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Equine Sales 2017 Louisiana Open Yearling and Mixed Sale

October 15, 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Im Just LuckyHarborage - Big Time Luck
2KissandsaygoodbyeSpeed Limit - Blushing Water
3The Missing PieceJustin Phillip - Cajun RocketFree 
4UNNAMEDTenpins - Casual Feat
5Lookin for CheerLookin At Lucky - CheerforluteFree 
6Sandy AngelLiaison - Circle in the SandFree 
7Flash of PepperFlashpoint - Clever PepperFree 
8Mane PriorityApriority - Cloudy All Day
9Mardi Gras ParadeHarborage - Color Parade
10Snoop Three SocksTight Grip - Deliteful Snoop
11Kustom KittenCustom for Carlos - Demi's KittenFree 
12Why NowNownownow - Derby Folly
13DivinityApriority - Divine Destiny
14Memory of SwimHarborage - Dixie Devil
15KrisynsarasboySpeed Limit - Egads
16Leapin EmmittRun Production - Elaines ReasonFree
17In the ChoirSongandaprayer - Etoile Petite
18UNNAMEDPalmy Bay - Exclusive Ruler
19Smiling SongSongandaprayer - Finest Smile
20Charlies TicketSum of the Parts - Foreign Girl
21Mr. Four SevensGuilt Trip - Four Pennies
22WokenLatent Heat - Genteela
23My Classic BowtieRuler's Court - Ghunwa
24Mega RoseRuler's Court - Graceful Touch
25Fiery FlashFlashpoint - Gray AttitudeFree 
26GuiltyfromthegitgoGuilt Trip - Happyfromthegitgo
27Hoops CigarBind - Historical Day
28Fallyn's CharlieRedding Colliery - Idealien
29Sunny's PrayerSongandaprayer - Imasunnyprospect
30SnowballApriority - Inner Peace
31My Rainey DayItsmyluckyday - Izzie's GoldFree 
32Loranger LindaNownownow - Jettin Jana
33HalostarStar Guitar - J Lo's HaloFree 
34Bliss La VieRuler's Court - Josata
35Play'em Or Fold'emGuilt Trip - Kiss N Make Up
36UNNAMEDHarborage - Know No Limits
37La Last CryClever Cry - La Galerie (ARG)
38ThirtyeightcaliberCalibrachoa - Langsyne
39Happy JourneyLiaison - Lauren P.Free 
40Harbor KnightHarborage - Magic Madam
41CalimamboCalibrachoa - Mambo Lake
42Gerrie LouSun King - Married for Money
43May HourHalf Ours - May IdeFree 
44I'm a Guilty GirlGuilt Trip - Mercy Sakes Alive
45Boogie N BacardiNownownow - Midge's Thunder
46UNNAMEDRuler's Court - Miss Bright Lights
47Rosie MorningRedding Colliery - Morning Memory
48Eye On the LadiesProudinsky (GER) - Mt. Quincy
49Play On BeckyWilburn - Music PrincessFree 
50Silent CryClever Cry - My Revenge
51UNNAMEDAmanecer de Oro - Naughty Pat
52BackberryHold Me Back - Orangeberry
53Foreward ExcusesForefathers - Page by Page
54Los SuenosSongandaprayer - Palmetto Bay
55Perfect TripGuilt Trip - Perfect Six
56Lone Star ClassLone Star Saint - Rich and Classy
57OnetwomanyrocketsMacho Rocket - Rocket Ninety NineFree
58Claire's FlairCalibrachoa - Season's Flair
59Blazing FireSongandaprayer - She's a Character
60UNNAMEDTenpins - Shot Gun Uss Hoga
61GoblerGuilt Trip - Sprightly
62Hey ZarbyZarbyev - Stella Hey Stella
63American StarStar Guitar - Storm BountyFree 
64Splendor HourHalf Ours - Thanks to SplendorFree 
65Thinking of HerHarborage - Think Green
66UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Truly OriginalFree 
67Worldly CryClever Cry - Way Em
68The Flush KingClever Cry - Wildcat At Dawn
69My Little CharlieMy Pal Charlie - Ziarita
70Quiet TripGuilt Trip - Zippy Wager
71Clever CommentClever Cry - Zitty
72Clever MoreClever Cry - Athenamore
73Party With KassidyWilburn - AzulaFree 
74UNNAMEDDouble Irish - Belsay
75UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Bent Creek City
76BienheureuxKaren's Cat - Bien SurNownownow
77Blackberry KissesDoneraile Court - Spectacular MorganCourt VisionFree 
78Blushing RulerRuler's Court - Hey DonnaNownownow
79Brush the RailBroad Brush - Silver RailRace DayFree 
80Cadda PrincessMauk Four - Like a NativeNownownow
81Cadens CowgirlShermanesque - Iz R a Zede
82CajunessGrand Appointment - Kellerin
83Claires JewelSabercat - Cajun HospitalityFree
84Cash the FlashStar de Naskra - CashelmaraSum of the Parts
85Cayman ColadaYonaguska - Miss MaggieSongandaprayer
86UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Cayman KaiFree 
87Cigar StarterJump Start - Cigar CharlieNownownow
88Circle in the SandHat Trick (JPN) - Golden BordersCourt VisionFree 
89UNNAMEDArcharcharch - Come On Mickey
90Come On MickeyHalf Ours - Tactical InfoCustom for CarlosFree 
91Dawn's CherokeeYonaguska - Fonda Ronda
92Denali Cat TaleTale of the Cat - MazellaTrappe ShotFree 
93UNNAMEDTenpins - Devana
94Dickson StreetStorm Boot - Hunt's CornerCalibrachoa
95FebrileTrempolino - Shining Bright (GB)Calibrachoa
96UNNAMEDCameo Appearance - Feng Shui
97Feng ShuiFrench Deputy - DasharooCalibrachoa
98Flashy PrizeFlashy Bull - Rich PeaceSum of the Parts
99Flaunty GoldGold Tribute - BuckleyRuler's Court
100ReinsureRedding Colliery - Foreign Girl
101Foreign GirlRun Production - Foreign EnvoyCalibrachoa
102Flashy BabeFlashpoint - Forty BabesFree 
103UNNAMEDG. W.'s d'Oro - Gayle's ApprovalFree 
104Carl's GloryFusaichi Pegasus - Girls Girls GirlsFree 
105Golden DinaTeton Forest - Dina GoldGuilt Trip
106UNNAMEDBind - Good Looking Girl
107Graceful TouchTouch Gold - Golden GlimmerLone Star SpecialFree
108UNNAMEDBind - Happyfromthegitgo
109HappyfromthegitgoEasyfromthegitgo - Time to EnjoySum of the Parts
110Heza FortuneSum of the Parts - Honky Tonk Hopper
111Guilty LadyGuilt Trip - Hot Talent
112Hot TalentAlphabet Soup - Talent LadyRedding Colliery
113Include CatherineInclude - RejoiceFree 
114UNNAMEDMedal Count - Irish PennyFree 
115Southern BeautyCalibrachoa - Isn't She Gorgeous
116Custom CarlissCustom for Carlos - I Will I WillFree 
117JaguariunaCape Town - Main EditionHalf OursFree 
118JosataZavata - JosebelleRuler's Court
119Oh DollyBrutal Attack - Joyful Gal
120Judes JewelAptitude - Winner's EdgeRevolutionaryFree 
121Julie MonMaria's Mon - Danzig's Juliette
122Just Like JulietShakespeare - Biding TimeGuilt Trip
123Karen RulesRuler's Court - Karen's StarSpeighter Man
124Correct AnswerGuilt Trip - La Salle Glory
125Latina ProudProud Citizen - Flag SupportClosing ArgumentFree
126La TusaQuick Action - Plucky MaidNownownow
127LemondropsmyshotRedding Colliery - Lemondropsmypop
128Little PinkieStephen Got Even - Pink MoonNownownow
129Louisiana LaceCuvee - Count the CowsGuilt Trip
130Lucy LongHoly Bull - RejoiceCustom for CarlosFree 
131Madame FalconPulling Punches - Madame Vilzak TooCourt VisionFree 
132Mandy's GirlAlbert the Great - Glitzi BjOle RebelFree 
133Midge's ThunderMauk Four - Midge TooLone Star SpecialFree
134Mimi's Special SixStrong Hope - Kate ElderBind
135Mon Cher Ti BebeHalf Ours - Tacky TownFree 
136Lunar RayStephen Got Even - Moonstriker
137My RevengeDaring Bid - Gallant Dancer
138ClyteeGuilt Trip - My Sweet Emily
139My Tara BellaElusive Quality - Gata Bella
140Nae ProblemMaria's Mon - InsurmountableKoh I Noor
141Natisha CatBluegrass Cat - Naughty NatishaRedding Colliery
142FirmamentArcharcharch - Nicole's Wildcat
143NownownowWhywhywhy - Here and Now (FR)
144Omi PrincessRunaway Groom - Osceola PrincessGuilt Trip
145OrangeberryCryptoclearance - LezaPrince T.
146Our ToonsHalf Ours - Dixie ToonsFree 
147Emerys WayForefathers - Page by Page
148El EbonyEl Corredor - Precise DefinitionFree 
149QueenlikeSmarty Jones - True and TrueCameo Appearance
150QuicariaUnbridled's Song - Always ReadyTemple CityFree 
151Steve's VisionCourt Vision - RandabellaFree 
152Regal BootStorm Boot - Noble and NiceInteractif
153Ruler of My HeartRuler's Court - Savannah RulesNownownow
154Rulers StarRuler's Court - Karen's StarSpeighter Man
155GuiltyGuilt Trip - Safflower
156Salty's SisterSalt Lake - Kathie's SisterBind
157Salute to DixieSalute the Sarge - Smooth StrikerKoh I Noor
158UNNAMEDRedding Colliery - Sangria Song
159Sangria SongEl Prado (IRE) - ValidainGuilt Trip
160Scarlet HallGraeme Hall - Dance DelightPalaceFree 
161ScintillatingWar Deputy - SinistralOle RebelFree 
162Search the ChurchHoly Bull - DestroyFast AnnaFree 
163Sheer SpeedKafwain - UpsideCameo Appearance
164Sheri's ThunderThunder Gulch - Ghost QueenPimpernelFree
165She's a BelieverSilver Train - BelievabilityCustom for CarlosFree 
166Smooth StrikerSmart Strike - Smooth SenoritaRedding Colliery
167SoccoryTricky Creek - WavinessBind
168So HeavenlyMedaglia d'Oro - GalaxiaFree 
169Custom MoonCustom for Carlos - SongandadareFree 
170Stage Five ClingerJohannesburg - Gold HeartedCameo Appearance
171Stormy IdeIde - Storm BountySum of the Parts
172Strong EvidenceStrong Hope - Hard EvidenceAlternationFree 
173Nola's SugarplumMass Media - Sugar Run
174SuitefriendsofmineRichter Scale - Satin ShoesCourt VisionFree 
175Arch of SunsetArcharcharch - Sunset Brown
176Sweet HarborRockport Harbor - Sweet Halo (ARG)Custom for CarlosFree 
177Tacky TownTactical Advantage - E Town
178Tale of the WestTale of the Cat - Western DreamerRedding Colliery
179The Ice GuyYankee Gentleman - Icy DayFree
180Tiz the PrincessTiz Wonderful - Dutchess AlexandraNownownow
181Truly OriginalYes It's True - OriginalityTenpins
182T C's TbirdSum of the Parts - Twice a Deelite
183Twice a DeeliteAfternoon Deelites - Twice a NativeCalibrachoa
184Taking NotesGuilt Trip - Underworld
185Valiant VisionFusaichi Pegasus - Miss ValiantInteractif
186Warrior's FireWarrior's Reward - Caught FireCourt VisionFree 
187Fast SkierFlashback - Wildcat SkierFree
188Wildcat SkierForest Wildcat - Uphill SkierInteractif
189Winsky AlexandraAfternoon Deelites - WinskyGold Tribute
190Wire Me MusicI'ma Hell Raiser - MusictocrowonTight Grip
191What's My DoinCameo Appearance - Zippy Wager
192Angel of FireDevil His Due - ShecanshopSongandaprayer
193AregulationhottieOfficer - Debra C.Custom for CarlosFree 
194Artie's DollArtie Schiller - David's DollKoh I Noor
195Ella's Lil StarOrthodox - Aztec Victory
196Witts's GatoFlashpoint - Tormenta Del GataFree 
197UNNAMEDNownownow - Bienheureux
198UNNAMEDLone Star Special - Cadda PrincessFree
199UNNAMEDLone Star Special - Cigar StarterFree
200Desperate CajunYankee Gentleman - Moolah BabyFree
201Duchess GoldilocksGold Tribute - Silent Duchess
202Bad Gal RiriNownownow - Graceful Touch
203Grandma's RulesOrientate - Four Plus FourHit It a BombFree 
204HugeMeadowlake - Wonders DelightHalf OursFree 
205UNNAMEDNownownow - Karen Rules
206CallinginthenightNownownow - Karen's Star
207Lady of PrayerSongandaprayer - Lady AlexanderCustom for CarlosFree 
208UNNAMEDChatain - La Tusa
209The Complete CourtRuler's Court - Little Pinkie
210UNNAMEDRuler's Court - Midge's Thunder
211PlaysamongthestarsBanker's Gold - La Cucina (IRE)Bind
212UNNAMEDNownownow - Ruler of My Heart
213Now You RulesNownownow - Rulers Star
214Social VowPrivate Vow - Social Matty
215Spring RushWild Rush - Happy ApprovalPalaceFree 
216UNNAMEDNownownow - Stella Come Back
217Run Now EstellaNownownow - Stella Hey Stella
218Witt'ssmoothbirdSongandaprayer - Supersmooth
219Zarb's CorporateZarbyev - Corporate Retreat
220ArzellaOfflee Wild - Sara's SuccessGuilt Trip
221Louisiana LegacyD'wildcat - MissoniFree
222Ohmymy OhmyyesNownownow - Bienheureux