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May 22, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1By Appointmentonly (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Jills Oscar (IRE)
2Rumble B (IRE)Presenting (GB) - John's Eliza (IRE)
3Doin'whatshelikes (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Karkiyla (IRE)
4Benson (GB)Beat Hollow (GB) - Karla June (GB)
6UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Katie Cranny (IRE)
7College Oak (GB)Norse Dancer (IRE) - Katmai (IRE)
8Winged Affair (IRE)Winged Love (IRE) - Kiss Jolie (FR)
9Any News (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Kisskiss Bang Bang (IRE)
10Lord Apparelli (GB)Schiaparelli (GER) - La Marette (GB)
11Call Off The Dogs (IRE)Bienamado - Lady Charmere (IRE)
13Zambezi Fix (FR)Zambezi Sun (GB) - Lady Fix (FR)
14Flann (GB)Brian Boru (GB) - Lady Karinga (GB)
15UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Lady Secret (FR)
16UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Lady Willa (IRE)
17Seelotmorebusiness (IRE)Sholokhov (IRE) - Land of Pride (IRE)
18Dame de Ruban (FR)Turgeon - Land of Soprani (FR)
19Fehily (IRE)Asian Heights (GB) - Leahs Joy (IRE)
20Oneupmanship (IRE)Mahler (GB) - Letthisbetheone (IRE)
21Midnight Shuffle (GB)Midnight Legend (GB) - Lifestyle (GB)
22The Odissey (IRE)September Storm (GER) - Like A Bolt (IRE)
23Aki Bomaye (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Line Grey
24UNNAMEDMorozov - Lithai (IRE)
25Mannochmore (GB)Dylan Thomas (IRE) - Loch Dhu (IRE)
26Lady Tremaine (IRE)Kalanisi (IRE) - Lough Lein Leader (IRE)
27What A Baloo (IRE)Jeremy - Luca Lite (IRE)
28Chance a Tune (FR)My Risk (FR) - Lyric Melody (FR)
29Folzano (FR)Secret Singer (FR) - Ma Que Bella (FR)
30Skatman (IRE)Mustameet - Maid For Action (IRE)
31UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Maid of Might (IRE)
32UNNAMEDUniversal (IRE) - Maiden Voyage (GB)
33Bold Soldier (GB)Kayf Tara (GB) - Major Hoolihan (GB)
34Saturn 'n Silk (GB)Universal (IRE) - Manaphy (FR)
35Veshenskaya (IRE)Sholokhov (IRE) - Manorville (IRE)
36Kings Cave (IRE)Court Cave (IRE) - Marble Article (IRE)
38Muhtamar (FR)Muhtathir (GB) - Martalina (FR)Free 
39Marvellous Joe (IRE)Mahler (GB) - Marvellous Dream (FR)
41UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Massini Rose (IRE)
42Sir Sholokhov (IRE)Sholokhov (IRE) - Menepresents (IRE)
43Flamboyant Joyaux (FR)Crossharbour (GB) - Merka (FR)
44UNNAMEDGreat Pretender (IRE) - Mi Money (GB)
45Raise Your Hand (IRE)Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Midnight Dasie (IRE)
46Kilfinan Bay (IRE)Mahler (GB) - Midnight Special (IRE)
47Getaweapon (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Milan Serenade (IRE)
48UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Minnie Ray (IRE)
49Tupelo Mississippi (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Misleain (IRE)
51He's A Knowall (IRE)Oscar (IRE) - Miss Knowall (IRE)
52Hereditary Rule (IRE)Imperial Monarch (IRE) - Miss Ogan (IRE)
53Face The Odds (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Miss Otis Regrets (IRE)
54Right Hand of God (GB)Norse Dancer (IRE) - Miss Sassi (GB)
55UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Mistletoeandwine (IRE)
58UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Monty's Sister (IRE)
59Champagne Getaway (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Motoron (IRE)
60UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Mount Radhwa (IRE)
61Mackenberg (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Mountain Melody (GER)
62Nikgarde (FR)Kapgarde (FR) - Nikoline (FR)
63Miss Flying Fox (GB)Kayf Tara (GB) - Nile Cristale (FR)
64UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Ninna Nanna (FR)
65More Overdraught (GB)Shirocco (GER) - No More Money (GB)
66Jayaaah (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Nolans Legacy (IRE)
68Kennack Bay (FR)Balko (FR) - Nuance Tartare (FR)
69Fun de Nuit (FR)Montmartre (FR) - Nuit de Volupte (FR)
72Just A Sip (GB)Great Pretender (IRE) - One Gulp (GB)
73UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - One Wild Night (GB)
74UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Onewayortheother (IRE)
75Ecrin d'Or (FR)Great Journey (JPN) - Orielle (FR)
76Clondaw Camp (IRE)Sans Frontieres (IRE) - Oscar Bird (IRE)
77Stattler (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Our Honey (IRE)
78Name of Fame (IRE)Fame And Glory (GB) - Outo'theblue (IRE)
78AUNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Pavalinca (IRE)
80UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Passlands (IRE)
82Burren Walk (GB)Lucarno - Persian Walk
83Red Vision (FR)Vision d'Etat (FR) - Petale Rouge (FR)
84Pebbly New Moon (IRE)Mahler (GB) - Pharney Fox (IRE)
85UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Pistol At Dawn (IRE)
86Colorun des Carles (FR)Sea's Legacy (IRE) - Pollita (FR)
87Precious Eleanor (FR)Maresca Sorrento (FR) - Precious Lucy (FR)
88Coconut Splash (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Presenting Chaos (IRE)
89Mister Lush (IRE)Westerner (GB) - Quel Bleu (IRE)
91Champagne Vacation (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Rachel's Choice (IRE)
92Getthepot (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Raheen Lady (IRE)
94UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Reconbustible (IRE)
95Hartland Quay (IRE)Arcadio (GER) - Regents Ballerina (IRE)
96Democratic Oath (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Reina Reed (IRE)
97Noble Saffron (GB)Trans Island (GB) - Renada (GB)
98UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Retain That Magic (IRE)
99Kilmington Rose (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Robyn's Rose (IRE)
100UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Roseabel (IRE)
101Woolloomooloo (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Rose's Emma (IRE)
102Let's Getaway (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Roxtown (GB)
103Avanzi (IRE)Aizavoski (IRE) - Royal Luso (IRE)
104On the Quiet (FR)Ballingarry (IRE) - Royale Sulawesie (FR)
105Arvicta (IRE)Arvico (FR) - Run Cat (IRE)
106Walk the Walk (FR)Walk In The Park (IRE) - Ryde (FR)
107Legends Ryde (GB)Midnight Legend (GB) - Ryde Back (GB)
110Tigerpomp (GB)Fame And Glory (GB) - Saltbarrow (GB)
111UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Samandara (FR)
112UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Santia (GB)
113Quiet Flow (GB)Sholokhov (IRE) - Sardagna (FR)
114UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Sarogini (IRE)
115Fast Scenic (FR)Brave Mansonnien (FR) - Scenaria (IRE)
116School for Scandal (FR)Doctor Dino (FR) - School of Thought (FR)
118Milesha (IRE)Milan (GB) - Shameena (IRE)
119Martha My Dear (GB)Martaline (GB) - Shanxi Girl (GB)
120Fugitives Drift (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Shebeganit (IRE)
121UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Sheriussa (IRE)
122Pol Crocan (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - She's All That (IRE)
123Miah Grace (GB)Malinas (GER) - Silver Gypsy (IRE)
124Ohzark (GB)Schiaparelli (GER) - Silverlined (GB)
125Fille d'Avignon (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Site-Leader (IRE)
126Lex Eleven (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Sixofone (IRE)
127Digger John (GB)Sulamani (IRE) - Slow Starter (IRE)
128UNNAMEDJeremy - So You Said (IRE)
130Raleagh Flora (GB)Red Rocks (IRE) - Sommerflora (GER)
131Sopran Thor (FR)Authorized (IRE) - Sopran Slam (IRE)
132UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Spangle Island (GB)
133Sinseir (IRE)Medicean (GB) - Sparkling View (IRE)
134Get Busy Livin (GB)Yeats (IRE) - Subtilty (GB)
135UNNAMEDMultiplex (GB) - Sudden Beat (GB)
136UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Supreme Adventure (IRE)
137UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Supreme Style (IRE)
138Vee One (IRE)September Storm (GER) - Swinley Bottom (IRE)
139Black Sam's Silver (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Sylvan Wings (GB)
140UNNAMEDUniversal (IRE) - Tabora (GB)
141The Grey Falco (FR)Falco - Take a Chance (FR)
142Ardla (IRE)Delegator (GB) - Tamaletta (IRE)
144UNNAMEDCloudings (IRE) - Tanya Thyne (IRE)
145Givehimhisdew (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - Tarantella Lady (GB)
146Pirate Sam (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Teenero (GB)
147Fangio de Vassy (FR)Racinger (FR) - Terebelle (FR)
148UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - The Cookie Jar (IRE)
149Millbank Flyer (IRE)Milan (GB) - The Last Bank (IRE)
150Troed Y Parc (GB)Lucarno - Theatre Belle (GB)
151Taras Angel (IRE)Kayf Tara (GB) - Tikk Tokk (IRE)
152UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Time In Milan (IRE)
153UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Twilight Affair (GB)
154Sabbathical (FR)Sunday Break (JPN) - Ulcy Pressive (FR)
156Will Sting (IRE)Scorpion (IRE) - Undecided Hall (IRE)
158UNNAMEDTrans Island (GB) - Vanilla Delight (IRE)
159UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Vera Glynn (IRE)
160Mont Segur (FR)French Fifteen (FR) - Vie de Reine (FR)
161Portstorm (GB)Shirocco (GER) - Viva Victoria (GB)
162Sound Wall (IRE)Milan (GB) - Wall of Silence (IRE)
163Midnight River (GB)Midnight Legend (GB) - Well Connected (GB)
164Time Flies By (IRE)Getaway (GER) - What A Mewsment (IRE)
165Grumpy Charley (GB)Shirocco (GER) - Whisky Rose (IRE)
166Whoopsey (GB)Presenting (GB) - Whoops A Daisy (GB)
168UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Windfola (FR)
169That's A Shame (IRE)Arcadio (GER) - World of Ballet (IRE)
170Malinello (GB)Malinas (GER) - Wyldello (GB)
171Bigunonthebalcony (GB)Fame And Glory (GB) - Zariyka (IRE)
172Friary Rock (FR)Spanish Moon - Zenita des Brosses (FR)
173Misshirocco (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - Academy Miss (IRE)
174Sumelia (GB)Sulamani (IRE) - Aimela (FR)
175Foul Aux As (FR)Blek (FR) - Albalonga (FR)
176UNNAMEDJeremy - Alfreeze (GB)
177UNNAMEDMontmartre (FR) - Allez Loulou (FR)
178Kalabee (IRE)Kalanisi (IRE) - American Honey (IRE)
179UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Annaghbrack (IRE)
180UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Another Sister (IRE)
181Tsikina (IRE)Nathaniel (IRE) - Archetypal (IRE)
182UNNAMEDLucarno - Arctic Ring (GB)
183Bellfounder (IRE)Oscar (IRE) - Ask Herself (IRE)
184Wagner (IRE)Mahler (GB) - Astalanda (FR)
185Orburstock (IRE)Millenary (GB) - Auction Girl (IRE)
186Across The Channel (FR)Dunkerque (FR) - Aulne River (FR)
188Beth Horan (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Back And Fore (IRE)
189Balalaika d'Or (FR)Puit d'Or (IRE) - Balalaikaan (FR)
190Steel Yard (IRE)Frozen Fire (GER) - Banphrionsa (IRE)
191UNNAMEDJeremy - Bartlemy Bell (IRE)
192Zacony Rebel (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Bay Rebel (IRE)
193Artoff (IRE)Notnowcato (GB) - Be Airlie (IRE)
194Major Dundee (IRE)Scorpion (IRE) - Be My Granny (GB)
195Champagne Rhythm (IRE)Oscar (IRE) - Before (IRE)
196Winter Belle (IRE)Kayf Tara (GB) - Belle Provence (FR)
197Lord Valentin (FR)Kap Rock (FR) - Belmiesque (FR)
198UNNAMEDMountain High (IRE) - Benedicta Rose (IRE)
199Rectory Oak (IRE)Oscar (IRE) - Betty Roe (IRE)
200Fantasia Roque (FR)Blue Bresil (FR) - Bible Gun (FR)
201Baelfire (FR)Sea's Legacy (IRE) - Birdream (FR)
202Brave Way (IRE)Jeremy - Black Mariah (IRE)
203Scaramoosh (GB)Sulamani (IRE) - Bluebell Path (GB)
204Bonsai Bay (GB)Multiplex (GB) - Bonsai (IRE)
205Hartland Mist (GB)Kayf Tara (GB) - Brackets (IRE)
206Blouebrav (FR)Blue Bresil (FR) - Brava (FR)
207Richidish (FR)Spanish Moon - Briere (FR)
208Get Bye (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Cappa Or (IRE)
209UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Carols Present (IRE)
210UNNAMEDCityscape (GB) - Casa Tua (FR)
211UNNAMEDArctic Cosmos - Celestial Spirit (IRE)
212Everglow (GB)Presenting (GB) - Cent Prime (GB)
213UNNAMEDMuhtathir (GB) - Chamoss World (FR)Free 
214Dreamsundermyfeet (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Change of Plan (IRE)
215UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Cill Airne (IRE)
216Bruelay (GB)Kayf Tara (GB) - Clotted Cream
217UNNAMEDMores Wells (GB) - Coastal Cottage (IRE)
218Castle Robin (IRE)Robin des Champs (FR) - Coco Opera (IRE)
219Ahead of Schedule (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - Colleen Bawn (FR)
220Dukehill (IRE)Milan (GB) - Coming Home (FR)
221UNNAMEDJeremy - Conrich (IRE)
222Spectacular Rival (IRE)Sageburg (IRE) - Consuelita (GB)
223UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Cooksgrove Lady (IRE)
224King's Quay (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Coolanurequeen (IRE)
225Pass Rusher (IRE)Doyen (IRE) - Coolrush (IRE)
226Talk Derby To Me (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Cormorant Cove (GB)
227Jacqueline (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Corrie Hall (IRE)
228UNNAMEDYoumzain (IRE) - Cristal Springs (FR)
229Barbary Master (GB)Presenting (GB) - Daisies Adventure (IRE)
230Third Time Lucki (IRE)Arcadio (GER) - Definite Valley (IRE)
231UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Derriana (IRE)
232Blazing Port (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - Despute (IRE)
233Diakosaint (FR)Saint des Saints (FR) - Diananisse (FR)
234UNNAMEDSchiaparelli (GER) - Dont Bug Me Baby (GB)
235Kapitall (GB)Kapgarde (FR) - Doubly Guest (GB)
236UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Dream On (DEN)
237UNNAMEDSchiaparelli (GER) - Duchess Theatre (IRE)
238Madam Deluxe (GB)Malinas (GER) - Easibrook Jane (GB)
239Red Romeo (GB)Midnight Legend (GB) - Easter Comet (GB)
240Easter In Milan (GB)Milan (GB) - Easter Queen (GB)
241UNNAMEDAlkaadhem (GB) - Ellie Forte (GB)
242UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Elphis (IRE)
244Euro Fou (IRE)Le Fou (IRE) - Euro Joy (IRE)
245UNNAMEDNorse Dancer (IRE) - Feisty Lass (IRE)
246Shirocco Sunflower (GB)Shirocco (GER) - Fleur de Nikos (FR)
247Dreal Deal (IRE)Arvico (FR) - Fleur Rose (IRE)
248UNNAMEDNo Risk At All (FR) - Fontaine Riant (FR)
249Gnat (GB)Nathaniel (IRE) - Froglet (GB)
250Dragonfruit (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Fruity Farm (GB)
251Alfsboy (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - Full of Spirit (IRE)
252UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Garravagh Lass (IRE)
253UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Gently Go (IRE)
254The Big Sting (IRE)Scorpion (IRE) - Glory Queen (IRE)
255UNNAMEDVinnie Roe (IRE) - Gold Shot (GB)
256Pilbara (GB)Tiger Groom (GB) - Golden Benefit (IRE)
257Wavering Down (IRE)Jeremy - Gortbofearna (IRE)
258Pour Une Raison (FR)Kapgarde (FR) - Got Aba (FR)
259Arcadian Pearl (IRE)Arcadio (GER) - Grangeclare Pearl (IRE)
260By Order of (IRE)Shantou - Guydus (IRE)
261UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Halo Flora (GB)
262She's A Rocca (IRE)Shirocco (GER) - Hannigan's Lodger (IRE)
263Carisbrook (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Happy Fleet (GB)
264Destiny Is All (IRE)Prince Flori (GER) - Hearts Delight (IRE)
265Stoner's Choice (GB)Great Pretender (IRE) - High Benefit (IRE)
266Cardboard Gangster (GB)Norse Dancer (IRE) - Hiho Silver Lining (GB)
267Falethao d'Ana (FR)Khalkevi (IRE) - Histoire des Ifs (FR)
268UNNAMEDMustameet - Inis Ceithleann (IRE)
269UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Instant Dream (IRE)