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Equine Sales 2018 Louisiana Open Yearling & Mixed Sale

October 28, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Four Home RunsInteractif - Lady Marian Louise
2UNNAMEDRevolutionary - Lassie of MineFree 
3Uncle UglyArcharcharch - Lauren P.
4Nine Is MinePalace - Leave a MessageFree 
5Infinite KingdomSky Kingdom - Lightning AngelFree 
6D W's DancerArcharcharch - Lincoln Dancer
7Danza LakeDanza - Liwa's LakeFree 
8Jeb's Lucky EightAtreides - Lotta Candy KissesFree
9Our Last ShotHalf Ours - Lou's LastFree 
10Gator ProudProud Citizen - May Gator
11JesscatchmePower Broker - Midnight Chat
12King's PrayerSongandaprayer - Mt. Quincy
13UNNAMEDArcharcharch - My Dogs Are Barkin
14UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Native Trinket
15TencentsuperhoopTenpins - Not One Bit
16CleverindaClever Cry - Our Linda Lou
17Moro Drama QueenMoro Tap - Pass the DramaFree 
18Blessed AnnaFast Anna - Pleasantly BlessedFree 
19Souvenir ChannelEnglish Channel - Present DangerFree 
20Citizen ZongZong - Proud Lisa
21QueezoutFlat Out - Queezee DeezeeFree 
22Giddy Up GeauxDue Date - Railing Cigar
23K for KohenMedal Count - Replay RunawayFree 
24Arctic RoseHalf Ours - Rose HunterFree 
25Royal SpecialLone Star Special - Royal LemonFree
26Dixie StreetNew Year's Day - Scootles
27Love D WildcatD'wildcat - She Loves Runnin'Free
28Nola's SugarplumMass Media - Sugar Run
29StreettalkinhottieClever Cry - Sweettalkin Hottie
30Quick HeatFlashpoint - Tica Caliente
31Guilty AgainGuilt Trip - Time for Harlan
32Tap a MiracleRace Day - Tragedy's TriumphFree 
33UNNAMEDPalace Malice - VerismilitudeFree 
34UNNAMEDPower Broker - With Honorandgrace
35Boy Who Cried WolfRace Day - Wolf LetterFree 
36In a BindBind - Alala
37Arctic GuitarStar Guitar - Arctic IndianFree 
38Arties GameForefathers - Arties T Ball
39More CleverClever Cry - Athenamore
40Mystic GemGemologist - Beam ReachFree 
41Kenai SpecialLone Star Special - Bella's BeautyFree
42I'll Fly AwayZong - Bewitching Miss
43Moro LoveMoro Tap - Black NotebookFree 
44It'smyluckymomentItsmyluckyday - Captured MomentFree 
45King of OrleansJimmy Creed - Casual FeatFree 
46Run to CollectRun Production - CollectzcatFree
47Envoy's GuiltGuilt Trip - Envoy's Running
48Jed's WarriorWarrior's Reward - Etoile PetiteFree 
49Fancy InfinityGuilt Trip - Fancy Blue
50UNNAMEDAtreides - FootnotedisclosureFree
51Sugar Pie StreetStreet Boss - Here Comes CookieFree 
52Heza FortuneSum of the Parts - Honky Tonk Hopper
53YoungboyFlat Out - Icing On the CakeFree 
54Star's DreamStar Guitar - Illustrious DreamFree 
55Festive HeirApriority - Jocata
56It's Time BabyNot This Time - Kit de LucaFree 
57Lotta Candy KissesLemon Drop Kid - Lotta RhythmEl Deal
58Shady GradyGuilt Trip - Louisiana Lace
59Kamara VisionCourt Vision - Magic MamaFree 
59AShesthecatsmeowSabercat - Princess Forty One
60Magic ShawScrimshaw - Meli MagicMoro TapFree 
61Mahogany StormForestry - San AugustineCongareeFree
62Major AshworthColonel John - Master LinkMr SpeakerFree 
63Kenya StrikeTenpins - Malindi
64Melbas IndianBig Top Cat - Arctic IndianHalf OursFree 
65Miss CherryLord Carson - Maraschino
66MizzenwayMizzen Mast - GatewaySum of the Parts
67My CherimauxLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - CherlindreaMoro TapFree 
68Princess HenriHenrythenavigator - GoodnessGuilt Trip
69QueensguardHenrythenavigator - Royal InnocenceJay Gatsby
70UNNAMEDInteractif - Red Cause
71Mr. PaycheckLone Star Special - Rose HunterFree
72UNNAMEDDouble Irish - Safflower
73UNNAMEDMedal Count - SalverFree 
74SalverSilver Deputy - Cuando PuedeEl Deal
75UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Sangria Song
76UNNAMEDBind - Scootles
77ScootlesMacho Uno - Season's FlairGuilt Trip
78Shield of SpartaKitten's Joy - Dixie ShoesOle RebelFree 
79Shop for GoldSpeightstown - Shop HereCustom for CarlosFree 
80Sithechristmas ElfForefathers - Strong EvidenceMoro TapFree 
81StarkeyLimehouse - Miss Re AnnaGuilt Trip
81ACiroc O ClockGuilt Trip - Kathleens a Catch
82Storm On the MesaSky Mesa - Magical SolutionMoro TapFree 
83UNNAMEDRedding Colliery - Tasso Run
84Tasso RunCherokee Run - Tasso BeeGuilt Trip
85Texas FlygirlMy Pal Charlie - MontanisMoro TapFree 
86The GonculatorCurlin - Reina Victoriosa (ARG)G. W.'s d'OroFree 
87Tiz MariaTiz Wonderful - Seize the WindStar GuitarFree 
88TrapitTrappe Shot - WallingfordMoro TapFree 
89Tuk TukGhostzapper - DynabunnyMoro TapFree 
90UNNAMEDHampton Court (AUS) - TulitaFree 
91TulitaMajestic Warrior - Cry of the WildMo Tom
92UnwooedDixie Union - DesignatoreeMo Tom
93UNNAMEDRedding Colliery - Watchfull
94Half HeroineHalf Ours - Westend TapperFree 
95What a SmileAptitude - Unfinished DreamEl Deal
96WhisperdownthelaneReal Quiet - Crouching ThunderJay Gatsby
97UNNAMEDFirst Dude - Wilshire BoulevardFree
98Yankee LadyYankee Gentleman - Zarb's BallerinaMoro TapFree 
99UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Z Smoke
100Almost Made ItOverdriven - Almost Aprom QueenEl Deal
100AUNNAMEDBind - Sparkles Gold Band
101Pow Wow IndianHalf Ours - Arctic IndianFree 
102UNNAMEDLone Star Special - Arties T BallFree
103ArzellaOfflee Wild - Sara's SuccessMo Tom
104Ayala StrandTiznow - Danzig IslandEl Deal
105Lumberjack EmpireI Want Revenge - Barefoot Baby
106Big Blue PillRock Hard Ten - Princess FalinaG. W.'s d'OroFree 
107Big TownerCandy Ride (ARG) - Als DelightTakeover Target
108SinginginthewindSongandaprayer - Breezily
109ByanoseWildcat Heir - Cry At My WeddingMoro TapFree 
110Candy AssayLemon Drop Kid - Sophie's CatSum of the Parts
110ANon BindingBind - Zippy Wager
111CandyontheriseCandy Ride (ARG) - Touch MagicFree 
112UNNAMEDHakassan (CHI) - Casabella
113Caterina (URU)Ritz (ARG) - Cumarina (URU)Guilt Trip
114Cat EyesDevil His Due - S'Mor SunshineCourt VisionFree 
115UNNAMEDNownownow - Cigar Starter
116GlasshalffullHalf Ours - City WayFree 
117Cofresi TesoroSuccessful Appeal - Gal's ForumMoro TapFree 
118Crystal CourtFusaichi Pegasus - SummervaleFree 
119Denali Cat TaleTale of the Cat - MazellaMo Tom
120Divine LadyKris S. - Divine DixieGuilt Trip
121FullasatickHalf Ours - Dos LunasFree 
122UNNAMEDCameo Appearance - Etoile Petite
123Fancy BlueBluegrass Cat - Fancy ClancyMoro TapFree 
124Flashy PrizeFlashy Bull - Rich PeaceEl Deal
125Heaven's SlamGrand Slam - Heavenly DawnNorthern Afleet
126Highest RewardCongrats - CloudrunnerTakeover Target
127Hive QueenShakespeare - Sunlit SilenceMoro TapFree 
128UNNAMEDRedding Colliery - Hot Talent
129Humble JanetHumble Eleven - Humble RethaEl Deal
130Ours ForeverHalf Ours - Illustrious DreamFree 
131UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Indian TribeFree 
132Indigo DancerZarbyev - Indigo GirlGoldencentsFree 
133Infinite LifeDrosselmeyer - In This LifeMoro TapFree 
134Inner PeaceValue Plus - StelluchellaTakeover Target