Ratings Generated in 2018
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Barretts Sales 2018 Select Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale

April 4, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDLiaison - EderleFree 
2Profound LegacyProud Citizen - El Fasto
3UNNAMEDCairo Prince - EntradaFree 
4UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Erin's SongFree 
5UNNAMEDChamp Pegasus - Essence of BubblesFree
6Joaquin LateClubhouse Ride - Evening WalkFree
7UNNAMEDChamp Pegasus - ExploivaciousFree
8UNNAMEDPaynter - Fashion TrendFree 
9UNNAMEDRun Away and Hide - Five Yard PenaltyFree 
10Kalypso NightStreet Boss - Fleet RoyaleFree 
11UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - TrophyFree 
12UNNAMEDBlazonry - French Style
14UNNAMEDUncle Mo - FresiaFree 
15UNNAMEDChamp Pegasus - Gallantin GalFree
16ProtectherTwirling Candy - Gentleman's HopeFree 
17Precocious MissWinslow Homer - Golden HorseshoeFree
18Motion EmotionTake Charge Indy - Golden Motion
19Droppin GoldLemon Drop Kid - Gold ShineFree 
20Thunder KnightBluegrass Cat - Gorgeous GoomahFree
21You've Got LegsStreet Boss - Got SmartsFree 
22Nice WorkMidnight Lute - Grand BreezeFree
23UNNAMEDTemple City - Greer's SecretFree 
24DetenteLucky Pulpit - Gumption
25UNNAMEDGhostzapper - Holy AcademyFree 
26UNNAMEDTapizar - Homecoming DanceFree 
27UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - IdidntmeantooFree 
28UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - In This LifeFree 
29UNNAMEDGoldencents - Jamaican SmokeFree 
30UNNAMEDThe Factor - Jane's the NameFree 
31UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Jan's Perfect StarFree 
32UNNAMEDLiaison - Jodys DeeliteFree 
33UNNAMEDYes It's True - Jump Jivin Jade
34Mighty ForceMucho Macho Man - Just HeavenlyFree 
35UNNAMEDAffirmative - Kiana BelievesFree
36UNNAMEDStreet Sense - KinseyFree 
37UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Kiss a VetFree 
38UNNAMEDLucky Pulpit - Kitra
39Grandma PaulineCoil - Lasika (GB)Free
40UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Le Mi GeauxFree 
41UNNAMEDBirdstone - LittlegreatoneFree 
42UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Long GoneFree 
43UNNAMEDGoldencents - Maggie McGowanFree 
44Majestic LinkData Link - Majestic MelresaFree
45UNNAMEDCan the Man - MakeitagameFree 
46UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Marfa's SquallFree 
47Julie Ann's FaithIdiot Proof - Marissa's Joy
48UNNAMEDSquare Eddie - Marquis Diamond
49UNNAMEDViolence - Masked BallFree
50UNNAMEDCoil - Miss Beekman PlaceFree
51UNNAMEDNew Year's Day - Moon LarryFree
52UNNAMEDDialed In - Moonlight BrewFree 
53DisputedVerrazano - Moon Meeting TooFree 
54LostinthemomentOxbow - More d'AmourFree 
55Morning PressMajestic Warrior - Morning Jewel
56Glory ThaigerSmiling Tiger - Ms Glory BeFree 
57UNNAMEDSmiling Tiger - Naughty NightieFree 
58UNNAMEDMineshaft - Noble GreyFree 
59UNNAMEDRevolutionary - Noble MazFree 
60UNNAMEDFed Biz - One Hot SenoritaFree 
61San GiorgioGirolamo - Pajama Bottom
62UNNAMEDUncaptured - Pearl EsqueFree
63UNNAMEDSmiling Tiger - Perfect FeatFree 
64UNNAMEDThe Factor - PonyaFree 
65UNNAMEDNew Year's Day - PotenzaFree
66UNNAMEDBodemeister - Preach Tome DaddyFree 
67UNNAMEDGraydar - PreparedFree 
68My PrettyJeranimo - Pretty PeggyFree
69Musket StarMusketier (GER) - PrimedFree 
70UNNAMEDCoil - Princess Ezra (GB)Free
71Silver SmugglerInto Mischief - Puddy TapFree 
72UNNAMEDSquare Eddie - Puff Pastry
73UNNAMEDHard Spun - PyramystFree 
74UNNAMEDTemple City - Quiet SuccessFree 
75UNNAMEDViolence - Red Hot BulletFree
76UNNAMEDArtie Schiller - ReverentlyFree 
77UNNAMEDCongrats - Riverboat QueenFree 
78UNNAMEDTiznow - Rock CandyFree 
79UNNAMEDFlatter - RungeFree
80UNNAMEDPaynter - Ruth and NevaFree 
81UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Sally Bowles (SAF)Free 
82UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Savvy HesterFree 
83UNNAMEDU S Ranger - Scenery ChangeFree 
84UNNAMEDCan the Man - SeasideFree 
85UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Secret SchemeFree
86Ginger MoUncle Mo - Seraphic TooFree 
87UNNAMEDLucky Pulpit - Serious Heat
88UNNAMEDGoldencents - Forever VowFree 
89UNNAMEDOld Fashioned - Sharky's Dancer
90UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Smooth as SilkFree 
91CarotariArtie Schiller - SootherFree 
92UNNAMEDU S Ranger - Sophisticated SisFree 
93UNNAMEDChamp Pegasus - SpacecoastFree
94UNNAMEDUltimate Eagle - Spanish HaloFree
95Spirit in the SkyJimmy Creed - Starship SandiFree 
96UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Summer DreamFree 
97UNNAMEDStorm Wolf - Surf DancerFree
98HallucegenicWinslow Homer - Sweet On YouFree
99UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - Sweet Theresa (SAF)Free 
100Chest CandyTizway - Tapitstry
101UNNAMEDThe Factor - TemperFree 
102Captured At SeaUncaptured - Terri's ChoiceFree
103U. S. MillenniumArch - Thousand Islands (GB)
104UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - Three CherriesFree
105UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Three GracesFree 
106UNNAMEDCreative Cause - TildeFree 
107Ashlynn's AidenWorld Renowned - Tiz Lovely
108UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Treetop LandingFree 
109UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Trip for A. J.Free 
110Such FlatteryFlatter - Shadow GiantFree
111UNNAMEDArcharcharch - Trout River Red
112UNNAMEDInto Mischief - True Passion (ARG)Free 
113UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - TrufflesFree 
114UNNAMEDSmiling Tiger - Tuscan SunsetFree 
115UNNAMEDShakin It Up - UncloudedFree 
116UNNAMEDTizbud - Unusual HeatherFree
117UNNAMEDViolence - Veiled ThreatFree
118Amity HarborHeatseeker (IRE) - Vendetta
119Headed WestOveranalyze - West CourtFree 
120CompletedisclosureDiscreet Cat - Whats Up Creampuff
121UNNAMEDGraydar - Witch PrincessFree 
122UNNAMEDAfleet Alex - Woman Smiling (IRE)Free 
123ReachreachreachArcharcharch - W W Old School
124Speedy Fire CloudLucky Pulpit - Aerial Prancer
125UNNAMEDGraydar - AinsleyFree 
126UNNAMEDAlternation - Allison's HopeFree 
127UNNAMEDThe Factor - America's FriendFree 
128UNNAMEDMidshipman - Angels' ShareFree 
129UNNAMEDFed Biz - Aprisa LunaFree 
130UNNAMEDAcclamation - Askra
131MakespaceFed Biz - Back SpinFree 
132Bajan BelleCan the Man - Bajan RedFree 
133StrongreachStrong Mandate - Beam ReachFree 
134UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - Beat the BluesFree 
135UNNAMEDAstrology - Beau HappyFree 
136Summer ApparitionGhostzapper - Bev's Summer SongFree 
137Made for MorePapa Clem - Boston ExpressFree 
138Belltown BelleTiznow - Bow BellsFree 
139UNNAMEDGraydar - Burg BergFree 
140UNNAMEDPaynter - Busy MisFree 
141UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - CarsonalityFree 
142UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Carson CopyFree 
143UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - CatrageousFree 
144Montana SunsetSmiling Tiger - Chasseur DameFree 
145UNNAMEDGiant's Causeway - Chive BlossomFree 
146UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - ChulaFree
147UNNAMEDUncle Mo - ClarindaFree 
148Divine DharmaPaynter - Cloud RiseFree 
149UNNAMEDSapphire Cat - Clover Gal
150UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Comanche StarFree 
151UNNAMEDChamp Pegasus - Comin EasyFree
152Your AdorableMorning Line - CopperopolisFree 
153UNNAMEDPaynter - CourierFree 
154UNNAMEDGhostzapper - Cryptic MessageFree 
155El ChumelitoRichard's Kid - DancingattheapolloFree
156Destiny's StormStreet Boss - Destiny's YieldFree 
157UNNAMEDCongrats - Dignified AirFree 
158RogelioLine of David - Dynagreen