Ratings Generated in 2019
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Baden-Badener Sales Company 2018 Spring Breeze Up Sale

June 1, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Circuskind (IRE)Camacho (GB) - Faussement Simple (IRE)
2Final Adventure (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Finity
3UNNAMEDEs Que Love (IRE) - French Doll (IRE)
4Glad Rock (GER)Soldier Hollow (GB) - Glady Beauty (GER)
5Hallo Wien (GB)Sri Putra (GB) - High Will (FR)
6Beautiful Maxima (IRE)Maxios (GB) - Human
7Irish Adventure (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Irish Eagle (GER)
8Kleopatra Kimberly (GER)Areion (GER) - Kaska (IRE)
9Kings Rock (AUT)Joshua Tree (IRE) - Kaziyma (FR)
10Kirsa (GER)Kamsin (GER) - Kirschblute (GER)
11Lima (SWI)Blue Canari (FR) - La Coruna (SWI)
12La Pradera (GB)Wiesenpfad (FR) - La Dane (IRE)
13Miss Piggy (FR)Power (GB) - Madeenh (FR)
14Mireya (FR)Teofilo (IRE) - Mensa Sonne (FR)
15Miss Adventure (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Miss Anita (SWE)
16Nacera (GER)Mamool (IRE) - Nasrine (IRE)
17Power Jack (GB)Sepoy (AUS) - Palais Polaire (GB)Free 
18Profit (IRE)Nayef - Polite Reply (IRE)
19Rezia (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Real Sense (IRE)
20Coogee (IRE)Acclamation (GB) - Rosa Gialla (IRE)
21Sommerwiese (GER)Wiesenpfad (FR) - Sahara (GER)
22Sashenka (GER)Maxios (GB) - Sarabia (GER)
23Shining Diamond (GER)Henrythenavigator - Seven Shares (IRE)
24UNNAMEDKandahar Run (GB) - Sissy So Lucky (GER)
25Shimmer Pearl (GER)Peintre Celebre - Staraya (FR)
26Sir Gustav (GB)Foxwedge (AUS) - Steady Rain (GB)Free 
27The Tempest (FR)Konig Turf (GER) - Summer Rain (GB)
28Theophania (FR)Samum (GER) - Tekoa (GER)
29UNNAMEDWiener Walzer (GER) - The Tigress (GER)Free 
30Koenigsstern (IRE)Anjaal (GB) - Trebles (IRE)
31Verkande (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Vernissage (IRE)
32World Speed (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Westalin (GER)
33Angel of Sunday (FR)Kamsin (GER) - Activa (GER)
34Artaios (GER)Eden Rock (GER) - Alkira (GER)
35Amorous Lord (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Allgauprincess (GER)
36Californium (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Almahroosa (FR)
37Alte Lady England (GER)Lord of England (GER) - Alte Klasse (GER)
38Atlantic Power (FR)Lord of England (GER) - Atlantic City (FR)
39Burning Rose (GER)Adlerflug (GER) - Burning Heart (GER)
40Chapman's Voice (GER)Tertullian - Cominales (IRE)
41Mercutio (FR)Captain Marvelous (IRE) - Cool Storm (IRE)
42Dhonveli (FR)Rajsaman (FR) - Deesse d'Arabie (FR)
43Degas (GER)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Diatribe (GB)Free 
44Double or Quits (GER)Tai Chi (GER) - Dora Bella (GER)
45Eyes on Fire (GER)Campanologist - Envollee (FR)
46Karadsh (FR)Kendargent (FR) - Exeter (FR)
47Frizzanto (FR)Dabirsim (FR) - Fiere (FR)
48Flowerpower (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Finney Hill (GB)
49Floreala (GER)Lord of England (GER) - Flamingo Sky
50Flight To Hongkong (IRE)Casamento (IRE) - Forever Midnight (IRE)
51Kissy d'Oroux (FR)Forthe Millionkiss (GER) - Illiana (GER)
52Irish Poseidon (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Irish Eagle (GER)
53Irish Valley (GER)Three Valleys - Irish Eagle (GER)Free 
54Ivola (IRE)Scalo (GB) - Ivory Coast (FR)
55Khandra (GER)Areion (GER) - Katahmara (GER)
56Kanderas (GB)Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Kheshvar (IRE)
57Knospe (GER)Reliable Man (GB) - Kirschblute (GER)
58Julietta (FR)Linngari (IRE) - La Julie (IRE)
59Herr Juergensen (IRE)Night of Thunder (IRE) - Leala (IRE)
60Melodino (GER)Dabirsim (FR) - Melody Fair (IRE)
61UNNAMEDWiener Walzer (GER) - Mireya (FR)Free 
62Molly Filou (GER)Soldier Hollow (GB) - Molly Maxima (GER)
63Angelic Demon (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - Najaaba
64Nanaimo (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Nenagh (FR)
65Dorida (GB)Dream Ahead - One Pixel (GB)
66Primera (FR)Redoute's Choice (AUS) - Primo Ordine (JPN)
67Figlia d'Oro (IRE)Dick Turpin (IRE) - Queen of Iceni (GB)
68Songo (IRE)Most Improved (IRE) - Sacre Fleur (IRE)
69Salamanca (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Sayada (GER)
70Miss Peggy Lou (IRE)Moohaajim (IRE) - Sian (IRE)
71Brass (FR)Linngari (IRE) - Silver Pivotal (IRE)
72Selma Louise (FR)Stormy River (FR) - Starks (FR)
73Turfdiva (GER)Areion (GER) - Turfblume (GER)
74The Tigress (GER)Tiger Hill (IRE) - The Fairy (GER)
75Makenjar (FR)Panis - Thimea (FR)
76Una Francesca (GER)Wiener Walzer (GER) - Universe (GER)Free 
77Virginias Princess (IRE)Zoffany (IRE) - Virginias Best (GB)Free 
78Aristocat (GER)Eden Rock (GER) - Aireen (GER)
79Alter Poseidon (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Alte Klasse (GER)
80American Oxygen (GB)Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Amalfi (IRE)
81Art of Happiness (GER)Poseidon Adventure (IRE) - Art of Magic (GER)
82Bella Sarah (GER)Neatico (GER) - Bella Kathina (GER)
83Chalandamarz (SWI)Blue Canari (FR) - Chapadinha (SWI)
84El Faras (IRE)Camelot (GB) - Commendable (GB)Free 
85Dollar Baby (GB)Epaulette (AUS) - Dancemetothemoon (GB)Free 
86UNNAMEDHelmet (AUS) - Designed (GB)
87Andromache (FR)Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Dolce La Hulpe (GB)
88Esenya (FR)Medicean (GB) - Ensaya (IRE)
89Scouting for Girls (GER)Dabirsim (FR) - Scouting (IRE)
90Tina Belle (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Timbalada (GER)
91Muddy Waters (GER)Santiago (GER) - My Day (GER)
92Asian Highway (GER)Dabirsim (FR) - Around the World (GER)
93Great America (IRE)Lethal Force (IRE) - Miss Legal Eagle (IRE)
94UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Mrs Seek (GB)
95Cardino (FR)Rajsaman (FR) - Facilita (IRE)
96Mashiana (GER)Equiano (FR) - My Colleen
97Best Valentine (FR)Dabirsim (FR) - Badineuse (GB)
98Norway (GER)Nathaniel (IRE) - Norwegian Pride (FR)
99Dream of Dakota (GER)Reliable Man (GB) - Durinda (GER)
100Ragazza (GB)Kyllachy (GB) - Dusty Red (GB)
101Damanda's Dream (GER)Wiener Walzer (GER) - Damanda (GER)Free