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Fasig-Tipton Kentucky 2018 July Yearling Sale

July 10, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDMidshipman - Officer PepperFree 
2Kickin' KirbyDialed In - One Hot RomanceFree 
3Miss HermesLemon Drop Kid - Our Irish Lassie'sFree 
4UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Our Seattle StarFree 
5UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Out for RevengeFree 
6UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Oxford JoyFree 
7ChapaluFlatter - Panther StrikeFree 
8Ms. MalevolenceViolence - ParvatiFree 
9PrehistoryPalace Malice - PasseFree 
10HoffaStreet Boss - Patsy's KimFree 
11Mr. RogerFlashback - Peace PledgeFree
12UNNAMEDTapiture - Peace ProcessFree 
13Flute MakerSky Mesa - Perfect FluteFree 
14UNNAMEDPalace - Perfectly SmartFree 
15UNNAMEDSecret Circle - Pi BellaFree 
16UNNAMEDConveyance - PicolataFree
17So FavoritaMorning Line - Pileiton
18Mr. SarinanaMr Speaker - PlanetaFree 
19UNNAMEDFast Anna - Pleasant WindFree 
20UNNAMEDTiznow - Powerful PackageFree 
21UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - PreventionFree 
22UNNAMEDTapiture - Proud BeautyFree 
23UNNAMEDViolence - Psychic ElaineFree 
24UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - Pure DesireFree 
25UNNAMEDSummer Front - Quality IncludedFree 
26With a WhisperGraydar - Queen MajestyFree 
27RulingMaclean's Music - QuestmetFree 
28UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Quick FlipFree 
29UNNAMEDMedal Count - Quiet SuccessFree 
30UNNAMEDJack Milton - Raging StormFree 
31UNNAMEDGoldencents - Rapid DecisionFree 
32UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Rapid RansomFree 
33OcalaOrb - RebaliteFree 
34UNNAMEDConveyance - Rebecca's SurpriseFree
35UNNAMEDAwesome of Course - RenownedFree 
36UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - RetroesqueFree 
37OceanicConstitution - Rockin GirlFree 
38UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Royale ParadiseFree 
39ThrillCandy Ride (ARG) - Running WildFree 
40UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - SamsationalFree 
41UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Sam's GrindstoneFree 
42UNNAMEDAlgorithms - Sandra's RoseFree 
43UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Sarah Her HighnessFree 
44Vacherie GirlTapiture - Saucey OfficerFree 
45My TestimonyMr Speaker - Scribbling SarahFree 
46Palace Two StepPalace - Seattle Two StepFree 
47UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - See Me DanceFree 
48El GuayaSky Mesa - Serious VowFree 
49UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - She's KissableFree 
50Wicked Strong AlexWicked Strong - Shimmering TaleFree 
51UNNAMEDJustin Phillip - Silent FrightFree 
52UNNAMEDInto Mischief - SilverestFree 
53UNNAMEDRace Day - Simply SensationalFree 
54Spectacular TemperCongrats - Simply SpectacularFree 
55Stained ClassPalace - SishebaFree 
56MascotSky Kingdom - Sixth and WalnutFree 
57UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Slim Shady's LadyFree 
58FevolaMidnight Lute - Solid GoldFree 
59UNNAMEDSummer Front - Song of SixpenceFree 
60Duchess of SussexPalace Malice - Southern BelleFree 
61UNNAMEDSummer Front - Southern DrifterFree 
62ViolenzaViolence - South Street GalFree 
63Deep MagantaStrong Mandate - SpeichtsongFree 
64Spider BelleWicked Strong - Spider DustFree 
65UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Spinning LooksFree 
66Its an Awesome DayRace Day - Spirited AwayFree 
67UNNAMEDSky Kingdom - Spring BloomFree 
68CarsonologistGemologist - Spring ZapperFree 
69UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Squaw Valley
70Promises KeptFed Biz - StadiaFree 
71UNNAMEDPalace - Starship AngelFree 
72UNNAMEDMineshaft - Starship SpiritFree 
74Lily Q.Revolutionary - StatusFree 
75Atlas MoonFed Biz - StellalunaFree 
76UNNAMEDTiznow - Stella's DreamFree 
77SlingshotslewMalibu Moon - Storm's DarlingFree 
78UNNAMEDGolden Ticket - Storm SpellFree
79UNNAMEDLiam's Map - Stormy BFree 
80UNNAMEDFlat Out - Suzy Blue LightFree 
81Sweet Baby BeaTale of the Cat - Sweetest SurpriseFree 
82WitherspoonCompetitive Edge - Sweetness GaloreFree 
83Take Charge SophiaTake Charge Indy - Sweet Ransom
84Johnny EdgeCompetitive Edge - Swift DivaFree 
85Asher's MusicMaclean's Music - TecnicaFree 
86Wasabi GirlShanghai Bobby - Tick Tick Boom
87MaryanorgingerStrong Mandate - TimetobegoneFree 
88January WonNew Year's Day - Timezone
89UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Tomato LadyFree 
90UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Total KnockoutFree 
91UNNAMEDTwirling Candy - Tough MarketFree 
92UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Trading PaintFree 
93TraeleeLea - Tranquil MoonFree 
94TreasurySpeightstown - TreasureFree 
95UNNAMEDCommissioner - TrepidationFree 
96UNNAMEDRace Day - Tricia's TramaFree 
97Holy MuchachoMacho Uno - TrishaFree 
98NodoubtaboutherBernardini - TriumphantlyFree 
99Sweet KissesCarpe Diem - True KissFree 
100UNNAMEDSky Kingdom - TruelladevilleFree 
101UNNAMEDMineshaft - True Way of GraceFree 
102UNNAMEDFast Anna - True WillFree 
103UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Twice by SundayFree 
104Money BizFed Biz - Two QuartersFree 
105UNNAMEDLemon Drop Kid - Ubiquitous Mantle (IRE)Free 
106MemorableUncle Mo - UnforgettableFree 
107Diamond PalacePalace - Up a NotchFree 
108UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Upstaged
109UNNAMEDShakin It Up - UrquiaFree 
110UNNAMEDConveyance - UzumeFree
111UNNAMEDCairo Prince - ValeishaFree 
112Yu HUnusual Heat - Veela
113Liberty BlueConstitution - Vision in BlueFree 
114UNNAMEDFast Anna - VitelliaFree 
115La CroixCongrats - Vivi's BookFree 
116UNNAMEDUncaptured - Wagner's MusicFree 
117Barbara GordonCommissioner - Waltz With ChesterFree 
118Miss CommishCommissioner - Where There's LoveFree 
119Shi O'ShiDaredevil - Who Is CamilleFree 
120UNNAMEDTapiture - Wild DebutanteFree 
121Wild TapTapiture - Wild HopeFree 
122UNNAMEDUncaptured - Wild MochaFree 
123UNNAMEDDialed In - Will DoFree 
124UNNAMEDTapit - With IntentionFree 
125Cavu CommandJustin Phillip - WonederFree 
126Morning GoldMorning Line - Woodford County
127UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - W W Old SchoolFree 
128Mayberry DeputyMajesticperfection - Wyn Jym
129UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Wynning Is SweetFree 
130Natalia LorenaJack Milton - Yankee GliderFree 
131UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Yong MusicianFree 
132Goldies BeastGoldencents - ZenderellaFree 
133Purple ScooterGoldencents - Zip Cash BackFree 
134UNNAMEDTapizar - ZuliaFree 
135UNNAMEDKhozan - ZuritaFree
136UNNAMEDVerrazano - Accomplish FirstFree 
137UNNAMEDTapiture - Afleet LexiFree 
138UNNAMEDSummer Front - Ain't It SweepFree 
139UNNAMEDMaclean's Music - Ain't She AwesomeFree 
140UNNAMEDOxbow - Alexandria WaFree 
141Love EnoughHe's Had Enough - Alta LoveFree 
142My Man FlintstoneInto Mischief - AmusinglyFree 
143UNNAMEDSummer Front - AnabranchFree 
144UNNAMEDPalace - Anna BananaFree 
145UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Another DreamFree 
146UNNAMEDBayern - ArcingFree 
147UNNAMEDTiznow - Ashlee's LadyFree 
148UNNAMEDThe Factor - At RiskFree 
149UNNAMEDUnion Rags - AventinaFree 
150My Sacred PlaceTemple City - AwesomemundoFree 
151Strong MandyStrong Mandate - AylaFree 
152UNNAMEDDaredevil - Back With a HazamFree 
153UNNAMEDConveyance - Bag of StarsFree
154EnrapturedUncaptured - Bala RojaFree 
155ArchrivalMore Than Ready - Beale Street BelleFree 
156UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - BelvederaFree 
157UNNAMEDFlatter - BethanFree 
158UNNAMEDDaredevil - BibleFree 
159UNNAMEDDaredevil - BlusterFree 
160Madam ComissionerCommissioner - Boston CatFree 
161Golden HaloVerrazano - Broad MissFree 
162Fighting SeabeeSummer Front - Broke N DixieFree 
163Dublin Yinz MoneyTale of the Cat - BrookhavenFree 
164Miss NotoriousRace Day - Buttercup BayFree 
165UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Cades BayFree 
166LoviniseasyGoldencents - Calamity GirlFree 
167Mr. GaoTapiture - Cape Town QueenFree 
168FixationThe Factor - Celtic ChantFree 
169UNNAMEDShakin It Up - ChadoFree 
170UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - Charlie PapaFree 
171UNNAMEDMucho Macho Man - Charlotte's DiFree 
172UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Cheyenne Autumn
173UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Ciddy's SongFree 
174UNNAMEDCommissioner - City AngelFree 
175UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Class E HolidayFree 
176Violent ImpactViolence - Classic EleganceFree 
177UNNAMEDLea - Clear MarchFree 
178UNNAMEDCongrats - ColdfeetwarmheartFree 
179UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Comanche PrincessFree 
180UNNAMEDFed Biz - ConfessionFree 
181Cure for the BluesShanghai Bobby - Conquesta
182BonanoTake Charge Indy - Corbina
183UNNAMEDBodemeister - CounterpartyFree 
184UNNAMEDTapiture - Countess ClareFree 
185Prima DivaFed Biz - Country DivaFree 
186KimariMunnings - Cozze Up LadyFree 
187FalkirkCairo Prince - Cranberry SauceFree 
188UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Crystal ImageFree 
189PledgeofallegianceConstitution - DanalakeFree 
190AmendedConstitution - Dancing SoloFree 
191AnimateOxbow - Dashes N DotsFree 
192UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Dattts Regal
193Scandalous CourtHampton Court (AUS) - DaydreamFree 
194UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - DayienuFree 
195SaketumiMaclean's Music - Deeliteful StarFree 
196UNNAMEDRun Away and Hide - Delightful DawnFree 
197UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - De MystiqueFree 
198Go Admiral GoMidshipman - Butterfly PrincessFree 
199UNNAMEDRevolutionary - Destiny Leads MeFree 
200TouchpointTapiture - Determin ThisFree 
201Feet Fail Me NotCandy Ride (ARG) - Devil's CaveFree 
202UNNAMEDPaynter - Devine SucessFree 
203UNNAMEDEmpire Maker - Diplomat LadyFree 
204Mystic SparkleFlat Out - Distinct SparkleFree 
205UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Distorted PointFree 
206Brother BradCommissioner - DivinationFree 
207Divine LeaderWill Take Charge - Divine TrickFree 
208Beaver CreekSpeightstown - Dream EmpressFree 
209Shanghai SilkShanghai Bobby - Dressed in Gold
210Donegal TweedSuper Saver - Dress the PartFree 
211UNNAMEDInto Mischief - DulcedumbreFree 
212UNNAMEDLea - Ebony OroFree 
213MotuPaynter - El Bank RobberFree 
214LebkuchenMizzen Mast - Electric CoveFree 
215UNNAMEDTapiture - Elusive ActFree 
216UNNAMEDPalace - Elvies LaneFree 
217Close EncounterShakin It Up - EncounterFree 
218Crossing the MoonCross Traffic - Envious MoonFree 
219Complete SenseStreet Sense - FrivolityFree 
220UNNAMEDTapiture - Exquisite CassieFree 
221Lady McKenzieCross Traffic - Extraordinary LadyFree 
222Raggedy AnnieUnion Rags - Eye Candy AnnieFree 
223UNNAMEDRace Day - Fast DealFree 
224UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Fast Resource
225UNNAMEDNew Year's Day - Ferdie's Gal
226UNNAMEDFed Biz - FiercelyFree 
227UNNAMEDAwesome Again - Fifth DimensionFree 
228UNNAMEDConstitution - Fighter WingFree 
229UNNAMEDDaredevil - First InstallmentFree 
230UNNAMEDCan the Man - Five Star DaydreamFree 
231UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Fly the FlagFree 
232UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - Foolish CauseFree 
233UNNAMEDShackleford - French PassportFree 
234UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Friendly LiviFree 
235UNNAMEDMunnings - Gabbywitha GFree 
236UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Game ShowFree 
237Street DanzaDanza - GeebesFree 
238RailsplitterBodemeister - Ghost FlowerFree 
239BachramMidshipman - Giant's AccentFree 
240UNNAMEDPalace - GinebraFree 
241GenealogistStreet Boss - Gingham and LaceFree 
242UNNAMEDMr Speaker - GlaslynFree 
243UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Glenbriar GirlFree 
245UNNAMEDShakin It Up - Gold RingFree 
246UNNAMEDTemple City - Goodness UnbridledFree 
247D K ByulcciJack Milton - Good News DayFree 
248UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Gossip LineFree 
249UNNAMEDMisremembered - GraciousFree
250UNNAMEDBodemeister - Greenfield d'OroFree 
251TamaquaShanghai Bobby - Grey Traffic
252Miss Boomer BabeMr Speaker - Guess the DanceFree 
253Back in ChargeWill Take Charge - HamsinFree 
254UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Harlan ShuffleFree 
255MagineTapiture - Harmony CreatorFree 
256Civil ServantConstitution - Haute CoutureFree 
257Destined for HonorDeclaration of War - Heart of Destiny
258UNNAMEDSummer Front - Heart of MidwayFree 
259UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - Heat SweepFree 
260UNNAMEDKantharos - Heaven's RunFree 
261UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Hen PartyFree 
262VillainousWicked Strong - Hey JulieFree 
263UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Hey Little SisterFree 
264UNNAMEDHonor Code - HisseFree 
265UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Catalina WayFree 
266UNNAMEDCommissioner - Honey Sweet SoulFree 
267UNNAMEDBayern - Hot RootsFree 
268UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Hula SkirtFree 
269LanesboroughShanghai Bobby - Humor Me Colonel
270UNNAMEDRace Day - Ile St JayceeFree 
271UNNAMEDFlatter - Illegal SearchFree 
272UNNAMEDMajesticperfection - Incarnate Memories
273UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Indian GraceyFree 
274Mojo MamaTapiture - Informative StyleFree 
275UNNAMEDCommissioner - Inner GrooveFree 
276Naval LaughterMidshipman - In StitchesFree 
277Cranston's NetworkOrb - InterrogateFree 
278UNNAMEDMunnings - Island Love SongFree 
279Good ShabbosMunnings - Island TimeFree 
280UNNAMEDCommissioner - I Think SoFree 
281UNNAMEDShackleford - Ivory MeadowFree 
282UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Jaramar RainFree 
283UNNAMEDTale of Ekati - Johanna GlyerFree 
284UNNAMEDBayern - JoomaFree 
285Daredevil CarlDaredevil - Josette (IRE)Free 
286UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Just a JingleFree 
287UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Kassidy's KissFree 
288UNNAMEDVerrazano - Kate C.Free 
289Raven RocksInto Mischief - KimonoFree 
290CheermeisterBodemeister - KuhluFree 
291Take Charge PattiWill Take Charge - La BelleFree 
292Golden ChanceGoldencents - Lady LiamFree 
293UNNAMEDStreet Boss - Lady RushmooreFree 
294SmoklahomaLookin At Lucky - Make HasteFree 
295UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - LakenheathFree 
296UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - La Reina Del SurFree 
297UNNAMEDMidshipman - Lead Me NotFree 
298UNNAMEDVerrazano - Lemon LadyFree 
299UNNAMEDGoldencents - Listen to My SongFree 
300Broadway LadyConstitution - Livi MakenzieFree 
301Move On UpViolence - Livin for LoveFree 
302Fried OnionsCongrats - Lost in the StormFree 
303UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Love CoveFree 
304UNNAMEDCairo Prince - Lovers SpatFree 
305UNNAMEDMucho Macho Man - Lucky PlanFree 
306UNNAMEDCommissioner - LunarladyFree 
307UNNAMEDSuper Saver - MachaFree 
308UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Macquarie StreetFree 
310UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Magical SolutionFree 
311Talk You Out of ItOveranalyze - MahalaFree 
312UNNAMEDStreet Sense - MahkamaFree 
313UNNAMEDCongrats - Marazion GirlFree 
314Anima d'OrFast Anna - MareanaFree 
315FantasticTapizar - MarvelousFree 
316UNNAMEDFed Biz - Marvelous MeFree 
317Disturbin BourbonPalace Malice - Meet At Lola'sFree 
318UNNAMEDFury Kapcori - Milady's HaloFree
319UNNAMEDSecret Circle - Miss BarristerFree 
320First DraftCongrats - Miss City HaloFree 
321Mister Not FunnyDistorted Humor - MissdealornodealFree 
322UNNAMEDConstitution - Miss Mary KFree 
323UNNAMEDKantharos - Miss StonestreetFree 
324UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Miz Betty GraceFree 
325Team SportCompetitive Edge - Mollie MerisaFree 
326UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - Momma's FavoriteFree 
327UNNAMEDShakin It Up - Mon AngeFree 
328UNNAMEDPalace Malice - MoneybruFree 
329UNNAMEDCommissioner - Money MadnessFree 
330Shanghai MoonShanghai Bobby - Mon in the Moon
331Sing Along SuzyFirst Samurai - Moonlight LadyFree 
332UNNAMEDTapizar - MoujaneFree 
333Honey GirlShanghai Bobby - Mrs. Bean
334Paint Music for MeMunnings - Music PleaseFree 
335Out Ona LimbDaredevil - Music TownFree 
336RhaegarGoldencents - MybrokenhomeFree 
337UNNAMEDDaredevil - My Daughter's SongFree 
338UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - My Names NicoleFree 
339President PierceRevolutionary - Mystery ItselfFree 
340UNNAMEDMacho Uno - NeaceFree 
341Grand MarchFlashback - Nechez DawnFree
342Smokin PeteOxbow - Nec MetuFree 
343UNNAMEDGoldencents - Niblett's BluffFree 
344SturgillTake Charge Indy - Nicole's Dream
345UNNAMEDImagining - Night BrigadeFree 
346UNNAMEDKhozan - Nikki KaiFree
347Three TechniqueMr Speaker - Nite in RomeFree 
348SilvertonguedevilFlatter - No CurfewFree 
349UNNAMEDTrappe Shot - Northern MissFree