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Ocala Breeders' Sales Company 2017 March Sale of Two-Year-Olds in Training

March 14 - 15 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDWinslow Homer - Ma'am MawFree
2UNNAMEDTiznow - Magic ShowFree 
3Uno ChampMacho Uno - MahaloFree 
4UNNAMEDTwirling Candy - Make MusicFree 
5FengariArtie Schiller - Malibu ClanFree 
7UNNAMEDCandy Ride (ARG) - Maple SyrpleFree 
8UNNAMEDOrb - MaracuyaFree
10Can'ttakeitwithyouKantharos - Marquet NicheFree 
13Perico PesetaGiant Oak - McTapit
14Miss VinegarMalibu Moon - Meerkat MissFree 
15UNNAMEDMorning Line - Meet At Lola'sFree 
16Mel's Gone WildWildcat Heir - Melrose
17UNNAMEDSky Mesa - Melrose MorningFree 
18Who's the QueenMalibu Moon - Merry Me in SpringFree 
19UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - Mesa FrescaFree 
21UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Mighty MarthaFree 
22UNNAMEDCongrats - MinestroneFree 
24Mis ViolaViolence - MischieviousFree
25UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - Miss AberdeenFree
26Super SpiceSuper Saver - Miss Dixie HaloFree 
27UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - Miss LombardiFree 
29UNNAMEDGemologist - Miss PatriciaFree 
30UNNAMEDBridgetown - Miss Woods
31UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - MissyoulikecrazyFree
33LovisaSpeightstown - Modesty BlaiseFree 
34MedaliadoraMedaglia d'Oro - Moment of MajestyFree 
35UNNAMEDTurbo Compressor - MonticelloFree
37Jalen HurtsCalibrachoa - Moon Larry
38UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Moon Struck NemiFree 
40To JoeTrappe Shot - Motel LassFree
41UNNAMEDBlame - Mountain MamboFree
43I Feel It ComingMore Than Ready - Music ScoreFree 
45Stunning BabyAwesome Again - My Baby BabyFree 
47High FrancescoHigh Cotton - My Friend MeliniFree
48UNNAMEDMineshaft - My Lucky ShoesFree 
50Cobras Dragon LadyWildcat Heir - My Secret Brook
53StuboltGraydar - MysteryFree 
54UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Mystery At SeaFree 
56Lexington RulesRoman Ruler - My Time Now
57UNNAMEDFlatter - NabbedFree
58EngageInto Mischief - NefertitiFree 
60CaromData Link - NippyFree
62UNNAMEDViolence - No SplitsFree
64UNNAMEDBiondetti - OnaccountofyouFree 
65NicoleAnimal Kingdom - Oregon Lady (IRE)Free 
66UNNAMEDColonel John - O' Toole
67UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Our Unbridled GemFree 
70UNNAMEDViolence - Pacifica HighwayFree
71PaminaStreet Cry (IRE) - Pamona Ball
72UNNAMEDPassion for Gold - Panyiota
73R Paper ChaserCurrency Swap - Paper CatFree 
74UNNAMEDCurlin - Party ChatterFree 
75UNNAMEDSuper Saver - Party VowFree 
76QuiveryViolence - Passion Du CoeurFree
77On the RightGone Astray - Patrica's RightFree
78NatividadLiaison - PavlovaFree 
79UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Pay LadyFree 
81TyfoshaFlatter - Penny MarieFree
83Take Charge PaulaTake Charge Indy - Perfect Paula
84Hendo HendersonInto Mischief - Perfect SouthernerFree 
85Wild LuteMidnight Lute - Perfect WildcatFree
87DavkaAlternation - Philadelphia GoldFree 
88News AnchorData Link - PilamayaFree
90UNNAMEDThe Factor - PlacentiaFree 
92UNNAMEDSuper Saver - Policy of TruthFree 
94UNNAMEDQuality Road - PolyesterFree 
95IwannatalkaboutmeDoctor Chit - Port Au Princess
96UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Port of EntryFree 
98OptimumGemologist - Praire CougarFree 
99PellagrinoStay Thirsty - Prairie PieFree 
100UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Princess KateFree 
101UNNAMEDDesert Party - Princess TishFree 
102UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - Private DiningFree 
103Armour PlateInto Mischief - Prom PrincessFree 
104UNNAMEDSmart Strike - Pulsating
105UNNAMEDTiznow - Pursuit of Glory (IRE)Free 
106Sybils Best FriendJersey Town - PutbackthegliderFree 
108UNNAMEDBlame - Queen BeautyrestFree
111UNNAMEDSoldat - Rare EleganceFree 
113Cullum RoadQuality Road - R Charlie's AngelFree 
114UNNAMEDYes It's True - Rc's Royal You Too
116RaritiesCity Zip - ReceivershipFree 
117Union StreetUnion Rags - RecognizethestreetFree 
119UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - Red Hot BuddhaFree 
121UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - RedreamitFree 
122UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - Reef RoadFree 
124UNNAMEDArch - Regard
126BurnsideWar Front - RehearFree
127ExplorerOrb - RememberFree
128SucroseCurlin - ReposessedFree 
129UNNAMEDGemologist - Reserve BidFree 
131Unlawful ActMineshaft - Restraining OrderFree 
132A Different StyleThe Factor - Right to RuleFree 
134War GiantData Link - RobustFree
135SwitchbladeLiaison - Rockport BeautyFree 
136UNNAMEDDublin - Roxie DancerFree 
137Sly RoxySpeightstown - Roxy GapFree 
138UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Royal Lahaina
139Sarasota CountyKantharos - Royal PromiseFree 
141Here's to LifeInto Mischief - Ruby's RealmFree 
142HazitWar Front - RumorFree
145Wonderful ProofTiz Wonderful - Ruth's Proof
146Ship ExecutiveAnthony's Cross - Saint BarbaraFree
148Why Not a SaintWildcat Heir - Saint La Petit
149UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - SaintlikeFree 
153MourinhoSuper Saver - Sandi's ReadyFree 
154UNNAMEDTapizar - Sand PirateFree 
155AquilaUnion Rags - SangritaFree 
156HomasassaWinslow Homer - Sanibel SoleFree
158UNNAMEDArcharcharch - Sapphire HaloFree 
159Perfect IceMajesticperfection - Sapphire IceFree 
163UNNAMEDShackleford - Scarlet StarletFree 
164Bunny YogurtScat Daddy - Scherzi
165UNNAMEDExchange Rate - Scoop
166Woman At the WellOld Fashioned - Scoot On By
168UNNAMEDTiznow - Seek to DanceFree 
169UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Sense to Compete
170Amalfi DriveFlatter - Serious VowFree
172UNNAMEDOrb - Sheer BeautyFree
175UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - She's ExtremeFree 
176UNNAMEDMidshipman - Shine a SpotlightFree 
177UNNAMEDMunnings - Shining AppealFree 
178UNNAMEDTapizar - Shining VictoryFree 
179Blame the RiderJimmy Creed - Shiny SheetFree 
180UNNAMEDViolence - Shouldn't We AllFree
182UNNAMEDFlat Out - SigatooFree 
185UNNAMEDColonel John - Silver Breeze
186HortenciaCongrats - Silver ClipperFree 
187ChasityTapizar - Silver ShimmerFree 
190See Spot RunWildcat Heir - Siren
191PavedQuality Road - SirmioneFree 
192UNNAMEDGemologist - Sister ChelseyFree 
193Discreet FantasyDiscreet Cat - Sister Marilyn
194UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Sky Garden (GB)Free 
195Bold GemGemologist - Slew SmartsFree 
196UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - Slow DownFree 
197Under a SpellTale of the Cat - SmittenFree 
198UNNAMEDTizway - Snow TrialFree 
199UNNAMEDStreet Boss - SolerinaFree 
202Bold FriendsScat Daddy - So Very Happy
203UNNAMEDStreet Sense - SpangledFree 
204AppleseedThe Lumber Guy - Spanish Post
210UNNAMEDTapit - Spring FreeFree 
211Alluring StarExchange Rate - Spring Jump
212UNNAMEDKantharos - Star AnnaFree 
215UNNAMEDBiondetti - Star of the BeachFree 
216Bourbon Did ItMission Impazible - Starship SlamFree
218Shanghai TariffShanghai Bobby - Star WhiteFree 
223UNNAMEDCurlin - Storm HeartedFree 
224Time for WarTiznow - Stormy TakFree 
226Sweet DaddioScat Daddy - Street Crew
228HoneyeaterStreet Sense - Strut the CanaryFree 
229StaunchUnion Rags - Stylish StormFree 
230UNNAMEDPaynter - SummerlyFree 
232UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Sunday SportFree 
234UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Superb in RosesFree 
237UNNAMEDData Link - Surf City SusieFree
239UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - Sweet AssayFree 
240Belles OrbOrb - Sweet BelleFree
241AugieTwirling Candy - Sweetest SoundFree 
242UNNAMEDData Link - SwingawayFree
245UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Tartan LadyFree 
246Black PepperWildcat Heir - Taylor's Choice
249UNNAMEDTapizar - Thor's DaughterFree 
252UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Thundering Emilia
253Midnight Las VegasMidnight Lute - Ticket to SeattleFree
254UNNAMEDArch - Tiger Cat Lilly
264UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - Trend Line (IRE)Free 
267Mi ChiquitaMajesticperfection - TriumphantlyFree 
269UNNAMEDTiz Wonderful - True Kiss
270UNNAMEDMidshipman - TrulipsFree 
277UNNAMEDTale of the Cat - Uninhibited SongFree 
278UNNAMEDMorning Line - Union BossFree 
279Fairway LadyViolence - Untamed PassionFree
280UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - UseewhatimsayingFree 
281UNNAMEDMajesticperfection - Valid KrisFree 
284UNNAMEDTemple City - Vickey JaneFree 
285UNNAMEDPaynter - VillaFree 
289UNNAMEDOrb - WallstreeterFree
290UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - WarblingFree 
292UNNAMEDUncle Mo - War SecretFree 
293UNNAMEDBernardini - Washington BridgeFree 
295UNNAMEDScat Daddy - West Side Dancer
297UNNAMEDGemologist - WickedlyFree 
298UNNAMEDFort Larned - Wicked StingFree 
299UNNAMEDLiaison - Wild and WindblownFree 
302UNNAMEDTiznow - Wind FlowFree 
304Finest WarriorMajestic Warrior - Won Perfect Rose
310I DidGhostzapper - You AskedFree 
311UNNAMEDScat Daddy - You're Kidding
313UNNAMEDTapizar - Zephyr IceFree 
315UNNAMEDYes It's True - Zizi Top (GB)
316UNNAMEDLemon Drop Kid - Absolute PatienceFree 
317UNNAMEDSoldat - AccentFree 
318OnejumpOveranalyze - AdesteFree 
319UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Adore YouFree 
322TheresannTapizar - Air CoverFree 
323PitinoUnion Rags - Alexandra RyleeFree 
326UNNAMEDWarrior's Reward - AllumeuseFree 
327Florida FuegoKantharos - Almost a ValentineFree 
329UNNAMEDMalibu Moon - Alpha KittenFree 
330Facts MatterThe Factor - Alpha TammyFree 
333UNNAMEDProspective - AmazerFree
334UNNAMEDViolence - Ambitious JourneyFree
335UNNAMEDGio Ponti - America's FriendFree 
336UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - AnecdoteFree 
337UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - AnegadaFree
338UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - AnjorieFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
339UNNAMEDShackleford - Annie's AppleFree 
340AlluredFlatter - Another MoochieFree
341High Yield BondSmart Strike - A. P. Double Cat
342UNNAMEDAwesome Again - A. P. InvestmentFree 
343The Big BenjiGemologist - A PlusFree 
345ApostleMedaglia d'Oro - AptFree 
346UNNAMEDMorning Line - Arabian SongFree 
347UNNAMEDData Link - Arch EnemyFree
348GuiltywithanexcuseTrappe Shot - Arch NemesisFree
349ArgustoTapit - ArienzaFree 
350UNNAMEDSmart Strike - Ask Me When
351ThersasnakenmybootRattlesnake Bridge - Assets in Gold
352Big ShantyProspective - AstellaFree
353UNNAMEDMineshaft - Aurora ProspectFree 
355UNNAMEDSuper Saver - Awesome FleetFree 
356Cadeau de PaixMajestic Warrior - Awesome Gift (BRZ)
357UNNAMEDPaynter - Awesome HumorFree 
358UNNAMEDMizzen Mast - AwesomekayleeFree 
359UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - Ayla BellaFree 
360UNNAMEDCongrats - Azalea BelleFree 
361UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Ba Ba's BunchFree 
362UNNAMEDHaynesfield - Bach HamiltonFree 
364Mrs. Ramona G.Kantharos - BarbarellaFree 
366UNNAMEDGraydar - Bares TripperFree 
367UNNAMEDSidney's Candy - Battenkill
368Indian InterpreterTake Charge Indy - Bavarian Belle
370UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Bella ChiantiFree 
371UNNAMEDQuality Road - Bella ChiarraFree 
377Talk Veuve to MeViolence - Biblical PointFree
381UNNAMEDDialed In - Black PowerFree 
383UNNAMEDInto Mischief - BlessFree 
385Go Get the MunnyMunnings - BlissFree 
386UNNAMEDExchange Rate - Blondie's Bucks
387UNNAMEDCrown of Thorns - Blue KatanaFree 
389UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - BoleynFree 
390Mineral RightsMineshaft - Bonita MeadowFree 
392UNNAMEDMedaglia d'Oro - Bon Jovi GirlFree 
393UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Bonnie RoseFree
394Mr. CheerfulSky Mesa - BoodlesFree 
395UNNAMEDDialed In - Book the DevilFree 
397Little LawyerNew Year's Day - Born to JazzFree
399UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Brianna RoseFree 
401UNNAMEDUncle Mo - Bridge and TunnelFree 
402Casus BelliScat Daddy - Broad Quality
403UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - BrowningFree 
407UNNAMEDGraydar - Burg BergFree 
409UNNAMEDColonel John - Callmenancy
412Majestic DunhillMajesticperfection - Candy FortuneFree 
413UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - Can't Catch FireFree 
414UNNAMEDAstrology - Capitol ViewFree 
415UNNAMEDViolence - CarphonicFree
417UNNAMEDCreative Cause - CarsonaFree 
418Ragtime SuzyUnion Rags - Category SevenFree 
421Forty FathomsPoseidon's Warrior - Cedar RoseFree
422Distinct PassionWith Distinction - Chado
423Uno SuenoMacho Uno - Champagne DreamFree 
425UNNAMEDTapit - Cherokee QueenFree 
426UNNAMEDRun Away and Hide - Cherokee SheikFree 
429UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Chick FightFree
430UNNAMEDMission Impazible - ChimichurriFree
432UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - ChippiFree
433King TutankhamunNew Year's Day - ChocachatteeFree
435UNNAMEDEskendereya - Christina's World
437CandygramCandy Ride (ARG) - Church CampFree 
441That's HistoryFlat Out - Circustown RoseFree 
443Sierra AleoneGemologist - Clear MarchFree 
444HoardSuper Saver - CleverconversationFree 
446UNNAMEDBernardini - Cloud JumperFree 
450UNNAMEDForefathers - Cofresi Tesoro
451TigerbeachTreasure Beach (GB) - Cold BloodedFree
455UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - CoolattaFree
456CertifiedQuality Road - Cool FlameFree 
457UNNAMEDMunnings - CorleoneFree 
458UNNAMEDMunnings - Cosmic WingFree 
459UNNAMEDFlower Alley - Cottage ValeFree 
462UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Cowgirl MallyFree 
463UNNAMEDMajestic Warrior - Coy Cat
464UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Credit SpreadFree 
465UNNAMEDCurlin - Creeker's SurpriseFree 
466UNNAMEDData Link - CroonFree
467Mountain MommaExchange Rate - Crusader's Angel
469Mandolin LullabyMidnight Lute - Cry Cry CryFree
470JohanssonPioneerof the Nile - Crying On SaturdayFree 
472UNNAMEDOveranalyze - CtimeneFree 
473UNNAMEDBodemeister - CulotteFree 
475U. S. A. ColossusFirst Defence - Daddy's Dreamgirl
476UNNAMEDStreet Sense - DaffaashFree 
478UNNAMEDWildcat Heir - Dance Special
480UNNAMEDTale of Ekati - Dark ObsessionFree 
481Okavango AlfaAlternation - Darling BirdFree 
483UNNAMEDGraydar - Dazed (IRE)Free 
484UNNAMEDGemologist - DazzlerFree 
487UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - DeedFree
488UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Delightfully SoFree 
489Barely ImpazibleMission Impazible - Deputy RealityFree
490UNNAMEDEmcee - Desired TraitFree 
491Argosy FleetMineshaft - Devil HouseFree 
493UNNAMEDCurlin - Devious IntentFree 
494UNNAMEDGhostzapper - Distorted LoveFree 
495DirtyfootTiz Wonderful - Dixie Dudette
498UNNAMEDInto Mischief - DoolittleFree 
501Tiznow Times TwoTiznow - DoubledFree 
502Freckles KanKantharos - Double MartiniFree 
503UNNAMEDBernardini - Dowell HouseFree 
505Pure PraiseCongrats - Dr. Diamonds PrizeFree 
506UNNAMEDCurlin - Dyning OutFree 
507UNNAMEDTizway - Eagle IslandFree 
508UNNAMEDGio Ponti - Eastside WestsideFree 
509ScrambledTapit - Egg DropFree 
511UNNAMEDRattlesnake Bridge - Eleni's Daughter
513UNNAMEDThe Factor - Elusive AllieFree 
515UNNAMEDArch - Enhancing
517Spicy ShotTrappe Shot - EnticeFree
519UNNAMEDElusive Quality - EuphonyFree 
522UNNAMEDProspective - Expect NothingFree
523UNNAMEDAlgorithms - ExtravaganzaFree
524Warrior RoseBold Warrior - Fab FlowersFree 
529UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - Fast AlexiaFree
531Tiz de LovelyTiz Wonderful - Feline Delite
532DanceHigh Cotton - Fiery DancerFree
533El DulceTwirling Candy - Figureta (ARG)Free 
535UNNAMEDInto Mischief - Five Star DaydreamFree 
537World Is My CityCity Zip - Flor de OroFree 
540The TabulatorDialed In - Fly to the StarsFree 
541Flat Out Gittin ItFlat Out - Follow the LiteFree 
542UNNAMEDGraydar - Forest FashionFree 
544Nothins FreeFlat Out - For FreeFree 
545Formal DudeFirst Dude - Formal DesireFree
548UNNAMEDMorning Line - Free Fee LadyFree 
549UNNAMEDTo Honor and Serve - French DipFree 
552UNNAMEDSky Mesa - Frozen TreatFree 
553Dream Baby DreamInto Mischief - GaletoireFree 
554UNNAMEDCurrency Swap - Gardening LeaveFree 
555UNNAMEDGemologist - GaspFree 
556UNNAMEDMission Impazible - GenisaFree
557LogicPoint of Entry - Getback TimeFree 
558UNNAMEDGemologist - Ghostly DarknessFree 
562UNNAMEDDiscreetly Mine - Glitterazzi
563UNNAMEDCity Zip - GlorificFree 
565Cobra SpeedGhostzapper - Golden DawnFree 
566SandbaggerWildcat Heir - Golden Horseshoe
568UNNAMEDGhostzapper - Gold VaultFree 
570UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Gospel Girl
571UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Grand StyleFree 
572VettelBiondetti - Granny's TaleFree 
576UNNAMEDShanghai Bobby - HallnorFree 
577UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Hangingbyamoment
578Saints' GirlOveranalyze - Happy DestinyFree 
579Starship BonitaGone Astray - Happy HoneymoonFree
582UNNAMEDOveranalyze - Hard to MissFree 
583HijinksInto Mischief - Headed HomeFree 
585UNNAMEDRun Away and Hide - Heat StreetFree 
586UNNAMEDPioneerof the Nile - Heavenly VisionFree 
587UNNAMEDArtie Schiller - HenleyFree 
588Cuckoo for Ju JuScat Daddy - Here Comes Cookie
589Orbital DeityOrb - Her Sweet SaintFree
595UNNAMEDSmart Strike - Holiday Fashion
597UNNAMEDMajestic Warrior - Holiday Shopping
599UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Holy Heavens
601UNNAMEDBold Warrior - Honey GreenFree 
603Kickin TiresGiant's Causeway - Hot TripFree 
604Honey GraemeGraeme Hall - Howaboutrightnow
605UNNAMEDPoint of Entry - Hug It OutFree 
607UNNAMEDColonel John - Ice Storm Coming
608UNNAMEDTiznow - I'm a FlakeFree 
609UNNAMEDGraydar - Ima TapitFree 
611DownrangeField Commission - Imperial BlueFree
612UNNAMEDPower Broker - In AweFree
613UNNAMEDTapit - IndescribableFree 
614UNNAMEDSidney's Candy - Indianista
615UNNAMEDJustin Phillip - InfluencedFree 
619UNNAMEDTizway - Island StrikerFree 
621UNNAMEDSuper Saver - Itsadouble G ThingFree 
622Storm FactorThe Factor - It's My TurnFree 
624I. B. S. MarineOld Fashioned - I Want You
625UNNAMEDBodemeister - Jacey's RewardFree 
626Perfect HustlerJimmy Creed - Jacqui's PromiseFree 
627UNNAMEDMidnight Lute - JanetstickettocatsFree
629UNNAMEDMission Impazible - JehanFree
631Point GuardConcord Point - Jivin'
633UNNAMEDCourageous Cat - Joyce MarieFree
639UNNAMEDTrappe Shot - Kidder DoneFree
641UNNAMEDBodemeister - Kissin ReneFree 
643UNNAMEDUnion Rags - Lady DiscreetFree 
646UNNAMEDStreet Sense - Lady LochinvarFree 
647Gracias AdiosAdios Charlie - Lady of Long AgoFree
648Taynted LoverPaynter - Lady PecanFree 
649One Ninety NineViolence - Lady ZevaFree
651UNNAMEDProud Citizen - Langara Lass
652UNNAMEDTwo Step Salsa - LangworthyFree
653UNNAMEDFirst Samurai - LanternFree
654True WisdomYes It's True - Las Vegas Lady
655LennoxFlatter - Lava GirlFree
656White CandyCandy Ride (ARG) - Legally BlancaFree 
657UNNAMEDColonel John - Lemme
658Lisa LimonScat Daddy - Lemon Splash
659Raging FireTapizar - Lemon SplendorFree 
662UNNAMEDMizzen Mast - Letter of the LawFree 
664Barry LeeViolence - Light of a StarFree
668MorrisonThe Factor - Liza LuFree 
669SermononthemountTiz Wonderful - Lockitup
671UNNAMEDArcharcharch - LoramatealFree 
673Bourbon DudeFirst Dude - Love in BloomFree
674Dream NationAlternation - Lovely DreamFree 
675Noble PursuitCurlin - Love MatchFree 
677UNNAMEDOrb - LynnetteFree