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Fasig-Tipton Saratoga 2019 August Yearling Sale

August 5 - 6 2019

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDExaggerator - Fashion CatFree 
3UNNAMEDFlatter - Fergie's FollyFree 
4Mine RedemptionMineshaft - Final RedemptionFree 
5TunicEmpire Maker - FlatbowFree 
6UNNAMEDNyquist - Flat ScreenFree 
7UNNAMEDFrosted - Flirting With FateFree 
8UNNAMEDNyquist - Foxy DanseurFree 
10Mo DessertsNyquist - Frozen TreatFree 
11UNNAMEDTonalist - Gold GlimmerFree 
12Hello CarloHard Spun - Goldilocks' CatFree 
13Solo UnoMedaglia d'Oro - Goodbye StrangerFree 
14UNNAMEDViolence - Goose Lemon DropFree 
15Air CavalryAir Force Blue - GuideFree 
16Blue SageAir Force Blue - Gypsy SageFree 
17Creative MindUncle Mo - HayseeFree 
18UNNAMEDOutwork - Hello Maggie MayFree 
19UNNAMEDFrosted - Here to StayFree 
20A C ExpresswayMineshaft - Hewlett BayFree 
21UNNAMEDExaggerator - Higher WorldFree 
22UNNAMEDZoffany (IRE) - Hold Me Now
23ScaldingNyquist - Hot WaterFree 
24Silver StrandFrosted - IndiaFree 
25Crazy BeautifulLiam's Map - Indian BurnFree 
26Lady FrostedFrosted - IndulgenceFree 
27Friendly SkiesCarpe Diem - Indy PunchFree 
28Lizard KingUnion Rags - Irish JasperFree 
29UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Irish PresenceFree 
30UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - JavaneseFree 
31Frosted BourbonFrosted - Jeanne's HonorFree 
32UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - JewelianaFree 
33Stylish RagsUnion Rags - JoannieFree 
34Arabian PrinceMshawish - JoleneFree 
35GandolfoBernardini - Jost d'OroFree 
36WoraUpstart - Joyous MusicFree 
37UNNAMEDUncle Mo - J Z WarriorFree 
38Souper SensationalCurlin - KateriFree 
39Espresso KidMedaglia d'Oro - Khancord KidFree 
40PalazziPioneerof the Nile - Kindle
41UNNAMEDUnion Rags - KiowaFree 
42UNNAMEDLemon Drop Kid - Knit One Purr TooFree 
43AmicheMalibu Moon - Lady MelesiFree 
44UNNAMEDWar Front - Laughing LashesFree 
45Medicine TailKantharos - Leh She RunFree 
46Boston Post RoadQuality Road - Lemon BayFree 
47Bleecker StreetQuality Road - Lemon LiqueurFree 
48Saratoga MoonGhostzapper - Le RelaisFree 
49IlluminationMedaglia d'Oro - Light the CityFree 
50Flying With AngelsGhostzapper - Liza TooFree 
52Isn't She LovelyInto Mischief - LovelyFree 
53Away to ReturnGhostzapper - Lovely DaughterFree 
54SiraneuseTapit - Magical BelleFree 
55UNNAMEDCalifornia Chrome - Magnificent Song
56Chalice MaliceKantharos - Majestic LadyFree 
57GruntledRunhappy - Majestic PresenceFree 
58UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - Margate Gardens
59PapaleFrosted - Mayan MilagraFree 
60HozierPioneerof the Nile - Merry Meadow
61ZapporitaGhostzapper - MeshellFree 
62UNNAMEDHard Spun - MineralogistFree 
63UNNAMEDEmpire Maker - Minnie MacyFree 
64HollandInto Mischief - Miss ArrangementFree 
65UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Greer LynnFree 
66GenomicStreet Sense - Miss MockingbirdFree 
67Savile RowQuality Road - Miss MoonFree 
68UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Miss Ocean CityFree 
69UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Miss VigilanceFree 
71UNNAMEDInto Mischief - More Than a CruiseFree 
72UNNAMEDUncle Mo - My MammyFree 
73EmberStreet Sense - MystraFree 
74Master of DisasterKhozan - Nikki KaiFree
75UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Often (IRE)Free 
76UNNAMEDSuper Saver - One Show OnlyFree 
77Admiral FitzroyPioneerof the Nile - Party Starter
78UNNAMEDHonor Code - Patti's Regal SongFree 
79Apart of My CharmStreet Sense - Peace TalkFree 
80FlightlineTapit - FeatheredFree 
81SplashtownSpeightstown - Peggy JaneFree 
82ThoughtfullyTapit - PensionFree 
83UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - PerdyFree 
84Perfect ImpressionShackleford - Perfect Paula
85UNNAMEDInto Mischief - PhoeniciaFree 
86UNNAMEDCurlin - Pine NeedlesFree 
87JousterNoble Mission (GB) - PlaytimeFree 
88UNNAMEDConstitution - Pleasant ChimesFree 
89Private MissionInto Mischief - Private GiftFree 
90Heart and HopeTapit - Promenade GirlFree 
91UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Quiet TemperFree 
92MiacometFlatter - RebelleFree 
93UNNAMEDLiam's Map - ReceiptFree 
94Time LeverageLiam's Map - RecoupeFree 
95UNNAMEDOrb - Red Hot BertieFree 
96UNNAMEDLiam's Map - RhysFree 
97Easy On the SugarFrosted - Rich LoveFree 
98UNNAMEDFrosted - Ride to HoustonFree 
99Chief CommanderQuality Road - Risk a ChanceFree 
100Booker TCurlin - Room for MeFree 
101Queen GoddessEmpire Maker - Royal StoryFree 
102PerhapsCandy Ride (ARG) - Ruban BleuFree 
103Public InformationInto Mischief - Ruby LipsFree 
104UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Rule OneFree 
105CaramochaPioneerof the Nile - Rumors of Glory
106UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Runway RosieFree 
107UNNAMEDExaggerator - Scoop of GoldFree 
108Flamingo HawkCandy Ride (ARG) - Seaside EscapeFree 
109UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Seattle SmoothFree 
110UNNAMEDOutwork - SemillonFree 
111My Boy CharlesAir Force Blue - Sense of ClassFree 
112UNNAMEDEmpire Maker - She's On ParadeFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
113Strategic DialoguePioneerof the Nile - Shop Again
114LootingViolence - Shoppers ReturnFree 
115Sky ProposalLiam's Map - Siren CoveFree 
116UNNAMEDRunhappy - Sky AmericaFree 
117UNNAMEDCalifornia Chrome - Sky Glow
118Careless HeiressMineshaft - Smart TimmieFree 
119UNNAMEDBernardini - Song CollectionFree 
120AristonFlatter - S S PinaforeFree 
121UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - State TreasureFree 
122MadsterSpeightster - Stock Yard HenFree 
123Battle WonWar Front - Storm DixieFree 
124Higher QualityTiznow - Stormin MaggyFree 
125City MischiefInto Mischief - Storm NowFree 
126ConstantinaCandy Ride (ARG) - Stormy WelcomeFree 
127UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Storybook (UAE)Free 
128Solar StrikeTapit - SunnyFree 
129UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Super MajestyFree 
130UNNAMEDFrosted - SwingitFree 
131Restored OrderFrosted - TabooFree 
132Editor in ChiefCurlin - TapasFree 
133UNNAMEDMunnings - Tapit's WorldFree 
134King FuryCurlin - TarisFree 
135UNNAMEDSpeightster - Teewee's HopeFree 
136Whispered KissGhostzapper - Tell AllFree 
137UNNAMEDFrosted - Tensas PunchFree 
138UNNAMEDDialed In - Tensas Wedding JoyFree 
139UNNAMEDQuality Road - Terrific TiffanyFree 
140Salty as Can BeInto Mischief - TheycallmeladyluckFree 
141Mary Jane ChromeCalifornia Chrome - Thmoruplathlesupay
142Tap It OverTapit - Toccet OverFree 
143Peachtree RoadQuality Road - Tortuga LadyFree 
144UltimateSpeightstown - TreasureFree 
145No One to BlameBlame - Treaty OakFree 
146UNNAMEDQuality Road - TrickskiFree 
147DreidelCurlin - Twirl (IRE)Free 
148Promise Ofthe NilePioneerof the Nile - Uno Mas Promesa
149UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - VanquishedFree 
150Veracious ApplauseMedaglia d'Oro - VeracityFree 
151PerceptionAmerican Pharoah - Visual MindFree 
152GhostlinerGhostzapper - Wait No MoreFree 
153Conquer the WorldCurlin - Wapi (CHI)Free 
154Running ManRunhappy - WellFree 
155KarnakPioneerof the Nile - Frolic's Dream
156UNNAMEDHard Spun - WembleyFree 
157UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - Wide RangeFree 
158Brew PubStreet Sense - Wonder BrewFree 
159UNNAMEDCurlin - Yes LizFree 
160ConstituencyCandy Ride (ARG) - ZermattFree 
161UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - Singing KittyFree 
162MozayUncle Mo - ZinzayFree 
163UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - After the GloryFree 
164RecidivistInto Mischief - AgainFree 
165Mail OrderLiam's Map - AgathaFree 
166Tequila QueenAmerican Pharoah - Agave KissFree 
167UNNAMEDNyquist - All Due RespectFree 
168UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - AllwewantforxmasFree 
169PrisonerViolence - Al Max DinerFree 
170Alpha MoUncle Mo - Alpha MamaFree 
171UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Always AuditioningFree 
172HanksRunhappy - Always in My HeartFree 
173Rhythm and GraceDistorted Humor - Amber GraceFree 
174First CaptainCurlin - AmericaFree 
175UNNAMEDNyquist - AppreciatingFree 
176Printer's RowStreet Sense - Arabic StyleFree 
177MagnificentFrosted - ArchduchessFree 
178TeetotalerUncle Mo - Artemis AgroteraFree 
179Empress CatherineNyquist - Asian EmpressFree 
180UNNAMEDTapiture - Aunt ElsFree 
181UNNAMEDHard Spun - Avie's SenseFree 
183The War Is OnDeclaration of War - Ballet Pacifica
184UNNAMEDNyquist - Banga RidgeFree 
185Victory RagsUnion Rags - BasboosaFree 
186UNNAMEDNot This Time - Belle's FinaleFree 
187Did It My WayEmpire Maker - BelleskiFree 
188UNNAMEDQuality Road - BelovedaFree 
189UNNAMEDOutwork - Bluegrass EllieFree 
190FlatterfulFlatter - Bodee BeautifulFree 
191Prince of VeronaAmerican Pharoah - Bon Jovi GirlFree 
192AvianoMedaglia d'Oro - Bryan's JewelFree 
193UNNAMEDCurlin - Byrama (GB)Free 
194UNNAMEDExaggerator - Capella DancerFree 
195UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - Cat FightFree 
196UNNAMEDBig Blue Kitten - Channel LadyFree 
197UNNAMEDInto Mischief - ChantessFree 
198Son of ThunderUncle Mo - ChattertownFree 
199CoedAmerican Pharoah - ClassofsixtythreeFree 
200Armor CodeHonor Code - ComplicatedFree 
201Raise the RentMalibu Moon - Conquest SweetrideFree 
202BaskinInto Mischief - Coy CatFree 
204UnanimouslyTapit - Dakota WindFree 
205UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Dance ThewayyouareFree 
206UNNAMEDCurlin - Dawn RaidFree 
207Map the MomentLiam's Map - Deborah's MomentFree 
208Miss BeatriceLiam's Map - DeceitFree 
209UNNAMEDSpeightster - Denali RedFree 
210Modern Science (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Dixieland Kiss
211UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Dothraki QueenFree 
212UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Humor Me ColonelFree 
213TaqueriaCalifornia Chrome - Edit
214UNNAMEDExaggerator - ElitismFree 
215NotaryStreet Sense - EllesmereFree 
216UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - Elle SuenoFree 
217UNNAMEDNyquist - Elusive CheckersFree 
218ClassiquePioneerof the Nile - Embellish the Lace
219NeccoCandy Ride (ARG) - Empire DesireFree 
220PlataFrosted - Ermine SlippersFree 
221BroadwayQuality Road - EtiquetteFree 
222Cairo BeautyAmerican Pharoah - Everlasting BeautyFree 
223UNNAMEDInto Mischief - EyepopnrubyFree