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Fasig-Tipton Kentucky 2013 Winter Mixed Sale

February 11, 2013

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
4Red HandedEmpire Maker - Caught in the ActFree 
5Red PianoRed Ransom - SpinetExchange Rate
7Reversed On AppealSuccessful Appeal - Family Business
9RibolettiDistorted Humor - Riboletta (BRZ)Free 
10Rich HillColonial Affair - Lady Clever TrickIndygo Shiner
11UNNAMEDPatriot Act - Riotous Miss
12Ron's GirlLawyer Ron - Drifa
13Sadler's BernBernstein - Royal Show (IRE)
14Salez (IRE)Manduro (GER) - Senderlea (IRE)
15Saratoga BoundBernardini - BelterraFree 
16SeawellDixie Union - Shorey Village
17UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - See the WindFree 
18SelmaStreet Cry (IRE) - Coretta (IRE)
19Rockin RickZensational - Sentebale
21UNNAMEDPleasantly Perfect - Shadow LadyFree
22ShannonairePhone Trick - GlenorthernTrappe ShotFree
23She'll HeirWildcat Heir - The Tricks On Me
24UNNAMEDCongrats - She's a JewelFree 
25UNNAMEDSharp Humor - She's Roughin It
26Ten Silver DollarsEurosilver - She'stenontop
27Simply Brilliant (AUS)Starcraft (NZ) - She's a Pretender (AUS)
28Singing DoeRunning Stag - Facts of WinningMajestic Warrior
29UNNAMEDBob and John - Singing Doe
30UNNAMEDOld Fashioned - Saintcerely
31Sippi FeverStormin Fever - Miss MississippiReady's ImageFree 
33UNNAMEDBullsbay - Sister DyerFree
34Smart DeputySmart Strike - Deputy
35UNNAMEDHarlan's Holiday - Smiling Eyes
36Smitten CatTale of the Cat - Youre Speeding LuvFree 
37Songo'theseaUnbridled's Song - Key of Sea
38Speak Easy GalWest Acre - Spoken For
39Special DancerTapit - DancelikethedevilFree 
40Speightful LadySpeightstown - England's RoseUncle MoFree 
41UNNAMEDMajestic Warrior - Spree
42UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Star CitizenFree 
43Starship SurpriseForestry - Jessi Take Charge
44Stop the SpendingPomeroy - No Better TimeFree
46UNNAMEDOld Fashioned - Stormin Cat
47Rock a LilyStreet Cry (IRE) - Storm Lily
48StroppyDecarchy - Moonfest
49Successful YearSuccessful Appeal - Yearly CopyIndygo Shiner
50SurrenderStormy Atlantic - BeaucetteFree
51Sweet Candy RideCandy Ride (ARG) - Farewell My LovelyCourageous CatFree
52Sweetstorm AmyLemon Drop Kid - Hurricane AmyHat Trick (JPN)
53UNNAMEDInto Mischief - TabadabadoFree 
56ThatthingofepYonaguska - Spiritude
57My Perfect LightPerfect Soul (IRE) - ThislillightofmineFree 
58Those Lion EyesLion Heart - First ImpressionFree 
59UNNAMEDPosse - Three Pack
60ThunderedCatienus - Thunder Stand
61Thyme Is LimeGilded Time - Forever Valentine
62TizmaniaTiznow - ThegaFree 
63Tiz My ValentineTizdejavu - B. A. Valentine
65UNNAMEDSightseeing - To the Right
66UNNAMEDQuality Road - Turbulent AirFree 
67UNNAMEDMajesticperfection - Twilights PrayerFree 
68Use SomebodyBernstein - Idols Eye
70UNNAMEDArtie Schiller - VinlearFree 
71Vogue WarriorA. P. Warrior - Vogueing
73UNNAMEDAfleet Express - Wahoo Cat
74UNNAMEDStrategic Mission - Weekend Squall
75UNNAMEDHenrythenavigator - Welcome Girl
76Well ExecutedSmart Strike - Not for Turning
77Ekati Told MeTale of Ekati - Western FateFree 
79UNNAMEDCowboy Cal - Whom Shall I Fear
81Wild AmericanOfflee Wild - American Slew
82YadiraPulpit - Heavenly CatKitten's JoyFree 
83UNNAMEDColonel John - You Call That Art
84UNNAMEDConcord Point - Ziffy
85Zippy JanCity Zip - Jetto
86AesculusHorse Chestnut (SAF) - Crafty BuzzParading
87Alix MEnd Sweep - Dice PasserSalute the Sarge
88UNNAMEDArch - Amazing Speed
89Ambitious StrikeSmart Strike - Ambitious Cat
90America's LadyQuiet American - Sobinka (IRE)MajesticperfectionFree 
91Valentine's RewardWarrior's Reward - Are You KiddingFree 
92UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - Art AffairFree
94ArushaTapit - LadinaFree 
96AuspiciousIndian Charlie - Hannah's DollMajesticperfectionFree 
97B. A. LoveA Giant Valentine - Lovin Glory
98BarefootinPosse - Bare It Properly
99BattenkillRahy - HelenskaHeart of the Storm
101UNNAMEDDesert Party - Class ApartFree 
102Be PivotalPivotal (GB) - Be Happy (BRZ)
103UNNAMEDArtie Schiller - Bella CherokeeFree 
104Belle EvangelineEddington - HualalaiFree
105BelovedaGhostzapper - Mysterious AngelFree 
108Bluegrass AtatudeTwo Punch - Potomac Bend
109Born PerfectMr. Prospector - Molly GirlBellamy RoadFree 
110Lost KodiakKodiak Kowboy - Brave Boco
111UNNAMEDHeatseeker (IRE) - Brightest
112BrushworkDiscreet Cat - Manistique
113BuleriaEmpire Maker - WendFree 
114Butter PecanGrand Slam - Chocolate Chip
115Cactus CadillacCactus Ridge - Plum Country
116UNNAMEDCorinthian - Can't Buy ClassFree 
117UNNAMEDRock Hard Ten - Capricious
118Capricious Miss (GB)Singspiel (IRE) - White House (GB)
119Casa TuaStormy Atlantic - Mia Casa GrandeFree
121Cat's AlibiStorm Cat - Western Princess
123Charlie GirlIndian Charlie - Unbridled SecretYes It's True
124Riviera BlueMineshaft - ChipanaputtFree 
125CiguarayaLatent Heat - Casanova Striker
126Class AboveQuiet American - Rainbow PromiseStormy AtlanticFree
128Conga GoldCongaree - Added GoldFree
130UNNAMEDSky Mesa - CordobaFree 
131UNNAMEDFlashy Bull - Crafty RuthFree
132Cayman StyleScat Daddy - Liszy
134Crimson CabaretSpeightstown - Red PianoFree 
135Crystal VisionStormy Atlantic - SanterraFree
138Darling CianaLion Heart - Afternoon KrystalFree 
139Dash Dot DashPut It Back - Shingalana
141Dearly ConcernedWith Distinction - Concern Nacca
143Demon FeverStormin Fever - Last No BreakTiz Wonderful
144UNNAMEDAny Given Saturday - Double Brilliant
145Dough On the GoBernardini - Out of WoodsFree 
146DreamspellDynaformer - Kauai Calls
147Drought BreakerSteinlen (GB) - Water TradeNotionalFree
148Emily's DelightEl Corredor - DuetFree 
149Elle SpecialGiant's Causeway - Peinture Ancienne
150UNNAMEDMancini - El Swava
151Embracing HeartsSky Mesa - Two HeartsFree 
152EssenceGulch - Patelin's LegacyHard SpunFree 
153ExtravaganceMedaglia d'Oro - QueenswayFree 
154Lie of the TigerYes It's True - Gone GolfingLangfuhrFree 
155Faire La BiseKissin Kris - KafafNotionalFree
156UNNAMEDSummer Bird - Fanlight Fanny
157Fast TigressHold That Tiger - Fleeting FableLookin At LuckyFree 
158Fearless LeaderSuave Prospect - Truly RomanticProud Citizen
159UNNAMEDCorinthian - Feel Free to FleeFree 
160Feverish FlightFusaichi Pegasus - Raging FeverFree 
161UNNAMEDTiz Wonderful - Five Star Daydream
163UNNAMEDReady's Image - Follow the LiteFree 
164For GillianGold Fever - Lady Jezzi
165Four BearsHennessy - Bonnie BearMalibu MoonFree 
166Frazier's FinestFormal Dinner - Pink Forest
168FumblerooskiMedaglia d'Oro - Kin to the WindFree 
171Glass PathEl Corredor - Afternoon KrystalFree 
172Glass SlipperKatowice - Tricky Cinderella
174Golden MalibuMalibu Moon - Golden PressKodiak Kowboy
175Golden MysteryAwesome Again - Mysterious AngelFree 
176Goodest GirlSmart Strike - Dharma Girl
177Graceful NancyMaria's Mon - Randy NanceIce BoxFree 
178Grand MarqKing of Kings (IRE) - Hushi
179Gray SapphireForestry - Bel's Starlet
180Gulch AffairGulch - Queens WildSidney's CandyFree 
181Gypsy MonarchWavering Monarch - Gypsy MissHarlan's Holiday
182Happy ClapperAwesome Again - Phil's PillFree 
183Hard SecretHard Spun - Two HalosFree 
185In Dy RitzA.P. Indy - Ritzy Dame
186UNNAMEDLookin At Lucky - Heckuva HunterFree 
187Heleonor RugbyTribal Rule - Eleanor Rose
188Hemet HumorDistorted Humor - Hemet EagleFree 
189Holiday CharmSilver Charm - Holiday SnowSongandaprayer
190Holy MacanawMr. Greeley - JeraArtie SchillerFree 
191UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Hot Cocoa
195IndigeneDeputy Minister - AishahZensational
196Indygo MoodIndygo Shiner - Point Gained
197UNNAMEDEskendereya - In High Form
199InvasionInvasor (ARG) - Contagious (GB)
200Island Paradise (IRE)Trans Island (GB) - Athlumney Dancer (GB)
201UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Preludes of WarFree 
202Jack's FlamePulpit - Known Romance
203Jeopardy LadyRock Hard Ten - In the Will
204UNNAMEDColonel John - Jezebella
205Joanie's JewelHoly Bull - Hollow MissU S RangerFree 
206AxolotlHat Trick (JPN) - Joanie's Jewel
208Justice ServedSuccessful Appeal - Gold Anklet
210Kathy's in ChargeTapit - Dynamic BroadFree 
212Page an AngelBorrego - Keys to the Heart
214KinkoraMacho Uno - Top of the LeagueLatent Heat
215Knotty AshSilver Deputy - ElsomaTemple CityFree 
216Kooky KellyIllinois Storm - Kooky Aunt Alice
217UNNAMEDCity Zip - Lady Buckingham
218Lady HokuleaRoman Ruler - Tennis Lady
219UNNAMEDFreud - Land On Your FeetFree 
222Love FactorRoyal Academy - Too Bald FactorBelong to Me
224Loving RedemptionGone West - Wendy's On to Me
225Loyal AmericanQuiet American - Obligated Sue
226Lunar LovegalAfleet Alex - Aim for the MoonFree 
227Lunar MistMalibu Moon - Misty RainFree 
228LuneRahy - Nicole's Dream
229LyriqueRock Hard Ten - America AmericaArtie SchillerFree 
230Madame WasabiDon't Get Mad - Lady Lola
231Majestic ForecastMajestic Warrior - Cumulus (GB)
232Makers and MeGood Reward - Chelsea Green
233MarwoodMarlin - Jadewood
234Meadowlake MoonMeadowlake - Broad n Every PortToccetFree 
236Chaldee AindaMedaglia d'Oro - Melhor AindaFree 
237UNNAMEDLangfuhr - Merryland MonroeFree 
238MetrosmileCity Zip - Smile n Molly
239UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Miami Breezes
241Minister's DestinyDeputy Minister - AndestineU S RangerFree 
242TimisaSightseeing - Miss Laken
243Mis VizcayaSuccessful Appeal - Look for Good
244Miz ShuginaSharp Humor - Lisieux
245Happy On EmptyDunkirk - Mizzcan'tbewrong
246UNNAMEDBernstein - Mollyputtheketelon
247MondeEurosilver - Mini Dee
249More BusinessPolish Navy - Barbara PhoebeToccetFree 
250More d'AmourTour d'Or - Love ConnectionMajesticperfectionFree 
251Mrs. CoolidgeQuiet American - Naughty NatishaForestry
252Ms. SutherlandSir Shackleton - Spies in My Midst
253Music ThunderDistorted Humor - Reflect the MusicFree 
254My Other GirlBernardini - Guilty PleasureFree 
256UNNAMEDHarlington - Mystic Silver
258North FreewayJump Start - Shawnee CountryFree
259No WarningGolden Missile - Hard EvidenceColonel John
260Officer Big RedOfficer - Shocktics
261Orbiston ParvaInclude - Heavens AboveFree 
262Our EleanorSuccessful Appeal - Pretty Jane
263Our Hot MamaVindication - SitkaRegal Ransom
264UNNAMEDHenny Hughes - Our Mariella
265Palmetto LaneFlower Alley - PieriaFree 
266PassionistaEl Corredor - Gold LiakaFree 
267Patel MoonMalibu Moon - Capilla BonitaFree 
269PavatiUnbridled's Song - Skye Castles
270Perfect WildcatPerfect Soul (IRE) - Danish WildcatTale of EkatiFree 
272Pick and PraySongandaprayer - Miss Pickums
273Gospel GailBandini - Possesting
274PreacherPulpit - Royal Family
275UNNAMEDCity Zip - Prime Step
277My Lani RoseRun Away and Hide - MoonskipperFree 
279Rule the WarPeace Rules - Fraulein Brucher
282UNNAMEDTwo Punch - Time to Dream
283Time WalkerStreet Sense - ScriptFree 
285Gap in KnobSharp Humor - Whitewashed
286A Jovial WynnCup of Rain - Cool Wynn
287GerardSilver Wagon - Bella Cherokee
288UNNAMEDWhywhywhy - Drought Breaker
289UNNAMEDTemple City - Lanai CityFree 
290Tout HonneurNorthern Afleet - Lady JustineFree 
292UNNAMEDPosse - Ms Global Warming
293PreachintothedevilPulpit - Acey Deucey
294Walker's LandingTheatrical (IRE) - Shakespearesister (GB)
295UNNAMEDTapit - LetgomyechoFree 
296Diamond CornerDeputy Minister - StatuetteMarchfieldFree 
297SatyanaStreet Cry (IRE) - Lovely Regina
298Schooner BayArchers Bay - NabatinaSpeightstownFree 
299Sealy HillPoint Given - Boston TwistDistorted HumorFree 
300Sheraton ParkCozzene - Queen's ParkSpeightstownFree 
301Silver SandsEl Prado (IRE) - Cherry Tree HillSpeightstownFree 
302Speightful AffairSpeightstown - SanterraFree 
303UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Turtle Beach
304VauxhallTheatrical (IRE) - Over AllSpeightstownFree 
305White HavenUnbridled's Song - Minister's FlagHarlan's Holiday
306Atlantic HurricaneHalo's Image - It's the Cats Meow
307Barracks RoadElusive Quality - Padmore
308UNNAMEDColonel John - Beggers Dream
309Black Rock RoadBertrando - Storm CelineFlower AlleyFree 
310Carem CrescentDistorted Humor - Can't Be LateGraeme Hall
311Chancery LaneTabasco Cat - Breezy StoriesSpeightstownFree 
312Christie VillageDeputy Minister - FelicitaCongratsFree 
313Class E HolidayHarlan's Holiday - Sermon
314Roxy GapIndian Charlie - Harts Gap
315MinestroneForestry - Joy Valley (BRZ)
316EllesmereTabasco Cat - Empress AlyCandy Ride (ARG)Free 
317Flower ForestKris S. - NortenaFlower AlleyFree 
318UNNAMEDAlphabet Soup - Galashey
319Gemswick ParkSpeightstown - Queen's ParkTiznowFree 
320Indian ValeA.P. Indy - Marley Vale
321Jessamy LaneHennessy - Weekend in SeattleCongratsFree 
322Lady CandidateBob and John - Caucus
323MosaicStorm Cat - TweedsideGraeme Hall
324Nasty RumorJohannesburg - Carna
325Navy GardensStorm Cat - Marley ValeCongratsFree 
326Patience DrivePulpit - Lion CastleFlower AlleyFree 
327Pool LandSilver Deputy - Slew City SlickerSmart Strike
328Titan QueenTiznow - EnsnareRegal Ransom
329VaulcluseA.P. Indy - Betty's PetMore Than ReadyFree 
330Cottage ValeUnbridled's Song - Harmony CottageGraeme Hall
331Dowell HouseDanzig - Pico Teneriffe
332Endeavour CornerStrong Hope - Diamond Corner
333Lucas StreetSilver Deputy - Ruby ParkMarchfieldFree 
334Sweet Home GapGraeme Hall - Sweet ValeMarchfieldFree 
335Dance ThewayyouareMineshaft - DiversaFree 
337Pride Dancer (IRE)Fasliyev - Liwana (IRE)