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Ocala Breeders' Sales Company 2013 Winter Mixed Sale

January 15 - 16 2013

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
1Tensas Wedding JoyBroken Vow - XylophoneCustom for CarlosFree 
3UNNAMEDDesert Party - ZakcatFree 
4UNNAMEDNeko Bay - Zelmira
5UNNAMEDDivine Park - Al Max Diner
7UNNAMEDLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - A. M. Panicus
8Pulla SurpriseA.P. Indy - AmpullaHigh CottonFree
9UNNAMEDCircular Quay - Angel of Bataan
10Greek KeyMineshaft - AnkletGone AstrayFree
11SaffronistaEcton Park - Appealing BluesLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
13UNNAMEDYes It's True - Ayala Strand
14UNNAMEDMajestic Warrior - Baba Gonzo
15UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Bella TrellaFree 
16Solo CityTemple City - Brightest FutureFree 
17CozshesaidsoEmpire Maker - BrinkBig BrownFree 
18SextantOrientate - BritetonzmydayBenny the Bull
19Holy BrushHoly Bull - Brush With Reality
20UNNAMEDCity Zip - Burnished MissFree 
21ContractualElusive Quality - Cahill MissZensational
22WolfbrauDiscreet Cat - Chope Mockery (FR)
23Slate MillsMidshipman - ColoramaFree 
24UNNAMEDKantharos - Countess AvieFree 
25UNNAMEDHarlan's Holiday - Cozshesaidso
26UNNAMEDBirdstone - Cozy MesaFree 
27Bella TriesteOld Trieste - Crafty But SweetRegal Ransom
28UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - CriticalFree 
29Misty SpringsWild Again - Dancing With DebHigh CottonFree
31Mighty NefretitiPioneerof the Nile - DayienuFree 
32Artistic QueenArtie Schiller - Dearest QueenFree 
33Canadian KnightLangfuhr - Delta DanielleFree 
34Ms. FupegFusaichi Pegasus - DesviacionPioneerof the NileFree 
35UNNAMEDCool Coal Man - Disenfranchised
36UNNAMEDZensational - Di's Song
37UNNAMEDBrother Derek - EmeraldforajudgeFree 
38UNNAMEDOrientate - Esprit d'EscalierFree
40UNNAMEDIndygo Shiner - Fair's Fair
41UNNAMEDMunnings - Fast HeartFree 
42UNNAMEDBustin Stones - FifeFree
43UNNAMEDSuccessful Appeal - FirmnessFree
44Remember LoveA.P. Indy - First Night (IRE)Repent
45UNNAMEDIndygo Shiner - Five Gold Rings
47UNNAMEDCorinthian - Flowers AthefinishFree
48UNNAMEDKantharos - Free HillFree 
50UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Game Trick
51UNNAMEDCowtown Cat - Genuine AngelFree 
52Dante's DarlingMass Media - Glittering Georgia
53UNNAMEDTale of Ekati - Golden MissFree 
54UNNAMEDFlashy Bull - Golden ToastFree 
55UNNAMEDIn Summation - Graceful AceFree
57UNNAMEDKantharos - Halo's MirageFree 
58UNNAMEDIndygo Shiner - Heat Is On
59UNNAMEDLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Heaven's Run
60UNNAMEDHenny Hughes - High Speed Goldie
61UNNAMEDHard Spun - Holiday GoldFree 
63StepsunTwo Step Salsa - Hoping for SunFree
64UNNAMEDForefathers - How 'bout No
65Up My AlleyFlower Alley - I Already KnowFree 
66Fired GoldTouch Gold - Icy WarningBig BrownFree 
67UNNAMEDYesbyjimminy - It's the Cats Meow
68UNNAMEDDunkirk - Japon (GB)
69Cowtown GirlCowtown Cat - Jilli's DreamFree 
71Calico Jack RackamKantharos - Just in PassingFree 
72UNNAMEDKodiak Kowboy - Keda B
73UNNAMEDStreet Boss - KerfuffleFree 
75UNNAMEDAfleet Express - Kettle's Sister
76UNNAMEDDunkirk - Kissesforcaroline
77Lady LakeWildcat Heir - Kombat Lake
78Lacie SlewMineshaft - Lacie GirlFree 
79Klepto CatCat Thief - Lady BlockbusterArcharcharchFree 
80UNNAMEDAlphabet Soup - La Pique Dame
83UNNAMEDAfter Market - Letha BFree
84Mo's PrizeEltish - LibreWildcat Heir
85UNNAMEDCowboy Cal - Lifting the Veil
86Fru FruMedaglia d'Oro - LolabellFree 
87Lori's ExpectationValid Expectations - Lori GailSaffir
88UNNAMEDGiant Gizmo - Lori's ExpectationFree 
89UNNAMEDStevie Wonderboy - Love Sting
90Greatest RewardGrand Reward - Lucy Black
91UNNAMEDYes It's True - Madonna Lily
92AmeeratA. P. Warrior - Malindi
93Pyrite RainGreen Dancer - Manila RainCustom for CarlosFree 
94UNNAMEDDesert Party - Mary CatFree 
95UNNAMEDArtie Schiller - May WeFree 
96UNNAMEDQuality Road - MigrateFree 
97Millie MoniqueYes It's True - Mill Waki's BestMontbrook
98UNNAMEDFlashy Bull - Mississippi BluesFree 
99Genuine AngelExchange Rate - My OasisSociety's ChairmanFree 
101Flashy FlirtGulch - Our ExploitHigh CottonFree
102Golden PeachTouch Gold - Peaks MillScat Daddy
103UNNAMEDReady's Image - Pico PattyFree 
104UNNAMEDPollard's Vision - Pisane HillsFree
105UNNAMEDMidshipman - Play It BackFree 
106UNNAMEDHigh Cotton - Pop Pop's HopeFree
108Absoulute HeavenNot For Love - Princess Caveat
109Majestic GabrielaMajestic Warrior - Princess Thunder
112SupergoddessSpeightstown - Proud AngelLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
113American SongUnbridled's Song - Pure Symmetry
114UNNAMEDAfternoon Deelites - Pyrite Rain
115Key ComponentIndian Charlie - Qualatative
116UNNAMEDKodiak Kowboy - Radon Dancer
117White NileUnbridled's Song - Raise a Carter
118It's the Cats MeowStormy Atlantic - Reign At the TopPut It Back
119HarvardonthebayouColonel John - Reverence
120UNNAMEDExclusive Quality - RouletteFree
121UNNAMEDRead the Footnotes - Royal Conquest
122UNNAMEDAny Given Saturday - Saffronista
123Jewels N GemsAcceptable - Saratoga CampaignLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
124Theatrical ReviewTheatrical (IRE) - Sea GirlA. P. Warrior
125UNNAMEDSummer Bird - Season's Flair
126UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - Sea SpanFree
127UNNAMEDSaint Anddan - Shady Spot
128UNNAMEDRockport Harbor - She's Beautiful
129UNNAMEDLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Silver Lisa
130Good TasteStorm Bird - Simple TasteOld Fashioned
131Skip's StilettoSkip Trial - Single BladeKantharosFree 
132UNNAMEDPomeroy - Sister GreeleyFree 
133UNNAMEDYankee Gentleman - Skip's StilettoFree
135UNNAMEDEnglish Channel - Smile TrainFree 
136Princess ThunderDixie Union - Something SilverGeneral QuartersFree 
137Southern SurgeMeadowlake - Southern LassOld Fashioned
138Party StarterMedaglia d'Oro - Speeding Star (ARG)Free 
139Heiress VonstefaniWildcat Heir - Star Operator
140Stolen ArtworkArtie Schiller - Steal a HeartFree 
142ElizabitsForestry - Sunday MorningArcharcharchFree 
143UNNAMEDLatent Heat - Sweeping
144UNNAMEDWith Distinction - Talullah
145Shrimp TempuraTejabo - TempuraLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
146UNNAMEDPomeroy - Theresa's TizzyFree 
147Tsunami NightZanjero - ThruforthenightFree 
148UNNAMEDIndygo Shiner - Tiger Red
149Freedom LandSmart Strike - T'Martooni
150Rockin TracyRock Hard Ten - TracyZensational
151UNNAMEDNorthern Afleet - Tres ChaudFree 
152UNNAMEDLine of David - Trick Question
153Master TrickyDance Master - Tricky MistressAlbertus MaximusFree 
154UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - TrioFree 
156Rae J's DesertKantharos - Unbridled BreederFree 
157UNNAMEDMineshaft - Veiled ThreatFree 
158UNNAMEDMunnings - Viva VegaFree 
159Fusaichi ValentineFusaichi Pegasus - WearOld Fashioned
161PrettypreciousheirWildcat Heir - White Ruffle
162UNNAMEDEl Corredor - Who's Sorry NowFree 
165Call Me SisFast Ferdie - Advance Warning
166Alaskan CausewayGiant's Causeway - Alaska QueenFree 
167Great StarGreatness - Alphabet Star
168Oh My TatumHorse Greeley - Amber Kay
169ShiningintheworldLightnin N Thunder - A. M. GalFree
170Pretty Gal TooBirdstone - Amydarling TooFree 
173Artic CatCowtown Cat - Artic ExperienceFree 
174Toast Our GalKeyed Entry - A Special Toast
175Simone TemplarSaint Anddan - As the Raven Flies
176Flying CorinthianCorinthian - Baltic FlierFree
177CancinoGreatness - Belong to Rita
178Mount StepneyStrong Hope - Betty's PetFree
180Pure BrewSimon Pure - Brewmatic
181UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Cadillac MountainFree
182UNNAMEDStormy Atlantic - Cajun MistressFree
183Sheza GlitterFast Ferdie - Call Me Glitter
186Casual TrickBernardini - Casual LookFree 
187El CadeteBwana Charlie - Cat Bleu
188At LargeOrientate - Catch Me DeputyFree
192BetterinthebahamasGraeme Hall - Choose the Right
196Dipsy DoodleExclusive Quality - Club QueenFree
200Eureka SpringsEnglish Channel - Cuddle HerFree 
201ThenamesflappyDesert Warrior - Dancing With Me
202Pioneer RoadGolden Missile - Dancin Olivia
203Three Dollar BillCircular Quay - D. D. Rocks
204SoccerholicHear No Evil - DoreneFree
206Sober NiteGriffinite - Duralass
207Hey WheresmydinnerWar Pass - Early Vintage
208Ride a SongSongandaprayer - Earthquake RideFree
209Elite HonorDouble Honor - Elite Jet Setter
210With My DaddyThe Daddy - Erin of Wicklow
211BurnishedMedaglia d'Oro - EssenceFree 
213Blue Angel ExpressMarciano - Express Angel
214Concorde ExpressConcorde's Tune - Express Fashion
215NuvoPleasantly Perfect - Family CatFree 
216Ridgeway CrescentStormy Atlantic - FeathersFree
218Jolena JoBurning Roma - Final Assault
220CardSpring At Last - Fond
222Change of SceneryCashel Castle - Genuine AngelFree
224Far NientePleasantly Perfect - Glorious RahyFree 
226My Name Is HebeKela - Hello HebeFree
227Coded EntryKeyed Entry - Hint of Fire
228Carlisle HouseDynaformer - Holy Belle
229Queen Street BeachPaynes Bay - Hopefield
232Our Crystal BlueSabre d'Argent - Indigo Moon
234BingoBernstein - Isabeau
235Northern JetNorthern Afleet - JetazelleFree 
238KlukiJohar - Kaluka
239Quick ProjectReady's Image - Karakorum KarenFree 
240Chernobyl's HeroCryptoclearance - Karakorum's Lisa
241UNNAMEDThewayyouare - Karen S.
243Threehits N a MissConcerto - Kitty Dehere
244Giant BabySuave - La Chiquilla
245Success FactorCongrats - Lady JazzFree 
247MagoobyPatriot Act - La Jefa
248Pass the LakeWar Pass - Lake Princess
249Black StashBernardini - La RosaFree 
250R. D. GrayMarciano - Last Hand
251Lucky and CoolSongandaprayer - Lavender LuckFree
253Put It ForwardPut It Back - Lerma
254Wishing Can Be FunYesbyjimminy - Lucky Wish
255Madison StreetStreet Boss - Madi's JulFree 
256War WonHenny Hughes - Making Up
257Pardonez MoiSkip Trial - Masara Key
261Trending NowHorse Greeley - Minny's Niece
263Samantha RosaCashel Castle - MonticelloFree
264Lime LadyLimehouse - Mullen RoadFree
266JoeB L's Appeal - No Apparent Reason
267Sun WarriorSunriver - Notice
268Personal PursuitBandini - Ocean Melodie (AUS)
269Northern CharmQuiet American - Overocks
270LitchfieldStrong Hope - PadmoreFree
271Mose BottomStrong Hope - Perfect EndingFree
273Land a ManUtopia (JPN) - Playdemrocks
275VicolaIndian Charlie - Pretty Audrey (NZ)
276Heza Royal OneKeyed Entry - Private Princess
278Harlan's RingsHarlan's Holiday - Queen of the Rings
279Duncans CircleDynaformer - Queen's College
281Gulf Coast BreezeStormy Atlantic - QuicariaFree
282Silver and SmokeMontbrook - Quiddich
286Riveter RosyWestern Expression - Rare Truth
287Four Cross RoadsDefer - Rave
288MonarchianMonarchos - Really Good
289St. Lawrence GapSaint Anddan - Reeds Hill
291Riva's DisputeDomestic Dispute - Riva's ReflectionFree 
292AlmendaresRepent - Rivery
293Funny BayMedaglia d'Oro - Rosy HumorFree 
294On ParolePut It Back - Run Like Martha
296GriftExchange Rate - Sarah's World
297Falling SkyLion Heart - Sea DragonessFree 
298SpoonfulGrand Slam - Sea Green
299SearockeygoRockport Harbor - Sea Way Lady
300Cape RaceStormy Atlantic - Seeking the RingFree
301Sharp TongueSharp Humor - Sensorious Kiss
303HardwareHard Spun - ShriekFree 
305GivepeaceachancePeace Rules - Smile Train
307Treasured KittenKitten's Joy - SomethingtreasuredFree 
309Elk's Big RedLatent Heat - Songfest
310Riley N JackHenny Hughes - Spankstress
311UNNAMEDHard Spun - SparklerFree 
312Malibu CreekMalibu Moon - SquawkFree 
313Shesa Sweet SecretPeace Rules - Stalwart's Secret
314All American StarQuiet American - Starbuster
315ObitaCity Place - Star Julia
316Alphabet HeavenAlphabet Soup - Starship Heaven
317Wet n' RecklessWar Front - Stay AwhileFree
318A Storm Is BrewingYesbyjimminy - Stay for the Storm
319Travelin DreamExpress Tour - Steppedoutofadream
320Bold ThunderBold n' Flashy - Stormy Kristine
321Kate's PossePosse - Studentoftheweek
323UNNAMEDHear No Evil - Sweet Lady JaneFree
324Bull AccountBenny the Bull - Take Into Account
325UNNAMEDPleasantly Perfect - Thundering IrishFree 
326Sweetie TiyLangfuhr - Tiy BusterFree 
327Kitt's Kool KattOne Nice Cat - Token Kitty
328TrippydoodleSalute the Sarge - Trippin Star
329Criminal EleganceDehere - Twenty One Chic
331CorrespondentRock Hard Ten - Uplifting
334UNNAMEDReady's Image - Very Special ChickFree 
335Wonderful SongTiz Wonderful - Wayward Song
336Lady RizziRizzi - What'salltheruckas
337Hollywood ScriptGone West - Wheatly Way
339Valid WildfireValid Reprized - Wildfire Ruby
341Big LightningBernardini - Wild LightningFree 
342Wild Asa BirdLost Soldier - Wild Wild Robin
343SamsalConsolidator - Willow Rush
344Moonshine RidgeSpeightstown - Prior ParkFree 
345The Storm Has GonePut It Back - Stay for the Storm
346Maize N ChawHook and Ladder - Shortstop
347ApocalypticaPulpit - Lost in the Storm
348Oh Yes She DidCuvee - She Just MightFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic Reports
401Haylie's DawnMi Cielo - AdamantineSightseeing
403UNNAMEDPomeroy - AlamottaFree 
405Alisa's HopeSuave Prospect - AllendarCliff's Catch
406UNNAMEDCool Coal Man - Ambalika
407Musical HarmonyDixieland Band - Amity ArSun King
408Black Eyed GirlFavorite Trick - Anelda
409Charlie AtlasMy Pal Charlie - Angapanga
410Glowing PointConcord Point - Anna's Glow
411UNNAMEDWith Distinction - Anythingispossible
412TanasiHigh Cotton - Apache PinesFree
413UNNAMEDSaint Anddan - Arabian Nights
414Warrior KingMajestic Warrior - Arcilla
415UNNAMEDHarlem Rocker - A Rose for Shannon
416UNNAMEDMr. Nightlinger - AshdeaneFree
417Lucky WishLucky Lionel - Ask for a StarYesbyjimminy
418TwothirtyBelong to Me - BabyexpectationsGottcha GoldFree
420My Silver CatD'wildcat - Bali SilverFree
422Taihedian (CHI)Merchant of Venice - Barbera (CHI)Friendly Island
423BayvillePaynes Bay - Bayley Alley
424Jan Sings DixieSouvenir Copy - Belle SouthPomeroyFree 
425UNNAMEDForefathers - Belsay
426BlessedtobehereStephen Got Even - Best Blessing
430UNNAMEDChatain - Black Tie Diamond
431Blueyed LassSky Classic - Blueyed GalYankee GentlemanFree
433Bridge to GoldMalabar Gold - Bridge to CrossCity Place
434ElcinicoCowtown Cat - Bridge to GoldFree 
436Wild Meggie MegWild Zone - BuckaretteGiant Oak
437Giacomae MountainGiacomo - Cadillac Mountain
438UNNAMEDSummer Bird - Cape North
439Coral WalkPaynes Bay - Catchy PattonGone AstrayFree
440Miss StetsonWith Distinction - Caught Kissing
441Leona's TicketSir Leon - Caught SpeedingHal's Image
442UNNAMEDYesbyjimminy - C B T Dan's Girl
446UNNAMEDUtopia (JPN) - Cherokee Lady
447Royal FudgeCarson City - Chocolate FudgeFirst DudeFree
448I Beat YouIn Summation - Cinnamon BunsFree
449Cool Coal LadyCool Coal Man - Citi Music
450BustinwithloveBustin Stones - Classic LoveFree
451Hope's TriumphA.P. Indy - Clever MoniqueHalf OursFree 
453Kat PrincessEl Prado (IRE) - Clever Princess
454Bwana LadyBwana Charlie - Cloudy Birthday
455Here in a HurryPaynes Bay - Coconut Walk
457HeartofthetempleTemple City - Color My HeartFree 
458Bamboo RidgeStrong Hope - CombermereMarchfieldFree 
459UNNAMEDShakespeare - Comfortable
460UNNAMEDMy Pal Charlie - Concho Valley
461UNNAMEDBustin Stones - Cool RhythmFree
463Cotton Bay CloseStormy Atlantic - Cotton House BayFree
464UNNAMEDWith Distinction - Cowgirl Affair
465Nevada RoseHear No Evil - Crimson and RosesAwesome of CourseFree
466Just PeggyBandini - Cruz Bay
467UNNAMEDNoonmark - Crystal Sweet
468UNNAMEDGriffinite - Cyber Rona
469Boston RosePollard's Vision - Cynthia RoseFree
470Evil Eyed CzarinaCarson City - Czar's PrincessLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
474Kylie's DreamValid Expectations - Dehere's DreamChatain
475Turner's HallForest Wildcat - Delight's Tribute
476HavelseeTiznow - DivaFree 
477Bye Bye BellaBellamy Road - Dixie KidFree 
478Yes It's PattyYes It's True - Dogwood PattyWildcat Heir
481DrizzleSky Mesa - DoyenneFree 
482UNNAMEDSaint Anddan - Dream Ride
483Duel to the EndEnd Sweep - Due RegardBelong to Me
484PascalawagRaffie's Majesty - Dutch Maid
485Sapphire IceDixie Union - Easy ActionIn SummationFree
486Kisses IncludedInclude - Eliza's KissTelling
487UNNAMEDCowtown Cat - Empire's GoldFree 
488Eskimo's BestBest of Luck - Eskimo Magic
489Flying Like MagicMajestic Warrior - Evelina
491UNNAMEDAwesome of Course - Fancy and SmartFree
492Fast At NoonNoonmark - Fast an Catty
493UNNAMEDKeyed Entry - Favorite
494Southern SerenitySweetsouthernsaint - Finale HopperValue PlusFree
495Fine CatCowtown Cat - Fine FashionFree 
496Wish to OpinePurim - Flying Gal
497Such a Sweet GirlProud and True - Forest DunesLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
498UrgePurge - Freei
499TraficanteExclusive Quality - Free SlamFree
500Peb's SketchJustenuffhumor - Front CoverFree 
502Iamahandsome ManMusket Man - Ginny Auxier
504UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Glow of the TigerFree
505UNNAMEDExclusive Quality - Gold Bag LadyFree
506UNNAMEDYes It's True - Golden Forest
507Princess QuinnGrand Slam - Gold PrincessAdios CharlieFree
508Sprinkles On TopSaint Anddan - Hal's Kat
509Mom's ImageStormy Atlantic - Ham and EggsFree
510HasardeuseDistant View - HarpiaTelling
511UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Haut MondeFree
512MerciWilliamstown - Heaven KnowsA. P. Warrior
514Serious HappinessEl Corredor - Heavenly EmpressFree 
516UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Heythisis SarahFree 
517AdrinkwithfriendsMax's Pal - Hollie's EntreHigh CottonFree
518UNNAMEDCool Coal Man - Holy Class
519Sky GoddessSky Mesa - HoneymoonerCowtown CatFree 
520UNNAMEDGolden Missile - Honorable Halo
521UNNAMEDHenny Hughes - Hot Tip
522Ruby Be MineRubiano - Hyper and SaucyValid Expectations
523Mr Rink DinkerPetionville - I Got SilverFree
524AshdeaneHonour and Glory - Ilaro CourtPrivate Vow
525UNNAMEDGriffinite - Imagonnacatchyou
526Dream HarderHard Spun - Impending StormFree 
527UNNAMEDCool Coal Man - Inaspecial Way
528UNNAMEDUtopia (JPN) - Inca Sun
529Aptitude in MeAptitude - Jaguar MeadowDevil His Due
530JawiseWiseman's Ferry - JanaFirst DudeFree
531Joltin JessieJungle Express - Jessica's Bet
532Loudmouth CatWith Distinction - Joliejolie Time
533UNNAMEDRepent - Jolie's Dream
538UNNAMEDCircular Quay - Key West Appeal
539DevaluethecurrencyHigh Cotton - King's PactFree
540Cheri's WinSaint Anddan - Kitty Kitty Kitty
541UNNAMEDCowtown Cat - Klassic KickFree 
542K. O. SkipjackPomeroy - K. O. PrincessFree 
543UNNAMEDGrasshopper - Kylie's DreamFree 
544UNNAMEDNotional - Ladies DanceFree
545Ladies DanceLeestown - Ladies Nite OutForefathers
546American StayerCool Coal Man - Lady Bahrina
547Eden LodgeNumerous - Lafayette's LadyGraeme Hall
548UNNAMEDChatain - Lark's Impression
549GingerlandForestry - LitanyA. P. Warrior
550Miss HatterWith Distinction - Little Heiress
551Stay for the StormStormy Atlantic - Lost Creek SlewYesbyjimminy
552Joliejolie TimeMister Jolie - Loudmouth Time
553UNNAMEDNoonmark - Loves to Peak
554UNNAMEDYesbyjimminy - Lucky Wish
555Iced CappucinoRepriced - LuminaireMotovato
558North Park LegendAffirmed - MargotAmerican Spirit
559Chef's ChoiceEskimo - Martial LandFirst DudeFree
561Meet At Lola'sSmoke Glacken - Meguilty
562UNNAMEDSpring At Last - Melo Sophie
563The Checotah KidKiss the Kid - Merlot Moment
564FavoriteChief's Crown - Mimi BakerFlashstormFree
565La ChurrucaFull Mandate - Mims
566UNNAMEDMaimonides - Miraculous KnightFree
568Homecoming MissCame Home - Miss Union AvenueIn SummationFree
569UNNAMEDCity Zip - Mist YaFree 
570Parting the WatersPurim - Mizz Wee
571Molly's EventWild Event - Molly Minister
572AmbalikaIndian Charlie - MotherCool Coal Man
573UNNAMEDChapel Royal - Mothra
574BerdeliaWild Zone - Mrs. RobertsBob and John
575UNNAMEDBluegrass Cat - Music Box DancerFree
576Pure GoldenSimon Pure - My Harvest Gold
577Wild MysteryD'wildcat - Mystery DanceFree
580Conway Two StepSpanish Steps - Nancy's Glitter
581Carolyn's WayFarma Way - Nan's First GirlGreatness
582UNNAMEDValid Reprized - Naughty Dreadlocks
583UNNAMEDUtopia (JPN) - Near Bethany
584UNNAMEDRock Hampton - Netjet
585CounttheblessingsCount the Time - Nice 'n GroovyIn SummationFree
587Mine LegendMineshaft - North Park LegendNorthern AfleetFree 
588UNNAMEDAfleet Alex - Nuestra StarFree 
589UNNAMEDEddington - Offshore NewsFree
590Litter the GlitterGlitterman - One for Hebe
591For Real LifeThe Cliff's Edge - Our Ryann's XpressCool Coal Man
593UNNAMEDChatain - Pine Thymeprincess
594Hot Time ToniteForefathers - Piping Hot
595Valentine's HaloHalo's Image - Pod Pa Raja
596Shak ShakBrahms - Poinciana
597UNNAMEDWildcat Heir - Polka Dot Miss
598UNNAMEDMunnings - PositioningFree 
599Court AdjouredClosing Argument - Princess CartFree
600UNNAMEDUtopia (JPN) - Private Escort
601Private MiraclePolish Miner - Private Smile
603UNNAMEDChatain - Proud Rose
605She's Royal TooDeerhound - Queen's Reflection
606Reflect the QueenJungle Express - Queen's Reflection
607Secretly TakenLion Hearted - Quick to Pounce
609Molls AlleyFlower Alley - RaveFree 
610Union BeautyHigh Cotton - Red BeautyFree
612UNNAMEDKantharos - Red RuffleFree 
613StockpileSafe in the U S A - Restock
614UNNAMEDAlphabet Soup - Risky Kitten
615Silver QueenWaquoit - Riva's ReflectionUnited States
617UNNAMEDCongaree - Rodeo'sbeenspottedFree
618UNNAMEDValue Plus - Roll V T RFree
619UNNAMEDCongrats - Roman BluffFree 
621UNNAMEDAlphabet Soup - Royal Waltz
622UNNAMEDChatain - Ruby Be Mine
623UNNAMEDLine of David - Saradevin
624Heythisis SarahUnbridled's Song - Saratoga WarningTwo Step SalsaFree
625Grateful AttitudeMaimonides - ScattitudeFree
626SkiinthewildWild Event - SeemeskiPleasant Strike
627Intimidating WomanIntimidator - Seneca Woman
628SeraphKantharos - Seraphic TooFree 
629UNNAMEDBernstein - Shake Off
630UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - She's SensationalFree 
631Kigh TeePomeroy - Silver ShannonExclusive QualityFree
632Indygo JewelIndy Wind - Simply French
634Peaceful CreekPeace Rules - Sisters CreekGraeme Hall
635UNNAMEDMarsh Side - Sky Bonnet
636UNNAMEDAlaazo - Smart Grace
637Saucy's SmokinFast Ferdie - Smoked HamPleasant Strike
638Madam HertfieldMiswaki - Social BusinessYesbyjimminy
640UNNAMEDKantharos - SoldiersingsbluesFree 
641Make a MotionJungle Express - Sosun in Motion
642ChampagneforaqueenOvernight Express - Special ChampagneFlashstormFree
643Merry MaidenSeeking the Gold - Spoiled LadyHigh CottonFree
645Gilded ArrowGolden Missile - Stage Door Honey
646UNNAMEDKeyed Entry - Stay for the Storm
647EveryonelovescandyPut It Back - Strickly EloTwo Step SalsaFree
648Thats WhatshesaidLion Heart - Strong GirlAdios CharlieFree
650Look Up and SmileOrientate - Sugar SwirlFree
652Silent RapidsUnbridled - Sunset RiverNotionalFree
653Concho ValleySunny's Halo - Super DreamerSightseeing
654UNNAMEDParading - Sweet Enough
655UNNAMEDForefathers - Sweet Jackie Jo
657Devil's BayouChatain - Sweet Melissa
658UNNAMEDCatienus - Sydney's Lexington
660UNNAMEDHarlem Rocker - Tarrah's Tale
661UNNAMEDValid Reprized - Tatty's Song
662Lucky LuluGrand Slam - Tell SeattleD' FunnyboneFree
665Forever MineBelong to Me - Tonight's WagerPut It Back
667UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Tonight's WagerFree 
668J. T. MunningsMunnings - Tonto Bar GirlFree 
669Little WaveCherokee Run - Top Mambo
670CmegobyuUtopia (JPN) - Touchmeifyoucan
671Treasured FreedomOpen Forum - TreasuredArcharcharchFree 
672Premier TriPremiership - Tri ArgoLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)
673UNNAMEDPomeroy - True GlitterFree 
674Tricky EnglishEnglish Channel - U K TrickFree 
675Christi's PrideProud and True - Unbridled Christi
676Unbridled TaleTale of the Cat - Unbridled PleasureA. P. Warrior
677UNNAMEDCool Coal Man - Valiant Fighter
678UNNAMEDPleasantly Perfect - VerbanellaFree 
681Look to the StarsSlew Gin Fizz - WanchaFirst DudeFree
682Wandering MoonMalibu Moon - Wandering PineFree 
684Silver Forked SkyFlashy Bull - Weight No MoreFree 
686Que BonitaMeadowlake - Why So MuchJ P's GustoFree
688Awesome MedicineAwesome Again - Wild CureGeneral QuartersFree 
689Chasing DollarsValid Reprized - Wildfire Ruby
691UNNAMEDCatienus - Winlocs Lesliejake
692UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Winloc's SunshineFree