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Carter Sales Company 2017 OKC Summer Sale of Select Thoroughbred Yearlings

August 27, 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Cape Town Queen
2BlurTizway - Captativing Star
3UNNAMEDFlashback - Cash FinanceFree
4WapiMucho Macho Man - Celtic TigressFree 
5UNNAMEDFlatter - CentervilleFree
6UNNAMEDNotional - Ciara's CampFree
7AUNNAMEDWilburn - Chance ReviewFree 
8Less DanceTemple City - CoyFree 
9UNNAMEDDiscreet Cat - Deb's Golden Touch
10UNNAMEDAlternation - Derby Lane's SongFree 
11Fine Cut DiamondGraydar - Diamond DiscoFree 
12UNNAMEDAlgorithms - Ebony GiftFree
13O K C SpringTactical Cat - E StreetFree
14LuckilyMister Lucky Cat - Eternal Joy
15ExertionTizway - Expeditiously
16UNNAMEDState City - Flyaway Bird
17UNNAMEDHaynesfield - FoolheartedmemoryFree 
18UNNAMEDAwesome Patriot - GeebesFree
19OutfitterSidney's Candy - GiantessFree 
20UNNAMEDWilburn - Goddes of FortuneFree 
21UNNAMEDBlake's Passion - Go Go OkieFree
22UNNAMEDNotional - GoodgollymisspollyFree
23Rapid ImpulseLatent Heat - Grand Rapids Miss
24UNNAMEDLatent Heat - H C Fawn
25UNNAMEDDoctor Chit - Honey Wondergirl
26C FourFlat Out - Ives HillFree 
27Miss JasserKennedy - Jasser
28UNNAMEDSave Big Money - Kipling's TrickFree
29La JohnnieKennedy - La Cat
30UNNAMEDPodium - Like a Diamond
31Tic Tac CatTactical Cat - Logan's Press CardFree
32UNNAMEDTemple City - Lonely JetFree 
33UNNAMEDCreative Cause - Love Tale (GB)Free 
34UNNAMEDLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - Mari's Big RockFree
35Marnie the MarinerMidshipman - Midsummer MagicFree 
36Al's PalKennedy - Mimi's Missy
37UNNAMEDFlat Out - Mordecai JonesFree 
38UNNAMEDOratory - Mudlaff Charlie
39TestifyMister Lucky Cat - My Charmian
40UNNAMEDCross Traffic - My ComradeFree 
42UNNAMEDLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - Never Broke SlowlyFree
43DeeplyKennedy - Perfect Southerner
44UNNAMEDRevolutionary - Pretty DanseurFree 
45StricataSidney's Candy - Quality JadeFree 
46Okie QueenDiscreet Cat - Queen of the Rings
47Friendly FreddyLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - Quick EmbraceFree
48UNNAMEDLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - Rapid BullFree
49DazzeledStay Thirsty - Royale LegacyFree
50UNNAMEDSave Big Money - Royal TripsFree
51FlycatcherNotional - Scissortail GFree
52UNNAMEDJimmy Creed - ShowmethegreencardFree 
53ApologeticApriority - Sing My A. P. C.'s
54UNNAMEDToccet - SixtaFree 
55StarfleetMister Lucky Cat - Star of Idabel
56TrumpCross Traffic - Strawberry ChaseFree 
57UNNAMEDAlternation - Susan JaneFree 
58TavnerMister Lucky Cat - Thundering Chance
59UNNAMEDFlashback - Tiz MerryFree
60Dobbins GJimmy Creed - Uno Mas PapaFree 
61UNNAMEDSave Big Money - Untamed BeautyFree
62Clever BoyKipling - Wandorous
63UNNAMEDEven the Score - Western HemisphereFree 
64WilburnetteWilburn - What IfFree 
65ZippedNotional - Zip to the WireFree
66UNNAMEDCross Traffic - Always a ChampFree 
67UNNAMEDKipling - Annieville
68UNNAMEDKipling - Ann's Classic
69DesiredKennedy - At First Speight
70UNNAMEDSidney's Candy - BeatificFree 
71Flat Out RowdyFlat Out - Bella TaliaFree 
72UNNAMEDLine of David - Bird House
73DiceyFlat Out - Broken BluesFree 
73AWarrior's ChanceWarrior's Reward - Chance ReviewFree 
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
74N C C JackLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - Come With ThunderFree
76Junior JLine of David - Emily J
77Maria ZOmega Code - Gigi's SkyflyerFree
78De MeloTake Charge Indy - Gorgeous Melody
79UNNAMEDKipling - Gracinha
80Artful PassTizway - Maggie R
81UNNAMEDKipling - Miss Mescalero
82UNNAMEDAlternation - Puzzle DreamFree 
83DreamerDiscreet Cat - San Augustine
84GinLiquor Cabinet (IRE) - She'sgotherownjetFree
86Last Young ThingEuroears - Sweet Young Thing
88He's Note WorthyRead the Footnotes - Wild Toy Lake