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Equine Sales LTBA 2017 Consignor Select Yearling Sale

August 31, 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1YakadaddyLiaison - YakamamaFree 
2UNNAMEDPower Broker - Zada RaeFree 
4GrayinadayFlashpoint - AlidoonFree 
5Our Sweet DaisyStar Guitar - A Little EvilFree 
6UNNAMEDLiaison - Already BlessedFree 
7UNNAMEDCameo Appearance - American Placed
8UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Anne Margaret
9UNNAMEDItsmyluckyday - Annie MariaFree 
10UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Answer to MeFree 
11UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Ante Up AnnieFree 
12UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Asareer
14River KingBrave Dave - Beautiful SpyFree
15UNNAMEDTrappe Shot - Because I Like ItFree 
16UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Bent Creek City
17UNNAMEDClosing Argument - Betsy HollyFree
18Premier SongSongandaprayer - Betty Lou
19Given KissesPoint Given - Blackberry Kisses
21SinginginthewindSongandaprayer - Breezily
22UNNAMEDClosing Argument - Bronze AbeFree
23UNNAMEDMass Media - Brown Eyed Baby
24Its Misty in ParisPaddy O'Prado - Burning Creole
25UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Buttercup's Song
26See What's WhatPaynter - Cafe ConcertoFree 
27Christies CanopyHalf Ours - CanopyFree 
28J C's in TownJimmy Creed - Carlisle HouseFree 
29SilvercentsGoldencents - Carl's Frosty GirlFree 
30UNNAMEDBellamy Road - Cayman ColadaFree 
31UNNAMEDForefathers - Charlie's Moonbeam
33UNNAMEDIce Box - Cherryful LadyFree 
34UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Cherub HeartFree 
35UNNAMEDGold Tribute - Chirimoya
36BiermannGreeley's Galaxy - Cindy Embers
37OxymoronApriority - Clever Blonde
38UNNAMEDViolence - Closing ReportFree
39UNNAMEDShakin It Up - Cofresi TesoroFree 
40UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Completely Wright
41Cuteness ApriorityApriority - Corinthian Cutie
42UNNAMEDRedding Colliery - Coteau Kitten
43Madelyn's DancerFlashpoint - Cotton Club BalletFree 
44UNNAMEDPaddy O'Prado - Crystal Court
46UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Dame de Mardi GrasFree 
47UNNAMEDSum of the Parts - Dandy's Sunshine
48ChamblissFort Larned - Dark DoubleFree 
49UNNAMEDMass Media - Day's Sunset
50UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Deluxe Edition (IRE)
51UNNAMEDHalf Ours - De RascalFree 
52UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Devilish CandyFree 
53Silver SquallApriority - Dickson Street
54UNNAMEDOxbow - Dixie TempoFree 
55Daddy's LuckThe Daddy - Double Your Luck
56UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Emerald Rain
57Princess PegRegal Ransom - Eu Te Pego
58UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Fabled Flyer
59UNNAMEDBind - Fast Annie
60UNNAMEDSum of the Parts - Feng Shui
61UNNAMEDNew Year's Day - Fiftyfour ForeverFree
62UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - FilareeFree 
63UNNAMEDCross Traffic - First ManassasFree 
64UNNAMEDDialed In - Flame RunFree 
65Pillage Da VillageCustom for Carlos - Forest RainbowFree 
66UNNAMEDStephen Got Even - Fortune in Gold
68UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - French ThunderFree 
69Caeus in PasadenaApriority - Freuds On Holidays
70UNNAMEDG. W.'s d'Oro - Gayle's ChannelFree 
71UNNAMEDFlashback - Good Looking GirlFree
72UNNAMEDCameo Appearance - Happy Destiny
73Tensas SteelHalf Ours - Harbor PrincessFree 
74UNNAMEDDrosselmeyer - Heavens Passport
76My Little JenCity Zip - Hildegarde
77UNNAMEDPaddy O'Prado - Honeymooner
78UNNAMEDPower Broker - Hot ServeFree 
79UNNAMEDFusaichi Pegasus - HottamollyFree 
80UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - IhavemyeyeonyouFree 
82UNNAMEDYankee Gentleman - Indigo GirlFree
83Striking StarStar Guitar - Jackpot MissFree 
84UNNAMEDNew Year's Day - Java JoltFree
85UNNAMEDE Dubai - Jocata
86Armstrong BillForefathers - Jolie Camellia
87UNNAMEDLangfuhr - Just Call Me JanetFree 
88UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Kiawah's Magic
89UNNAMEDYankee Gentleman - LadygoeasyFree
90UNNAMEDSuccessful Appeal - Lady Radkey
91UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Latina ProudFree 
92Laughing CarlosCustom for Carlos - Laughing SaintFree 
93UNNAMEDViolence - Lavender SeaFree
94UNNAMEDTizway - Lawson's Lady
95UNNAMEDViolence - LemondropsmypopFree
96Linea AmarillaLine of David - Lemon Yellow
97G G's WreckingballAwesome Patriot - Like a ButterflyFree
98No More for UCustom for Carlos - Liwa's LakeFree 
99UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Love Catcher
100TeddyslildancerShackleford - Madam BlingFree 
101UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Mamselle Nanette
102UNNAMEDOle Rebel - Mandy's GirlFree 
104UNNAMEDBind - Meg's Answer
105UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Mi IsabellaFree 
106Parry SoundNeko Bay - Mindemoya
107UNNAMEDTizway - Montana Miss
110UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Ms MarigoldFree 
111Pat Me DownSongandaprayer - My Mom Pat
112Lime House BeautyLimehouse - Mystical BeautyFree
113UNNAMEDAwesome Patriot - Mythic AppealFree
114Kiss On the LipsMidshipman - Necessary LuxuryFree 
115UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Nicole's Wildcat
116UNNAMEDMineshaft - Noble BanditFree 
118Sidney's HunchSidney's Candy - Not One BitFree 
119Just WillowBind - Onda Fast Track
120UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - One Last HopeFree 
122UNNAMEDBind - Oval
123UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Party Girl (FR)Free
124UNNAMEDCan the Man - PicataFree 
125UNNAMEDHaynesfield - PinataFree 
126Cats DiamondToo Much Bling - PinwheelFree 
127UNNAMEDStar Guitar - Pirate's AlleyFree 
129Southern PrinceCalibrachoa - Princess Iris
130UNNAMEDGreeley's Galaxy - Proud Rose
131UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Pure ValueFree 
133UNNAMEDTiz the One - Queen Imidala
134UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Quest MountFree 
135Shaq JackFirst Samurai - QuicariaFree 
136UNNAMEDTapizar - Racy TracyFree 
137Miss MabeleeMy Pal Charlie - Read the Label
138Miss Ready CatD'wildcat - Ready At NineFree
139UNNAMEDLine of David - Ready Interest
140UNNAMEDGoldencents - Reata's Quik PunchFree 
141Racin RebelSum of the Parts - Rebel Gal
142UNNAMEDTreasure Beach (GB) - Red CauseFree
143Runaway RaeE Dubai - Replay Runaway
144Boston RepoLion Tamer - Reposessed
145UNNAMEDAstrology - Risen DayFree 
146UNNAMEDPaddy O'Prado - Robtadi
147UNNAMEDMacho Rocket - Rocket Ninety NineFree
148UNNAMEDAlpha - Sassy MeFree 
149My Neighbor DaveLion Tamer - Saucey Officer
150Heart of SoulSongandaprayer - Say Afleet
151UNNAMEDCan the Man - Scarlet HallFree 
152SuperconductorShanghai Bobby - Scarlet's Tara
153UNNAMEDStar Guitar - ScintillatingFree 
155UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - See the StreamFree 
156UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Sharp WitFree 
157NowshediditNownownow - Shedidwhat
158UNNAMEDOld Fashioned - Sheila Tequila
159UNNAMEDHaynesfield - Show Elle ThestageFree 
160UNNAMEDGreeley's Galaxy - Showtime Special
161Six GrandGrand Appointment - Six Bee's
162UNNAMEDOle Rebel - SkipawaywithbingFree 
163UNNAMEDShackleford - Smitty's SunshineFree 
164Pi's DestinyGuilt Trip - Snake Proof
165UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Soiled Dove
166Elite RunnerBind - Some Came Running
167Wicked RumorJimmy Creed - SongandadareFree 
168KantianaApriority - Sookski
169UNNAMEDMucho Macho Man - Stand by the PhoneFree 
170Nickys GuitarStar Guitar - Star BrideFree 
172UNNAMEDFlashpoint - Stellar VisionFree 
173UNNAMEDFlashpoint - Stormy AdventureFree 
174PickettGoldencents - Street BeatFree 
175Tensas TenCustom for Carlos - Strong EvidenceFree 
176UNNAMEDTemple City - SuitefriendsofmineFree 
177Boston MysteryVineyard Haven - Summer Mystery
178UNNAMEDApriority - Sweet Jackie Jo
179HalfourretirementHalf Ours - Sweet MuqtaribFree 
180NoraleeCaleb's Posse - Sweet Twiney WineyFree 
181UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Swifty VictressFree 
182UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Tactical PlusFree 
183UNNAMEDTiz the One - Tale of the West
184UNNAMEDFlashback - Tasso RunFree
185UNNAMEDBig Band Sound - Teerific Tee
186Tensas ToddyCustom for Carlos - Tensas IdeaFree 
187UNNAMEDBind - Tensas Salt
188UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Those Lion Eyes
189Trappe MeTrappe Shot - Tickle MeFree 
190Titanium PledgeSongandaprayer - Titanium Jane
191GaliamoGirolamo - Tiz A' Greeley
192UNNAMEDE Dubai - To Geaux
193UNNAMEDHalf Ours - TommeyesgoldFree 
194UNNAMEDStar Guitar - Tonight's WagerFree 
196UNNAMEDGoldencents - Trippi's SailorFree 
198La ChalkBind - Trysting
199UNNAMEDTizway - Tutu Cruiser
200UNNAMEDCameo Appearance - Up We Go
201UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - ValoryFree 
202UNNAMEDFlat Out - Very Classy GalFree 
203Clara's VictoryBind - Victorious Broad
205UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Wanna KatFree 
206UNNAMEDPower Broker - Warren's WhistleFree 
207UNNAMEDInteractif - Watchfull
208UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Westend TapperFree 
209FriendslikethisE Dubai - Whata Friend
210UNNAMEDTiz the One - What a Smile
211UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Wild Heart Dancing
212UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Wine Diva
213UNNAMEDGuilt Trip - Wings of Pegasus
214Ide's Last MusicIde - Wire Me Music