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Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2019 Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale

May 20 - 21 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Babel HitCan the Man - Aberforth
2Moniques DaredevilDaredevil - A Cut AheadFree 
3Street NonsenseStreet Sense - AdandeFree 
4Bells of WarDeclaration of War - Adorabell
5Shallgouda AgainMore Than Ready - AgainFree 
6BallisticMr Speaker - Agent RomanoffFree 
7BelieveinBernardini - AguileraFree 
8Maddie's MusicMaclean's Music - Ain't She AwesomeFree 
9ProvoMajestic City - Air MailFree 
10AknaOxbow - Alexandria WaFree 
11Mister Frank's WayUnion Rags - AlittlebitearlyFree 
12Code MettleHonor Code - All MettleFree 
13Wicked KheishaWicked Strong - All TalkFree 
14AlohlouyaGirolamo - Almost Sma
15MagnetiqueNormandy Invasion - Als DelightFree
16AlysinawonderlandAlpha - Alys
17American ModelBayern - American StoryFree 
18Bonbons FleurTwirling Candy - America's BlossomFree 
19Victory Go GoMineshaft - America's SpiritFree 
20Long KeyFast Anna - Amy's GoldFree 
21Critical ReviewTiznow - AndesFree 
22Adora WayAlpha - Andora Springs
23Swanee BeachLookin At Lucky - AndriFree 
24Silverado FactorThe Factor - Angel IslandFree 
25Union AnnieUnion Rags - AnnihilationFree 
26So MischievousInto Mischief - Another WorldFree 
27Cherokee StripRace Day - Appealing CatFree 
28Whoa Black BettyShakin It Up - Appealing JewelFree
29OvertonMaclean's Music - AprilFree 
30HallajooriBayern - ArcingFree 
31UNNAMEDCompetitive Edge - Ask Me AnythingFree 
32Fame to FamousTapit - AssateagueFree 
33Irish RivieraBlame - Autumn AshFree 
34RowangoeshollywoodBayern - Baby BirdFree 
35Daredevil Is BackDaredevil - Back With a HazamFree 
36Flying CandyTwirling Candy - Beat to QuartersFree 
37She Singled Me UpJustin Phillip - BeautifulballerinaFree 
38Unbridled JohnSky Kingdom - Beauty's DueFree 
39Bank StingCentral Banker - Bee in a BonnetFree 
40AustrianFreud - Bella's FlairFree 
41Shesalittle EdgyCompetitive Edge - BelvederaFree 
42Wakes Up HappyQuality Road - Bern LegacyFree 
43Taegeuk BoyCarpe Diem - Be SmartFree 
44More DiamondsGemologist - BespokeFree 
45Best Moon EverMalibu Moon - Best Present EverFree 
46Sunwoo LuckyOrb - Black EscortFree 
47Aria's PrinceJump Start - Blazeaway
48YelitzaDaredevil - BlinkFree 
49More ThunderGoldencents - Blue Angel ExpressFree 
50Hampton DreamsHampton Court (AUS) - Blueberry SmoothieFree 
51Little CairoCairo Prince - Bon CaroFree 
52She'samericanmadeAmerican Pharoah - Bonnie Blue FlagFree 
53Penalty KickBayern - Boot Scoot N RunFree 
54Brooklyn HeightsPalace - Bounty PinkFree 
55Summer KissSummer Front - Bourbon and a KissFree 
56Screamin' BySpeightstown - BourbonstreetgirlFree 
57John Want RevengeI Want Revenge - Bramley
58Street of DreamsStreet Sense - Breaking PromisesFree 
59Miss Dancin QueenCross Traffic - BriecatFree 
60Shes Not Not FastCompetitive Edge - Brilliant AutumnFree 
61G ManGemologist - Buck Trout's NieceFree 
62Pals InvaderNormandy Invasion - BustinattheseamsFree
63Bolt AwayMunnings - CabalesFree 
64Side HustleWar Front - CallbackFree 
65Indian CrossCross Traffic - CampsiteFree 
66UwannaseemeDialed In - Capilla BonitaFree 
67Maggie FitzGhostzapper - CapitulationFree 
68Sound AdviceWeigelia - Captain's WindroseFree 
69Amber SkySky Mesa - Casey's Dreamin'Free 
70Skip the SmalltalkJump Start - Casual Kiss
71Mabel IslandMission Impazible - Catalina IslandFree 
72IdeologyJimmy Creed - Catalina WayFree 
73Sevilla SangriaSeville (GER) - Cat Bird
74Hoof PrinceCairo Prince - Centennial CatFree 
75Iron SocksMineshaft - Centurian LadyFree 
76Tradin UpPioneerof the Nile - Century Park
77Coin OperatedGoldencents - Champion RideFree 
78Mucha MuchachaMucho Macho Man - Charlotte's DiFree 
79CheckeredBlame - CheckFree 
80Ride MoneyShanghai Bobby - Cheyenne Autumn
81Cherokee SongPioneerof the Nile - Chicalelee
82Make a MoveViolence - Chic ShaniqueFree 
84A Gray for CarolynThe Factor - Chili CatFree 
85Grand Cru ClasseBernardini - Christmas LassFree 
86Nikki My AngelShackleford - Cinco Emayo
87Why the Long FaceCity Zip - Cinnamon Lass
88Halo CityCommissioner - City AngelFree 
89Mo CityUncle Mo - City SisterFree 
90Mo Clare'sUncle Mo - Claire's SongFree 
91Current SituationCarpe Diem - Class With a KFree 
92EffulgentShakin It Up - CleanslateFree
93Gypsy Wind JeanneFlatter - Colour the WindFree 
94Elusive EdgeCompetitive Edge - Comanche PrincessFree 
95UNNAMEDGhostzapper - Conquest SopranoFree 
96Salad DaysCairo Prince - Cool ClimateFree 
97DigitalInto Mischief - Cool SpellFree 
98Every MinuteCarpe Diem - CoquihallaFree 
99RusseldoingthingsGolden Lad - CorinnaiseFree
100BloodstoneGemologist - Court ReceptionFree 
101Commissioner DaveCommissioner - Crab KeyFree 
102Cupid MissionMission Impazible - Creek GirlFree 
103Uncommon ValorBourbon Courage - Crossing AgainFree
104Music IconMaclean's Music - CurieFree 
105Super CassidyTizway - Curls for GirlsFree
106SaintsationCompetitive Edge - Daddy's Lil SaintFree 
107Toy ShowBodemeister - Dance AmericaFree 
108Tastes Like PlaidMidnight Lute - Dancin QueenFree 
109My RomeoBandbox - Dear RachelFree
110Bon PrixPalace - De BelleFree 
111SaketumiMaclean's Music - Deeliteful StarFree 
112SoundbirdMr Speaker - Delightful ViceFree 
113Ninth of AprilShanghai Bobby - Denali Red
114UNNAMEDAwesome Again - Deputy Saint
115DetectiveMalibu Moon - DetectFree 
116Pop Pop's BoyTake Charge Indy - D'frauleinFree 
117Impazible LadyMission Impazible - Discreet LadyFree 
118Our Dixie BlueWeigelia - DixiewoodFree 
119PepperTapiture - Doctor DoctorFree 
120UNNAMEDMacho Uno - Dollar MamaFree 
121Liam's BoyLiam's Map - D' OrsayFree 
122CorballyWeigelia - DowhatyourbigsisdoFree 
123TheartofcompromiseNormandy Invasion - Earthly ReservesFree
124Magically HonoredHonor Code - Egyptian MagicFree 
125Just Go With ItNicanor - Eleanor's Empress
126Choose JoyMunnings - ElegantlyFree 
127OperativeMission Impazible - Eleni's DaughterFree 
128Arya's DaggerWill Take Charge - Elite HumorFree 
129Belle StrikeCarpe Diem - Elle StrikeFree 
130UNNAMEDQuality Road - El Prado EssenceFree 
131Fiftyfive StrongWicked Strong - El RebeccaFree 
132FugitiveCandy Ride (ARG) - Elusive FateFree 
133UtaniDistorted Humor - Elusive RoyaltyFree 
134Congrats AnswerCongrats - Empires AnswerFree 
135Fortunate CatTale of the Cat - Enchanted FortuneFree 
136TempusWicked Strong - Erin EnchantedFree 
137Play It SmartVerrazano - Esther Got Even
138Now and AgainAwesome Again - Ever and Anon
139Top Hat BossDanza - Express ChickFree
141UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - FanfireFree 
142HewittSecret Circle - Fantasy SlamFree
143Come On E. V.Fed Biz - Fast HeartFree 
144UNNAMEDLookin At Lucky - Fast MoonFree 
145Shanny Go NannyStreet Sense - FeatherbedFree 
146Mister WinstonLookin At Lucky - FiFree 
147Starship GoddessAwesome Again - Fifth Dimension
148Chick Be QuickFast Anna - FiftyshadesoffunFree 
149LuminaireNorthern Afleet - Five Yard Penalty
150Brilliant ChaseGolden Lad - Fix YouFree
151Fiat LuxCarpe Diem - Flagrant FoulFree 
152R Rajun BullRace Day - Flashy LassieFree 
153D W FitzPalace - Flirty FitzFree 
154Foolish EquationAlgorithms - Foolish KissFree 
155Double ThatMidnight Lute - Ford GallopFree 
156Made SenseStreet Sense - Forest FashionFree 
157City TemperMajestic City - FrangipanniFree 
158Egyptian PrincessAmerican Pharoah - Full RansomFree 
159Ultimate JusticeRace Day - Fun GivenFree 
160Our Sweet GirlCompetitive Edge - Fu Peggi SueFree 
161Cosmo KramerMunnings - Gabbywitha GFree 
162JasiriBernardini - Game for MoreFree 
163UnwaveringInto Mischief - Game ShowFree 
164LautrecBernardini - Gifted Girl (IRE)Free 
165Charlotte WebleyAlpha - Girl Show
166Wild NorthDaredevil - Go Forth NorthFree 
167Bright DawnItsmyluckyday - Golden Gal Al
168TizemotionalgoldTiznow - Golden MotionFree 
169Peacock PrincessUncle Mo - Golden RockFree 
170UNNAMEDCairo Prince - GraceontourFree 
171Jack of ClubsCurlin - Graciously SoftFree 
172Cruzin ComoUncle Mo - Grand Cru CruzianFree 
173Light of HopeBig Brown - Guinevere's ReignFree 
174Gwinnett's MapLiam's Map - GwinnettFree 
175QuantitativbreezinCentral Banker - Gypsy AngelFree 
176Cold SmokeTapiture - HaggaiFree 
177Happy DanzaDanza - Happy VoyageFree
178WhistlinginthedarkNew Year's Day - Harmony Lass
179HartlingMucho Macho Man - HarrietFree 
180Mr. ShadyCompetitive Edge - HashtagsidFree 
181Darken a DayEmcee - Heartless
182Three JokersTwirling Candy - Heavenly HumorFree 
183Unrelenting ForceCarpe Diem - Hello CharlieFree 
184Wish Me RosesCross Traffic - Hen EscapeFree 
185Pardon the PunFlatter - Hennesey SmashFree 
186Lucky Western LadyRace Day - HerecomesmsgreeleyFree 
187Duson DolpungFed Biz - Here to StayFree 
188JuulstoneAmerican Pharoah - HessoniteFree 
189Top Hat TreasonConstitution - High CryFree 
190Royal SuspectAnimal Kingdom - Holiday Apple
191Thank You GirlTwirling Candy - Holiday GirlFree 
192Lavish IdeaFlatter - Holiday StarletFree 
193LeyteLiam's Map - Holy WineFree 
194Be All You Can BeWar Front - HomesteadingFree 
195Venus OyzoStreet Sense - Honest AnswerFree 
196LanesboroughShanghai Bobby - Humor Me Colonel
197OneshotatforeverMineshaft - HoneyedFree 
198Cuse GirlBellamy Road - Honour ColonyFree 
199RidgelysredhotFriesan Fire - Hot FunFree
200Restore HarmonyMaclean's Music - Hug It OutFree 
201Along the WayVerrazano - Humor Section
202MuchmorethanthisCity Zip - Idoitmyway
203OfferyoucantrefuseEl Padrino - Ifyouknowwhatimean
204UNNAMEDAtreides - I'll Take Notes
205Charming LadyGhostzapper - I'm Mom's FavoriteFree 
206Lido LegacySpeightstown - I'm SurprisedFree 
207Johnny JiggleShakin It Up - Include LaceyFree
208CleverlyTapit - Indian RunFree 
209Liam's PrideLiam's Map - Indian SnowFree 
210Indy's EscapeRace Day - Indy XsFree 
211Ready N WaitingConstitution - IngenueFree 
212Chasin MunnyMunnings - In My TimeFree 
213Jeffnjohn'sthundrUnion Rags - Isabelle's ThunderFree 
214CounterstrikeStreet Boss - Istamara (GB)Free 
215UNNAMEDTrappe Shot - ItsmyhonorFree 
216MobeatyabadUncle Mo - Ivana Beat YabadFree 
217UNNAMEDLea - Ivory PearlFree 
218Competitive FireCompetitive Edge - Jasmine GardensFree 
219Noble EndeavorGraydar - Jazz DancerFree
220Metal MagicianBourbon Courage - Jazzy IdeaFree
221Jersey Cat TaleTale of Ekati - Jersey's SoulFree 
222Buona FinaBernardini - Joanie's CatchFree 
223Security BreachHonor Code - JoyFree 
224TerceroMajestic City - Joyce MarieFree 
225SearchlightKarakontie (JPN) - Judy In Disguise (GB)Free 
226Mayas MiracleFed Biz - JunoonFree 
227Charging HomeTake Charge Indy - KananiFree 
228First FortuneFirst Samurai - Kassidy's KissFree 
229Central ExitCentral Banker - Keep RightFree 
230ProtaAlpha - Keysong
231GovernaleStreet Boss - Kiss Is a KissFree 
232Skye SnowLemon Drop Kid - KnysnaFree 
233Philly CreedJimmy Creed - Kodiak's DancerFree 
234Yo for the YoyoMunnings - La DivaFree 
235Nurse BettyConstitution - Lady Fifty TwoFree 
236Vermont BillyUncle Mo - Lady GodivaFree 
237Aker's DreamDiscreet Cat - Lady Guiseppina (IRE)
238Golden ChanceGoldencents - Lady LiamFree 
239WhoisaprettygirlPaynter - Lady MalkinFree 
240Extremely WickedWicked Strong - LadysgotgameFree 
241Shez a DoubletakeFed Biz - Laiken RaeFree 
242Tides of WarDeclaration of War - La Rignana
243This Won WillMedaglia d'Oro - Laughing LashesFree 
244Liam's FireBayern - Lawn LadyFree 
245Slip Sliding AwayAmerican Pharoah - Leading AstrayFree 
246PapparoxyThe Big Beast - Legacy's SilverFree
247No Venti No WavySuper Ninety Nine - Legal AffectFree
248More Than MilesGemologist - LettheparadebeginFree 
249Super EPalace Malice - Lexington GirlFree 
250Our CountryConstitution - Light and VariableFree 
251Summer SangriaMaclean's Music - Light the DynamiteFree 
252Pretty EdgyCompetitive Edge - Lily's SparkFree 
253Top Hat InvasionNormandy Invasion - Lion D N AFree
254Smart SetInto Mischief - Little Green LightFree 
255UNNAMEDGolden Lad - Lizzie's LegendFree
256House DrunkCarpe Diem - London MistFree 
257Nikki's DreamMunnings - Looking ChillFree 
258Papa TangoPalace Malice - Look Out LorieFree 
259Claro Que SiCompetitive Edge - Love CoFree 
260KierkegaardFreud - Love My GirlFree 
261SaladoStrong Mandate - Love This KittyFree 
262InformativeBodemeister - Lucky BlackFree 
263Sagamore MischiefInto Mischief - MaddalenaFree 
264Widget FactoryWeigelia - MadelaineFree 
265Love Not LostMaclean's Music - Maggies RansomFree 
266Money ComethCurlin - MagicallyFree 
267Fast MagicFast Anna - Magic BelleFree 
268UNNAMEDSummer Front - Magic SchoolFree 
269Aloha DreamerGhostzapper - Magnolia LaneFree 
270Fine N DandyPalace Malice - Magical PowderFree 
271RompedCommissioner - Make ContactFree 
272Visual ArtistBayern - Makeup ArtistFree 
273MoonachieCentral Banker - Making a PointFree 
274Inspector HenningShackleford - Mama I'm Home
275Ny TrafficCross Traffic - Mamie ReillyFree 
276Tempers RisingBayern - MarchmontFree 
277Cruise and DanzeDanza - Mare and CherFree
278Ilchester CheetahItsmyluckyday - Margaret Lilian
279Notorious R B GSpeightstown - MaryfieldFree 
280SensationalistWicked Rich - Matty's Sensation
281Hardy JojoKitten's Joy - May IslandFree 
282UyedaCairo Prince - McSpiceFree 
283ZoologistAnimal Kingdom - Meadow Bride
284Lady MechanicLemon Drop Kid - MecaniqueFree 
285Soldier FieldMidshipman - Meg GiryFree 
286Lord BanMalibu Moon - MelancholyFree 
287Carpe AmorinaCarpe Diem - Melissa JoFree 
288Richie's EdgeCompetitive Edge - MemaFree 
289Anyang OxenImagining - MerriweatherFree 
290PasatimeTonalist - Midnight DreamFree 
291Talia LadybugCan the Man - Midnight Magic
292UNNAMEDHonor Code - Midnight SweetieFree 
293Allied ArmadaNormandy Invasion - Mimi's TizzyFree
294Uncle AddoumaUncle Mo - Mims EppiFree 
295Far SkyStay Thirsty - Mine All MineFree
296Special LadyPioneerof the Nile - Miner's Secret
297Mr. ShortandsimplePioneerof the Nile - Minesave
298Red EagleDanza - Miss CheektowagaFree
299Top Hat ScrutinyOveranalyze - Miss Curley d'Oro
300Steel CityMr Speaker - Miss KateFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
301Twirling WindTwirling Candy - Miss MoonshineFree 
302UNNAMEDTonalist - Miss PaulineFree 
303UNNAMEDShackleford - Miss Sheltowee
304Will Sing for WineWill Take Charge - Miss Singhsix (IRE)Free 
305Secret RulesSecret Circle - Missy RulesFree
306YauponUncle Mo - ModificationFree 
307Drop the ChalupaLiam's Map - MononoFree 
308Cosmic CowgirlMalibu Moon - Montana NativeFree 
309TwohungryblondesCommissioner - MorethanvictoriousFree 
310Grammy JoanTapizar - Movie Star MagicFree 
311CentasticGoldencents - Ms North CarolinaFree 
312Lady NormandyNormandy Invasion - MuffyFree
313With This VowBroken Vow - Music MagicFree 
314Man Up DudeDaredevil - My Daughter's SongFree 
315American CountessVerrazano - My Gray Lady
316Myeongbo MoreMore Than Ready - My Lady LaurenFree 
317Soar Like an EagleAwesome Again - My Merry Way
318Misty BlueCompetitive Edge - My Names NicoleFree 
319Mystic WarriorWarrior's Reward - Mystic CharmFree 
320Mystic MovesFlatter - Mystic MiracleFree 
321Palace CandyPalace - My Sweet CandyFree 
322Not Above MeInto Mischief - NihilistFree 
323Naughty AlfredMunnings - NaughtynaughtygirlFree 
324Tapi SiouxTapiture - Netti SiouxFree 
325Never Hold BackHold Me Back - Never Miss a Trick
326NewstomeGoldencents - NewstouseFree 
327Son of DarknessJustin Phillip - No One's PrincessFree 
328Full BoosterDiscreet Cat - Noontime Angel
329RisottoTwirling Candy - Noon Time ShowerFree 
330TrustyourinstinctCentral Banker - No Peso No SaysoFree 
331One Tough BirdStrong Mandate - NospeightintendedFree 
332WoopigsooieSecret Circle - Not AffiliatedFree
333Over the HillaryMaclean's Music - Not Now HillaryFree 
334Sense of SelfStreet Sense - Now I KnowFree 
335Hard TwistHard Spun - O BeautifulFree 
336Frontier WomanPioneerof the Nile - Oblahlah
337ArimaColonel John - Oceanic Queen
338AmphitritePalace - Ocean MagicFree 
339Moon DateMalibu Moon - Ode to SamiFree 
340Still AliveMidshipman - Officer PepperFree 
341More Or LessMore Than Ready - Omaticaya (IRE)Free 
342Super Cat SpeedTapit - OndineFree 
343IcecapCarpe Diem - One Foxy GreyFree 
344Just What I NeededPaynter - One Show OnlyFree 
345CarmeltiniOrb - One too ManyFree 
346Cin Cin CowboyCongrats - One Wise CowgirlFree 
347Violent SpeedViolence - Orbital AffairFree 
348Long Point BeachGolden Lad - Oriental RiverFree
349CensuradoMajestic City - Our FreyaFree 
350Summer SplashAmerican Pharoah - Our Love TapFree 
351UNNAMEDMajestic City - Our Magic CatFree 
352Meadow BeautyGiant's Causeway - Overandabeauty
353Let It SlideFreud - Overextended (FR)Free 
354Over ThirstyStay Thirsty - OverspendingFree
355UnprecedentedBayern - PardonmecomingthruFree 
356Tiz EnvyTiznow - HandoverthecatFree 
357Oceans MapLiam's Map - Part the SeasFree 
358Hope's Great WhiteLucky Pulpit - Passionforfashion
359Pavla's MissionNoble Mission (GB) - PavlaFree 
360GamineInto Mischief - Peggy JaneFree 
361Boom Boom KaboomEmcee - Peg's Prayer
362Tiz BefittingTiznow - Perfect FitFree 
363Cool AssassinHakassan (CHI) - Perfectly Cool
364UNNAMEDPalace Malice - Perfectly NaturalFree 
365Melrose MoneyPalace - Perfectly SmartFree 
366BabylikestoboogieFast Anna - Perfect StoryFree 
367Madam MacleanMaclean's Music - Pete's FancyFree 
368Master RecoveryBodemeister - Petition the LadyFree 
369World ChicagoItsmyluckyday - Phantom Rising
370Concrete MagicStreet Magician - Phyxius
371WasjuannowpaulSecret Circle - Pi BellaFree
372InconveyanceConveyance - PicolataFree
373Pink TutuGolden Lad - Pink TightsFree
374AlmugirUnion Rags - Place CardFree 
375Fast ChicaFast Anna - Platinum SongFree 
376Vicious GameViolence - Players ClubFree 
377ProfusionPioneerof the Nile - Plethora
378ToyTapizar - PlumFree 
379SuggestedViolence - Poetic KidFree 
380Text Dont CallWicked Strong - Polly FreezeFree 
381Conning TowerCongrats - Port AuthorityFree 
382Explosive PackageTiznow - Powerful PackageFree 
383Chic BellaVerrazano - Prayer Bell
384AubergePalace - Prenuptial VowFree 
385Galway CityCarpe Diem - PreventionFree 
386KezarFlashback - Princess MiaFree
387ThedevilmademedoitDaredevil - Prior Lake LadyFree 
388Prominent StarAstrology - ProminentFree 
389Dynamic DynastyStreet Boss - ProperFree 
390Candy ShopCandy Ride (ARG) - Proud DameFree 
391Graceful MonarchStreet Boss - Puligny (IRE)Free 
392Bodie's DanceBodemeister - Pull DancerFree 
393Pure NilePioneerof the Nile - Pure Smiles
394Truth TellerDaredevil - Pure ValueFree 
395Rio AngieHonor Code - Quanah CountyFree 
396First DeputyAwesome Again - Queen Buxley
397King of AmericanFlatter - Queen of AmericaFree 
398Scorpion DynastyDialed In - Queen of ChicagoFree 
399King of LightCarpe Diem - Queen of RacesFree 
400RulingMaclean's Music - QuestmetFree 
401Jayvian RagsUnion Rags - Ribbon CutterFree 
402ColeraineGiant's Causeway - Quick Call
403TowingUncle Mo - Quiet HourFree 
404Egyptian NightsCairo Prince - Quite a KnightmareFree 
405Lady AnnaInto Mischief - Race HunterFree 
406Central PerkCentral Banker - Raffie's BebeFree 
407Seattle SoulPerfect Soul (IRE) - Raging Fever
408Milton the MonsterJack Milton - Raging StormFree 
409MelissaniMalibu Moon - Ransomed Heart (IRE)Free 
410FamishedUncle Mo - RavenistFree 
411Pretty PlumMore Than Ready - Really and TrulyFree 
412Lucky StripeCity Zip - Real Tizzy
413Special FreedomFreedom Child - Reappearance
414Coney IslandStormy Atlantic - Red MelodyFree
415On DutyPoint of Entry - Red Neck SongFree 
416Maybe an OmenVerrazano - Reen
417Empire ExpressBig Brown - Regal NurseFree 
418FiniteMunnings - RemitFree 
419Delancey's PhillyConstitution - Renacere (ARG)Free 
420EpitomizeCairo Prince - Renee's QueenFree 
421Sonoma CoastPalace Malice - Renfro Valley StarFree 
422RomanoffFast Anna - Rey LakeFree 
423OdemgoldenslippersGolden Lad - Rhythm in ShoesFree
424CustomerexperienceCairo Prince - Rico's PosseFree 
425Mystic LancelotInto Mischief - RoadbugFree 
426Cat Three BTale of the Cat - Rock and GloryFree 
427Proud SupporterGoldencents - Rockin HeatherFree 
428Roma CarpeCarpe Diem - RomacacaFree 
429Crystal StepsBustin Stones - Royal DamselFree 
430High LevelCarpe Diem - Royale ParadiseFree 
431InaceptableAnimal Kingdom - Rumbaua
432Fly On AngelPalace Malice - RungeFree 
433PermanentresidentMineshaft - Salt Water ReignFree 
434Forever WickedWicked Strong - Salty FarmaFree 
435ChittoInto Mischief - SamiamFree 
436Northern ThunderCreative Cause - SamsalFree 
437InstigatedMalibu Moon - Sam's GrindstoneFree 
438BibianaStay Thirsty - Santa TrinitaFree
439Catch the SkyCaleb's Posse - Sapphire SkyFree
440J MadisonConstitution - Sass and ClassFree 
441Victory CrusadeRevolutionary - Satilla Shores
442Spin a YarnForty Tales - Satin Sheeks
443ReciprocalQuality Road - Saucey EveningFree 
444Saratoga YogiTapiture - SavasanaFree 
445Seattle Sea DevilDaredevil - Seattle CharlieFree 
446Palace Two StepPalace - Seattle Two StepFree 
447I Got a SecretStrong Mandate - Secret DiaryFree 
448MozaDominus - Seeking a DivaFree 
449Rebel RagsUnion Rags - Seeking SimplicityFree 
450VanzzyVerrazano - Selva
451CalibogeeGolden Lad - SensationistaFree
452AzizaCairo Prince - Severn ShoreFree 
453Midnight WhiskeyBourbon Courage - ShaikhaFree
454Shananies PaynterPaynter - Shananies SongFree 
455CharlivinPaynter - ShandreaFree 
456Shine Like BobbyShanghai Bobby - Sharaiji Blossom
457Single VerseMineshaft - Shared Dreams (GB)Free 
458Global JoyImagining - ShekeepsherbootsonFree 
459Musical ThunderMaclean's Music - Sheri's ThunderFree 
460Lord d'OroViolence - She's Annie's GirlFree 
461BunchRace Day - She's ExtremeFree 
462Prodigious BayBayern - She's FunomenalFree 
463Kiss the Big BeastThe Big Beast - She's KissableFree
464Blue MacaronImagining - She's ScaryFree 
465GallantryLiam's Map - Sheza Smoke ShowFree 
466Global LuckyStay Thirsty - Short IronFree
467UNNAMEDViolence - Significant OtherFree 
468UNNAMEDAlpha - Silence Dogood
469North SideInto Mischief - Silken LilyFree 
470OxideGolden Lad - Silver AshleeFree
471UNNAMEDCommissioner - Silver MarketFree 
472Surprise ArrivalLea - Silver ValleyFree 
473VillamouraBodemeister - SingavictorysongFree 
474Tizme Bobby McGeeTiznow - Sing Lady SingFree 
475Emerald FeverGemologist - Sippi FeverFree 
476Stained ClassPalace - SishebaFree 
477Hurricane DoreneGemologist - Sister MaretteFree 
478Awesome ButterflyUnion Rags - SkatingFree 
479A Is for ArtistAlpha - Sketch Book
480AbscondBlame - Solitary LifeFree 
481Lucky Ryan SevenThe Factor - SongofthecityFree 
482Boom Boom GirlDeclaration of War - Sonorous
483ConvictConstitution - Southern CharmerFree 
484Bye Bye Miss PieMaclean's Music - Spinning LooksFree 
486Corvette SpiritAlgorithms - Spirit RisingFree 
487On TiltCompetitive Edge - Spiritual UnionFree 
488Top Hat ConspiracyFed Biz - Spring MorningFree 
489Inspired OptionsBullsbay - Spunky SparrowFree
490WedontbelieveherBayern - Starlite StarbriteFree 
491Dream WalkingMidnight Lute - Starry PieFree 
492Queen's PalacePalace - Starship AngelFree 
493Combat QueenCongrats - StarsonhershoulderFree 
494Sudden BrillianceBlame - Star's WomanFree 
495PreemaxRace Day - Stately AppealFree 
496WickydiditWicked Strong - Stay ComposedFree 
497Malibu JackMalibu Moon - Steely MagnoliaFree 
498Red VenusCandy Ride (ARG) - StellabymoonlightFree 
499HebatTiznow - StompingFree 
500Shop AmericanAmerican Pharoah - StopshoppingdebbieFree 
501Liam's TempestLiam's Map - Storm FrontFree 
502Gulf TideTonalist - Storm TideFree 
503Liam's LookoutLiam's Map - Stormy BFree 
504UNNAMEDFreud - StrikealinethruitFree 
505Just Smok'nJustin Phillip - Strikes of ThunderFree 
506Sir Back in BlackGolden Lad - StuttgartFree
507Miss ImportantGraydar - Sudden GhostFree
508Lucky LizzieAlpha - Sugar Boss
509Irish SummerPaddy O'Prado - Summertime
510UntapTapit - SunnyFree 
511Top PlayGoldencents - Super PlanFree 
512Silver StateHard Spun - SupremeFree 
513Bella MischiefInto Mischief - Surf LightFree 
514AintafraidofghostsGhostzapper - Sushi EmpireFree 
515My Sweet KatStrong Mandate - Sweet CaperFree 
516Courting JennyHampton Court (AUS) - Sweet JennyFree 
517Long Island CityMission Impazible - Sweet N Sour NinaFree 
518Wild MusicPalace - Sweet ProblemFree 
519Bella InvasionNormandy Invasion - Sweet SlamFree
520OconeeWicked Rich - Swimmer
521Stone GuitarBustin Stones - TabuhaFree 
522Imperial MightPalace Malice - Tale of GloryFree 
523Brooklyn TaleVerrazano - Tale Untold
524VileLemon Drop Kid - TandaFree 
525TapitlyAmerican Pharoah - Tap of the DayFree 
526Tumbling SkyCompetitive Edge - Tareks DreamFree 
527Three Eyed RavenRace Day - TasleyFree 
528Forever PoeColonel John - Tayrona
529CryptographerHonor Code - Tea for TwoFree 
530UNNAMEDTonalist - TempestraFree 
531DeshackledShackleford - Teruko
532MarvinCross Traffic - The Cat's ReachFree 
533Psychic DreamFreud - ThedamewantstowinFree 
534Devil's CodeHonor Code - Thedevil WearsnadaFree 
535Up in SmokeThe Big Beast - ThereseFree
536The MargeShackleford - Thicket
537My MischiefInto Mischief - ThisismystageFree 
538Mimi's AwesomeAwesome Again - Tia Tamina
539Wasabi GirlShanghai Bobby - Tick Tick Boom
540Josef Is RealTonalist - Tiger Cat LillyFree 
541Margaux ManiaUncle Mo - Time to TapFree 
542All About ReyanaOrb - Titanium JoFree 
543Shake Some ActionInto Mischief - Tiz a ChickFree 
544Tiz IncludedInclude - Tiz Camera ReadyFree 
545Shadow CasterWill Take Charge - TizgoneFree 
546Keno'dStreet Sense - TreadFree 
547Wild WesRace Day - Tricia's TramaFree 
548Got You BeatCompetitive Edge - TrizelleFree 
549True PalacePalace Malice - True CourageFree 
550Real GraceMineshaft - True Way of GraceFree 
551Night OrchidNew Year's Day - Trulips
552Macho BoyMucho Macho Man - Truly CharmingFree 
553Wicked AmberGhostzapper - Truly Enchanting (IRE)Free 
554Ballet de CourLiaison - Trupon OnFree 
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557Jet Set GoMunnings - UbusukuFree 
558Bad Beat BrianJack Milton - Ultimate ClassFree 
559Omni DivaAwesome Again - Ultimate Prize
560SteadytillreadyCurlin - UnamusedFree 
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565Good CredenceJimmy Creed - UndertheinfluenceFree 
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569Queen BobbyShanghai Bobby - Upstaged
570Moonhak MischiefInto Mischief - UsrahFree 
571Kentucky PrinceCairo Prince - ValeishaFree 
572RunchiefrunCan the Man - Valle de Rosa
573CampaniaCommissioner - Venice QueenFree 
574UNNAMEDFlatter - Veronica's LakeFree 
575VisionitTapit - Visions of Clarity (IRE)Free 
576Shanna's GrayPalace - Vivian Da BlingFree 
577Private PolicyViolence - Von RosenbergFree 
578Cherry CityCity Zip - Voyage
579Yahoo WahooBustin Stones - Wahoo CatFree 
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587ManolitoBroken Vow - Winning ScoopFree 
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589Intentional WalkTapit - With IntentionFree 
590Borderline GeniusWicked Strong - With WonderFree 
591Truth HurtsTonalist - Witty GalFree 
592Micro MargaritaMicromanage - Won Perfect RoseFree
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595Map of AmericaLiam's Map - Yolie's ChoiceFree 
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