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SGA 2018 Milan Mixed Sale

November 10, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Ragiam (ITY)Martino Alonso (IRE) - My Luigia (IRE)Full Drago (ITY)
2Safwah (IRE)Dark Angel (IRE) - Lisa's Strong (IRE)
3Ridente (ITY)Pounced - Rivelazione (IRE)
3BPleace des Lices (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) - Flawlessly (FR)Free 
4Triade (IRE)Mount Nelson (GB) - Tribulina (GB)
5Zubat (ITY)Mujahid - Clefairy (IRE)
6Veragata (GB)Poet's Voice (GB) - Hard Life (IRE)
7By Royal Approval (IRE)Approve (IRE) - Spring Bouquet (IRE)Free
8Busto Arsizio (GER)Born To Sea (IRE) - Bella Monica (GER)
9Morsive (ITY)Evasive (GB) - Mordente (IRE)
10Denaar (IRE)Acclamation (GB) - Clever Millie
11Bellagianlu (IRE)Zebedee (GB) - Alchemy (IRE)Free 
12Solar Pulse (ITY)Casamento (IRE) - Solaria (IRE)
13Poppet's Lachy (GB)Kyllachy (GB) - Poppet's Joy (GB)
14Mushibest (ITY)Desert Prince (IRE) - Mandoki (IRE)
15Catching Fire (ITY)Ramonti (FR) - Caractere (IRE)
16Red Painter (IRE)Red Jazz - Lady Van Gogh (GB)
17Blue Mayson (ITY)Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Adya (FR)
18Sopran Bumawi (ITY)Malossol - Butterfly Wings (GB)
19Hartswell (GB)Nathaniel (IRE) - Bahama Spirit (IRE)
20Poeta Innamorato (IRE)Poet's Voice (GB) - Lady Artemisia (IRE)
21Sopran Atena (IRE)Canford Cliffs (IRE) - Distant Skies (GB)Free 
22Tantabiddi (IRE)Mujahid - Dindaba (ITY)
23Casino (FR)Montjeu (IRE) - Legerete
24Aethos (IRE)Dragon Pulse (IRE) - Quela (GER)
25Universo Chery (ITY)Mujahid - Gazzosa Alla Menta (ITY)
26Tekedici (FR)Showcasing (GB) - Aljafliyah (GB)
27Having Fun (IRE)Casamento (IRE) - Guard Hill
28Sweetness (ITY)Mujahid - Rallaire (ITY)
29Checkmark (IRE)Lope de Vega (IRE) - Ars Nova (IRE)
30Determination (IRE)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Tirsa (GB)
31Irrational Man (IRE)Declaration of War - Eurirs (FR)
31BTwinkle Dew (GB)Monsieur Bond (IRE) - Semplicita (IRE)
32Mister Buzzword (ITY)Buzzword (GB) - Miss Frog (FR)
33A Touch of Zest (ITY)Sakhee's Secret (GB) - Quela (GER)
34Guaderiann (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Kiss My Tiara (IRE)Free 
35Capo San Martino (IRE)Excelebration (IRE) - Broken Belle (IRE)Free 
36Souvlaki (IRE)Helmet (AUS) - Aptina
37Reine Vraie (GER)Campanologist - Reine vite (GER)
38Terens (GER)Authorized (IRE) - Tree Tops (GB)
39Sopran Zaffira (IRE)Zebedee (GB) - Tipperary Boutique (IRE)Free 
40Domestic Hearth (GB)Medicean (GB) - Mylington Maid (GB)
41Empty Spaces (IRE)Rip Van Winkle (IRE) - Sopran Enery (IRE)
42Sotintes (GB)Helmet (AUS) - Viennese Whirl (GB)
43Time To Cry (IRE)Casamento (IRE) - Own Gift (GB)
44Zeja (ITY)Red Rocks (IRE) - Salsa Rock (IRE)
45Sopran Wilky (ITY)Malossol - Every Whisper (IRE)
46Sopran Amelia (ITY)Duel (IRE) - Salamanna (ITY)