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Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2019 Winter Mixed Sale

December 10, 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Altar IssuesBroken Vow - Golden MotionPractical JokeFree 
2Ann's Smart DancerDance With Ravens - BenningtonMoslerFree
3AnotherloveofmineNot For Love - FastriaGolden LadFree
4Any Other NameFlower Alley - Stirrup CupFree 
5Avery's SmileUptowncharlybrown - Joyce's AngelEastwoodFree
6A Wing and a SongFirst Defence - On Kris's WingsWarrior's RewardFree 
7BallinskelligsMalibu Moon - Eden's StormTale of the CatFree 
8Battle Creek LadyCowtown Cat - Fighting JetBarbadosFree
9Belles OrbOrb - Sweet BellePeace and JusticeFree 
10Bens KinDance With Ravens - TwofoxImaginingFree 
11Betty's StormStormy Atlantic - Betty's WishGreat NotionFree
12Blue Hen HockeyNoble's Promise - Snow FlowerWarrior's RewardFree 
13Boheme de LaviGraeme Hall - Salty N SassyTouristFree 
14Briar MojoCircular Quay - Alleged WorldGolden LadFree
15Broad OutlineSmart Strike - Fara's PassionImaginingFree 
16Carolina TapperTapit - PurloinMoslerFree
17Charm CityCity Zip - Ragtime DollImaginingFree 
18City RunCherokee Run - FoolishlyMor SpiritFree 
19Crusader's AngelEndeavouring - Prima FaciaAldrinFree
20CurioBernardini - Hatta DiamondFree 
21Derwin's LadyLangfuhr - Glorious SensationPaynterFree 
22Dig in NowEl Padrino - Let's CoastGolden LadFree
23Dress UpNot For Love - Dress GreyGreat NotionFree
24Duchess of RokebyCity Zip - Palace LadyUncle LinoFree
25ElberethJump Start - SilmarilWeigeliaFree 
26Elusive GiftExchange Rate - ArcingMadefromluckyFree
27EsqueceHenrythenavigator - Forget About It (IRE)CommissionerFree 
28Expect WonderfulTiz Wonderful - Holiday PeaceThe FactorFree 
29Fay Ro's SisPioneerof the Nile - Ms. FupegAlliance
30Fire of FreedomStreet Cry (IRE) - Czar DancerHoppertunityFree
31Flashy MedalMedallist - Flash RiotFree
32For SallyNot For Love - StormeorGolden LadFree
33Freedom's FlameFirst Samurai - American VictoryIrish War CryFree
34Friesing WatersFriesan Fire - Atlantic TideFree
35Gabby's BrownBig Brown - Hay LaurenMadefromluckyFree
36Ghost RiverGhostzapper - Majestic RuckusEditorialFree 
37Glorious UnionDixie Union - Star of GloryUptowncharlybrownFree 
38Great Love StoryGreat Notion - Who's in LoveIrish War CryFree
39Great StormGreat Notion - StormeorHoppertunityFree
40Grecian MaidenGhostzapper - Willa On the MoveDivining RodFree
41HavennowTiznow - HavenlassFree 
42Heart SeekerNot For Love - Immune to GloomIrish War CryFree
43HeatherNot For Love - Amber CometDivining RodFree
44Hula SkirtDixie Union - Grass SkirtBolt d'OroFree 
45I Love to FlyNot For Love - Set to FlyIrish War CryFree
46InfatuatedMore Than Ready - He Loves MeTale of the CatFree 
47Inspired Say EyeTwo Punch - Let's Coast
48InstrumentalCity Zip - Lizzie ToonMo TownFree 
49Into BluegrassInto Mischief - BluegrassislegalFree 
50Intoxicating BelleStay Thirsty - Scarlett D'HereaCloud ComputingFree 
51InvokeHoly Bull - HaveaheavenlytimeIrish War CryFree
52Just My LuckYes It's True - Lucky SongFriesan FireFree
53Kay EllenTiznow - River's PrayerFree 
54Kelly's EndeavourKodiak Kowboy - Kelly's DiscoveryBourbon CourageFree
55La GatitaTale of the Cat - Speak HaloryFree 
56Laura's MoonMalibu Moon - E T Phone LauraMoslerFree
57Lawless LoveNot For Love - Ifoughtdalaw
58LemoneryTrappe Shot - OrangeryBal a Bali (BRZ)Free 
59Lil Habit of MineMineshaft - Tiger Cat LillyUncle LinoFree
60Line of Best FitTrajectory - Dan's DuchessGoldencentsFree 
61LittlebitablingCarson City - Rose Colored LadyUncle LinoFree
62Lucy BMore Than Ready - KresgevilleBandboxFree
63Mademoiselle BelleColonel John - Lovely BeautyKobe's Back
64Maryland's LoveNot For Love - Maryland MistGreat NotionFree
65Matty's SensationStephen Got Even - Matanah (GB)MoslerFree
66Miss CharlotteTwo Punch - PetuniaIncludeFree 
67Miss Golden FreudFreud - Vany's GoldWar DancerFree 
68Miss RibotOrientate - Flo JoWeigeliaFree 
69Miss SassafrasAfleet Alex - Helen LouiseFriesan FireFree
70Missy RulesPeace Rules - Missy McKeeDivining RodFree
71Miz MidtownExchange Rate - Midtown MissRedesdaleFree
72More Than TreasureMore Than Ready - Missing TreasurePeace and JusticeFree 
73M's PunchTwo Punch - See JaneGreat NotionFree
74NothingbutasmileMaclean's Music - Salty FarmaGoldencentsFree 
75Not Real ChillyNot For Love - Chilly HostessGolden LadFree
76Nureyev's BalletPowerscourt (GB) - DakiniUptowncharlybrownFree 
77One Kid ActLemon Drop Kid - One ActAldrinFree
78One Proud GalIndygo Shiner - EndorseIrish War CryFree
79Pam Got EvenStephen Got Even - Ghost of LoveGolden LadFree
80P and B and JFlatter - Irish ConnectionGolden LadFree
81PerfidaHarlan's Holiday - KeeslerHoppertunityFree
82Phi Beta KaffaKafwain - Phi BetaLong RiverFree
83Sarah's WhisperReal Quiet - Sarah BeanerFriesan FireFree
84Pop Ditty's GirlAfleet Alex - Slow and SteadyBlofeldFree
85Poplar SpringsTiznow - Tejareb (IRE)Peace and JusticeFree 
86Princess KendraBenchmark - Bella RojaGolden LadFree
87Princess KihaInvasor (ARG) - Princess BellePaynterFree 
88Profit GirlGeneral Meeting - Fiscal YearBlofeldFree
89Pyrite PrincessSpring At Last - SayhellowavegoodbyAldrinFree
90Queen's FateArtie Schiller - ShukriyaHoppertunityFree
91Quiet DineroReal Quiet - Buff 'n PolishLong RiverFree
92Raise UpHenrythenavigator - Ticker Tape (GB)Divining RodFree
93R D MagicFactum - Believe in MagicFree
94Saar TreatySaarland - Top of the NogginGreat NotionFree
95Sacred HonorSpeightstown - ZetaMadefromluckyFree
96Samantha's PromPomeroy - Samantha DRedesdaleFree
97Sanibel StarUnbridled's Song - Hangin On a StarJimmy CreedFree 
98Saucy CountessTabasco Cat - Fighting CountessOutflankerFree
99ScarfireFriesan Fire - Scarlette RahMoslerFree
100Scarlett D'HereaDehere - NoviceCloud ComputingFree 
101Scarlette RahRahy - Our CozzetteMoslerFree
102Secure AccessKitten's Joy - Code BookIrish War CryFree
103SensationistaPurge - True SensationWar DancerFree 
104Sensible ShoesSongandaprayer - South African BabyIrish War CryFree
105Shades of GraceSeeking the Gold - OutlastingCentral BankerFree 
106Shiloh RoadCongrats - Open SkiesNo Never No MoreFree
107Silver ShekelA. P. Warrior - Ruby RublesGreat NotionFree
108SinclairDesert Warrior - DevilzeneBlofeldFree
109Smart WomanSmarty Jones - Storming BeautyCongratsFree 
110Smitten CatTale of the Cat - Youre Speeding LuvCloud ComputingFree 
111Socially DrivenOverdriven - Social SecurityHoppertunityFree
112Staged AffairNot For Love - Colonial StageLong RiverFree
113Take a VowPulpit - Deed I DoRedesdaleFree
114TopekaAmerican Chance - Valay BulletAfleet AlexFree 
115UnentangledNot For Love - Brush OverGreat NotionFree
116Union WatersDixie Union - Panama CanalDivining RodFree
117Venom GirlStevie Wonderboy - Love StingPeace and JusticeFree 
118Vindys Mighty QuikVindication - Society ColumnUncle LinoFree
119Welcome InnOrientate - Inny RiverBuffum
120WellsongEl Prado (IRE) - Dial a SongCommissionerFree 
121Whistle DixiePioneerof the Nile - Miss ProsodyHoppertunityFree
122Who's in LoveNot For Love - Who's CozyGolden LadFree
123Working At NightTiznow - No ReasonGolddigger's Boy
124Yes My LoveSuccessful Appeal - CoquettishHoly BossFree
125UNNAMEDNot This Time - Altar IssuesFree 
126UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Annie's MelodyFree 
127Stormin' CougarStorm Wolf - Another Cougar
128Lightning LadSpeightster - Any Other NameFree 
129A Poni BoxBandbox - AponiFree
130UNNAMEDLea - Bawlmer HonFree 
131UNNAMEDGreat Notion - Betty's StormFree
132UNNAMEDImagining - Briar MojoFree 
133UNNAMEDCupid - CallipeplaFree 
134UNNAMEDJapan - Charm the Crowd
135UNNAMEDUncle Lino - ChiefetteFree
136UNNAMEDJump Start - Claire's Image
137UNNAMEDKlimt - ColdfeetwarmheartFree 
138Hit of CourageHit It a Bomb - Courage to ChangeFree 
139UNNAMEDMosler - CurioFree
140UNNAMEDImagining - Dig in NowFree 
141UNNAMEDDortmund - Drink On This
142Fashion DivineDivining Rod - Easter FashionFree
143UNNAMEDSocial Inclusion - Ecliptical MaryFree
144TheregoesmydreamSocial Inclusion - EclipticalsrosetteFree
145UNNAMEDFed Biz - Elusive GiftFree 
146Speightful SisCountry Day - Fay Ro's Sis
147Kisses for HannahRedeemed - For KissesFree
148Great Big NotionGreat Notion - Gabby's BrownFree
149UNNAMEDEditorial - Ghost RiverFree 
150UNNAMEDDaredevil - GottagottagiggleFree 
151Vagabond VirginRunhappy - Grey TrafficFree 
152Our Abounding HopeSummer Front - Guess the DanceFree 
153UNNAMEDTemple City - Gulf Coast BreezeFree 
154Bon Fire DivaFriesan Fire - Holiday DreamingFree
155Never Lost HopeWicked Strong - Holy RollerFree 
156Hot SpiceMosler - Hot FunFree
157UNNAMEDUnified - In Bella's HonorFree 
158UNNAMEDCarpe Diem - KahanaFree 
159Free SailinFreedom Child - Kela's Pride
160UNNAMEDBourbon Courage - Kelly's EndeavourFree
161UNNAMEDPeace and Justice - Lake SquaredFree 
162UNNAMEDMosler - Laura's MoonFree
163UNNAMEDDivining Rod - Lawless LoveFree
164Machen's RidgeMachen - Legendary Ridge
165UNNAMEDMidshipman - Lemon PatchFree 
166UNNAMEDDaredevil - Lionheart ChampionFree 
167DysfunctionalJump Start - Littlebitabling
168Peace CrusaderPeace and Justice - LiturgyFree 
169Lovers At MidnightMidnight Storm - Love You CrazyFree 
170UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Mademoiselle Belle
171UNNAMEDFed Biz - Miss CharlotteFree 
172UNNAMEDFreedom Child - Miss Sassafras
173UNNAMEDDivining Rod - Missy RulesFree
174UNNAMEDFriesan Fire - Munning's FavoriteFree
175Music MandateStrong Mandate - Music TownFree 
177Keep LookingPoint of Entry - MysteryFree 
178Sloe Gin BizFed Biz - NotassharpasuthinkFree 
179UNNAMEDDaredevil - One Proud GalFree 
180Call Me Miss AnnaFast Anna - Our Miss BopFree 
181UNNAMEDKobe's Back - Perfida
182UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Phi Beta KaffaFree 
183UNNAMEDGreat Notion - PinkprintFree
184Stormy KateStorm Wolf - Pioneer Kate
185Da Boss's HossBlofeld - Pop Ditty's GirlFree
186GogeesUncle Lino - Poplar SpringsFree
187UNNAMEDExaggerator - Port AuthorityFree 
188UNNAMEDCupid - Profit GirlFree 
189Proper LadGolden Lad - Proper OneFree
190SalagadoolaKeen Ice - Relish the MomentFree 
191UNNAMEDAlliance - Rhythm in Shoes
192UNNAMEDMosler - Rock Sapphire (KOR)Free
193Hannahs Red RubyBullsbay - RubiesandwranglersFree
194My Sister ClurrieBuffum - Ruth Drive
195UNNAMEDGolden Lad - Saar TreatyFree
196UNNAMEDJump Start - Sanibel Star
197UNNAMEDBellamy Road - SarbiFree 
198UNNAMEDCupid - Sensible ShoesFree 
199UNNAMEDUncle Lino - SharpasabowlnballFree
200Just Stuff ItJump Start - She's Hot Stuff
201Sky of GoldFast Anna - Sky GivenFree 
202PositractionInclude - Smart WomanFree 
203UNNAMEDSocial Inclusion - Susan ElaineFree
204UNNAMEDBustin Stones - Sweet MadnessFree 
205UNNAMEDBodemeister - Take It InsideFree 
206Shutup and Hang OnAfleet Alex - TopekaFree 
207GreyloverImagining - Tuxedo AnnieFree 
208Made to Be LuckyMadefromlucky - Two EyesFree
209QpidscarizmatkqteeCupid - VeturiaFree 
210UNNAMEDUncle Lino - Vindys Mighty QuikFree
211UNNAMEDUncle Lino - A Wing and a SongFree
213Merry MischiefInto Mischief - BandstandFree 
214Street MojoStreet Magician - Briar Mojo
215Clutch PlayerSeville (GER) - Drink On This
216VesperCairo Prince - HamsinFree 
217TigertiniHangover Kid - Honor PointFree
218Cool EnoughTamarkuz - Make WavesFree 
219Monkey On My BackMosler - My Little MonkeyFree
220Red Lil ShipmentMidshipman - One Proud GalFree 
221Filly FiveJump Start - Poplar Springs
222MannersBandbox - Proper OneFree
223UNNAMEDEl Padrino - Rc's Royal You Too
224Laurel ChampImagining - Sassy NumberFree 
225FaxBandbox - SmilestoneFree
226Tiz GoldenGolden Lad - Tiz ElusiveFree
227Sevilla's ValueSeville (GER) - Valueaddedpartner
228UNNAMEDMshawish - War BriefingFree 
229BellswillberingingMosler - Will DoFree
230HeartstoppinggirlJump Start - Worthwhilepursuit
231UNNAMEDExaggerator - BallinskelligsFree 
232UNNAMEDLookin At Lucky - Hot TrialFree 
233UNNAMEDAir Force Blue - R Icee OneFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
235Admiral LynchSuper Saver - Golden ProductionFree 
236Almost PerfectSuper Saver - Perfect StoryFree 
237ArticulatorQuality Road - LightshaftFree 
238BackcatBacktalk - Catwit
239Battle At SeaInto Mischief - Mystery At SeaFree 
240Bay of CatsHunters Bay - Cat Bird
241BeatubyachubinoseHey Chub - Beatsanemptystall
242Bellarmine HallBellamy Road - Cure for Sale (ARG)Free 
243BestatgettinbetterGhostzapper - TizthenFree 
244Biz NastyFed Biz - An Annika MomentFree 
245BlessingsoflibertyConstitution - Lady AphroditeFree 
246Blue Y Gold (ARG)Mutakddim - Bromita (ARG)
247Bolt BrotherhoodEl Padrino - Tactical Warning
248Book On MeAmwaal - Book Value
249Brucia La TerraEl Padrino - Happy Refrain
250Bubba Seventy SixImagining - Sandvika (FR)Free 
251California NightMidnight Lute - Moon Over MalibuFree 
252CampariHenny Hughes - Sweet Elixir
253Catch the SkyCaleb's Posse - Sapphire SkyFree
254Cayman IslandTemple City - Cedar SummerFree 
255Celtic TreasureTreasure Beach (GB) - Irish OrchidFree
256Channel SurfingEnglish Channel - WildalotFree 
257Charming DeputyNeko Bay - Rebina Lake
258Cherokee FireFriesan Fire - Cherokee SilverFree
259CheverieRimrod - Cozzy Rhythm
260Concordia's WayConcord Point - Chalice Bearer
261Conquest See YaAdios Charlie - Unlimited PleasureFree
262Cool AlleyRun Away and Hide - Cherokee SheikFree 
263Dance and DanceVerrazano - Rhythm and Rhyme
264Dancing CoolCool Coal Man - One More Moondance
265DebrawOxbow - Our Deb On AirFree 
266Determined LoveShackleford - Stylish Affair
267Dublin MeganGolden Lad - Vindys Mighty QuikFree
268Egyptian PioneerPioneerof the Nile - Beautiful Julie
269BaltimauraBaltimore Bob - Expected PleasuresFree
270Facts Don't MatterScat Daddy - Countingoncarolynn
271Field AdvantageField Commission - VivaciouslyFree
272FielderSidney's Candy - Karakorum FugitiveFree 
273Final ProspectJump Start - Hyatt Road
274FireinthepulpitCorinthian - Town TalkFree 
275Five Card DrawRun Away and Hide - Ms MarigoldFree 
276Fourteen CarrotGoldencents - Cadillac DesertFree 
277FugiwharaFierce Wind - Lady Gracenote
278Game BreakBlame - Our YearFree 
279GibbyTizway - Shawnee MoonFree
280GlengarFreedom Child - Lusby
281Golden GaryGoldencents - Citizen EmmaFree 
282GraceygabBullsbay - Level With MeFree
283Gray GaryGraydar - Lady ViFree
284Great HermanGreat Notion - GanzaFree
285HendayaFed Biz - Wet n' RecklessFree 
286I Got a RockTake Charge Indy - Cindy Woo WhoFree 
287I'll Take the CakeNobiz Like Shobiz - Take the Cake
288Inspired GemCompetitive Edge - Unbridled GemFree 
289Irish PaulEl Padrino - Gritty Gal
290Isabella SmileEl Padrino - Smilestone
291It's a DoozyShanghai Bobby - It's the Cats Meow
292Jack StraightYes It's True - Ragtime Road
293JakartaBustin Stones - T J's Stormy WitFree 
294Jammin JimtownRevolutionary - I Lost My Choo
295JebologistGemologist - Sassy MollyFree 
296Johnny CabIqbaal - Quiet Shine
297Johnny JiggleShakin It Up - Include LaceyFree
298Judge ZWarrior's Reward - Holy RollerFree 
299Key to the NilePioneerof the Nile - Lady Byar
300Kiss the Big BeastThe Big Beast - She's KissableFree
301KunalTemple City - VenturiniFree 
302Laddie LiamGolden Lad - BuffgirlFree
303Late Breaking NewsJump Start - Very Distinctive
304LebdaRaison d'Etat - Lenders WayFree 
305Lippi LorenzoStreet Magician - Talkin Smack
306LittlebitalilyFlat Out - LittlebitablingFree 
307UNNAMEDGolden Lad - Lizzie's LegendFree
308Lovely SunsetProspective - Vivid Sunset
309MattymeisterBodemeister - Red's Round TableFree 
310Mine Not MineGolden Lad - BelterraFree
311Miss AvalonJump Start - Dune Drive Avalon
312Miss Jackie GPioneerof the Nile - Hoka He
313Mother's DayUnion Rags - NewstouseFree 
314Mr SmurthwaiteFusaichi Pegasus - ParlezFree 
315Mucho Macho EddieMucho Macho Man - Helloo ReginaFree 
316Neetee Rides AgainKitten's Joy - Majestic FelineFree 
317Never Have I Ever (IRE)No Nay Never - To My Valentine (FR)
318Next QueenFairbanks - What Is Next
319Noble WeedPaynter - Window WomanFree 
320No PicnicInclude - Take a CheckFree 
321OceanographerSuper Saver - Stormy GigiFree 
322OdemgoldenslippersGolden Lad - Rhythm in ShoesFree
323O DionysusBodemeister - Safe JourneyFree 
324OrtinolaSuper Ninety Nine - HomemakerFree
325Over ExposedIt's No Joke - Photo Session
326Over SensualOveranalyze - La Chica Sensual
327PalveraMy Pal Charlie - Vera Belle
328Panthera OncaSuper Saver - Molto VitaFree 
329Paul's PlunderAikenite - Steal the DanceFree 
330Peachy Between UsAnimal Kingdom - Peaches
331Pep TalkingJump Start - Smooth Talking
332PinatuboQuality Road - Charlie My GirlFree 
333Polished GalPlan - Top Coat
334Potra LizaGraydar - Dazed (IRE)Free
335Red Hot DameViolence - Red VelvetFree 
336RisaalaatDaaher - HasilahFree
337Rockin CowboyRockport Harbor - Ride Em Cowgirl
338Rockys WarriorPoseidon's Warrior - Peacetime MissyFree
339Rossie ValFort Prado - Paper Cut
340RulingMaclean's Music - QuestmetFree 
341Sandy Lane KittenKitten's Joy - Crumbs of ComfortFree 
342Secret Or NotOrientate - Leed Me Home
343Shipmans MagicMidshipman - Magic BoxFree 
344Skip the SmalltalkJump Start - Casual Kiss
345So GucciTo Honor and Serve - Tale Untold
346Stormin HongkongBuffum - Hongkong Tour
347Stormy ForecastStormy Atlantic - Sacred FeatherFree
348Super Donna GSuper Ninety Nine - My SonataFree
349Surprise ArrivalLea - Silver ValleyFree 
350Suzy ZCurrency Swap - Pimpinella
351Take Me HomeTake Charge Indy - Big Team Little MeFree 
352TeakBroken Vow - Tears of JoyFree 
353The Color GrayWell Spelled - Princess PurrsalotFree
354The Great CasbyKodiak Kowboy - Classy Too
355Thirsty GalStay Thirsty - FujianaFree
356Thomond ParkGiant's Causeway - My Limit
357Tizzy DancerTiznow - Seek to DanceFree 
358Top Hat WarriorWarrior's Reward - Sister DyerFree 
359Truth SerumNonios - Truely Unreal
360V for ViolenceViolence - Secret KinFree 
361Wendy WendRun Away and Hide - Sister WendFree 
362Wildwood DancerPomeroy - Dancing Elaine
363Will's PioneerPioneerof the Nile - Holy Bubbette
364Wishful QualityExclusive Quality - Wishful Melody
365W W SpringtimeKantharos - Love in BloomFree 
366Romantic JewelFirst Dude - Romantic JulietFree
367Papa ZuluBroken Vow - Page DancerFree