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Tattersalls Ireland 2013 February National Hunt Sale

February 5, 2013

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
4UNNAMEDMillenary (GB) - My Devon Girl (GB)
10UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Spectrograph (IRE)
11Predestined (IRE)Indian River (FR) - Super Thyne (IRE)
12UNNAMEDMustameet - Zaffran Lady (IRE)
13Mill Forge (GB)Grape Tree Road (GB) - Agara (GB)
16Daring Article (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Daring Hen (IRE)
17Night Journey (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Dark Nightingale
18Bohola Boy (IRE)Morozov - Fluke Bay (GB)
19Bellinter (IRE)Sayarshan (FR) - Geraldine's Pet (IRE)
22Kildarragh (IRE)Gamut (IRE) - Luso'spride (IRE)
23UNNAMEDTikkanen - Maaretta (IRE)
24UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Nolagh Supreme (IRE)
25UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Send To War (GB)
26UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Shed (GB)
27UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Spring Charm (IRE)
29UNNAMEDRobin des Pres (FR) - A Winters Eve (IRE)
30UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Alaskan Princess (IRE)
31UNNAMEDSeptember Storm (GER) - Ballinteggart Lady (IRE)
34UNNAMEDKing's Theatre (IRE) - Hollow Hill (IRE)
35UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Madame Jean (FR)
36UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Madame Martine (IRE)
37UNNAMEDPapal Bull (GB) - Maratanas Gift (IRE)
38UNNAMEDGrandera (IRE) - Martin's Oscar (IRE)
39UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Mary From Murroe (IRE)
40UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Maslam (IRE)
41UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - Megan's Magic (GB)
42UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Melodique (GB)
43UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Merry Heart (IRE)
44UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Micks Secret (IRE)
45Unnamed (NTB)Whitmore's Conn - Mill House Lady (NTB)
46UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Mini Karinga (GB)
47UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Minora Blue (GB)
48UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Miss Brandywell (IRE)
49UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - Miss the Post (GB)
50UNNAMEDMustameet - Misty Moonlight (IRE)
51UNNAMEDKing's Theatre (IRE) - Moll Bawn (IRE)
52Unnamed (NTB)Presenting (GB) - Molly Massini (NTB)
53UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Monavale (IRE)
54UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Montanara (IRE)
55UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Native Success
56UNNAMEDKing's Theatre (IRE) - Needle Doll (IRE)
57UNNAMEDHelissio (FR) - Nellsway (GB)
58UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Oh So Breezy (IRE)
59UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Oligarch Society (IRE)
61UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Out Performer (IRE)
62UNNAMEDCurtain Time (IRE) - Paradise Ally (IRE)
63UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Pass The Honey (IRE)
64UNNAMEDShantou - Patterdan (IRE)
65UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Peggy Cullen (IRE)
67UNNAMEDKutub (IRE) - Posh Kidd (IRE)
68UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Prunelle de l'Orme (FR)
69UNNAMEDKutub (IRE) - Queen of Catwalk (IRE)
70UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Queen's Banquet (GB)
72UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Regal Spirit (IRE)
73UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - River Clyde (IRE)
74UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Rock Money (IRE)
75UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Rockwell College (IRE)
76UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Romantic Gesture (IRE)
77UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Rose of Clare (GB)
78UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Rowlands Star (IRE)
79UNNAMEDMillenary (GB) - Royal Marble (IRE)
81UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Saddlers Green (IRE)
82UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Salsaparilla (FR)
83UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Sand Eel (IRE)
85UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Schwarzina (IRE)
86UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Shannon Supreme (IRE)
88UNNAMEDCraigsteel (GB) - She's So Beautiful (IRE)
89UNNAMEDRobin des Pres (FR) - She'shadit (IRE)
90UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Shed (GB)
91UNNAMEDBrian Boru (GB) - Sheebadiva (IRE)
93UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Silky Stream (IRE)
94UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Silver Stream (IRE)
95UNNAMEDDarsi (FR) - Silver Sunset (GB)
96UNNAMEDDefinite Article (GB) - Silvers Promise (IRE)
98UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Sleepless Eye (GB)
99UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Sound of Light (IRE)
100UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Sovietica (FR)
101UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Spirit Rock (IRE)
102UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Spring Flower (IRE)
103Unnamed (NTB)Craigsteel (GB) - Springfield Dedee (NTB)
104UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - Squaw Valley (IRE)
105UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Star Shuil (IRE)
106UNNAMEDGold Well (GB) - Stoned Imaculate (IRE)
107UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Stormyroyale (IRE)
108UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Strokestown Queen (IRE)
109UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Summer Flight (FR)
110UNNAMEDWinged Love (IRE) - Super Dooper (FR)
111UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Super Sammy (GB)
112UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Supreme Melody (IRE)
113UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Sweet Empire (IRE)
115UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Tabita (IRE)
116UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Terre d'Orient (FR)
117UNNAMEDGold Well (GB) - The Dark One (IRE)
118UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - The Long Bill (IRE)
119UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - The Marching Lady (IRE)
120UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Thuringe (FR)
121UNNAMEDDarsi (FR) - Tidal Princess (IRE)
122UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Tigrera (IRE)
123UNNAMEDOlden Times (GB) - Tinas Friend (GB)
124UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Turmoss (FR)
125UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Whatdoyouthinkmac (IRE)
126UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Whats Anothershuil (IRE)
127UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Wild Roberta (IRE)
128UNNAMEDRobin des Pres (FR) - A And Bs Gift (IRE)
129UNNAMEDBrian Boru (GB) - Ab Initio (IRE)
130UNNAMEDSpadoun (FR) - Accordian Lady (IRE)
131UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - Ally Rose (IRE)
132UNNAMEDMustameet - Animo (IRE)
133UNNAMEDCraigsteel (GB) - Anna's Melody (IRE)
134UNNAMEDCity Honours - Annes Policy (IRE)
135UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Any Other Way (IRE)
136UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Aries Rambler (IRE)
137UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Back To Loughadera (IRE)
138UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Banbury Cross (IRE)
140UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Be Mine Tonight (IRE)
141UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Beann Ard (IRE)
142UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Beautiful Night (FR)
143UNNAMEDSeptember Storm (GER) - Bell Walks Caroll (IRE)
145UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Blue Gale (IRE)
147UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Bonne Inagh (IRE)
148UNNAMEDWinged Love (IRE) - Bonny Rathlin (IRE)
149UNNAMEDWhitmore's Conn - Bootsandslippers (IRE)
150UNNAMEDHelissio (FR) - Brook Forte (GB)
151UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Bucks Gift (IRE)
152UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Buddess (IRE)
153UNNAMEDLucarno - Cadoutene (FR)
154UNNAMEDFruits of Love - Cala-Holme (IRE)
155UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Carols Present (IRE)
156UNNAMEDWhitmore's Conn - Carrawaystick (IRE)
158UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Carrowmore Queen (IRE)
159UNNAMEDCaptain Marvelous (IRE) - Celtic Blaze (IRE)
160UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Champagne Lil (GB)
161UNNAMEDGold Well (GB) - China Fare (IRE)
162UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Circle the Wagons (IRE)
163UNNAMEDTouch of Land (FR) - Classic China (GB)
165UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Conker Nails (IRE)
166UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Courtmac Memories (IRE)
167UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Crafty Women (IRE)
168UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Crystal Stream (IRE)
169UNNAMEDDouble Eclipse (IRE) - Culmore Native (IRE)
170UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Cush Jewel (IRE)
171UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Dalzenia (FR)
172UNNAMEDSchiaparelli (GER) - Dancing Pearl (GB)
174UNNAMEDMustameet - Dariyba (IRE)
175UNNAMEDOlden Times (GB) - Dark Friend (IRE)
176UNNAMEDBeneficial (GB) - Dato Starling (IRE)
177UNNAMEDMillenary (GB) - Dato Vic (IRE)
179UNNAMEDFruits of Love - Ding Dong Belle (GB)
180UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Dino's Monkey (IRE)
181UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Distillery Lane (IRE)
182UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Empress of Light (GB)
183UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Erins Lass (IRE)
184UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Etoile Margot (FR)
185UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Exit To Blue (IRE)
186UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Full Imperatrice (FR)
187UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Full of Birds (FR)
188Gaelic Prince (FR)Martaline (GB) - Gaelic Jane
189UNNAMEDGolden Lariat - Geraldine's Pet (IRE)
190UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Glen Supreme (IRE)
192UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Good Wishes (IRE)
193UNNAMEDGold Well (GB) - Goodbye Girl (IRE)
195Unnamed (NTB)Yeats (IRE) - Guilt Less (NTB)
196UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Hasty Native (IRE)
197UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Hollygrove Cezanne (IRE)
199UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Ilikeyou (IRE)
200UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Irish Whiskey (IRE)
201UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Jeruflo (IRE)
202UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Jesses Park (IRE)
203UNNAMEDDansant (GB) - Jetanega (IRE)
204UNNAMEDStowaway (GB) - Jeu de Dame (GB)
205UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Joarrowil (IRE)
206UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - John's Eliza (IRE)
207UNNAMEDFruits of Love - Julianne (IRE)
208UNNAMEDVinnie Roe (IRE) - Just Cassandra (IRE)
210UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Kestral Heights (IRE)
211UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Kimouna
212Unnamed (NTB)Court Cave (IRE) - Kindle Ball (NTB)
214UNNAMEDRobin des Pres (FR) - Lady Mariah (IRE)
216UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Last Of Many (IRE)
217UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Leamybe (IRE)
218UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Lemonfield Lady (IRE)
219UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Lezies Last (IRE)
220UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Line White (FR)
224UNNAMEDOlden Times (GB) - Lotschen Princess (GB)
225UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Loughaneala (IRE)
226UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Lusty Beg (IRE)
229Havana Dancer (IRE)Flemensfirth - Senorita Rumbalita (GB)
230She's Our Banker (IRE)Hawk Wing - She's Our Mare (IRE)
232Supreme Hazel (IRE)Old Vic (GB) - Snob's Supreme (IRE)
233Our Touring Grey (IRE)Great Palm - Supreme Attraction (IRE)Primary
234Benefitthewest (IRE)Beneficial (GB) - The West Road (IRE)
237Our Dot (IRE)Supreme Leader (GB) - Commanche Bay (IRE)Morozov
239Couture Daisy (IRE)Desse Zenny - Couture d'Argent (FR)
240Caldwell Symphony (IRE)Bob Back - Double Symphony (IRE)Arakan
241Sure Quest (GB)Sure Blade - Eagle's Quest (GB)Court Cave (IRE)
243Square Sphere (IRE)Oscar (IRE) - Have To Go (IRE)Dubai Destination
244UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - La Brave (FR)
245Micks Kicks (IRE)Lord Americo (IRE) - Lenmore Lisa (IRE)Doyen (IRE)
246Lucky Hand (IRE)Shernazar (IRE) - Lovely Hand (IRE)Court Cave (IRE)