UNNAMEDLucky J. H. - Sierra Lane
212Sizzle OnCindago - Surprise Wish
214Song of the TimesTime to Get Even - Song of MusicFree
215UNNAMEDBertrando - Sophisticated Sis
216Charm ThisBushwacker - Steal My Charm
217UNNAMEDJuly Child - Sugar Trux
218FerrolBenchmark - Sunny Days Ahead
219Super SophGrinding It Out - Musical Lady
220Stay PositiveDixie Chatter - Susan's ChoiceFree
221Sweet GAwesome Gambler - Sweet EliteFree
222UNNAMEDDesert Code - Sweet Mazarine (IRE)Free
223Major RagerTribal Rule - Sweetpea
224UNNAMEDPapa Clem - Swift TrickFree 
225BoomwackerBushwacker - Tarheel Rose
228Raise the HoofParading - Time Buyer
229UNNAMEDJuly Child - Tipsy Crown
231Two Girls AdancingAtticus - La Costa Azul (ARG)Free
232Tribal TreatTribal Rule - Visual Treat
233Western ShowdownBushwacker - Walk West
234Wild DelilahGrey Memo - Wild About Grant
237UNNAMEDPapa Clem - With a FlashFree 
238UNNAMEDStorm Wolf - WoodsheFree
239UNNAMEDKodiak Kowboy - Yanquee Reign
240BernierBertrando - Ying Ying
241Hi FashionedOld Fashioned - Zamsweet
242ZinderCindago - Zinful Affair
243Tough RunnerTough Game - Abbeys Runner
244Aerial ArtistKitten's Joy - Something DixieFree 
245Aerial PrancerTiznow - Lit'l RoseFree 
246AnythingtogetevenTime to Get Even - Anything for YouFree
247Mucho DistinctionWith Distinction - Anythingispossible
248I'm Brownies GirlBig Brown - Arm Candy (IRE)Free 
249Ashling Mo CroiCindago - Morning Addiction
251Bells On Her ToesBertrando - Miss Lemon Drop
252Seven StormsStorm Wolf - BigsevenFree
253Tony's ChoiceStorm Wolf - Blanche Sweet (IRE)Free
254CompulsiveSurf Cat - Bonefide Reason
256Reasonable EffectsTime to Get Even - Bright IdeaFree
257La PatronaCindago - Burning Breeze
258IpolitaTribal Rule - Cajun Flash
260UNNAMEDPapa Clem - CancaraFree 
261CandycapperCandy Ride (ARG) - ChapeauFree 
262Candy's JoyCandy Ride (ARG) - All PleasureFree 
263Cut to RunDecarchy - Charm N Broad
264Musical RedBushwacker - Chattie Katie
265Time to Be a HeroTime to Get Even - Christy's HeroFree
266UNNAMEDTizbud - Classy JoFree
268Dangerous AngelForest Danger - Anna's Angel
269One Two RememberAwesome Gambler - Darling SusieFree
270DollemmaPapa Clem - Dolly Wells (ARG)Free 
271GoldnesianGrinding It Out - D'Or Ruckus
272Stormy DreamsStorm Wolf - DreamingofaprinceFree
274Get Even GirlTime to Get Even - Excessive GirlFree
275Danzig ButterflyBushwacker - Excite
276Expand the StormStormy Jack - April's Prospect
277ExultantFirst Samurai - LovethespellFree
278Michael's MusicStudent Council - Fightin the System
279I've Had EnoughStormin Fever - Fired and Inspired
280Five Star CruiseFive Star Day - Sea Cruise
281Fleet FoxKafwain - Foxy CatFree
282UNNAMEDTough Game - Free to Fire
283Wonderful BeckyTiz Wonderful - Friona
284IhavetogoShowing Up - Getback Time
285Native EmpressCindago - Gold Empress
286Gothics PeakUnbridled's Song - Regally Appealing
287Jorobado de ParisQuasimodo - Grand Gamble
288UNNAMEDCindago - Grant Marty a Wish
289Tribal FlashTribal Rule - Green Flash
290UNNAMEDPapa Clem - Grey BabeFree 
291Twitter WackedBushwacker - Heart Ofmy Heart
292Heavenly TrailBushwacker - Heavenly Valley
293Inherit the ThroneTime to Get Even - Hi RythmFree
294Audrey RulesMarino Marini - Jody Rules
295Kathy's RequestGrey Memo - Ask Kathy
296Stormy CoastStorm Wolf - La Costa Azul (ARG)Free
297OneandonlylovemanBushwacker - Lucy Loup
298UNNAMEDGrey Memo - Lady Elizabeth
299Lifetime LovesSalt Lake - Lady Manhattan
300CatcaughtinastormStorm Wolf - Lady Marquise (NZ)Free
302Full Moon PrincessTime to Get Even - La NativaFree
305Time for a MemoryTime to Get Even - Making MemoriesFree
307MentalizeCindago - Storm Hearted
308AjacBenchmark - Mirando
309UNNAMEDIn Excess (IRE) - Miss Nicolie
310UNNAMEDGrinding It Out - Musical Lady
311Mysterious StormStorm Wolf - Mysterious MariaFree
312Nifty DreamTribal Rule - Conquistas Jessica
313Faith Under FireKafwain - OasisFree
315MarabeckMarino Marini - Pie Yammy
316Frisco FogIdiot Proof - Point Break
317UNNAMEDCindago - Pop Quality
318Fort AtticusAtticus - Proud GarrisonFree
319Rope DancerKitten's Joy - DivertimentoFree 
320South City BriteHigh Brite - South City Slew
321A Slew of LuckLucky Pulpit - South City Slew
322Stormin ArvinStormy Jack - Carousel Delight
324AxleBob and John - Virtus
325Star StudentStudent Council - Idoitmyway
326KandraBenchmark - Ying Ying
327KuuipoSquare Eddie - Loving Miss