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Ocala Breeders' Sales Co. 2020 Winter Mixed Sale including Horses of Racing Age

January 28 - 29 2020

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDBodemeister - Katana (NZ)Free 
2Flagler StreetDeclaration of War - KimonoGone Astray
3BigboystoysRaison d'Etat - KleodoraFree 
4UNNAMEDUnion Rags - La MilanesaFree 
5UNNAMEDCommissioner - Lanida
6UNNAMEDUncaptured - La Parcela
7UNNAMEDNoble Bird - La Reina Del SurFree
8UNNAMEDMidnight Storm - Lily MariaFree 
9UNNAMEDUncaptured - Livingston's Lady
10UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Louve Royale (IRE)
11UNNAMEDExaggerator - Lovely DreamFree 
12UNNAMEDLord Nelson - Macquarie StreetFree 
13UNNAMEDExaggerator - Maid in HeavenFree 
14UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Maid of HeavenFree 
15UNNAMEDExaggerator - Majestic MommyFree 
16HarlidayHarlan's Holiday - Meadow SunlightJess's DreamFree
17UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Mean IreneFree 
18UNNAMEDNot This Time - Midnight MagicFree 
19Ready to FilmNoble Bird - Miss MakerFree
20UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Miss Prudence
21UNNAMEDKlimt - Mollie MerisaFree 
22Mom's Night OutFirst Dude - Mom's DeputySpeightsterFree 
23UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Mom's ImageFree
24UNNAMEDLea - Moon Pie (IRE)Free 
25UNNAMEDRainbow Heir - Ms HallieFree
26Rise for GloryJess's Dream - Musical TouchFree
27UNNAMEDGormley - My CatrionaFree 
28UNNAMEDNot This Time - My Miss KallieFree 
29HumorleeDistorted Humor - My Own Lovely LeeGoldencentsFree 
30UNNAMEDNeolithic - Nefer NeferFree
31UNNAMEDUnified - NoviqueFree 
32UNNAMEDConnect - On Golden PawnFree 
33UNNAMEDTourist - On We GoFree 
34J C's Proud KittenKitten's Joy - Pacific TrailFree 
35UNNAMEDKantharos - Party SmartFree 
36UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Pepperdine GirlFree 
37UNNAMEDAmerican Pharoah - Perfect FitFree 
38UNNAMEDCupid - Pious AshleyFree 
39UNNAMEDNoble Bird - Port Au PrincessFree
40UNNAMEDTapiture - Pretty SpringsFree 
41Quick and GoldenMedaglia d'Oro - Quick as a CatBuccheroFree
42Madama ButterflyGrand Slam - Quick DreamBuccheroFree
43UNNAMEDKeen Ice - Quite DramaticFree 
44UNNAMEDUncaptured - Red Hot Jul
45UNNAMEDValiant Minister - Red Hot LoverFree
46Wicked IrishmanChitu - Relentless StormFree
47UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Reputa the BeautahFree 
48ReneesdreamgirlYoung Brian - Richiesdreamgirl
49UNNAMEDValiant Minister - Riddle Me ThisFree
50UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Riviera BlueFree
51UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Romantic Surprise
52UNNAMEDMr Speaker - Ruby CrownFree 
53UNNAMEDHard Spun - Scary SmartFree 
54She Told YouAwesome of Course - She Did TellLookin At LuckyFree 
55Flagrant FoulTiznow - Siberian FurSharp AztecaFree 
56Diamonds PleaseMineshaft - Silence PleaseMidnight LuteFree 
57Uncaptured FaithUncaptured - Sister Kathy
58Patsy's GirlNeolithic - Skillman AvenueFree
59UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Small PleasuresFree 
60UNNAMEDBayern - SongofthecityFree 
61White HandsExchange Rate - Spring AngelGone Astray
63Valiant Mini StarValiant Minister - StarfromafarFree
64UNNAMEDLiam's Map - StellabymoonlightFree 
65UNNAMEDBal a Bali (BRZ) - StonerageousFree 
66Alexandra's StormColonel John - Storm Key
67KayaraKantharos - Straight FamaThe Big BeastFree
68Style ShowRed Ransom - Style Setter
69Passion CandyCandy Ride (ARG) - Successfully SweetUncaptured
70UNNAMEDUncaptured - Sweet Dreams Diva
71BrattothecoreKatahaula County - Sweet LeaderGirvinFree
72What About MaeveMinardi - Take the AvenueBuccheroFree
73UNNAMEDQuality Road - TheogonyFree 
74UNNAMEDViolence - Three Degrees MonFree 
75Lady RegentLong Island Sound - Tiz Four
76UNNAMEDFrosted - Toast to AshleyFree 
77Samantha DearShaman Ghost - To CommercialFree 
78The Spirit WithinGraeme Hall - Too Many ChoicesMr SpeakerFree 
79OnesieIndian Ocean - ToosieUncaptured
80TorchmeGimmeawink - TorcheraLaobanFree 
81UNNAMEDAmerican Freedom - TujuacagofastFree 
82WitchesofwestfieldCape Canaveral - Two Ninety JonesGirvinFree
83UNNAMEDGormley - U Know That RiteFree 
84UNNAMEDSpeightster - Ultimate PrizeFree 
85UNNAMEDKlimt - Union MadeFree 
86UNNAMEDKeen Ice - Valley OakFree 
87Fine SilverBluegrass Cat - VarnishBuccheroFree
88UNNAMEDGone Astray - White Hands
89UNNAMEDTonalist - Wife SupportFree 
90RichiesdreamgirlMunnings - WilddreamscometrueBuccheroFree
91Wild IrishmanChitu - Wild LunaFree
92TuberoseCandy Ride (ARG) - WinteroseTouristFree 
93Bound for EdenTapit - Word PuzzleTexas RedFree 
94UNNAMEDBernardini - You Hear Us ComingFree 
95UNNAMEDLiam's Map - ZamquickFree 
96UNNAMEDShaman Ghost - AbbybooFree 
97UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Alabama GraceFree 
98UNNAMEDWildcat Red - Appealing DivaFree
99UNNAMEDGreenpointcrusader - Appella's TripFree
100UNNAMEDPractical Joke - Be FairFree 
101MakemebelieveMucho Macho Man - Believe AgainFree 
102Bluegrass FestivalBluegrass Cat - Berry BlessedLookin At LuckyFree 
103SpikezoneSpeightster - BlameitontheiceFree 
104UNNAMEDDaredevil - Bluegrass SunsetFree 
105UNNAMEDUncaptured - Blue Katana
106Shahala (AUS)Bernardini - BonifacioFree 
107UNNAMEDRainbow Heir - Bop She BopFree
108UNNAMEDBehesht (FR) - Bound for Eden
109UNNAMEDMucho Macho Man - Breach of DutyFree 
110UNNAMEDSpeightster - BrennanFree 
111Walkin in a ShadowSharp Humor - Brilliant AppealGood SamaritanFree 
112UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Brilliant HumorFree 
113Brit's CandymanValiant Minister - British EventFree
114J Lo StyleSpeightster - Broad SoundFree 
115D'oro's WishMshawish - Brunilda (ARG)Free 
116Thirsty BirdStay Thirsty - Buddy's BirdFree
117Sweet as DixieDixie Union - CabiriaKlimtFree 
118Bella VincenzaBiondetti - CascinaFree
119Perfume LadyBernardini - CatalonianFree 
120UNNAMEDLiam's Map - Cave CreekerFree 
121NymphDominus - C d'CatFree 
122UNNAMEDUncaptured - Circular Rainbow
123UNNAMEDStrong Mandate - Conway Two StepFree 
124UNNAMEDChitu - Cool GooseFree
125UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Counselor CabotFree 
126UNNAMEDAwesome Again - Crystal Halo
127Above ItHoly Bull - Dame AvieCommissioner
128Drum MajorCongrats - Dancing DreamsFree 
129UNNAMEDGone Astray - Daytime Promise
130TalkativeLaoban - De MystiqueFree 
131UNNAMEDKhozan - Desoto First LadyFree
132UNNAMEDValiant Minister - Discreet DarlingFree
133CheapcostshighKlimt - Dos LunasFree 
134UNNAMEDNoble Bird - DreaminofauntdianeFree
135OuthustleOutwork - Dr MegannFree 
136Ebony MomentSmart Strike - Ebony BreezeGirvinFree
137Slim Slow SliderVancouver (AUS) - Entice
138UNNAMEDCupid - EuphonicFree 
139UNNAMEDUncaptured - Express Passion
140ThisonesforrickyEmpire Maker - Fabulous BalletKlimtFree 
141UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Featured ItemFree
142For the WinCongrats - First InterviewAdios CharlieFree
143UNNAMEDMineshaft - Five Star AnnieFree 
144Fabiana's FlashCity Zip - Flashy n SmartUncaptured
145UNNAMEDNeolithic - FondantFree
146UNNAMEDNeolithic - Fond of SarahFree
147TizsfranderellaTizway - FranderellaFree
148Ms. India WilkesPoseidon's Warrior - Frontier FrannyFree
149UNNAMEDTapiture - Gambling GeraldineFree 
150UNNAMEDPalace - Go ShimmerFree 
151UNNAMEDAmerican Freedom - Grace AboundsFree 
152Gracie MoUncle Mo - Gracie's ButterflyFree 
153UNNAMEDConnect - Gran PashitaFree 
154UNNAMEDGoldencents - HamsinFree 
155UNNAMEDBodemeister - HangingwithsonnyFree 
156Star of GloryUnbridled - Hangin On a StarGormleyFree 
157UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - Harlan ShuffleFree 
158Shift 'n GearsTapiture - Heavenly GiftFree 
159Heaven's HumorDrosselmeyer - Heavens Passport
160UNNAMEDNoble Bird - Hometown DiscountFree
161BringthewineFlintshire (GB) - HumoristicaFree 
162UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Icy PiFree 
163UNNAMEDNot This Time - InfatuatedFree 
164UNNAMEDGormley - Inner GrooveFree 
165Yes I'm a BeastThe Big Beast - Inpending DangerFree
166Ms HallieStormy Atlantic - Jen's HaloGoldencentsFree 
167UNNAMEDMastery - JillyFree 
168She's a TenRock Hard Ten - Klondike Hills
169Lighthouse LuckPalace Malice - Liam's DreamFree 
170MarkleRegal Ransom - Miss Dahlia
171Pixie DevilStephen Got Even - Moody BroadLiam's MapFree 
172Kaibo CatBluegrass Cat - Numero UnoFree
173Molly and LoWarrior's Reward - Patricias ProspectFree 
174Heroic ActivistDeclaration of War - Reliquary
175KookaburraFastnet Rock (AUS) - Sail Away Home
176Inside OutColonel John - Star of JoharOscar PerformanceFree 
177SkydeckCurlin - ThiscatsforcarylSpeightsterFree 
178Volatility IndexMizzen Mast - ZulaNoble Mission (GB)Free 
179Clever DancerOld Fashioned - AshevilleMidnight StormFree 
180E B RyderBluegrass Cat - Back to EarthNoble Mission (GB)Free 
181Texas Ascot QueenFast Anna - BalmaranFree 
182KolochaPaddy O'Prado - Capote's Halo
183Rockin JojoStreet Magician - Chiqueada
184UNNAMEDKlimt - CobiaFree 
185Klimt's KissKlimt - FrankincessFree 
186JessicaisbackagainPut It Back - Jessica's HaloDialed InFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
201UNNAMEDFast Anna - K. O.'s TouchFree 
202Light FootedFort Larned - La Boheme (GER)Free
203La BossitaStreet Boss - La SorellaFree 
204Arapaho LadyFort Larned - La SorellaFree
205UNNAMEDTemple City - Little Black BookFree 
206Smart SetInto Mischief - Little Green LightFree 
207Two Bit KidStay Thirsty - Love in ParisFree
208SharethegoodtimesCandy Ride (ARG) - MaristarFree 
209SensationalistWicked Rich - Matty's Sensation
210OlanaNormandy Invasion - Miss AndorraFree
211Richie's B LWicked Rich - Miss Golden Freud
212Super SniperFort Larned - Miss IsellaFree
213Athena's RevengeWildcat Heir - Mitasunke
214Wicked JaneWicked Rich - Mom's Honor
215UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Mom's Image
216Maroon ManiacViolence - Ms Arch StantonFree 
217Doms Feisty GirlConstitution - MyakkaFree 
218FriendlyproductionRun Production - My Friend LaceyFree
219Summer At the SpaSummer Front - MyselfFree 
220Mystic MovesFlatter - Mystic MiracleFree 
221HanielMizzen Mast - NashiraFree 
222Super GalleryRattlesnake Bridge - Not Affiliated
223Royal EnvoyAnimal Kingdom - One Night
224J P's DelightJ P's Gusto - Our Delight
225CensuradoMajestic City - Our FreyaFree 
226GrudgePalace Malice - PilamayaFree 
227MiamayaData Link - Pilamaya
228Silent FireSilent Name (JPN) - Pink TrilliumFree 
229AcaseadayAwesome of Course - Pleasant RingFree
230Windsor CourtCity Zip - Prettyatthetable
231Liverpool ManMilwaukee Brew - Princess Adelyn
232Silver SmokeSilver Max - Promise Me SilverFree 
233Royal BrewMilwaukee Brew - Queen of Bandini
234MelissaniMalibu Moon - Ransomed Heart (IRE)Free 
235Super TiznowTiznow - RedaspenFree 
236Embrace a New DayNew Year's Day - Reveal
237Doctor UptownDoctor Peach - Rosiesuptown
238Lea Me AloneLea - RoundnroundwegoFree 
239Hard n'SweetHard Spun - Sally RideFree 
240LonglovelydancerMagician (IRE) - Sandvika (FR)
241Fast FionnualaVerrazano - Scene Maker
242Western CrusaderEnglish Channel - Seattle EnvoyFree 
243Lady of ActionFort Larned - Secret ActionFree
244Monster MakerEmpire Maker - See Ya SigneFree 
245CalibogeeGolden Lad - SensationistaFree
246Senorita AuroraKhozan - ShegoestoelevenFree
247UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - She's GrumpyFree 
248Blue MaxSilver Max - She's Stella MarieFree 
249Swirling DancerFort Larned - Sky High GalFree
250Desoto's WarWarrior's Reward - Smarty BirdFree 
251Made My Day (IRE)Kingman (GB) - Soul of Houdini
252Eloquent SpeakerFlatter - Spoken Not BrokenFree 
253Vivid VixenAnimal Kingdom - Spun Lace
254Kittens EmbraceKitten's Joy - St. BorealisFree 
255Enduring FreedomLiam's Map - Stormy SaturdayFree 
256Noble KittenNoble Mission (GB) - Sweet KittenFree 
257OconeeWicked Rich - Swimmer
258GroomsmanCsaba - Toss the BouquetFree
259Midnight CurfewMidnight Lute - T. R. IndyFree 
260Real GraceMineshaft - True Way of GraceFree 
261Melodious SingerFort Larned - Truly MarieFree
262Acceptable RiskBlame - Trusty TemperFree 
263H P Big HopeEffinex - Try Your Best (TUR)
264Prince KhozanKhozan - Verso a VersoFree
265BooyakashaKantharos - WacFree 
266A Girl Named JacPoint of Entry - War FlowerFree 
267Jungle BrideAnimal Kingdom - Way Smarter
268Twirling DancerTwirling Candy - Wild DebutanteFree 
269Phase OutDialed In - Wild OneFree 
270Sage CanyonLiam's Map - Wine and DyneFree 
271Baby IsabellaFlower Alley - Woodford BelleFree 
272Ready EdgeCompetitive Edge - Write When ReadyFree 
273In Awe AgainAwesome Again - Xs Belle
274More Than UsualMore Than Ready - ZadigFree 
275DiamondbackRattlesnake Bridge - Acqua
276UNNAMEDWicked Strong - Afleet LexiFree 
277Music of LifeBodemeister - AllemandeFree 
278Totally PerfectBiondetti - All ThrillFree
279Battle RagsWar Front - AzzedineFree 
280LefootwostompsSilent Name (JPN) - Bellamy BluesFree 
281AtwaterRevolutionary - Blameitontheice
282Wild EmbraceBayern - Bold BirdieFree 
283Notorious NickUncaptured - Boo Girl
284Penalty KickBayern - Boot Scoot N RunFree 
285Our PromiseStormin Fever - Braids and Beads
286It's FateCongrats - Brave DestinyFree 
287Backstreet LadyStreet Boss - Catch That SongFree 
288Strike the FlagSmart Strike - Catch the Flag
289Intent to StrikeSmart Strike - Catch the Thrill
290UNNAMEDKhozan - Celtic EmbraceFree
291Devine DancingSilent Name (JPN) - Chapel DancerFree 
292Swift DelilahFort Larned - Charming DelilahFree
293FirecrowMaclean's Music - Cheyenne AutumnFree 
294Shanghai ChorusShanghai Bobby - Chorale
295UntitledKhozan - Cindy SaysFree
296Finest JewelSky Mesa - Cleopatra's FinestFree 
297ChampippleHard Spun - Co ColaFree 
298Wonder InUncaptured - Cold Forest
299Fugi PrincessKarakontie (JPN) - CommunionFree 
300UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - DaydreamFree 
301El QueretanoHe's Had Enough - Dewars Rocks
302G C CamLiam's Map - Diamonds for LilFree 
303TheartofcompromiseNormandy Invasion - Earthly ReservesFree
304Play It SmartVerrazano - Esther Got Even
305Congrats SmokeCongrats - Flagrant FoulFree 
306Nature's FortuneTiznow - Forest UproarFree 
307Doc AmsterMidshipman - GabeiraFree 
308Lightning RoundAnimal Kingdom - Gatabakana (BRZ)
309Notorious L. I. A.Liaison - Golda MFree 
310Glamourous GirlSilver Max - Golden ScarfFree 
311Venus VeritySilver Max - Golden VenusFree 
312Mirandas MagicProspective - Harliday
313TetsuHard Spun - HekaayaatFree 
314Princess BettyKhozan - Henny BettyFree
315WorkinonbeinsingleBahamian Squall - Hi AvieFree 
316Spirited MissGhostzapper - Hold the GoldFree 
317Holy MaxSilver Max - Holy GraceFree 
318La BonitaSilver Max - Honey HuesFree 
319Bayou BelleSilver Max - Honey RyderFree 
320Sugar DaddyCandy Ride (ARG) - HowFree 
321Sweet Bon BonSilver Max - IntangarooFree 
322Feel FreeUncaptured - Just Call Me Berty
323Havana LassAnthony's Cross - Linder's Lass
324RehabUncle Mo - Make the Sun ShineFree 
325Chaos KidSummer Front - Malibu PrideFree 
326Allied ArmadaNormandy Invasion - Mimi's TizzyFree
327First LawConstitution - Miss Mary KFree 
328Secret O'LifeHe's Had Enough - Miss Pine Top Az.
329BrushPaynter - Moon BuzzFree 
330Sugar Plum FairyDrosselmeyer - Nicole's Dream
331Make Good ChoicesGemologist - Pixie DevilFree 
332Gibby's GemGemologist - Promoted DeputyFree 
333Call HomeDialed In - Pure RefinementFree 
334Gelato AmoreOld Forester - Sammy's ChoiceFree 
335Havana RoosterAnthony's Cross - Sasha's Fierce
336Sudden LightBodemeister - Small KitchenFree 
337Gulf TideTonalist - Storm TideFree 
338U R the Lucky OneKantharos - The UFree 
339ValerosoUncaptured - The U
340That KhandyKhozan - WhaddayathinkathatFree
341EarthquakeBrethren - Against the SkyFree
342Bella BellaAmericain - Avolo
343Run for MattySeek Again - Baby Be Good
344UNNAMEDAwesome of Course - Bossy GalFree
345UNNAMEDSocial Inclusion - Dirty MartiniFree
346Awesome AnnmarieAwesome of Course - Dirty MartiniFree
347Epic (ARG)Hurricane Cat - Ever With You
348MileyBrethren - Getback TimeFree
349Beyond InfinityMaclean's Music - Golden DawnFree 
350SansaBrethren - Green DoorFree
351UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Bev's Summer SongFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
401UNNAMEDTakeover Target - Keenly Enduring
402K K's KittyYes It's True - Kit Kat KittyAdios CharlieFree
403UNNAMEDUncaptured - K K's Kitty
404Breeze ShowGiant's Causeway - KreislerianaNoble BirdFree
405UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Lady Daphne
406UNNAMEDGormley - Lady DoraFree 
407UNNAMEDOxbow - Lady On the RunFree 
408UNNAMEDBodemeister - LadyzarbridgeFree 
409LagratsCongrats - La IluminadaFree 
410UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - LazekaFree 
411UNNAMEDLaoban - LemmeFree 
412Fort LexiFort Larned - Lexi On the CoverFree
413UNNAMEDHit It a Bomb - Lightning TwiceFree 
414Liking It TwistedJess's Dream - LikeuasafriendFree
415UNNAMEDWill Take Charge - Lillian GishFree 
416Freedom TownSpeightstown - Listen to My SongFirst DudeFree
417UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - Livi On LoveFree 
418Concord ParkConsolidator - Lottsa Talc
419UNNAMEDUpstart - Lovely MarissaFree 
420UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Madam Couture
421UNNAMEDMr Speaker - Major AshworthFree 
422UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Makers and Me
423Friends ProFriends Lake - Mama's ProFury KapcoriFree
424Act of KindnessAwesome of Course - Mercy 'n GoodnessBrooks 'n Down
425Be HumbleAwesome of Course - Mercy 'n GoodnessFree
426Sarah CataldoSmarty Jones - MescalinaGirvinFree
427Acadia BreezeRoyal Academy - Midway SquallFirst DudeFree
428UNNAMEDAstern (AUS) - Mikey Likes ItFree 
429UNNAMEDNormandy Invasion - Miss AndorraFree
430My NoahAtreides - Miss Cap
431BemoBethel - Modern Girl
432UNNAMEDGone Astray - Mom's a Cougar
433MocitaBoundary - MossalaBrethrenFree
434UNNAMEDField Commission - MothernaturegirlFree
435UNNAMEDMo Tom - My Queen Olivia
436BosworthyUncaptured - My Rolex
437UNNAMEDTom's Ready - My Sweet Revenge
438She Tiz BoldTiznow - NotsingingthebluesFree 
439Bold BirdieBirdstone - On the PodiumShaman GhostFree 
440Flashy FlirtGulch - Our ExploitKhozanFree
441OutwildcattinWildcat Heir - OutskirtedKhozanFree
442Owe NothingLemon Drop Kid - OweNoble BirdFree
443UNNAMEDField Commission - PantheressFree
444UNNAMEDIronicus - ParaboliqueFree 
445Perfect StoliRoar of the Tiger - Parisian Trip
446Double SevenExclusive Quality - Parisian TripUncaptured
447Paris Can WaitKhozan - Parisian TripFree
448UNNAMEDPalace - PartyinthepaddockFree 
449Lucky LucydeePoseidon's Warrior - PassionatelyFree
450Salty KissBig Drama - Pass Me the Salt
451UNNAMEDPalace - Patsy's HolidayFree 
452UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Perfect BiscuitFree
453RiverbankField Commission - Petite RiviereFree
454UNNAMEDUncaptured - Petite Riviere
455UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Phoenix RisingFree
456Flying My WaySoldat - Picturemewithroses
457Politicial WaveOcean Knight - Political MissFree
458Yonder PonderLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - PonderingBig Drama
459Carmel CoffeeHoly Bull - Premium RedBrethrenFree
460UNNAMEDPoseidon's Warrior - Princess JewelFree
461UNNAMEDValiant Minister - Princess QuinnFree
462UNNAMEDRace Day - PrompterFree 
463MyrrhBrooks 'n Down - Proverbs Thirtyone
464UNNAMEDDrill - Pursuing Fate
465CatalanoFort Larned - Queen GFree
466Lago Mar LadyMedaglia d'Oro - Queen MamaKhozanFree
467LuzBethel - Ranger's Girl
468CardiPaddy O'Prado - Rap QueenField CommissionFree
469UNNAMEDNoble Bird - Rare EleganceFree
470UNNAMEDMr. Z - RealgoodlookinFree 
471Spring BudsBrooks 'n Down - Redbud Road
472UNNAMEDLea - Remember RosieFree 
473Rosie RedExchange Rate - Restraining OrderThe Big BeastFree
474Sugar DameGhostzapper - Rich N CleverThe Big BeastFree
475UNNAMEDKlimt - Rich N CleverFree 
476UNNAMEDTreasure Beach (GB) - Rocket DefenseFree
477Express PassionOveranalyze - Romance Is PassionBuccheroFree
478UNNAMEDMohaymen - RosareenFree 
479UNNAMEDField Commission - Rossini SunriseFree
480Royal PromiseCongrats - Royal HaloUncaptured
481Offshore LadyBernardini - Royal WonderGirvinFree
482Who's SallyThe Big Beast - Rum BrandyFree
483Proverbs ThirtyoneHear No Evil - Sacred Psalm
484UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - SadieFree
485UNNAMEDKeen Ice - Sailing GraceFree 
486UNNAMEDAmerican Freedom - Sarah CataldoFree 
487UNNAMEDUncaptured - Sayes So
488UNNAMEDMucho Macho Man - Scarlett's ImageFree 
489SealithicNeolithic - Sea LadyFree
490UNNAMEDGoldencents - SeasonsoftheheartFree 
491Zweet EmbraceZensational - Secret MotiveAmira's Prince (IRE)Free
492Rill in the HillsBrooks 'n Down - Sequoyah Hills
493Shake OffA.P. Indy - Shake the Yoke (GB)BrethrenFree
494RbandzmakeherdanceIn Summation - Shananies PresenceProspective
495UNNAMEDViolence - She's a WowFree 
496UNNAMEDShackleford - She's Hot Hot
497LenoirFort Loudon - Signature SissyFree
498UNNAMEDValiant Minister - Silent TriumphFree
499UNNAMEDNeolithic - Sing for JoyFree
500Precious LadySongandaprayer - Sisters CreekUncaptured
501UNNAMEDOcean Knight - Sleeping BirdFree
502Hope Is a WinnerBodemeister - Smart and FancyDrill
503Summer EmbraceWinslow Homer - Smok'n RevelRide On CurlinFree
504Lorelis ValentineHe's Had Enough - Something Casual
505UNNAMEDMilwaukee Brew - Soul Spinner
506UNNAMEDUncaptured - Speightstown Girl
507UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - Splash of RosesFree 
508UNNAMEDFlashstorm - Spring Along
509Seth's ToyFull Mandate - Stan's Love
510Faith 'n WorksHear No Evil - Star in My CrownBrooks 'n Down
511TrufastYes It's True - Starry Lake
512UNNAMEDStorm Wolf - Starsof the Nile
513CariciaValiant Minister - St Ballado's LadyFree
514UNNAMEDEl Deal - Sterling J
515UNNAMEDAdios Charlie - Stolen PurseFree
516Surprise Me HoneyGiant Surprise - Stonefield SouthFree
517Storm BornHe's Had Enough - Stormy Love
518UNNAMEDPalace - Stormy UnionFree 
519KindredCandy Ride (ARG) - Street TalkTapitureFree 
520BedarraCame Home - StrikeapromiseBrethrenFree
521UNNAMEDTemple City - Summer of FunFree 
522Gator BlitzGone West - Summit ParkFirst DudeFree
523UNNAMEDVancouver (AUS) - Sumting Wong
524Agnus DeiSidney's Candy - SunandseaFort LoudonFree
525UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Sunny's Freckles
526UNNAMEDTreasure Beach (GB) - Sweet BaklavaFree
527UNNAMEDMorning Line - Sweet Golden Carol
528UNNAMEDBig Blue Kitten - Swift SwordFree 
529Corona MesaSky Mesa - Tash DashGirvinFree
530UNNAMEDJess's Dream - Tiger's Tea TimeFree
531Touch the TopTiznow - Touch of TruthGirvinFree
532Apres SkiStormy Atlantic - Tremendous OneLong On ValueFree
533Carolina TristAikenite - TreystaKhozanFree
534Talking TinaSoldat - Trufast
535Boston SymphonyBoston Harbor - Tune in to the CatAnimal Kingdom
536UNNAMEDTapiture - Tu Tu LarueFree 
537Liberty StreetProspective - Valid Invitation
538UNNAMEDMarket Rally - Valle de RosaFree 
539KhopilotKhozan - Verso a VersoFree
540Via Veneto SquareBodemeister - Via VenetoFree 
541BreathtakinglyIndian Ocean - VivaciouslyThe Big BeastFree
542Live Every DayLion Heart - Voodoo LilyDrill
543UNNAMEDKhozan - Wave Bye ByeFree
544Speaking Role (GB)Singspiel (IRE) - WhatamissKhozanFree
545Launched MoneyLaunched Missile - Whatmoneycantbuy
546Charlotts SurpriseAny Given Saturday - Whirlwind Charlott
547UNNAMEDBlame - Wild About SonnyFree 
548UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - Wildcat AffairFree
549UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Windy ForecastFree 
550UNNAMEDNoble Bird - WinsockieFree
551Back to WinterPut It Back - Winter MelodySoldat
552Wishful MelodySongandaprayer - WishforemoreKhozanFree
553UNNAMEDFury Kapcori - Wishful MelodyFree
554UNNAMEDPalace - WithgreatpleasureFree 
555Sandy's LegacyOmega Code - Worldly Bold
556Gone HonorableGone Astray - Worldly Honor
557UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - YaraFree 
558He's ItHe's Had Enough - Zamsweet
559UNNAMEDMo Tom - Zippy Wager
560GoodbyellowbrickrdPaynter - A Day in OzFree 
561UNNAMEDNeolithic - Adios DawnFree
562UNNAMEDMidshipman - AdiraFree 
563UNNAMEDTonalist - Adopt a KittenFree 
564DorypharGone West - AdorypharBrethrenFree
565Miss PrudenceDiscreetly Mine - After Thought
566DappledShackleford - Against the SkyBrethrenFree
567Starship ShrewShakespeare - Aggressive BroadCajun Breeze
568UNNAMEDCentral Banker - All BronzeFree 
569Orbit AwayOrb - And Away We GoFree 
570Greek KeyMineshaft - AnkletLong On ValueFree
571UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - ArchachachaFree
572UNNAMEDMo Tom - Arch's Rose
573Stormy UnionDixie Union - August StormUncaptured
574UNNAMEDKeen Ice - Awesome OmiFree 
575Miss AlondraHennessy - Babe's FlairBrethrenFree
576Maux MoneyLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Bail MoneyBig Drama
577Maria's StormMaria's Mon - Bayou StormCatalina Red
578UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Bella LadyFree 
579UNNAMEDAstern (AUS) - Belle AmidstFree 
580Rossini SunriseBernardini - Bellini SunriseField CommissionFree
581Gogo ShoesCarpe Diem - Bell's ShoesFree 
582UNNAMEDField Commission - BerdeliaFree
583UNNAMEDTakeover Target - Big Bo's Mo
584Red MesaHe's Had Enough - Blutadda
585UNNAMEDShakin It Up - Boo GirlFree
586UNNAMEDDaredevil - Born to JazzFree 
587Bounding On BiLookin At Lucky - Bounding BiFree 
588Ancient ManZivo - Brand Enhancement
589CimbriaWar Front - BrigJess's DreamFree
590UNNAMEDBig Blue Kitten - BuccellaFree 
591Brightly MineDiscreetly Mine - Burn BrightlyKhozanFree
592UNNAMEDCustom for Carlos - Canada's VisionFree 
593Natural ShelterRock Hard Ten - CanopyProspective
594UNNAMEDOcean Knight - Cappachino GalFree
595UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Carole LeeFree 
596Z FirstMr. Z - Carolina TristFree 
597UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Casablanca BabeFree 
598UNNAMEDCommissioner - Cat Be Nimble
599UNNAMEDStorm Wolf - Cat Can Do
600UNNAMEDRace Day - Catching DiamondsFree 
601UNNAMEDPoseidon's Warrior - Catch That KittenFree
602Glenwood PinesMizzen Mast - Cayuga's WatersSharp AztecaFree 
603Silver LiningRunaway Groom - C. C. Princess
604UNNAMEDHit It a Bomb - Cedar SummerFree 
605UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Charlotts Surprise
606EnticeCherokee Run - Ciencia
607UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Cimbria
608Loop the LoopLiaison - Cinq EtoilesFree 
609UNNAMEDWar Correspondent - Cloud RiseFree 
610UNNAMEDOptimizer - Colour the WindFree 
611UNNAMEDGreenpointcrusader - Come Out and PlayFree
612ComfortableUnbridled Time - Comfort a BelleProspective
613Honor QuestNoble Bird - Concert QuestFree
614Fashion BeautyOld Fashioned - ContactAdios CharlieFree
615UNNAMEDEl Deal - Coteau Kitten
616Honorable HackerHonorable Dillon - Cyber Rona
617Daddy ZMr. Z - Daddy's HonorFree 
618Miss BluebirdChitu - Dagney's RevengeFree
619Dakota BoyFirst Dude - Dakota SisFree
620Forged in SteelIron Fist - Dakota WindFree
621Evil DameHear No Evil - Dame Sylvieguilhem
622CleanslateWar Pass - Dancing Naturally
623Little HeiressWildcat Heir - Danielle's Affair
624UNNAMEDFreud - Dark DoloresFree 
625UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Dark StreetFree 
626Previous PleasureFormal Dinner - Darling BrideBuckwheat Bob
627PatronessBwana Charlie - Defrills
628UNNAMEDKhozan - DevilinareddressFree
629UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Devious ChicFree 
630Platinum BandAwesome of Course - DiamondaireBrooks 'n Down
631Awesome CutFort Loudon - DiamondaireBrooks 'n Down
632OilgonewileMontbrook - Dignified WomanAdios CharlieFree
633UNNAMEDSummer Front - Diva StarFree 
634First Time ProudKantharos - Double SevenFree 
635Buddy's BabeFirst Dude - Electric CoveFree
636Bring Me LuckPentelicus - EleniPalaceFree 
637UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Ellenville
638AstruggleforbeautyCurlin - Empire BeautyCajun Breeze
639UNNAMEDEl Deal - Enduring Erin
640UNNAMEDLaoban - E. QueenFree 
641Best BlockField Commission - Espanola WayFree
642UNNAMEDFreud - Exclusively YoursFree 
643UNNAMEDMr Speaker - Eye Candy AnnieFree 
644UNNAMEDUncaptured - Far Niente
645Time CountsClosing Argument - Fiesty CountessFree
646Victory for V L TsIt's No Joke - First MoveBig Drama
647UNNAMEDCajun Breeze - Flashy Flirt
648UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - Flashy NoteFree 
649Pursuing FateIn Summation - Flirting With FateDrill
650Verso a VersoCircular Quay - Folk Art
651UNNAMEDBrody's Cause - Forever Discreet (AUS)Free 
652ShessuchastandoutAfleet Alex - For RubiesBuccheroFree
653UNNAMEDCentral Banker - Fortheloveof AnnaFree 
654Hot PeppersKhozan - Friends ProFree
655UNNAMEDRace Day - Frosty CupcakeFree 
656Awesome GalaxyAwesome Again - Galaxy Princess
657UNNAMEDEditorial - Ghost RiverFree 
658Far NientePleasantly Perfect - Glorious RahyJess's DreamFree
659Evil FriendHear No Evil - Go Girlfriend Go
660UNNAMEDUncaptured - Goldenlegacy'shope
661UNNAMEDNoble Bird - Golden NipFree
662UNNAMEDFlashstorm - Gone Honorable
663UNNAMEDDrill - Goodbye Beautiful
664Halory LeighHalory Hunter - Graceful LeighBrethrenFree
665Atomic TangerineCorinthian - Gran SenoritaBrethrenFree
667UNNAMEDNoble Bird - Grazettes MuchachaFree
668Smokin RosellSmoke Glacken - Greene RoadProspective
669Erica LeePoint Given - Groove MakerAdios CharlieFree
670Born to JazzStudent Council - Guard Dance
671BirdtasticBirdstone - Gulch LegacyAwesome SlewFree
672Mom's ImageStormy Atlantic - Ham and EggsFree
673Harbin IceFirst Dude - HarbinBahamian SquallFree 
674UNNAMEDCan the Man - Harbour Island
675UNNAMEDStorm Wolf - Hawaiian Sunset
676UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - Here Comes a SmileFree 
677Henny BettyHenny Hughes - Here Comes BettyKhozanFree
678UNNAMEDJack Milton - HerecomeskatFree 
679UNNAMEDWildcat Red - Hickory HeiferFree
680DonyaAnabaa - HighburyTreasure Beach (GB)Free
681Vacation SuiteFury Kapcori - Holiday CandyFree
682UNNAMEDMr. Z - Hollywood RedheadFree 
683UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Hope Is a Winner
684UNNAMEDThe Big Beast - HostilityFree
685UNNAMEDWar Dancer - I Drink AloneFree 
686UNNAMEDWilburn - I'm Cozy
687Baby Blue JeansHigh Cotton - ImthebluesField CommissionFree
688Speed DialerChitu - Instant CopyFree
689UNNAMEDFort Larned - Island StormFree
690Hardcore CandyYonaguska - Its a GirlGirvinFree
691UNNAMEDGone Astray - It's My Pleasure
692UNNAMEDDaredevil - It's True RomanceFree 
693UNNAMEDHe's Had Enough - Jacqueline Gail
694Danger RangerAnimal Kingdom - Jelly Cable
695Union MadeDixie Union - Jeux de Danse
696Pathway to HeavenGiant's Causeway - Jewel PrincessAdios CharlieFree
697I'm in HarlanHarlan's Holiday - Jules BestChituFree
698UNNAMEDMohaymen - Just SmartFree 
699Hot HippieMedaglia d'Oro - Lady BonanzaThe Big BeastFree
700Lady DurlynMutakddim - Lucky DateBrethrenFree
701Mending SoulsPomeroy - Mending HeartsThe Big BeastFree
702Dirty MartiniHard Spun - Satin CatThe Big BeastFree
703ManzanoVerrazano - Social Statement
704UNNAMEDGoldencents - UtakemybreathawayFree 
705North Palm BeachUncaptured - Back to Earth
706The USpeightstown - Big MissAdios CharlieFree
707Mo Than HappyUncle Mo - Cobbler's ReefFree 
708UNNAMEDWe Miss Artie - Frisky KittenFree
709Paper Over PlasticStreet Cry (IRE) - Jelani
710Bossy GalPioneerof the Nile - Jenny JoyGirvinFree