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Baden-Badener Auktionsgesellschaft 2017 Spring Breeze Up Sale

May 26, 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
2Grimbeau (FR)Poet's Voice (GB) - Guarnerie (GER)
3UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - High Dasher (IRE)
6Mandoria (GER)Adlerflug (GER) - Majorata (GER)
7UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Manbaa
8Northern Fox (GER)Areion (GER) - Nadischa (GER)
9Sapatone (FR)Kamsin (GER) - New Fantasy (GB)
10UNNAMEDCockney Rebel (IRE) - Noble City (GER)
12UNNAMEDThewayyouare - Preveza (FR)
13Make Me Smile (FR)Sri Putra (GB) - Reine Violette (FR)
14Staniel Cay (FR)Denon - Schicky Micky (FR)
15Porthos d'Azur (FR)Mohandas (FR) - Sissy So Lucky (GER)
16UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Soundwave (GB)
17Toskala (GER)Kamsin (GER) - Tascalina (GER)
19Tango Golf (FR)Lord of England (GER) - Tres Passing (FR)
20UNNAMEDCaptain Marvelous (IRE) - Upper Jem (IRE)
21Zega Ville (GER)Santiago (GER) - Zuccarella (GER)
22A Magic Girl (FR)Kamsin (GER) - Activa (GER)
23Alter Toylsome (GER)Toylsome (GB) - Active Girl (GER)
24Amorous Lord (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Allgauprincess (GER)
26Art of Happiness (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Art of Magic (GER)
27UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Bankeress (IRE)Free 
29Cabaleiro (FR)Literato (FR) - Calle A Venise (IRE)
30Magic Quercus (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Darby Shaw (IRE)
31UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Deportment (GB)Free 
32Elea (GER)Lord of England (GER) - Elegante (GER)
33UNNAMEDAreion (GER) - Estella (GER)
34Flowerpower (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Finney Hill (GB)
35Ilonca (GER)Hamond (GER) - Isarca (GER)
36New Horizons (FR)Soldier Hollow (GB) - Isioma (GB)
38Lessankan (GER)Samum (GER) - Larena (GER)
40Ninario (GER)Areion (GER) - Ninigretta (GER)
42Paddington Belle (SWI)Campanologist - Palmotia (FR)
44Queen Heart (GER)Soldier Hollow (GB) - Queen Jean (GB)
45Saphirrouge (FR)Manduro (GER) - Saphira (FR)
46UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Semper Fi (GB)
49So Super (GER)Areion (GER) - So Fair (GER)
51UNNAMEDJukebox Jury (IRE) - Thunderstruck (GER)
55Zambino (GER)It's Gino (GER) - Zamba (GER)
56Alte Adventure (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Active Girl (GER)
57Anhor (GER)Kamsin (GER) - Alakhania (IRE)
58Aothea (GER)Areion (GER) - Aotearoa (FR)
59Art of Adventure (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Art of Magic (GER)
61Dax Jag (FR)Rio de La Plata - Bideeya
63Casario (GER)Call Me Big (GER) - Centre Point (GB)
64Damanda's Dream (GER)Wiener Walzer (GER) - Damanda (GER)Free 
65UNNAMEDMayson (GB) - Darcique (GB)
66Devak (FR)Helmet (AUS) - Develyn (GB)Free 
67UNNAMEDThewayyouare - Eyrecourt (IRE)
69Fiora (GER)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Finora (GER)
70Shahram (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Bluemamba
71Djamba (IRE)Sir Prancealot (IRE) - Western Sky (GB)Free 
72Piccadilly (SWI)Blue Canari (FR) - Palmotia (FR)
73Leo Fantastico (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Lots of Dreams (GER)
75Karim (GER)Adlerflug (GER) - Kaya Belle (GER)
77Daxios (GER)Maxios (GB) - Danila (SWE)
78Acapella Style (FR)Style Vendome (FR) - Sunrise Song (IRE)
79Zambala (GER)Wiesenpfad (FR) - Zita (GER)
80Tartaros (FR)Lord of England (GER) - Tryphosa (IRE)
81Sarita (GER)Tertullian - Sybella (GB)
82Dragon Hunter (GER)Touch Down (GER) - Dora Bella (GER)
84Black Bird Runs (FR)Evasive (GB) - Moon Tree (FR)
85UNNAMEDMatrix (GER) - Mirageleve (FR)
87Trop de Love (FR)Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Dolce La Hulpe (GB)
88American Oxygen (GB)Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Amalfi (IRE)
90Light's On (FR)Le Havre (IRE) - Airlight (IRE)
91Pavana (GER)Silvano (GER) - Pasaquina (GER)Free