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Goffs November Breeding Stock Sale

November 23 - 24 2012

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
880Coopers Creek (GB)Nayef - Imperial Quest (GB)Free 
882French Approach (FR)New Approach (IRE) - Marion (IRE)
883Celtic Artisan (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Perfectly Clear
885UNNAMEDBahamian Bounty (GB) - Rugged Up (IRE)
886Princess Ballybawn (IRE)Lawman (FR) - Savage (IRE)
887UNNAMEDDalakhani (IRE) - Virginia Rose (IRE)
889La Colle (IRE)Teofilo (IRE) - Altamura
890UNNAMEDAzamour (IRE) - Before The Storm (GB)
891Qatar Princess (IRE)Marju (IRE) - Bridal Dance (IRE)
892Elektrum (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Carolines Secret (GB)
893Wonder Dylan (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Darkling (IRE)
894Crafty Power (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Gali Gal (IRE)Free 
901StructuraStormin Fever - SisterellaFrozen Power (IRE)
902Ou Est Ma Tete (GB)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Senebrova (GB)
903CancellaraMore Than Ready - Defensa (GER)Free 
904Light Lustre (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Lunar Lustre (IRE)Free 
905Heptagon (IRE)Daylami (IRE) - Gloriously BrightAmadeus Wolf (GB)
906Spring Approach (GB)Tiger Hill (IRE) - Nebraas (GB)
907Owega Dale (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Spanish Falls (GB)
908Raging Spirit (IRE)Royal Anthem - Troppa FreskaDandy Man (IRE)
909Miranda's Girl (IRE)Titus Livius (FR) - Ela Tina (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
910Poppys Footprint (IRE)Titus Livius (FR) - Mica Male (ITY)Dandy Man (IRE)
912Lara Celeb (IRE)Peintre Celebre - Kloonlara (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
913Jbena (IRE)Xaar (GB) - Unimpeachable (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
914Selsing (GB)Selkirk - Seven SingThewayyouare
915Advenio (IRE)Ad Valorem - MegastartThewayyouare
916Conclave (IRE)Key of Luck - Dathuil (IRE)Arakan
917Liberty Lady (IRE)Statue of Liberty - Crossed Wire (GB)Free 
918Stay Hernanda (GB)Hernando (FR) - Stay Low (GB)
919Tilemsiya (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Tilimsana (IRE)Dubai Destination
920Losthermarbles (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - Marble Maiden (GB)Free 
921Cosmic Breeze (IRE)Fasliyev - Cosmic Speed QueenBig Bad Bob (IRE)
922Duelling (GB)Diesis (GB) - Enemy ActionDylan Thomas (IRE)
923Lady Sefton (GB)Oratorio (IRE) - Saxon Maid (GB)Excellent Art (GB)
924Red Roxanne (GB)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Virtuosity (GB)Free 
925Ellens Princess (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - Lady Ellen (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
926Centrepiece (GB)Pivotal (GB) - Bright FinishLord ShanakillFree
929Shelini (GB)Robellino - AgamaBushranger (IRE)Free 
930Whisper Gently (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Whisper Light (IRE)Intense Focus
931Cuiseach (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Masnada (IRE)Intense Focus
932Scandal Sheet (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Sandrella (IRE)Intense Focus
933Mitawa (IRE)Alhaarth (IRE) - Susquehanna DaysIffraaj (GB)Free 
934Gemini Diamond (IRE)Desert King (IRE) - Wakria (IRE)
935Campiglia (IRE)Fairy King - LacoviaBig Bad Bob (IRE)
936Hinokia (IRE)Forestry - AcagoIntikhab
937Pearl Trader (IRE)Dubai Destination - Vintage Tipple (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
938Aurora Lights (GB)Fantastic Light - Sweet Revival (GB)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
939Majounes Dream (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Majoune (FR)Notnowcato (GB)
940Summer Bliss (GB)Green Desert - Sister Golden Hair (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
941Whisper DanceStravinsky - My CherieDream AheadFree 
942Betrothed (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - Ring The Relatives (GB)Excellent Art (GB)
943Emblazon (GER)Monsun (GER) - Ejlaal (IRE)
946Step too FarCozzene - Out of Reach (GB)Duke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
947Cycle of LifeSpinning World - Autumn MoonAlfred Nobel (IRE)
948Star of Stars (IRE)Soviet Star - Maura's Guest (IRE)
949Fawn Lily (IRE)King's Best - FawaayidFast Company (IRE)
950Mrs Seek (GB)Unfuwain - Night Over Day (GB)Clodovil (IRE)
952Hope of An Angel (IRE)Intikhab - Faleh
953Zamarelle (GB)Zamindar - Kardelle (GB)
954MafaazaJazil - Huja (IRE)
955Queen O'The Desert (IRE)Green Desert - Al DhahabDuke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
956Mariposa (IRE)Oasis Dream (GB) - Mary Stuart (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
957Lorien Hill (IRE)Danehill - LothlorienExcellent Art (GB)
959Lady GinSaint Ballado - Romantic DinnerIntikhab
960Dreams Come True (FR)Zafonic - Moonlight Dreams (IRE)Manduro (GER)
961Right Reason (IRE)Manduro (GER) - Right Key (IRE)Jeremy
962Brazilian Breeze (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Brazilian Bride (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
963Customary Chorus (IRE)Linamix (FR) - Magical Cliche
964Sure Josie Sure (FR)Kalanisi (IRE) - Aerdee (FR)Beat Hollow (GB)
965Celeste (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Logica (IRE)Duke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
967Napoleons Mistress (IRE)Peintre Celebre - State Crystal (IRE)Sakhee's Secret (GB)
968Simla Sunset (IRE)One Cool Cat - Simla Bibi (GB)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
969Agustapower (IRE)Hawk Wing - ThaidahHoly Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
970Stained Glass (GB)Dansili (GB) - Reflections (GB)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
971Frosted (GB)Dr Fong - Arctic Air (GB)Kodiac (GB)
972Keenes Royale (GB)Red Ransom - Kinnaird (IRE)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
973Samotracia (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - SanguetaFree 
974Amaduke (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Aminata (IRE)Intense Focus
975Freccia D'Oro (GER)Acatenango (GER) - Fireglow (FR)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
976Bentley's Bush (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Veiled Threat (IRE)Kodiac (GB)
977Samaden (IRE)Ad Valorem - Salpiglossis (GER)
978Riverbank (GB)Barathea (IRE) - Mooring (GB)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
979Wurfklinge (GER)Acatenango (GER) - Wurfbahn (GER)High Chaparral (IRE)
980High Society Girl (IRE)Key of Luck - Touch And Love (IRE)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
981Start The Music (IRE)King's Best - BeguineExcellent Art (GB)
983PrinquetMarquetry - Princess Kris (GB)Vale of York (IRE)
984Sally WoodWoodman - Schonbrunn
985Silent Serenade (GB)Bertolini - Why So Silent (GB)Kodiac (GB)
986Love And Devotion (GB)Shamardal - Romantic Myth (GB)Zebedee (GB)Free 
987Chameleon Art (IRE)Excellent Art (GB) - Chameleon (GB)Dutch Art (GB)
988Akoya (IRE)Anabaa - GalitizineBushranger (IRE)Free 
989Bolero Again (IRE)Sadler's Wells - Gravieres (FR)Lope de Vega (IRE)
991Phantasy Rock (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Phariseek (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE)
992Makheelah (GB)Dansili (GB) - Woodlass
995Le Montrachet (GB)Nashwan - Riviere D'orZoffany (IRE)Free 
996Brilliant Crystal (GB)Compton Place (GB) - Anatase (GB)
997Dasha (GB)Kyllachy (GB) - Shining Prospect (GB)Vale of York (IRE)
998Onlybythenight (IRE)Trans Island (GB) - Moonlight Partner (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
999Hallie's Comet (IRE)One Cool Cat - Secretariat's TapDream AheadFree 
1000Zabadani (GB)Zafonic - BloudanRoderic O'Connor (IRE)
1001Heroine Chic (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Heroine (GB)Kodiac (GB)
1009Dissitation (IRE)Spectrum (IRE) - Park Charger (GB)Lawman (FR)
1010Callanish (GB)Inchinor (GB) - Lalindi (IRE)Kodiac (GB)
1011Conceive (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Source of Life (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
1012Toppled (IRE)Pivotal (GB) - Pietra Dura (GB)
1015Albahja (GB)Sinndar (IRE) - Eshq AlbahrIffraaj (GB)Free 
1016EmsiyahBernardini - MenhoubahCape Cross (IRE)
1017FlaunterDynaformer - Calista (GB)Manduro (GER)
1018Zahour Al Yasmeen (GB)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - BareillyFast Company (IRE)
1019Taarkod (IRE)Singspiel (IRE) - Zahrat Dubai (GB)Exceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
1020Rayon Rouge (IRE)Manduro (GER) - Regalline (IRE)
1021Fontana di Trevi (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Uriah (GER)Free 
1023Love Thirty (GB)Mister Baileys (GB) - Polished Up (GB)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
1024Begin The Beguine (IRE)Peintre Celebre - BeguineRoderic O'Connor (IRE)
1025Seattle SpeightSpeightstown - Gal From SeattleZoffany (IRE)Free 
1026Korabushka (GB)Selkirk - Russian DanceRoderic O'Connor (IRE)
1027Gems of Araby (GB)Zafonic - Clepsydra (GB)Acclamation (GB)
1028Zadalla (GB)Zaha - Inishdalla (IRE)Rip Van Winkle (IRE)
1030Kalahaag (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Verbania (IRE)Canford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
1031My Eurydice (GB)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - My Lass (GB)Lope de Vega (IRE)
1033Seeking Kali (IRE)Kalanisi (IRE) - Sought Out (IRE)Sir Percy (GB)
1034Fringe Success (IRE)Selkirk - Stage Struck (IRE)Azamour (IRE)
1035Nutshell (GB)Dubai Destination - Cashew (GB)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1037Kirov (GB)Darshaan (GB) - Dance to the Top (GB)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1038Ta Aleem (GB)Galileo (IRE) - TadrisHoly Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
1039French Lady (NZ)Entrepreneur (GB) - La TebaldiDream AheadFree 
1040Dazzling Dancer (GB)Nashwan - Danse Classique (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1041Glamorous Air (IRE)Air Express (IRE) - Glamorous Bride (FR)
1042Almond Mousse (FR)Exit to Nowhere - Missy Dancer (GB)Vale of York (IRE)
1043Lorientaise (IRE)Xaar (GB) - Basilea (FR)
1044Wild Whim (IRE)Whipper - Wild Bluebell (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE)
1045Party Whip (IRE)Whipper - Expectation (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE)
1047Offbeat Fashion (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Triple Try (IRE)Dream AheadFree 
1049Treasure The Lady (IRE)Indian Ridge (IRE) - Kasora (IRE)
1050Echoes In The Wind (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Preseli (IRE)
1052Rockzanda (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Piacenza (IRE)Dream AheadFree 
1053Adoring (IRE)One Cool Cat - Refined (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
1054Maridiyna (IRE)Sinndar (IRE) - Madiriya (IRE)Art Connoisseur (IRE)
1055Silver Queen (GB)Arazi - Love of SilverLord ShanakillFree
1056Sosua (IRE)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Scandisk (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
1057Kuaicoss (IRE)Lujain - Silver Queen (GB)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
1058NesmehMore Than Ready - FreefourracingRoyal Applause (GB)
1059Mythical GirlGone West - YousefiaAuthorized (IRE)
1060Eucharist (IRE)Acclamation (GB) - Satin Rose (GB)Kyllachy (GB)
1061Chantilly PearlSmart Strike - CataballerinaDream AheadFree 
1063Miss Beabea (IRE)Catrail - Lady Ellen (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE)
1064Coolminx (IRE)One Cool Cat - Greta d'Argent (IRE)
1065Barefoot Lady (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Lady Angharad (IRE)Free 
1066Eaton Street (GB)Discreet Cat - River Street (GB)Cape Cross (IRE)
1067Mike's WildcatForest Wildcat - Old FlameRaven's Pass
1068Vintage Gardenia (GB)Selkirk - La Nuit Rose (FR)Poet's Voice (GB)
1069Atamana (IRE)Lahib - Dance Ahead (GB)Shamardal
1070Subtle Charm (GB)Machiavellian - AwaasifInvincible Spirit (IRE)
1071Tarfshi (GB)Mtoto (GB) - Pass The Peace (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE)
1073Laika LaneStreet Cry (IRE) - CaptivaExceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
1074Queen of Poland (GB)Halling - PolskaTeofilo (IRE)
1075Zarwala (IRE)Polish Precedent - Zarlana (IRE)Dutch Art (GB)
1076Dibiya (IRE)Caerleon - Dabtiya (IRE)Canford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
1077Daliya (IRE)Giant's Causeway - DalaraCanford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
1078Alamouna (IRE)Indian Ridge (IRE) - Alasana (IRE)Exceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
1079Siniyya (IRE)Grand Lodge - Sinntara (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE)
1080Darkara (IRE)Halling - Daralbayda (IRE)Dalakhani (IRE)
1082Rayyana (IRE)Rainbow Quest - Rayseka (IRE)Exceed And Excel (AUS)Free 
1083Rubina (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Riyafa (IRE)
1084Behana (IRE)Halling - Behra (IRE)
1085Genuine Charm (IRE)Sadler's Wells - Market SlideLilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
1086Fairest of All (IRE)Sadler's Wells - Token Gesture (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
1087Burren RoseStorm Cat - Lisieux Rose (IRE)Iffraaj (GB)Free 
1088Hymn of Love (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Perils of Joy (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1089Palm Pilot (IRE)Oasis Dream (GB) - Off Message (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
1090Funny WaterStreet Cry (IRE) - Fit to LeadManduro (GER)
1091Neige Du Ninian (FR)Trempolino - DeceptionTeofilo (IRE)
1092Fauvelia (FR)Polish Precedent - Marion (IRE)
1093Spark Sept (FR)Septieme Ciel - SparklineElusive City
1094Teo's Sister (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Speirbhean (IRE)Lawman (FR)
1095Wana DooGrand Slam - Wedding Gift (FR)
1096Hammrah (GB)Danehill - Wardat Allayl (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE)
1098All Hallows (IRE)Dalakhani (IRE) - Alleluia (GB)Lawman (FR)
1099Chelsea Rose (IRE)Desert King (IRE) - Cinnamon RoseTamayuz (GB)
1100La Suvera (IRE)Choisir (AUS) - Red RosieCanford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
1101Eppursimuove (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Russian Grace (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE)Free 
1102Snow Cannon (IRE)Verglas (IRE) - Kanun (GB)
1103Zobenigo (IRE)Orpen - Doregan (IRE)Dalakhani (IRE)
1105MeiosisDanzig - Golden OpinionRaven's Pass
1106Gold Tobougg (GB)Tobougg (IRE) - Maristax (GB)Fast Company (IRE)
1107Typify (GB)Shirocco (GER) - Epitome (IRE)Teofilo (IRE)
1108Aqua AuraDistorted Humor - Crystal Crossing (IRE)Manduro (GER)
1109Hometime (GB)Dubai Destination - Red SlippersShamardal
1111Lacy SundayKing's Best - LungtaPour Moi (IRE)
1113Slawomira (GER)Dashing Blade (GB) - Slawa (GER)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
1114Flensburg (IRE)Westerner (GB) - Flunder (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
1115Burn The Floor (IRE)Indian Haven (GB) - Dance Time (IRE)
1116An Ghalanta (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Alamanta (IRE)Lawman (FR)
1117FamilyDanzig - RazyanaTeofilo (IRE)
1118Kitty Kiernan (GB)Pivotal (GB) - Alstemeria (IRE)
1119Oiche Ghealai (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Affianced (IRE)Free 
1120CailiochtElusive Quality - Sumora (IRE)
1121Emily Blackwell (GB)Dr Fong - Strike Hard (IRE)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1123Opera Comica (GB)Dr Fong - Comic (IRE)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1124Shemanikha (FR)Sendawar (IRE) - Shemaka (IRE)Rip Van Winkle (IRE)
1125Pleasure Place (IRE)Compton Place (GB) - Shifting Time (GB)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1126Labrusca (GB)Grand Lodge - Catawba (GB)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
1127Wewantitall (GB)Pivotal (GB) - Priceless BondFootstepsinthesand (GB)Free 
1128Cawett (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Sassy BirdRip Van Winkle (IRE)
1129Ballroom (IRE)Storm Cat - Virginia WatersDanehill Dancer (IRE)
1134Virginia Gallica (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Papering (IRE)Free 
1135Sancia (IRE)Docksider - Salabella (IRE)Sir Percy (GB)
1136Wong Again (GB)Araafa (IRE) - Susi Wong (IRE)Monsieur Bond (IRE)
1137Rondo Alla Turca (IRE)Noverre - Kumta (IRE)Champs Elysees (GB)
1139Ihtiraam (IRE)Teofilo (IRE) - Park Romance (IRE)
1140FlameletTheatrical (IRE) - Darling Flame
1141Ittasal (GB)Any Given Saturday - Journalist (IRE)
1143Specific (IRE)Dubawi (IRE) - Miss Particular (IRE)
1144Witnessed (GB)Authorized (IRE) - Magic Mission (GB)
1145Pre Catalan (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Place de L'Opera (GB)Duke of Marmalade (IRE)Free 
1146Bounce (FR)Trempolino - RussyskiaPour Moi (IRE)
1148White Queen (IRE)Spectrum (IRE) - Snow Princess (IRE)Lord ShanakillFree
1149Skiphall (GB)Halling - MinskipInvincible Spirit (IRE)
1150Queen of Palms (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - Tapolite (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
1151Humiliation (GB)Cape Cross (IRE) - Humilis (IRE)Majestic Missile (IRE)
1151ATropical Glamour (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Bermuda Classic (IRE)Poet's Voice (GB)
1152Volcanic Lady (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Starlight SmileBushranger (IRE)Free 
1154Philosophers Guest (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - Gemini Diamond (IRE)Clodovil (IRE)
1155Under FireGulch - HorsafireClodovil (IRE)
1156Real CatStorm Cat - Real JennyRock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
1157Pointing NorthOrientate - Firm StanceClodovil (IRE)
1158Aguilas Perla (IRE)Indian Ridge (IRE) - Tapolite (IRE)Kodiac (GB)
1159Sawahill (GB)Diktat (GB) - Youm Jadeed (IRE)Elusive Pimpernel
1160Mexican JayElusive Quality - Mistle Song (GB)Frozen Power (IRE)
1161Roman Locket (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - OumaldaayaFree 
1163Fascinate (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Billet (IRE)Free 
1164River Rapids (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - River Flow
1165Amethystos (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Amethyst (IRE)
1167No Complaining (IRE)Alhaarth (IRE) - Rambler (GB)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
1168Colourways (IRE)Singspiel (IRE) - Chartres (IRE)Excellent Art (GB)
1169Verbania (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - MacklaBushranger (IRE)Free 
1170Dame ShanakillMr. Greeley - InnovateLord ShanakillFree
1171Azolla (GB)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Frond (GB)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1172Maddie's Pearl (IRE)Clodovil (IRE) - Perle d'IrlandeElusive Pimpernel
1173Ringarooma (GB)Erhaab - TatoumaClodovil (IRE)
1174Fainne Geal An Lae (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Lyric (GB)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
1175Dream State (IRE)Machiavellian - Reveuse de Jour (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
1176Notion of EmotionTiznow - Out of Reach (GB)Thewayyouare
1177SunsetterDiesis (GB) - Hushi
1178Headford View (IRE)Bold Fact - Headfort Rose (IRE)
1179Karadenia (IRE)Zamindar - Karawana (IRE)
1184Annals (GB)Lujain - Anna of Brunswick (GB)Frozen Power (IRE)
1186Croce Rossa (IRE)Golan (IRE) - Van de Cappelle (IRE)Arakan
1189In Step (GB)Montjeu (IRE) - Heart's Harmony (GB)Frozen Power (IRE)
1190Mavemacullen (IRE)Ad Valorem - Yankee Dancer (GB)
1191Llew Law (GB)Verglas (IRE) - Harlem Dancer (GB)
1192Headford Lady (IRE)Bold Fact - Headfort Rose (IRE)
1193Homalina (IRE)Xaar (GB) - Haladiya (IRE)Amadeus Wolf (GB)
1194Petite Valerie (IRE)Val Royal (FR) - Petite Liqueurelle (IREMajestic Missile (IRE)
1195Krasivaya (IRE)Soviet Star - Damiana (IRE)
1198Zarda (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - Zarabaya (IRE)Arakan
1200Kloetta (IRE)Grand Lodge - Kill the Crab (IRE)Dandy Man (IRE)
1201Lady Portia (IRE)College Chapel (GB) - Nocturnal (FR)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1202The Quiet Woman (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Tajawuz (GB)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1203Violet LashesBadge of Silver - Purple
1204Distinguish (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Colourful Cast (IRE)Jeremy
1208Cat Fire (IRE)One Cool Cat - Filimeala (IRE)Haatef
1209CrossreadhSahm - RojaKodiac (GB)
1210Ursula (IRE)Namid (GB) - Fritta Mista (IRE)
1211El Gran LoveEl Gran Senor - Where Is SheThewayyouare
1212Golden Pears (IRE)Pivotal (GB) - Patteness (FR)Jeremy
1213Champagne Cracker (GB)Up And At 'em (GB) - Kiveton Komet (GB)
1214Rafelite (GB)Fraam (GB) - Megan's Flight (GB)Zebedee (GB)Free 
1215Laheen (IRE)Bluebird - AshirahZebedee (GB)Free 
1216Tawala (IRE)Lahib - Tarwiya (IRE)Majestic Missile (IRE)
1217Kelpie (IRE)Kahyasi (IRE) - Darrouzett (GB)Beat Hollow (GB)
1218Kristal Xenia (IRE)Xaar (GB) - Kristal's Dream (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1219Chica RocaWoodman - Amenixa (FR)Art Connoisseur (IRE)
1220Desert's Queen (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - Nomothetis (IRE)Jeremy
1222Desert Trail (IRE)Desert Style (IRE) - Mine Hostess (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
1223Alexander Ambition (IRE)Entrepreneur (GB) - Lady Alexander (IRE)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1224Lady Abigail (IRE)Royal Academy - Quiche (GB)Alfred Nobel (IRE)
1225Flower Drum (FR)Celtic Swing (GB) - Another LegendPapal Bull (GB)
1226Sand Crystal (IRE)Singspiel (IRE) - Star Crystal (IRE)Jeremy
1227AlassioGulch - Royal Ballerina (IRE)Jeremy
1230Difiya (IRE)Cadeaux Genereux (GB) - Dibiya (IRE)Jeremy
1231Bundle of Joy (IRE)Golan (IRE) - Alenteja (IRE)Lord ShanakillFree
1232Hayloft (IRE)Clodovil (IRE) - Lucky Norwegian (IRE)
1233CharmstoneDynaformer - Pure CharmCape Cross (IRE)
1234Royal Majestic (GB)Tobougg (IRE) - Golden Symbol (GB)Kheleyf
1235Diam Queen (GER)Lando (GER) - Dance Solo (GB)Aqlaam (GB)
1236Hay Point (IRE)Authorized (IRE) - Genova (IRE)
1237Jumhuriya (IRE)Shamardal - Queen of Poland (GB)
1238OverdressToo Much Bling - Becky VirtueFree 
1241Haraqaan (GB)Manduro (GER) - Amalie (IRE)
1242Wood Sprite (GB)Mister Baileys (GB) - Woodbeck (GB)
1243CaonaMiswaki - Hawzah (GB)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1244Cheherazad (IRE)Elusive City - Hawksbill Special (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)Free 
1245Polynesian Queen (IRE)Statue of Liberty - Polynesian Goddess (IRE)Strategic Prince (GB)
1246Canosa (IRE)Catrail - Abergwrle (GB)Thousand Words (GB)
1247Fishy (GB)Irish River (FR) - Sahara Forest (GB)Clodovil (IRE)
1248Swish Beaty (IRE)Dr Devious (IRE) - Lovely Silvia (IRE)Rip Van Winkle (IRE)
1249Tonique (GB)Lujain - UlanovaRip Van Winkle (IRE)
1250Articilitis (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Amneris (IRE)
1251Orafinitis (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - FinityFree 
1252Coffee DateBob and John - Caffe Latte (IRE)
1256Dubai Diamond (GB)Octagonal (NZ) - ManurevaAmadeus Wolf (GB)
1257Lella Beya (GB)Diktat (GB) - Seamstress (IRE)Zebedee (GB)Free 
1258Cloud Fire (IRE)Refuse To Bend (IRE) - Flying Millie (IRE)Haatef
1261Vinales (IRE)Dilshaan (GB) - Mirmande (GB)Jeremy
1262Coleta (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Dalannda (IRE)
1263PlymsoleDiesis (GB) - PumpBig Bad Bob (IRE)
1264NovosibirskDistant View - NunatakFrozen Power (IRE)
1265Rosewater (GER)Winged Love (IRE) - River Patrol (GB)Kalanisi (IRE)
1266Condilessa (IRE)Key of Luck - Zuccini Wind (IRE)Frozen Power (IRE)
1267Ribald (GB)Alhaarth (IRE) - ReactressFrozen Power (IRE)
1268Royal Superlative (GB)King's Best - Supereva (IRE)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
1269Desert Drama (IRE)Green Desert - Tycoon's Drama (IRE)Jeremy
1270Coup de Coeur (IRE)Kahyasi (IRE) - Flamme d'Amour (IRE)Alfred Nobel (IRE)
1271Gooey (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Almond Mousse (FR)
1272Orpens Peach (IRE)Orpen - Shes A Peach (IRE)Alfred Nobel (IRE)
1274La BatailleOut of Place - ContredanceDandy Man (IRE)
1275Regal TrampStreet Cry (IRE) - Unique Pose (IRE)
1276Missliyna (IRE)Rainbow Quest - Miss Sazanica (FR)
1277Acts Out LoudMr. Greeley - Burren Rose
1278Notepad (GB)King's Best - Petite Epaulette (GB)
1279Lolita's GoldRoyal Academy - Shamisen (GB)Canford Cliffs (IRE)Free 
1280Nesaah's Princess (GB)Sinndar (IRE) - NesaahArt Connoisseur (IRE)
1281Sarinaya (IRE)King's Best - Saricana (IRE)
1282Hassaya (IRE)King's Best - Hasaiyda (IRE)
1283Kalaroa (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Kalandara (IRE)
1284Sinetta (IRE)Red Ransom - Siniyya (IRE)
1285Narmina (IRE)Alhaarth (IRE) - Noufiyla (IRE)Intense Focus
1286Ebalviyra (IRE)Anabaa - Ebareva (IRE)
1290Anadiyla (IRE)Barathea (IRE) - Anaza (IRE)Dylan Thomas (IRE)
1291Woodcote WildcatHigh Yield - ZappeuseAlfred Nobel (IRE)
1292PanagiaDiesis (GB) - PumpDylan Thomas (IRE)
1293Island Home (GB)Act One (GB) - Island Race (GB)Alfred Nobel (IRE)
1294Theebah (GB)Bahamian Bounty (GB) - Shall We Run (GB)Excellent Art (GB)
1295No Rain (IRE)Noverre - Rain Dancer (IRE)Intense Focus
1296Duchess Ravel (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Bolero Again (IRE)Soviet Star
1297Sweet Duchess (IRE)Bachelor Duke - Dabaya (IRE)
1298In Bloom (IRE)Montjeu (IRE) - Meek Appeal
1299Few Words (GB)Fraam (GB) - Throw Away LineLord ShanakillFree
1300Mitsina (GB)Fantastic Light - Rosse (GB)Authorized (IRE)
1301Anka BritanniaIrish River (FR) - Anka Germania (IRE)Lord ShanakillFree
1302Misty Mountain (IRE)Namaqualand - Lightstorm (IRE)Yeats (IRE)
1303Nordkappe (GER)High Chaparral (IRE) - North Queen (IRE)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1304Ballade Danon (IRE)Hurricane Run (IRE) - Overlook (GB)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
1305Mikes Baby (IRE)Key of Luck - Trojan TaleFrozen Power (IRE)
1306Behreyma (IRE)Persian Bold (IRE) - Behariya (IRE)
1307Seraphina (IRE)Pips Pride (GB) - Angelic Sounds (IRE)
1308Embassy Pearl (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Embassy Belle (IRE)
1309Zamiyla (IRE)Daylami (IRE) - Zanara (IRE)Fast Company (IRE)
1310Sweet Home Alabama (IRE)Desert Prince (IRE) - ShamarraFast Company (IRE)
1313Lady CirceSpinning World - Chesa Plana (GB)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
1315Secretaire (IRE)Celtic Swing (GB) - Secretary Bird (IRE)Roderic O'Connor (IRE)
1316Katevan (IRE)Heliostatic (IRE) - Lesgor
1317Crystal Morning (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Follow My Lead (GB)Lope de Vega (IRE)
1318Galakina (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Dievotchkina (IRE)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
1319Our Jo Jo (IRE)Soviet Star - Torretta (IRE)Vale of York (IRE)
1320In The Fashion (IRE)In the Wings (GB) - Tropical Lass (IRE)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1321Athlumney Lass (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Lady Gregory (IRE)Free 
1322Imdina (IRE)Soviet Star - Stellina (IRE)Jeremy
1323Joan the Mad (ITY)Reckless William (IRE) - Scorribanda (ITY)Ramonti (FR)
1324Fedian (IRE)Flying Spur (AUS) - Fracassina (IRE)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1330Voodoo Lily (IRE)Petardia (GB) - Geht SchnellThewayyouare
1331Sunlit Skies (GB)Selkirk - Shimmering Sea (GB)Moss Vale (IRE)
1332Danse Classique (IRE)Night Shift - Ballet Shoes (IRE)Tagula (IRE)
1333Magic EmotionArtie Schiller - Sunlit SilenceBushranger (IRE)Free 
1334Ace In The Hole (GB)So Factual - Timely RaiseThewayyouare
1335La Lunete (GB)Halling - Miss Pinkerton (GB)Zoffany (IRE)Free 
1337Aljafliyah (GB)Halling - Arruhan (IRE)Fast Company (IRE)
1338Miss Shangri La (GB)Rainbow Quest - Miss Rinjani (GB)Amadeus Wolf (GB)
1339Salpiglossis (GER)Monsun (GER) - SanguetaLope de Vega (IRE)
1340Cape Sydney (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Lady At War (GB)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
1341Caeribland (IRE)Namaqualand - Caerib (IRE)Bushranger (IRE)Free 
1342Our Alice (GB)North Light (IRE) - Nowo NellieAlfred Nobel (IRE)
1343Warrior Wings (GB)Indian Ridge (IRE) - Winger (GB)Starspangledbanner (AUS)Free 
1344Clessidra (IRE)Desert King (IRE) - Caeribland (IRE)
1346Madhaaq (IRE)Medicean (GB) - WinsaArt Connoisseur (IRE)
1347El Soprano (IRE)Noverre - Lady of Kildare (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE)
1348Lady LafitteStravinsky - Ready for ActionKodiac (GB)
1349Lysandra (IRE)Danehill - OrianeIffraaj (GB)Free 
1350Faiseanta (IRE)Iffraaj (GB) - Bint Kaldoun (IRE)Intense Focus
1352Fere GrandisMr. Greeley - Unbridled TreasureIntense Focus
1355Mahaazen (IRE)Cape Cross (IRE) - Innclassic (IRE)
1357Airmont (IRE)Duke of Marmalade (IRE) - Upperville (IRE)Free 
1358Highland MissTheatrical (IRE) - Cyrillic
1359Friendly NorthNorth Light (IRE) - Best of FriendsArt Connoisseur (IRE)
1360No Honor (IRE)High Chaparral (IRE) - Hermans HonorAmadeus Wolf (GB)
1361Larkfield Empress (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Shifting Place (GB)Majestic Missile (IRE)
1363Dane Wells (IRE)Danetime (IRE) - Tuesday Morning (IRE)Thewayyouare
1364Tofana (IRE)Bold Fact - Tropicana (IRE)
1365Perils of Joy (IRE)Rainbow Quest - Sweet Mint (IRE)Lilbourne Lad (IRE)Free
1366Radhwa (FR)Shining Steel (GB) - Iguassu (FR)Jeremy
1367Graten (IRE)Zieten - Gradille (IRE)Jeremy
1368Salty Air (IRE)Singspiel (IRE) - Ocean ShoreFast Company (IRE)
1369Piece Unique (GB)Barathea (IRE) - City Ex (GB)Art Connoisseur (IRE)
1370Green Utopia (IRE)Alhaarth (IRE) - Yaselda (GB)Amadeus Wolf (GB)
1371Yaselda (GB)Green Desert - PripetLord ShanakillFree
1372Eurosmart Lady (IRE)Kheleyf - Touchy Feelings (IRE)Jeremy
1373Ceolteori (IRE)Celtic Swing (GB) - Hakone (IRE)
1374PalinodeDansili (GB) - Formal Approval
1375Passion Planet (IRE)Medicean (GB) - Katch Me Katie (GB)
1377Catch Light (GB)Shirocco (GER) - Bright Spells
1378Main Opinion (IRE)Ivan Denisovich (IRE) - Mainstream Opinion (IRE)
1379Pipewell (IRE)Lake Coniston (IRE) - Pipers Pool (IRE)Elnadim
1382Exit To Derawlin (IRE)Exit to Nowhere - Straight Miss (IRE)Majestic Missile (IRE)
1383False Lashes (IRE)Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Ryninch (IRE)Vocalised
1384Humour Me (IRE)Oratorio (IRE) - Sierva (GER)Free