Ratings Generated in 2020
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California Thoroughbred Breeders' Association 2020 January Mixed Sale

January 7, 2020

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Blowing Big SmokeStanford - Farmers WifeFree
2Complete ControlEmpire Way - Feature Attraction
3UNNAMEDMr. Big - First AmendmentFree 
4Fast to FortuneGallant Son - Followthefortunes
5For Sure for SureOld Topper - Willy's BidDesert CodeFree
6UNNAMEDHidden Blessing - From the Clouds
7UNNAMEDCurlin to Mischief - FullofcutenessFree 
8Smoking GunOxbow - Gamblers RoseFree 
9UNNAMEDMr. Big - Game RecapFree 
10Game RecapRecap - Roxanne's Game (GB)Mr. BigFree 
11UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - Game ShowFree 
12GannetUnusual Heat - Pams Pompallier (NZ)
13GladiatrixInvisible Ink - RepositoryGrazenFree
14Going for a SpinMinisters Wild Cat - Gender MotorsStanfordFree
15UNNAMEDMr. Big - Grammy Times SixFree 
16Be AdvisedCurlin to Mischief - Grand AdviceFree 
17Grateful PraiseAlternation - More Than ProudFree 
18Greatest EscapeGame Plan - MephistaDanzing CandyFree 
19UNNAMEDShaman Ghost - Guise CliffFree 
20Hawfinch (GB)Kyllachy (GB) - Bukhoor (IRE)AcclamationFree
21UNNAMEDExaggerator - HeirnessFree 
22Helens Yankee GirlYankee Gentleman - St. Helens ShadowFullbridled
23Go CaliforniaDaredevil - Holiday for TwoFree 
24Holiday for TwoHarlan's Holiday - All About AnnaProspect ParkFree 
25PawneeMr. Big - HollerFree 
26HollerStrong Hope - Yell
27Max DKarakontie (JPN) - Hope BayFree 
28Big GustMr. Big - Hot n' DustyFree 
29Hot n' DustyUnusual Heat - Eager DustyMr. BigFree 
30HottodiUnusual Heat - Pantaleta (ARG)Jersey Town
31Dennis CeleryPoint of Entry - Informal LadyFree 
32IntoitagainInto Mischief - Desert GirlSmiling TigerFree 
33Big Irish EyesMr. Big - Irish ExchangeFree 
34Irish ExchangeExchange Rate - Silver N Satin
35It'sallyoursbabyEskendereya - Deaconess BonnieUptown Rythem
36It's Your LifeTaste of Paradise - MemogramStanfordFree
37UNNAMEDRoi Charmant - Jennyway U Want It
38Jolly GhostGhostzapper - Jolly DaysStay ThirstyFree
39Joyce and MeDiscreet Cat - Autumn MusicStanfordFree
40UNNAMEDCurlin to Mischief - Just Lookn AgainFree 
41Katie's FavoriteMagician (IRE) - Shewhomustbeobeyed
42UNNAMEDCurlin to Mischief - KestnerFree 
43KestnerFormal Gold - Baby Doll's Baby
44UNNAMEDCommissioner - Kinda Kinda
45UNNAMEDU S Ranger - Lady DeputyFree 
46S. S. UnicornU S Ranger - Lady Wells (IRE)Free 
47La LapinAtticus - Clever Miss CaperPoint Piper
48LamazoneLemon Drop Kid - Lindsay JeanStay ThirstyFree
49LegalitaGotham City - Of Legal Age
50Ida ClaireDeclaration of War - Lemarchos
51Life Is a StoneGlobalize - TaditaStanfordFree
52UNNAMEDSierra Sunset - Life's a Thrill
53Life's a ThrillTannersmyman - ThrillofalifetimeCity Wolf
54UNNAMEDPaynter - Lil'bellaFree 
55UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Lil' Bunny Foo FooFree 
56Love the DanceEthnic Dance - Livelaughlove
57Maximum MischiefCurlin to Mischief - Lizzy's TizzyFree 
58UNNAMEDStanford - Lookin for JonesyFree
59Lookin for JonesyPurge - Champ's RocketTexas RyanoFree
60Lookinfor Mr RightHenrythenavigator - Search and SeizureUptown Rythem
61Star in the SkyGallant Son - Look to the Sky
62Lorelei's SongUnbridled's Song - OfficiateSmiling TigerFree 
63LottawampumIndian Charlie - Patience PaysDanzing CandyFree 
64Nice Guy ClayCurlin to Mischief - Love You SoFree 
65UNNAMEDShaman Ghost - Lov FoolFree 
66Loving EmbraceGolden Missile - Strong EmbracePoint Piper
67UNNAMEDFed Biz - LunadoraFree 
68UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - MacchiatoFree
69Cowgirl KingdomAnimal Kingdom - Macchiato
70LunaticoU S Ranger - Madre LunaFree 
71UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - Magic Garden (IRE)Free 
72MagneticForestry - Rene's KissesMr. BigFree 
73Mama RushVerrazano - Feel the RushRichard's KidFree
74MaralagoThunder Gulch - Tricky SquawRichard's KidFree
75Maria's OwnMaria's Mon - PossessionMr. BigFree 
76Medicine GalTribal Rule - Lighten Up TinyFullbridled
77UNNAMEDU S Ranger - Meredith BeeFree 
78Merry MarieGallant Son - Cornelia Marie
79Winning AgainWinning Cause - Mini SkirtFree
80Mi ReinitaEnglish Channel - Clearly a QueenPoint Piper
81UNNAMEDViolence - Miss Del MarFree 
82UNNAMEDMr. Big - Miss GraziellaFree 
83From the Get GoMetaboss - Miss Nicolie
84Ya ToiCurlin to Mischief - Miz KoolFree 
85Moogie CatPeppered Cat - MoogieFree 
86Moonless SkyBold Chieftain - Curtsy
87Mrs. BeganJump Start - ShowmethegreencardStanfordFree
88Mount OlympicVronsky - Ms. OlympioFree
89Murray's GirlUncle Mo - Moontune MissyCalifornia Chrome
90My ClawPioneerof the Nile - Enumclaw Girl
91UNNAMEDOveranalyze - My Fast One
92My Legal BetCoach Bob - Of Legal Age
93My Maloof RockerUnusual Heat - Redcliff BayGrazenFree
94UNNAMEDTexas Ryano - Nashoba's CandyFree
95Natural Singer R NUnbridled's Song - InstinctStanfordFree
96UNNAMEDStanford - Nine to Five LadyFree
97UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Olivia's GreatdaneFree 
98Orange CoveUnusual Heat - Aspen GalMr. BigFree 
99Cashing Big ChecksMr. Big - PalisadesprincessFree 
100PalisadesprincessIndian Charlie - DixietwostepperMr. BigFree 
101Paris DesignBeau Genius - Summer DressSmiling TigerFree 
102Passionate HeatUnusual Heat - ViznagaJersey Town
103Big Mama SueMr. Big - Patsy G and MeFree 
104Patsy G and MeUnusual Heat - Lucky SpiritMr. BigFree 
105Cowboy CausewayNorthern Causeway - Pearl's From AboveFree
106UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - Pillow PalFree 
107Pillow PalHousebuster - BundlingSlew's TiznowFree
108UNNAMEDBluegrass Cat - Play Misty for UsFree
109PreviewerSky Classic - PreshowMr. BigFree 
110ProperoYes It's True - Fabulous
111UNNAMEDNorthern Causeway - Protect FreedomFree
112Runaway WywyHaynesfield - Puff Maddie
113Stellas RideClubhouse Ride - Purple StardusterFree
114UNNAMEDAcclamation - Queen's CourtFree
115Gallant GuyGallant Son - Quick Glory
116Quick GlorySwiss Yodeler - Image of GloryGallant Son
117Rally BackThorn Song - Aspen GalStay ThirstyFree
118Reign of FireVronsky - Red Hot ReneeFree
119RemakeThunder Gulch - Divine LadyMr. BigFree 
120UNNAMEDAmerican Freedom - Reserved IndianFree 
121UNNAMEDSpeightster - RockellaFree 
122UNNAMEDBluegrass Cat - Rockin DoritaFree
123Sir DeputyShackleford - Rose Canyon
124Ranger Gone RowdyU S Ranger - Rowdy GalFree 
125Rule the StormTribal Rule - ThewholebagGrazenFree
126UNNAMEDShaman Ghost - Running for JakobFree 
127SaltiniBernardini - Salt Champ (ARG)Free 
128Mr BotanicalsClubhouse Ride - Saratoga's ExcessFree
129Sassy KittyMinisters Wild Cat - Sassy KissFree
130Sassy SuancesSuances (GB) - SalvesterCreative CauseFree 
131ZakkiyyahSmiling Tiger - Sassy SynnerFree 
132MizziecademyU S Ranger - Scenery ChangeFree 
133UNNAMEDClubhouse Ride - Secret ThornFree
134Let Autism ShineSmart Bid - Sensational CandyFree
135UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Seriously Mine
136Detective BernardoUnder Caution - Sharoana
137Sharona SunsetSierra Sunset - Sharoana
138Sharp TurnEmpire Way - Too Sharp
139UNNAMEDDaddy Nose Best - She's Just AwesomeFree
140Splash ZoneCurlin to Mischief - She's Just AwesomeFree 
141Siberian SongSiberian Summer - Refreshing SongCity Wolf
142Sal N LouieFlashback - Silver SalFree
143Sing and TellAlymagic - Refreshing SongJersey Town
144UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - Sixy ExcessFree 
145Ibrahim GoldJames Street - Sizzling LassieFree
146Skagit RiverCreative Cause - Swiss BlissFree 
147Smoke Over WaterStormy Atlantic - S'more SmokeDesert CodeFree
148Camellia CityCoach Bob - Solar Event
149UNNAMEDBaryshnikov - So Many Dreams
150So Many DreamsSuccessful Appeal - Private DriveProspect ParkFree 
151Lady RangerU S Ranger - Sophisticated SisFree 
152Sharp Dressed GuyCurlin to Mischief - Soul in OneFree 
153Southern PreacherLucky Pulpit - Southern CharmAcclamationFree
154Speightful KateSpeightstown - Deputy SaintPoint Piper
155Star CatchMidnight Lute - StarzigAcclamationFree
156UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - Star FieldFree 
157Stole a KissDecarchy - Mink KissRichard's KidFree
158Bron and the BrowNorthern Afleet - Storm Cloud Coming
159The Roan RangerU S Ranger - Stormin MonFree 
160UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - Storm SweptFree
161Juana CataU S Ranger - Surf DancerFree 
162Sweet as CandyTwirling Candy - RugulaStay ThirstyFree
163Sweet SonnetSeeking the Gold - Minister's MelodyStay ThirstyFree
164CohibanMohaymen - TaleoftheprincessFree 
165Big SpinMr. Big - TemeekuFree 
166TemeekuUnusual Heat - Park At DarkMr. BigFree 
167UNNAMEDDanzing Candy - TemperFree 
168TemperGiant's Causeway - Open StoryDanzing CandyFree 
169TermiteMaria's Mon - LakewayMr. BigFree 
170Beer On IceSuper Saver - Timber IceFree 
171Time Is NowTiznow - StarinthemeadowFree 
172TinnieCongrats - Great PassionFree 
173Tiz a MiracleCee's Tizzy - Summer DressCity Wolf
174Tiz ElementalCee's Tizzy - Blending Element (IRE)Smiling TigerFree 
175Tiz MistyTiznow - Misty LeeFree 
176Tribal BidSmart Bid - Tribal SynFree
177Tribal TorchTribal Rule - Electric ChairDanzing CandyFree 
178VendettaVindication - FootingPoint Piper
179Vida BonitaMidnight Lute - Rich PearlSmiling TigerFree 
180Will's RangerU S Ranger - Visual TreatFree 
181Multo BeloAlgorithms - Warsaw BalletFree 
182UNNAMEDShackleford - Whimsy
183WindsweptQuality Road - Fire FairyFree 
184UNNAMEDJames Street - Wine N MaxineFree
185Brody's GirlBrody's Cause - XoxoFree 
186Light My TigerSmiling Tiger - Year of LightFree 
187RespectfullySmiling Tiger - Yerevan SkyFree 
188Zorra RojaFalstaff - ShesmagicalysharpCity Wolf
189UNNAMEDMshawish - Abba GoldFree 
190Bring the BangRousing Sermon - AffordabilityFree
191Super FauzziU S Ranger - After All (IRE)Free 
192All About AlexAfleet Alex - California SunsetStanfordFree
193AllegationClosing Argument - GrazettesSmiling TigerFree 
194Gabe's MonsterEthnic Dance - Ancient Artifact
195Talisker BayNorthern Causeway - Ann's IntuitionFree
196Anxiously EngagedDominus - Butterscotch Rain (GB)Free 
197UNNAMEDSpeightster - Argyle PinkFree 
198Artie's MintArtie Schiller - Peppermint LoungeFree 
199UNNAMEDClubhouse Ride - Artistic SwayFree
200Awesome CurlinCurlin to Mischief - Awesome AlibiFree 
201Snazzy CazzyCommissioner - Awesome Alibi
202Awesome AlibiAwesome Again - Admissible
203Scratchy ApacheJeranimo - Barroom to BedroomFree
204Barroom to BedroomQuasimodo - Unusual MusicGreyvitos
205Bella DamaSuave - Seek to SoarStreet BossFree 
206Belle MonteFirst Dude - Home in TimeMisrememberedFree
207Carpe BellumCarpe Diem - Beverage QueenFree 
208Blue MarlinKafwain - Sea Creature
209Bobbis MasterpieceSmiling Tiger - Finish Rich in NycFree 
210BoroSiphon (BRZ) - RawesomePoint Piper
211B PositiveThewayyouare - Remember DorothyMr. BigFree 
212PayforthehayHaynesfield - Brief Illusion
213Front BurnerGallant Son - Burnemup
214SaguaroCreative Cause - California CurlFree 
215Autism AbilityNorthern Causeway - Can't Afford ItFree
216Cardinal in WhiteAtticus - Tiptopping AwayDaddy Nose BestFree
217Carolina GrandeSought After - Grand Caro LynnJersey Town
218UNNAMEDFlashback - Cashmere MissFree
219Cassie DIndian Charlie - Mark's MissionGreyvitos
220UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Cee's HollieFree 
221Military PrincessU S Ranger - Chalula OneFree 
222UNNAMEDShaman Ghost - Chrome PrincessFree 
223Chrome PrincessMunnings - Schill Be PureFree 
224Circle of HopeCircumference (IRE) - Gentleman's HopeFree
225My AlimonyBrody's Cause - Claiming VictoryFree 
226Classically LitLite the Fuse - Silver ClassicCity Wolf
227AsylumU S Ranger - Cloud RacerFree 
228CodaciousDesert Code - Tea CakesProspect ParkFree 
229Miz CappadociaAnimal Kingdom - Colarful Song
230SarahsgoturenumberHaynesfield - Colorbynumbers
231Copper CowgirlSouthern Image - Lovehi
232Cornelia MarieGolden Missile - DudaJersey Town
233Shotgun RiderRunhappy - Cotton's PointFree 
234Bet Me TwiceGallant Son - Count Me Twice
235Count Me TwiceAlymagic - Twice RegentCoach Bob
236UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Courtroom KissFree 
237UNNAMEDVronsky - Cut My CurlsFree
238Cold Brew KellyCalifornia Chrome - Decennial
239UNNAMEDStanford - Del CieloFree
240Capital GainsU S Ranger - Deputy of WoodFree 
241Add OnOxbow - Devil HouseFree 
242UNNAMEDTexas Ryano - Dial a DateFree
243Dial a DateArtie Schiller - Peppermint LoungeStay ThirstyFree
244Dia XeniaHarlan's Holiday - Xtreme BidDanzing CandyFree 
245DigestifShackleford - DigestivoGet StormyFree 
246UNNAMEDStay Thirsty - Discreet DeeFree
247Distorted WinDistorted Humor - Winning PointFree 
248Dixie DameDixie Chatter - Point BreakPoint Piper
249Don't Lose FaithMinisters Wild Cat - She's GottogetawayBoisterousFree
250Hit a Homer HoneyVronsky - Double FacedFree
251UNNAMEDVronsky - English CaramacFree
252Dors DessusSmiling Tiger - English RoyalFree 
253Erica's SmileWilliamstown - Purer Than PureDanzing CandyFree 
254Erratic StormStormello - Casual SuccessCross TrafficFree 
255Mr. ArtisticTrappe Shot - Exclusive DivaFree 
256UNNAMEDUltimate Eagle - Exclusive Girl
257UNNAMEDUltimate Eagle - Frigid Bridget
258Taming the TigressSmiling Tiger - Joeandbetty'sbabyFree 
259Joeandbetty'sbabyYes It's True - A Flicker of LightBluegrass CatFree
260Kate's PrincessLucky Pulpit - Could Be Trouble
261He Be DangerousHe Be Fire N Ice - MelanisticFree 
262River NorthVronsky - Clancy RiversFree
263Second to NoneEddington - Frigid BridgetFree
264The Chicago WayBluegrass Cat - Super FloFree
265Bako SweetsTwirling Candy - Flaming DixieFree 
266UNNAMEDBoat Trip - Clancy RiversFree 
267Clancy RiversMr. Greeley - Lean Queen Cobra
268MoreisbetterVerrazano - Reina Diamante
269ThisgirlsastarGoldencents - Sierra Vista (GB)Free