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Tattersalls Ireland Fairyhouse 2018 November National Hunt Sale

November 11 - 16 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Tin Town Libby (IRE)
2UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Kaybonne (IRE)
3UNNAMEDPutra Pekan (GB) - Shii-Take's Girl (GB)
4UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Paddy's Rose (IRE)
6UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Clash Artist (IRE)
7UNNAMEDJeremy - Slaney Legacy (IRE)
8UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Maid For Money (IRE)
9UNNAMEDCarlotamix (FR) - One Last Cut (IRE)
10UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Similan (IRE)
12UNNAMEDFrozen Fire (GER) - Alfina (IRE)
13Cave Queen (IRE)Court Cave (IRE) - Queenofbenitstown (IRE)
14UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Glazed Storm (IRE)
15UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Born To Dazzle (IRE)
16UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Isola Bella (GB)
17UNNAMEDMountain High (IRE) - Lady Deanie (IRE)
18Maninsane (IRE)Salutino (GER) - Don't Fall (IRE)
20UNNAMEDOscar (IRE) - Artlucy (IRE)
21UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Gale Vic (IRE)
23Sand Fly (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Laetitia (IRE)Free 
24State of Cognac (IRE)Fame And Glory (GB) - Nirphania (GER)
25Newsworthy (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Cousin Jen (IRE)
27UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Push And Boots (IRE)
28UNNAMEDMustameet - Lady Conn (IRE)
29UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Creaking Step (IRE)
30UNNAMEDEl Salvador (IRE) - Springfield Spirit (IRE)
32UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Castlelost (IRE)
33UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Maltesse (IRE)
35UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Gabriellina Klon (IRE)
36Burren Orchid (IRE)Footstepsinthesand (GB) - Spring Crocus (IRE)Free 
37UNNAMEDBorn To Sea (IRE) - Campessa (IRE)
38UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Annaofcompton (IRE)
39UNNAMEDFulbright (GB) - Handsinthemist (IRE)
40UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Morethanafeeling (IRE)Free 
41UNNAMEDDream Ahead - Better Be Mine (IRE)
42Emperor Alley (IRE)Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) - Miss Topsy Turvy (IRE)Free 
43Childers (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Excellent Mariner (IRE)Free 
44The Truant (IRE)Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Invincible Cara (IRE)Free 
45UNNAMEDPalavicini - Joyful Spirit (IRE)
46UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Berg Bahn (IRE)
47UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Shining Desert (IRE)
48UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Velvetina (IRE)
49UNNAMEDPalavicini - Alpine Mysteries (IRE)
50UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Swish Dancer (IRE)Free 
51Ladyecho (IRE)Elzaam (AUS) - Sophies Echo (IRE)
52UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Seriously (FR)
53UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Emma's Surprise (GB)Free 
54UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Sliabh Aniaran (IRE)Free 
55UNNAMEDGale Force Ten (GB) - Blond Beauty
56UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Beau Petite (GB)
57UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Baltic Time (IRE)Free 
58UNNAMEDCappella Sansevero (GB) - Jandal (GB)
61UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Loughroe Classic (IRE)
62UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Tiveragh (IRE)
63UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Patterdan (IRE)
64UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Steel Glory (IRE)
66UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Push And Boots (IRE)
67UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Posh Kidd (IRE)
68UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Florello (GB)
69UNNAMEDEquiano (FR) - Azurinta (IRE)
70UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Blayney Queen (IRE)
71UNNAMEDAltruistic (IRE) - Rosshill Easter (IRE)
72UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Tiffs Diamond (IRE)
73UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Eatons Way (IRE)
74UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Thedoublede (IRE)
75UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Look Who's Talking (GB)
76UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Chantal d'Haguenet (IRE)
77UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Cellar Door (IRE)
78UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Queen of Cool (IRE)
79UNNAMEDCasamento (IRE) - Ribbons And Bows (IRE)
80UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Court Over (GB)
81UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Moon Light Shadow (GB)
82UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Jungle Jewel (IRE)
83UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Slaney Legacy (IRE)
84UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Dubai City (IRE)
85UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Bells Glory (IRE)
86UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Helenpark (IRE)
87UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Behest (GB)
88UNNAMEDScorpion (IRE) - Banrion Na Boinne (GB)
89UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Meadstown Miss (IRE)
90UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Verney Roe (IRE)
91UNNAMEDMamool (IRE) - Go Gentle (IRE)
92UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Nohabodder (IRE)
94Zertopek (FR)Montmartre (FR) - Lisette Bleue (FR)
96UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - L'Etoile du Nord (IRE)
97UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Tarantella Lady (GB)
98UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Je T'Aime (IRE)
99UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Don't Be Upset (IRE)
100UNNAMEDSolskjaer (IRE) - Look Bach (IRE)
101UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - All For Fame (IRE)
102UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Material Leader (GB)
103UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Passlands (IRE)
104UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Oceanna Mist (IRE)
105UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Easter Saturday (IRE)
106UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Harvard Girl (IRE)
107UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Eliza des Champs (IRE)
108UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Miss Cozzene (FR)
109UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Chiminee Lamp (IRE)
110UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Blurred Lines (IRE)
112UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Miss Chinchilla (GB)
113UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - China Reign (IRE)
114UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Rosie's Trix (IRE)
115UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Beauty Star (IRE)
116UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Miss Audacious (IRE)
117UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Night of Passion (IRE)
118She's A Steal (IRE)Flemensfirth - Thanks Awfully (IRE)
119UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Hell Cat Maggie (IRE)
120Crack des Bois (FR)Masked Marvel (GB) - Della des Bois (FR)
121Hadeux Cmieux (FR)Cokoriko (FR) - Queen Du Vallon (FR)
122UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Montel Girl (IRE)
123UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Captivating Tyna (IRE)
125UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Roztoc (IRE)
126UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Nice Idea (IRE)
127UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Endless Ambition (IRE)
128UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Parsons Hall (IRE)
129UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Asola Blue (FR)
130UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - The Barbury Queen (IRE)
131UNNAMEDMontmartre (FR) - Mont Doree (FR)
132UNNAMEDBlack Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Amber Cloud (GB)
133Etincelle Artiste (FR)Great Pretender (IRE) - Forcat (FR)
134UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Shades of Grey (GB)
135UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Itsalark (IRE)
136Meditur (FR)Turgeon - Medimix (FR)
137UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Cattiva Generosa (GB)Free 
138UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Minora Blue (GB)
139UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Blueberry Bramble (IRE)
140UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Mrs Marples (IRE)
141UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Elsie (IRE)
142Enki Flacke (FR)Buck's Boum (FR) - Holly Girl (IRE)
144Happy Victory (FR)Buck's Boum (FR) - Nova d'Auteuil (FR)
147Noumleya (FR)Youmzain (IRE) - Chattleya (FR)
148UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Portacarron Lady (IRE)
149UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Quinnsborooldvic (IRE)
151UNNAMEDBallingarry (IRE) - Faraude (FR)
152UNNAMEDFame And Glory (GB) - Blazing Sonnet (IRE)
153UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Nuit des Chartreux (FR)
154UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Tylensy (IRE)
155UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Up The Style (IRE)
156UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Beharista (FR)
157UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Regal Force (IRE)
159UNNAMEDSixties Icon (GB) - Until Forever (IRE)
160UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Power of Future (GER)
161UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Bestow (IRE)
162UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Janal (IRE)
163UNNAMEDGolden Lariat - Lettreen Rose (IRE)
164UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Criaire Nouveau (IRE)
165UNNAMEDShantou - Lady Cloudings (IRE)
166UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Brogella (IRE)
167UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Refining (IRE)
168UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Royal Bride (GB)
169UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - After Dark (IRE)
170UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Celestial Dream (IRE)Free 
171Nouliak (FR)Montmartre (FR) - Visite Princiere (FR)
172UNNAMEDSea Moon (GB) - Revelate (IRE)
173UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Firey Witness (IRE)
174UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Oscar Bird (IRE)
175UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Glenwood Girl (IRE)
176UNNAMEDMultiplex (GB) - Surprise Statement (GB)
177UNNAMEDYorgunnabelucky - Chebsey Jubilee (GB)
178UNNAMEDYorgunnabelucky - Life Is Life (FR)
179UNNAMEDYorgunnabelucky - Snow Train (GB)
180UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Dansana (IRE)
181UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Insanity of Love (IRE)
183UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Talween (GB)
184UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Na Habair Tada (IRE)
185UNNAMEDMamool (IRE) - Missrepresenting (IRE)
186UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - The Masters Lady (IRE)
187UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Caresse (GB)
188UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Cabra Cruizor (IRE)
189UNNAMEDSpanish Moon - Coco in Love (FR)
190UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Rehearsed (IRE)
192UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Rose Gallery (FR)
193UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Tomboy (IRE)
194UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Paddy's Rose (IRE)
195UNNAMEDEl Salvador (IRE) - Springfield Spirit (IRE)
196UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Old Madam (IRE)
197UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Grand Minstrel (IRE)Free 
198UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Panoora Vic (IRE)
200UNNAMEDTobougg (IRE) - Bold Article (IRE)
201UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Pick And Mix (IRE)
202UNNAMEDGatewood (GB) - Creaking Step (IRE)
203UNNAMEDGatewood (GB) - Madame Von Meck (IRE)
204UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Buckey's Rose (IRE)
205UNNAMEDSnow Sky (GB) - Finn Valley Queen (IRE)
207UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Hopeful Gleam (IRE)
208UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Royal Stream (IRE)
209UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Fitzgrey (IRE)
210UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Nouveau Moulin (IRE)
211UNNAMEDLet The Lion Roar (GB) - Alabama Baby (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
214UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Shellyvalley (IRE)
215UNNAMEDSnow Sky (GB) - Bellas Lullaby (IRE)
216UNNAMEDFrozen Fire (GER) - The Show Woman (IRE)
217UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Flaggora (IRE)
218UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Carrigeen Queen (IRE)
219UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Realta Reatha (IRE)
220UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Shes Black Beauty (IRE)
221UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Bannow Rose (IRE)
222UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Supreme Tide (IRE)
223UNNAMEDRajj (IRE) - Miss Muldoon (IRE)
224UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Oscareen (IRE)
225UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Laylati (IRE)
226UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Omas Lady (IRE)
227UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Davids Jewel (IRE)
228UNNAMEDAlkaadhem (GB) - Oh Jackie (IRE)
229UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Lucky Hand (IRE)
230UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Hopeful Gleam (IRE)
231UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Lola d'Haguenet (FR)
233UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Killoughey Babe (IRE)
234UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Glory O (IRE)
235UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Nora D (IRE)
236UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Baracka Box (IRE)
237UNNAMEDMamool (IRE) - Qeasy (GB)
238UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Douglas Park (IRE)
240UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Azaria (IRE)
241UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Towermore Lass (IRE)
242UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Persian Heroine (IRE)
243UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Monilea Lady (IRE)
244UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Lusobar (IRE)
245UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Rinnce Moll (IRE)
247UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Kenzie (IRE)
248UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Frosted Grape (IRE)
249UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Linagram (GB)
250UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Betty Beck (IRE)
251UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Our Lot (IRE)
252UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Fitanga Speed (IRE)
253UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Bun Buns (IRE)
255UNNAMEDShantou - Mrs Mac Veale (IRE)
256UNNAMEDEl Salvador (IRE) - Maybe Its For Luck (IRE)
257UNNAMEDEl Salvador (IRE) - Moray Firth (UAE)
258UNNAMEDShantou - Ratheniska (IRE)
259UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Inch Princess (IRE)
260UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Knockalaghan Maid (IRE)
261UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Ferrestown Lady (IRE)
262UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Life Is A Gift (IRE)
263UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Touched By Angels (IRE)
264UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Princesse Leia (FR)
265UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Evelith Abbey (IRE)
266UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Indian Love (FR)
267UNNAMEDShantou - Kiltiernan Robin (IRE)
268UNNAMEDArakan - Piralash Lady (IRE)
269UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Supreme Vic (IRE)
270UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Madam Bijou (GB)
271UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Samedi Soir (GB)
272UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Morning Milan (IRE)
273UNNAMEDPether's Moon (IRE) - Lady de La Vega (FR)
274UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Devils Pride (IRE)
275UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Amatia (GB)
276UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Cloneen Eagle (IRE)
277UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Fashion's Worth (IRE)
278UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Jessies Delight (GB)
279UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Carmencita (GB)
280UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Wyndham Roberta (IRE)
281UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Make It Better (IRE)
282UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Mount Radhwa (IRE)
283UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Sika Trix (IRE)
284UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Bincas Beauty (IRE)
285UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Andrea's Answer (IRE)
286UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - A La Perchoine (IRE)
287UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Inchiquin High (IRE)
288UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Maxwells Demon (IRE)
289UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Coco in Love (FR)
290UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Nazarene (IRE)
291UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Hanora O'Brien (IRE)
292UNNAMEDArctic Cosmos - Moscow Mistress (IRE)
293UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Carleys Quest (IRE)
294UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Arts Theater (IRE)
295UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Drumderry (IRE)
296UNNAMEDDarsi (FR) - Kyle Hill (IRE)
297UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Garw Valley (GB)
298UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Our Ned (IRE)
299UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Moscow River (IRE)
300UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Degenerous (IRE)
301UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Luna Fairy (IRE)
302UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Jiggle Joules (IRE)
303UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Minoras Return (IRE)
304UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Avoca Star (IRE)
305UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Allstar Girl (IRE)
306UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Glencree Rose (IRE)
307UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Cool Love (IRE)
308UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - She's Got Grit (IRE)
309UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Sally Knox (IRE)
310UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Coppenagh Lady (IRE)
312UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Bell Walks Day (IRE)
313UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Dee Two O Two (IRE)
314UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Hayley Cometh (IRE)
315UNNAMEDDarsi (FR) - Shinrock Jackie (IRE)
316UNNAMEDDarsi (FR) - Mines River (IRE)
317UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Chriss Bomb (IRE)
318UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Carleys Flight (IRE)
319UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Saintofthecastle (IRE)
320UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Baidin Fheilimi (IRE)
321UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Simons Niece (IRE)
322UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Benefit of Porter (IRE)
323UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Shokalocka Baby (IRE)
324UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Nightlynx (IRE)
325UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - African Miss (IRE)
326UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Sherika (IRE)
327UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Lisdaleen (IRE)
328UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Glencree Spirit (IRE)
330UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Quarryvale (IRE)
331UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Quarry Minella (IRE)
332UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Quarry des Champs (IRE)
333UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - True Dedication (IRE)
334UNNAMEDShantou - Mwangaza (FR)
335UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Cabra Cruizor (IRE)
336UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Diva Antonia (IRE)
337UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Feldaline (IRE)
338UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Caitys Joy (GER)
339UNNAMEDClovis Du Berlais (FR) - Present Your Case (IRE)
340UNNAMEDNorse Dancer (IRE) - Amber Cloud (GB)
341UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Spirited Soul (IRE)
342UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Ben's Turn (IRE)
343UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Night Heron (IRE)
344UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - A Long Way (GB)
345UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Cove (IRE)
346UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Na Habair Tada (IRE)
347UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - True Value (IRE)
348UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Indian Fairy (IRE)
349UNNAMEDPolicy Maker (IRE) - Button It (FR)
350UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Sosua (IRE)
351UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Figlette (GB)
352UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Shuil Milan (IRE)
353UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Cluain Deas (IRE)
354UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Good Time In Milan (IRE)
355UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - What An Flyer (IRE)
356UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Present Line (IRE)
357UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Camelia des Bordes (FR)
358UNNAMEDGentlewave (IRE) - Wild Blueberry (IRE)
359UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Kilronan High (IRE)
360UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Battle Over (FR)
361UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Mile From The Moon (IRE)
362UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Desert Moon (IRE)
363UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Donna Graciosa (GER)
364UNNAMEDCloudings (IRE) - Western Starlight (IRE)
365UNNAMEDArctic Cosmos - Snow Keeper (GB)
366UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Una Sorpresa (GER)Free 
367UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Glory Queen (IRE)
368Why Not Dream (IRE)Ask (GB) - Marvellous Dream (FR)
369UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Butterfly Betty (IRE)
370UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Didn't You Know (FR)
371UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Mary Mac Swiney (IRE)
372UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Revaader (GB)
373UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Moon Catcher (GB)
374UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Rose Revived (GB)
375UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Baby Bee Jay (GB)
376UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Ostarakov (GER)
377UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Gentle Memory (IRE)
378UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Glenadoon (IRE)
379UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Quiet Thought (IRE)
380UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Western Skylark (IRE)
381UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Why Not Thistle (IRE)
382UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - See The Lightning (IRE)
383UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Hear The Thunder (IRE)
384UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Trajectus (GB)
385UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Fiddling Again (GB)
386UNNAMEDClovis Du Berlais (FR) - Fact Not Fiction (GB)
387UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Honest Chance (FR)
388UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Sweetbitter (FR)
389UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Tizzy Frizzy (GB)
390UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Ruby Belle (GB)
391UNNAMEDPour Moi (IRE) - Glory Days (GER)
392UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Wiskee Lil (GB)
393UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Molo (GB)
394UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Until Forever (IRE)
395UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Nina Fontenail (FR)
396UNNAMEDPour Moi (IRE) - Diamond Smiles (GB)
397UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Hot Choice (GB)
398UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - C'Est Fantastique (IRE)
399UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Lady Fame (IRE)
400UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Desana (IRE)
401UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Youngstar (GB)
402UNNAMEDNight Wish (GER) - Comtesse Du Sud (FR)
403UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Tarziyma (IRE)
404UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Tara Tara (IRE)
405UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Ballerina Queen (IRE)
406UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Rising Queen (IRE)
407UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Episodique (IRE)
408UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Bright Eyes (GB)
409UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Inlander (IRE)
410UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Seven Even (FR)
411UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Golden Gael (GB)
412UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Sinnaja (GB)
413UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Keats Dream (GB)
414UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Present Your Own (IRE)
415UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Tambourine Davis (FR)
417UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Anne Hathaway (IRE)
418UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Iktitafs Sister (IRE)
419UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Etoile Margot (FR)
420UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Sounds of Thunder (GB)
421UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Nothin To Say (IRE)
422UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Benefit Miss (IRE)
423UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Agasaya (IRE)
425UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Incas Article (IRE)
426UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Ashwell Lady (IRE)
427UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Carries Darling (GB)
428UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Salon Musique (GER)
429UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Lola Rosa (IRE)
430UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Nowhere Fast (IRE)
431UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Glor Na Gaoithe (IRE)
432UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Have More (GB)
433UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Def It Vic (IRE)
434UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Chanceux Houx (FR)
435UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Gift Wrapped (IRE)
436UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Louve Sereine (FR)
437UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Miss Mayberry (IRE)
438UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Rosafi (IRE)
439UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Mount Mizooka (GB)
440UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Fingal's Sister (IRE)
441UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Tango Lady (IRE)
442UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Presenting Troika (IRE)
443UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Hot Oscar (IRE)
444UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Leyhill (IRE)
445UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Caltra Princess (IRE)
446UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Star of The Season (IRE)
447UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Chasing The Gold (IRE)
448UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - She's No Pet (IRE)
449UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Fairyconomy (IRE)
450UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Ciara's Oscar (IRE)
451UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Callieville (IRE)
452UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Copper Kate (IRE)
453UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Gail Borden (IRE)
454UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Portlandica (IRE)
455UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Magic Maze (IRE)
456UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Speedy River (IRE)
457UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Magic D (IRE)
458UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Chartani (IRE)
459UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Ballybrowney Hall (IRE)
460UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Downsouth (IRE)
461UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - West Elite (IRE)
462UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Dalkey Pride (GB)
463UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Mhuire Na Gale (IRE)
464UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Ask June (IRE)
465UNNAMEDPolicy Maker (IRE) - Bahira (IRE)
466UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Stateable Case (IRE)
467UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Misspublican (IRE)
468UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Agent Walker (IRE)
469UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Laciarash (IRE)
470UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Faraude (FR)
471UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Nova Destiny (GB)
472UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Oscar Ladensa (IRE)
473UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Highland Dani (IRE)
474UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Spin The Wheel (IRE)
475UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Foret Noire (IRE)
476UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Sizing Judy (IRE)
477UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Rachel's Choice (IRE)
478UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Foundary (IRE)
479UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Grangeclare Lark (IRE)
480UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Simplex (IRE)
481UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Grangeclare Star (IRE)
482UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Brotenstown (IRE)
483UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Shannagh Run (IRE)
484UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - D's Lady (IRE)
485UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Sarah's Pet (IRE)
486UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Valentines Misty (IRE)
487UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - A Better Excuse (IRE)
488UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Mrs Kick (IRE)
489UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Good Thyne Lisa (IRE)
490UNNAMEDCloudings (IRE) - O'Faolains Fancy (IRE)
491UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Sheestown (IRE)
492UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Lady Benmear (IRE)
493UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Maghanns Pride (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
501UNNAMEDRule of Law - Miss Jovial (IRE)
502UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Greatartist (IRE)
503UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Western Queen (IRE)
504UNNAMEDZambezi Sun (GB) - Katty Barry (IRE)
505UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Claddagh Aine (IRE)
506UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Alex The Brave (IRE)
507UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Slaney Conflict (IRE)
508UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Queen of Questions (IRE)
509UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Clogher Valley (IRE)
510UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - More Equity (GB)
511UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Apache Rose (IRE)
512UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Star Seventeen (GB)
513UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Broadway Theatre (IRE)
514UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Golan Annie (IRE)
515UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Chitty Bang Bang (IRE)
516UNNAMEDShantou - Miss Garbo (IRE)
517UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Silver Needle (IRE)
518UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Knockeen Cross (IRE)
519UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Rahila (IRE)
520UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - O What A Girl (IRE)
521UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Last Theatre (IRE)
522UNNAMEDShantou - Sophie's World (IRE)
523UNNAMEDShantou - Alistorm (GB)
524UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Jenmarie (IRE)
525UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Nile Grise (FR)
526UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Baby Briggs (IRE)
527UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Barchetta (IRE)
528UNNAMEDShantou - Smashing Leader (IRE)
529UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Ariels Serenade (IRE)Free 
530UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Patchy Lass (IRE)
531UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Aunt Annie (IRE)
532UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Gypsy Mo Chara (IRE)
533UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Summer Again (IRE)
534UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Kaffie (GB)
535UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Mtpockets (IRE)
536UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - New Targets (IRE)
537UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Flame Supreme (IRE)
538UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Lady Charisma (GB)
539UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Needed The Run (IRE)
540UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - No Bodys Flame (IRE)
543UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Gales Hill (IRE)
544UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Sagabolley (IRE)
545UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Ellie Forte (GB)
546UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Coscorrig (IRE)
547UNNAMEDShantou - Caheronaun (IRE)
548UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Pharney Lady (IRE)
549UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Taken (IRE)
550UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Selective Hearing (IRE)
551UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Fille d'Honfleur (GB)
552UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Oak Lady (IRE)
553UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Fugal Maid (IRE)
554UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Takemewithyou (GB)
555UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Winged Empress (IRE)
556UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - River Clyde (IRE)
557UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Sweetbriar Rose (IRE)
558UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Mrs Peachey (IRE)
559UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Shaddy (IRE)
560UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Talinas Rose (IRE)
561UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Argento Luna (GB)
562UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Eireann Rose (IRE)
563UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - L'Etoile du Nord (IRE)
564UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Campanella (GER)
565UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - At That Time (IRE)
566UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Hollygrove's Last (IRE)
567UNNAMEDNorse Dancer (IRE) - Our Pollyanna (IRE)
568UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Double Dream (IRE)
569UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Bonny Rathlin (IRE)
570UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Madam Rocher (IRE)
571UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Cansalrun (IRE)
572UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Anguilla (GB)
573UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Kings Sister (IRE)
574UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Madgehil (IRE)
575UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Shantou Rose (IRE)
576UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - What A Princess (IRE)
577UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - No More Storms (IRE)
578UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Beesplease (IRE)
579UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - What A Breeze (IRE)
580UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Dew Drop (GB)
581UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Khirahs Firth (IRE)
582UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - She's A Venture (IRE)
583UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Storm Away (IRE)
584UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Royalrova (FR)
585UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Big Hill (IRE)
586UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Millies Honour (IRE)
587UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Sleeping Diva (FR)
588UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Miss Parkington (IRE)
589UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Landen (IRE)
590UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Betty's Diamond (IRE)
591UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Bowling Green (IRE)
592UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - South Africa (FR)
593UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Milan's Fingal (IRE)
594UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Benecash (IRE)
595UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Merry Gladness (IRE)
597UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Annamatopoeia (IRE)
598UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Anna's Melody (IRE)
599UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Catcheragain (IRE)
600UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Saintly Lady (IRE)
601UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Sincere Gesture (IRE)
602UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Pepelina (IRE)
603UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Tiger Bay Lady (IRE)
604UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Dancingwithbubbles (IRE)
605UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Theionlady (IRE)
608Kap Chidley (FR)Kapgarde (FR) - Savage River (FR)
610UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Larnalee (IRE)
611UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Golden Firth (IRE)
612UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Isles of Icane (IRE)
613UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Gaye Preskina (IRE)
614UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Jet Empress (IRE)
615UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Harbour Mistress (IRE)
616UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Western Approaches (GB)
617UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Caedlih Davis (FR)
618UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Koral Bay (FR)
619UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Luanna (IRE)
620UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Spartan Angel (IRE)
621UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Endless Ambition (IRE)
622UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - I'm All You Need (IRE)
623UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Shuil Dorcha (IRE)
624UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Dibella (IRE)
625UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Kayf Vera (IRE)
626UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Fleur Rose (IRE)
627UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Betty Roe (IRE)
628UNNAMEDCoastal Path (GB) - Parita (FR)
629UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Granny Weatherwax (IRE)
630UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Izind An Affair (IRE)
631UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Mariah's Way (GB)
632UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Horner Hill (IRE)
634UNNAMEDCoastal Path (GB) - Black Rock Lady (IRE)
636UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Corrie Hall (IRE)
637UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Aulne River (FR)
638UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - An Banog (IRE)
639UNNAMEDSaint des Saints (FR) - La Bombonera (FR)
640UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Ardissone (FR)
641UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Lady Hawk (GER)
642UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Mathine (FR)
643UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Samandara (FR)
644UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Ryme Bere (FR)
645UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Lost Link (IRE)
646UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Party Belle (GB)
647UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Izzy du Berlais (IRE)
648UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Bean Ki Moon (IRE)
649UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Credo Star (IRE)
650UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Prettyasapicture (GB)
651UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Bambootcha (IRE)
652UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Karinswift (GB)
653UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Supreme Breda (IRE)
654Anyway (GER)Jukebox Jury (IRE) - Adira (GER)
655UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Askanna (IRE)
656UNNAMEDMartaline (GB) - Parthenia (IRE)
657UNNAMEDBalko (FR) - Wendy Du Berlais (FR)
658UNNAMEDSir Percy (GB) - Hunca Munca (IRE)
659UNNAMEDSaint des Saints (FR) - Shanon Du Berlais (FR)
660UNNAMEDMartaline (GB) - Lolita Du Berlais (FR)
661UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Derravaragh Lilly (IRE)
662UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Bartlemy Bell (IRE)
663UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Real Papoose (IRE)
664UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Fairly Definite (IRE)
665UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Raise You Five (IRE)
666UNNAMEDArvico (FR) - Sharifa (GER)
667UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Coco Milan (IRE)
668UNNAMEDBathyrhon (GER) - Russian Memories (FR)
669UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Cheerymount (IRE)
670UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Alpine Glade (IRE)
671UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Threads of Destiny (IRE)
673UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Cappa Or (IRE)
674UNNAMEDCoastal Path (GB) - Rosadame (FR)
675UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Be Mine Again (IRE)
676UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Tizzy Blue (IRE)
677UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - She's My Aunt (IRE)
678UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Monks Charm (IRE)
679UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Gaye Future (GB)
680UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Carrigmore Mollie (IRE)
681UNNAMEDSea Moon (GB) - Easeaway (IRE)
682UNNAMEDSea Moon (GB) - Carrigmore Katie (IRE)
683UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Soeur Dee (IRE)
684UNNAMEDPether's Moon (IRE) - Madam Jolie (IRE)
685UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Croise Naofa (IRE)
686UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Mixie The Pixie (IRE)
687UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Mystic Lass (IRE)
688UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Siba de La Pampa (FR)
689UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Well Composed (IRE)
690UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Flowers On Sunday (IRE)
692UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Dino's Monkey (IRE)
693UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Gaye Native (IRE)
694UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Fantastic Belle (IRE)
695UNNAMEDShantou - Ariesanne (IRE)
696UNNAMEDSea Moon (GB) - Holloden (IRE)
697UNNAMEDShantou - Blodge (IRE)
698UNNAMEDShantou - Couture Daisy (IRE)
700UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Avichi (IRE)
701UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - On The Prairie (IRE)
702UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Aventia (IRE)
703UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Turica (IRE)
704UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Falcons Gift (IRE)
705UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Innisrush Eden (IRE)
706UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Celtic Cailin (IRE)
707UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - One Gulp (GB)
708UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Blonde Ambition (IRE)
709UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Pixie Lane (IRE)
710UNNAMEDSaddex (GB) - For A While (IRE)
711UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Shecouldbetheone (IRE)
712UNNAMEDShantou - Daydream Beach (IRE)
713UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Tocororo (IRE)
714UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Lady Inchiquin (IRE)
715UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Daizinni (GB)
716UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Jade River (FR)
717UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Ivy Queen (IRE)
718UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Present Attraction (IRE)
719UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Sunlight (IRE)
720UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Alderimli (IRE)
721UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Browngirlinthering (IRE)
722UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - China Sky (IRE)
723UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Wood Lily (IRE)
724UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Grangeclare Dancer (IRE)
725UNNAMEDMartaline (GB) - Theatre Girl (GB)
726UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Quinnsboromilan (IRE)
727UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Parkview Delight (IRE)
728UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Lightning Breeze (IRE)
729UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Shuil A Hocht (IRE)
731UNNAMEDShantou - Bisoguet (IRE)
732UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Baileys Partytime (GB)
733UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Millys Gesture (IRE)
734UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Scandisk (IRE)
735UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Bella Venezia (IRE)
736UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Siberian Vixen (IRE)
737UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Miss Knowall (IRE)
738UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Wicket Maiden (GB)
739UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Seren Gris (GB)
740UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Miss Topping (IRE)
741UNNAMEDShantou - Maryota (FR)
742UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Perfect Promise (IRE)
743UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Kneeland Lass (IRE)
744UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Winding Bae (IRE)
745UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Chosen Destiny (IRE)
746UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Akalara (IRE)
747UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Baliya (IRE)
748UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Chevalier Jet (IRE)
749UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Delgany Breese (IRE)
750UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Fair Funny (IRE)
751UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Simply Kitty (IRE)
752UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Anna Magdalena (IRE)
753UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Joanne One (IRE)
754UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Garranlea Maree (IRE)
755UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Pharenna (IRE)
756UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Foxyfirth (IRE)
757UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Blackberry Lass (IRE)
758UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Bettys Delight (IRE)
759UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Queen of Queens (IRE)
760UNNAMEDAizavoski (IRE) - Lough Ennell (IRE)
761UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Honour Own (IRE)
762UNNAMEDShantou - Vincenta (IRE)
763UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - French Promise (IRE)
764UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Some Bob Back (IRE)
765UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Grange Gold (IRE)
766UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Mazaryne (FR)
767UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Sary Flight (FR)
768UNNAMEDShantou - Lady Dromlac (IRE)
769UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Colleen Donnoige (IRE)
770UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Horner Mill (IRE)
771UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Supreme Sunday (IRE)
772UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Mrs Pankhurst (GB)
773UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Miss Lauren Dee (IRE)
774UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Dashing Diva (IRE)
775UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Rose Gallery (FR)
776UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Katie T (IRE)
777UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Shuil Ella (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
781UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Isabellareine (GER)
782UNNAMEDAlkaadhem (GB) - Carroll Street (GB)
783UNNAMEDAlkaadhem (GB) - Wells Mills (IRE)
784UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Papal Dancer (IRE)
785UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Rose of Dunamase (IRE)
786UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Only Blend (IRE)
787UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Phecda (FR)
788UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Lady of The Hall (IRE)
789UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Imelda Rose (IRE)
790UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Rosshaven Lady (IRE)
791UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - Madam Go Marching (IRE)
792UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Good Deed (GB)
793UNNAMEDMustameet - Crescendor (FR)
794UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Traffic Lights (IRE)
795UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Lady Piste (IRE)
796UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Squaw Valley (IRE)
797UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Secret Serenade (IRE)
798UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - La Scala Diva (IRE)
799UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Papion Lady (IRE)
800UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Agoura (IRE)
801UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Sand Lady (GB)Free 
802UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Gold Shot (GB)
803UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Dona Alba (IRE)
804UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Go Girl (IRE)
805UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Miranda's Lace (IRE)
806UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Spirit Rock (IRE)
807UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Aurore d'Estruval (FR)
808UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Lady of Fortune (IRE)
809UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Old Moon (IRE)
810UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Gift From Milan (IRE)
811UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Pocket Call (IRE)
812UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Who Let de Dogsout (IRE)
813UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Miss Massini (IRE)
814UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Mrs Bob (IRE)
815UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Rathmuck Rita (IRE)
816UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Allys Bubble (IRE)
817UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Little Petrel (IRE)
818UNNAMEDMustameet - Tub of Harte's (IRE)
820UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Deianira (IRE)
821UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Thessalienne (FR)
822UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Mrs Pharback (IRE)
823UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Scent With Love (IRE)
824UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Shannon Waters (IRE)
825UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Lady Kadina (IRE)
826UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Calomeria (GB)
827UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Highland Flower (IRE)
828UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Cordowna (IRE)
829UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Lucky Fancy (GB)
830UNNAMEDShantou - Midnight Flirt (IRE)
831UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Water Rock (GB)
832UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Katies Corner (IRE)
834UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Jolie Landaise (FR)
836UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - J'y Reste (FR)
837UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Be Mine Tonight (IRE)
838UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Good Looking Woman (IRE)
839UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Niamh's Away (IRE)
840UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Gales Queen (IRE)
841UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Aneda Dubh (IRE)
842UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Bachello (IRE)
843UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Coolfree (IRE)
844UNNAMEDCarlotamix (FR) - Madamedecafaulait (IRE)
845UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Realta Mo Croi (IRE)
846UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Smart Annie (IRE)
847UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Glens Valley (IRE)
848UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Yorkshire Girl (IRE)
849UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Miss Overdrive (GB)
850UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Glenelly Caoimhe (IRE)
851UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Ile En Crise (IRE)
852UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Cailin Eireann (IRE)
853UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Goldacava (IRE)
854UNNAMEDMores Wells (GB) - Echo Falls (IRE)
856UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Robyn's Rose (IRE)
857UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Blazes Peg (IRE)
858UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Line Mexia (FR)
859UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Well Tuned (IRE)
860UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Scarlet Feather (IRE)
861UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Liane de Pougy (FR)
862UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Lily Waugh (IRE)
863UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Aladiyna (IRE)
864UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Mary Wilkie (IRE)
865UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Milutonga Has (FR)
866UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Turtle Lamp (IRE)
867UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Park Ella (IRE)
868UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Ruby Reel (IRE)
869UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Rosealainn (IRE)
870UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Champagne Ruby (IRE)
871UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Accordian Lady (IRE)
872UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Finola's Gift (IRE)
874UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Lady Azamour (IRE)
875UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Metro Star (IRE)
876UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Sea Breeze Lady (IRE)
877UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Stylish Ways (IRE)
878UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Lexi's Girl (IRE)
879UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Katys Jools (GB)
882UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Regal Empress (IRE)
883UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Pretty Impressive (IRE)
884UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Solariza (FR)
885UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Brooklyn View (IRE)
886UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Moll Bawn (IRE)
887UNNAMEDDiamond Boy (FR) - Powhatan Squaw (IRE)
888UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Belle River (IRE)
889UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Rate of Knots (IRE)
890UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Taleia (GER)
891UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Shaigino (IRE)
892UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Beharista (FR)
893UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Santavino (IRE)
894UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Cuiloge Lady (IRE)
895UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Moonlight Whispers (IRE)
896UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Windermere Sky (IRE)
897UNNAMEDDiamond Boy (FR) - Perles of Men (FR)
898UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Royale Video (FR)
899UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Asian Maze (IRE)
900UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Deep Sunset (IRE)
901UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Currently In Milan (IRE)
902UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Nerissa (IRE)
903UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Claudia's Pearl (GB)
904UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Anotherlady (IRE)
905UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Howaya Pet (IRE)
906UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Goose Island (IRE)
907UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Tempest Belle (IRE)
908UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Maid of Malabar (IRE)
909Villainess (IRE)Yeats (IRE) - En Vedette (FR)
910UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Mystic Masie (IRE)
911UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Lecon Benefique (IRE)
912UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Whizzzey Rascal (IRE)
913UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Laughing Lesa (IRE)
914UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Folie Lointaine (FR)
915UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Holly Baloo (IRE)
916UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Be My Gesture (IRE)
917UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Terre Haute (IRE)
918UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Lady Rene (IRE)
919UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Myztique (IRE)
920UNNAMEDMyboycharlie (IRE) - Sambala (IRE)
921UNNAMEDRobin des Champs (FR) - Knockfierna (IRE)
922UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Cara Mara (IRE)
923UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Mystic Red (IRE)
924UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Civena (IRE)
925UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Liss Na Tintri (IRE)
926UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Poppy Baloo (IRE)
927UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Mille Et Une (FR)
928UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Turbo Linn (GB)
929UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Batoutahell (GB)
930UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Fairy Tale (FR)
931UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Lemon Cello (IRE)
932UNNAMEDGamut (IRE) - Corrib Princess (IRE)
933UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Triptoshan (IRE)
934UNNAMEDKapgarde (FR) - Rose Indienne (FR)
935UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Howayadoing (IRE)
936UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Clondalee (IRE)
937UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Phoenix Twist (IRE)
938UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Nurse Ratched (IRE)
939UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Princess Massini (IRE)
940UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Autumn Clouds (IRE)
941UNNAMEDSir Percy (GB) - Juniper Girl (IRE)
942UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Roche d'Or (GB)
943UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Miss Penny Pincher (IRE)
944UNNAMEDDiamond Boy (FR) - Tobetall (GB)
945UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Wayward Angel (IRE)
946UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Firth of Five (IRE)
947UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Black Ouzel (IRE)
948UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Broken Sunrise (IRE)
949UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Sainte Careigne (FR)
950UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Ebaniya (IRE)
951UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Kilbarry Gem (IRE)
952UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Harvard Girl (IRE)
953UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - The Real Athlete (IRE)
954UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Stay At Home Mum (IRE)
955UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Lively Lass (IRE)
956UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Limerick Rose (IRE)
957UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Bealath Champ (IRE)
958UNNAMEDLucky Speed (IRE) - Suzy's Music (IRE)
959UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Knocksouna Lady (IRE)
960UNNAMEDNight Wish (GER) - Lulu Rouge (FR)
961UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Pretty Puttens (IRE)
962UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Peace and the City (FR)
963UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Kilbarry Demon (IRE)
964UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Divine Glory (IRE)
965UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Casa Queen (IRE)
966UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Auspicious Outlook (IRE)
967UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Coolnasneachta (IRE)
968UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Gaye Flora (GB)
969UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Almnadia (IRE)
970UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Whowhatwherewhen (IRE)
971UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Blaeberry (GB)
972UNNAMEDNorse Dancer (IRE) - Pinamar (GB)
973UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Play Trix (IRE)
975UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Queens Wild (IRE)
976UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Ballinderry Moth (IRE)
977UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Shake The Tree (IRE)
978UNNAMEDSaint des Saints (FR) - Nomad Attitude (FR)
979UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Fruitful Venture (IRE)
980UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - No Stopping Sarah (IRE)
981UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Stephanie Frances (IRE)
982UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Trendy Native (GB)
983UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Supreme Von Pres (IRE)
984UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - My Viking Bay (IRE)
985UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Toulon Pass (IRE)
986UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Seana Ghael (IRE)
987UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Marhab Dancer (IRE)
988UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Anns Present (IRE)
989UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Cruising Mist (IRE)Free 
990UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Leader's Hall (IRE)
991UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Ballyknock Hill (IRE)
992UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - A Lot of Logic (IRE)
993UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Queen of The Stage (IRE)
995UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - April Joy (IRE)
996UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Bobomy (IRE)
997UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Knockara One (IRE)
998UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Atomic Winner (IRE)
999UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Come Dance With Me (IRE)
1000UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Definitely The One (IRE)
1001UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Sadies Grace (IRE)
1002UNNAMEDRule of Law - Theatre Fool (IRE)
1003UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Despute (IRE)
1004UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Leith Walk (IRE)
1005UNNAMEDBlue Bresil (FR) - Milanese Queen (GB)
1006UNNAMEDShantou - Fedaia (IRE)
1007UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Miss Champagne (IRE)
1008UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Ballinahow Ann (IRE)
1009UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Royal Choice (IRE)
1010UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Another Cliche (IRE)
1011UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Byerley Beauty (IRE)
1012UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Byerley Sophie (IRE)
1013UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Shadow Dearg (IRE)
1014UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Shadow Eile (IRE)
1015UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Behana (IRE)
1016UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Vertical Limit (IRE)
1017UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Bonmahon Charm (IRE)
1018UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Passionate Lady (IRE)
1019UNNAMEDSnow Sky (GB) - Jolie Clara (FR)
1020UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Head For Heights (IRE)
1021UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Time To Act (GB)
1023UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Maggie Connolly (IRE)
1024UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Moon Light Shadow (GB)
1025UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Deadly Pursuit (IRE)
1026UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Batren's Garden (IRE)
1027UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Consider her lucky (GER)
1029UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Norabelle (FR)
1030UNNAMEDBeat Hollow (GB) - Zarma (IRE)
1031UNNAMEDGentlewave (IRE) - Tay Jay Vay (IRE)
1032UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - You Should Know Me (IRE)
1033UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Khelino Mix (IRE)
1034UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Knapping Princess (IRE)
1035UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Kaituna (IRE)
1036UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - At The Pound Cross (IRE)
1037UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Present Strategy (IRE)
1038UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Beautiful War (IRE)
1039UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Janal (IRE)
1040UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Morning Ruby (IRE)
1041UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Maggie Byrne (IRE)
1042UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Dizzy Rascal (GB)
1043UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Everdane (IRE)
1044UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Subbys Daughter (IRE)
1045UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Midnight Benefit (IRE)
1046UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Annie Greene (IRE)
1047UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Shuil Eimeil (GB)
1048UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Leapy Lady (IRE)
1049UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Crystal Fire (IRE)
1050UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Kalico Kate (IRE)
1051UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Kalico Kalista (IRE)
1052UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Miss Your Top (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1057UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Thedoublede (IRE)
1058UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Leish Oscar (IRE)
1059UNNAMEDOl' Man River (IRE) - Legal Proceedings (IRE)
1060UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Aunt Rosalie (IRE)
1061UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Nearly A Dream (IRE)
1063UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Benny's Fagartha (IRE)
1064UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Katys Girl (IRE)
1065UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - Marie Wallace (IRE)
1066UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - Native Kin (IRE)
1067UNNAMEDZambezi Sun (GB) - Princess Tia (IRE)
1068UNNAMEDGamut (IRE) - Silver Serenade (IRE)
1070UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Pixie Dust (IRE)
1071UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Dark Sari (IRE)
1072UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Royal Mission (IRE)
1073UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Sinegronto (IRE)
1074UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Onest (GB)
1075UNNAMEDCannock Chase - Molly Cat (GB)
1076UNNAMEDCannock Chase - Super Faida (IRE)
1077UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Rhinestone Lady (IRE)
1078UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Montecateno (IRE)
1079UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Glenahiry (IRE)
1080UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Marta Mes (FR)
1081UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Best Bidder
1082UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Moynihan's Lady (IRE)
1083UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Vinnie's Princess (IRE)
1084UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Belle's Elegance (IRE)
1085UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Miss Coley (IRE)
1086UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Dream Beat (GB)
1087UNNAMEDAlkaadhem (GB) - Scar Oscar (IRE)
1088UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Strong Statement (IRE)
1089UNNAMEDHillstar (GB) - Old Madam (IRE)
1090UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Ceka Dawn (IRE)
1091UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Another Burden (GB)
1092UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Tammie Wynett (IRE)
1093UNNAMEDAltruistic (IRE) - Presenting Mary (IRE)
1094UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Tara Glory (IRE)
1095UNNAMEDCloudings (IRE) - Really Royale (FR)
1096UNNAMEDShantaram (GB) - Naamah (IRE)
1097UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Gerry's Girl (IRE)
1098UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Lunar Gift (IRE)
1099UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Phillys Fancy (IRE)
1100UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Theklana (IRE)
1101UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Caitlin Brook (IRE)
1102UNNAMEDSnow Sky (GB) - Moody Queen (IRE)
1103UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Zebs Little Sister (IRE)
1104UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Raphuca (IRE)
1105UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Bobbi's Venture (IRE)
1106UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Fieldaway (IRE)
1108UNNAMEDPower (GB) - War Bride (GER)
1109UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Fairy Trader (IRE)
1110UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Cooksgrove Lady (IRE)
1111UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Dromod Mour (IRE)
1112UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - April Thyne (IRE)
1114UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - The Only Girl (IRE)
1115UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Debut (IRE)
1116UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - In A Rush (IRE)
1117UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - C'Est La Mode (IRE)
1118UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Pale Face (IRE)
1119UNNAMEDShantaram (GB) - Nancy's Girl (IRE)
1120UNNAMEDMalinas (GER) - Seoighe (IRE)
1121UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - One Cool Princess (IRE)
1122UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - She's All There (IRE)
1123UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - Speed Lady (IRE)
1124UNNAMEDMasterofthehorse (IRE) - Truckers Princess (IRE)
1125UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Dubaicalie (IRE)
1126UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Sovereign Lass (IRE)
1127UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Madasabrush (IRE)
1128UNNAMEDArcadio (GER) - Ever Dreaming
1129UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Hill Fairy (GB)
1130UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Akiliyna (IRE)
1131UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Galilee Star (IRE)
1132UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Dani Catalonia (IRE)
1133UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Eoz (IRE)
1134UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Dani Salamanca (IRE)
1135UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - The Bold Beckey (IRE)
1136UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - She Ranks Me (IRE)
1137UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Mahler Dancer (IRE)
1138UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Ancora (IRE)
1139UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Creanna Lady (IRE)
1140UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Miss Blueyes (IRE)
1141UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Tara Rocks (GB)
1142UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Lady Wagtail (IRE)
1143UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Kalyfa Royale (IRE)
1144UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Mawly Day (IRE)
1145UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Pinkeen Lady (IRE)
1146UNNAMEDWalk In The Park (IRE) - Dariya (IRE)
1147UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Gayeroyale (IRE)
1148UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Ma Baker (IRE)
1150UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Hurricane Jojo (IRE)
1151UNNAMEDTelescope (IRE) - Senorita Rumbalita (GB)
1152UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Knock Beauty (IRE)
1153UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Toile d'Auteuil (FR)
1154UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Natural Spring (GB)
1155UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Pauls First (IRE)
1156UNNAMEDSea Moon (GB) - Emily's Bracelet (IRE)
1157UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Dante's Queen (IRE)
1158UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Timon's Present (GB)
1159UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Onewayortheother (IRE)
1160UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Bebinn (IRE)
1161UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Black Money (GB)
1162UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Top Nurse (IRE)
1163UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - The Mighty Matron (IRE)
1164UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Smiles Awake You (IRE)
1165UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Put A Name On Her (IRE)
1167UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Luas Luso (IRE)
1168UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Fedoria (IRE)
1169UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Celestial Spirit (IRE)
1170UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Always Present (IRE)
1171UNNAMEDPour Moi (IRE) - Marmalade Cross (IRE)
1172UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Not An Inch (IRE)
1173UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Dar Dar Supreme (GB)
1174UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Fleminhill (IRE)
1175UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Starry Lady (IRE)
1176UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Lady Taipan (IRE)
1177UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Princess Marlan (IRE)
1178UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Beauty Star (IRE)
1179UNNAMEDKayf Tara (GB) - Me Ould Buttie (IRE)
1180UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Follyfoot (IRE)
1182UNNAMEDSans Frontieres (IRE) - Runonmoney (IRE)
1183UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Youcanhearthebees (IRE)
1184UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Milling Road (IRE)
1185UNNAMEDZambezi Sun (GB) - Look Bach (IRE)
1186UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Wells Theatre (IRE)
1188UNNAMEDVendangeur (IRE) - Me No Puppet (GB)
1189UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Banrion Na Boinne (GB)
1190UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Lady Kasora (IRE)
1192UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Rossa Parks (IRE)
1194UNNAMEDWell Chosen (GB) - Lobinstown Girl (IRE)
1195UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Lace Parasol (IRE)
1196UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Floresse (GB)
1197UNNAMEDLet The Lion Roar (GB) - Chocolate Silk (IRE)
1198UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Chestnut (IRE)
1199UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Knockalane Beauty (IRE)
1200UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Dangan Diamond (IRE)
1201UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Super Sandie (IRE)
1202UNNAMEDGatewood (GB) - Waydale Hill (GB)
1203UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Second Bond (IRE)
1204UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Cherish The Pear (IRE)
1205UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Rose's Emma (IRE)
1206UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Katie Cranny (IRE)
1207UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Follow The Icon (GB)
1208UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Glen's Gift (IRE)
1209UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Hatti Star (IRE)
1210UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - What's For Tea (GB)
1211UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Dansana (IRE)
1213UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Jerpoint Rose (IRE)
1214UNNAMEDYorgunnabelucky - La Salesse (FR)
1215UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Western Squadron (IRE)
1216UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Prairie Call (IRE)
1217UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Leanne (IRE)
1218UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Good Girl Mindy (IRE)
1219UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Lost It (IRE)
1220UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Strong Lady (IRE)
1221UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Ballynarry (IRE)
1222UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Badia Dream (IRE)
1223UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Generous Girl (GB)
1224UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Evening Sunset (GER)Free 
1225UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Love Arrow (IRE)
1226UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Tellherimhere (IRE)
1227UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Jet Setting Fiona (IRE)
1228UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Hangar Six (IRE)
1229UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Brooklyn Babe (IRE)
1230UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Send To War (GB)
1231UNNAMEDSnow Sky (GB) - Peig Alainn (IRE)
1232UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Coolamaine Star (IRE)
1233UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Wind And Reign (IRE)
1234UNNAMEDImperial Monarch (IRE) - Boro Cruise (IRE)
1235UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Sparkling Gold (IRE)
1236UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Moscott (IRE)
1237UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Inis Ceithleann (IRE)
1238UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Im des Champ (IRE)
1239UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Cailin Gruaig Dubh (IRE)
1240UNNAMEDValirann (FR) - Katcarhue (IRE)
1241UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Dancera (GER)
1243UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Too Little To Late (IRE)
1245UNNAMEDLet The Lion Roar (GB) - Silver Plume (IRE)
1246UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - High Dolly (IRE)
1247UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Olives Hall (IRE)
1248UNNAMEDPresenting (GB) - Shuil Away (IRE)
1249UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Shuil Oilean (IRE)
1250UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Toto Corde Meo (IRE)
1251UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Ourbeautifuldream (IRE)
1252UNNAMEDCannock Chase - Carmela Maria (GB)
1253UNNAMEDCannock Chase - Desirable Rhythm (IRE)
1254UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Turbine Hill (IRE)
1255UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Cap The Rose (IRE)
1256UNNAMEDNotnowcato (GB) - Edwarda Molly (IRE)
1257UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Tavadden (IRE)
1258UNNAMEDMustameet - Jaya Bella (IRE)
1259UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Blue Maine (IRE)
1260UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Overnova (IRE)
1261UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Barefootcinderella (IRE)
1262UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Grannie Liz (IRE)
1263UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Medimli (IRE)
1264UNNAMEDSoldier of Fortune (IRE) - Dynaminx (IRE)
1265UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Josh's Sister (IRE)
1266UNNAMEDCannock Chase - Van Mildert (IRE)
1267UNNAMEDMillenary (GB) - Queen of The Blues (IRE)
1268UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Maka
1269UNNAMEDLibertarian (GB) - Petite Beauty (IRE)
1270UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - J'Arrive (GB)
1271UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Tilly Ann (IRE)
1272UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Res Ipsa Loquitur (IRE)
1274UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Park Mist (IRE)
1275UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Ballycowan Lady (IRE)
1276UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Las Princess (IRE)
1277UNNAMEDShirocco (GER) - Homelander (IRE)
1278UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Brackforde (IRE)
1279UNNAMEDMount Nelson (GB) - Pine Valley (IRE)
1280UNNAMEDWesterner (GB) - Miss Pepperpot (IRE)
1281UNNAMEDCalifet (FR) - Bellingham Rose (IRE)
1282UNNAMEDCappella Sansevero (GB) - Blayney Queen (IRE)
1283UNNAMEDCourt Cave (IRE) - Verona's Sister (IRE)
1284UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Our Phylli Vera (IRE)
1285UNNAMEDLeading Light (IRE) - Tax Evasion (IRE)
1286UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Five of Spades (IRE)
1287UNNAMEDAsk (GB) - Natural Light (IRE)
1288UNNAMEDLaverock (IRE) - Amigan Lady (IRE)
1289UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Seagulls Dance (IRE)
1290UNNAMEDSholokhov (IRE) - Carraig Beag (IRE)
1291UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Mill Race Rose (IRE)
1292UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Cluain Easa (IRE)
1293UNNAMEDWorkforce (GB) - Maid For Money (IRE)
1294UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Salvatrice (IRE)
1295UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Minnies Dream (IRE)
1296UNNAMEDGolden Lariat - Lady Smurfette (IRE)
1297UNNAMEDGetaway (GER) - Barbalicious (IRE)
1299UNNAMEDMorozov - Lady Shanrod (IRE)
1300UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Wild Spell (IRE)
1301UNNAMEDConduit (IRE) - Ballela Girl (IRE)
1302UNNAMEDDoyen (IRE) - Panoora Queen (IRE)
1303UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Panoora Vic (IRE)
1304UNNAMEDQuest For Peace (IRE) - Portrait Lady (IRE)
1305UNNAMEDSageburg (IRE) - Pereira (GB)
1306UNNAMEDQuest For Peace (IRE) - Famous Ballerina (IRE)
1307UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Hirayna (GB)
1308UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Under A Charm (IRE)
1309UNNAMEDPour Moi (IRE) - Mount of Olives (IRE)
1310UNNAMEDMost Improved (IRE) - Miss Nora (IRE)
1311UNNAMEDMost Improved (IRE) - Vicars Bay (IRE)
1312UNNAMEDOcovango (GB) - Sligo Publican (IRE)
1313UNNAMEDJet Away (GB) - Redstone Cave (IRE)
1315UNNAMEDMahler (GB) - Sizing Kimberlite (IRE)
1316UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - One Back For Luck (IRE)
1317UNNAMEDKalanisi (IRE) - Over Church Road (IRE)
1318UNNAMEDAffinisea (IRE) - Reconbustible (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1323Lady Titanium (IRE)Dushyantor - Run For Cover (IRE)Mount Nelson (GB)
1324Broken Sunrise (IRE)Beneficial (GB) - Portobello Sunrise (IRE)Soldier of Fortune (IRE)
1325Lady Sherami (IRE)Jeremy - Sherin (GER)Kingston Hill (GB)Free 
1326Adarenna (IRE)Nayef - Adelfia (IRE)Westerner (GB)
1327Waves (IRE)Born To Sea (IRE) - Johannesburg CatGamut (IRE)
1328French Elegance (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Lola d'Haguenet (FR)Sageburg (IRE)
1329Boynagh Joy (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Bramble Cottage (IRE)Mahler (GB)
1330Sylvi (IRE)Scorpion (IRE) - Endless Moments (IRE)
1331UNNAMEDYeats (IRE) - Connemara Rose (IRE)
1332Definite Lady (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Phillis Hill (GB)Diamond Boy (FR)
1333The Green Lady (IRE)Westerner (GB) - Not So Green (IRE)Doyen (IRE)
1334Compelled (IRE)Anshan (GB) - Conjure Up (IRE)Jukebox Jury (IRE)
1335Getoutameway (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Felinious (GB)
1336Law Girl (FR)Lawman (FR) - Lamarsa (FR)Jukebox Jury (IRE)
1337Miss Anthenay (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Angeleno (IRE)
1338Reine de Whitfield (IRE)Robin des Champs (FR) - Mystic Masie (IRE)Soldier of Fortune (IRE)
1339Sigh of Relief (IRE)Old Vic (GB) - Killultagh Rose (IRE)
1340Castletown Girl (GB)Bob Back - Jupiter's Message (GB)Doyen (IRE)
1341Isotonic Solution (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Isotonia (GB)
1342Moel Famau (GB)Flemensfirth - Daprika (FR)Lucky Speed (IRE)
1343Suzy's Music (IRE)Gamut (IRE) - Vicky's Music (IRE)Lucky Speed (IRE)
1344Kayfing (IRE)Getaway (GER) - Inghwung (GB)Mahler (GB)
1345Def It Vic (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Ware It Vic (IRE)Westerner (GB)
1346Princess Massini (IRE)Dr Massini (IRE) - Miss Cozzene (FR)Westerner (GB)
1347Magical Miss (IRE)Beat Hollow (GB) - Sorivera (GB)
1348Izind An Affair (IRE)Zindabad (FR) - Formal Affair (GB)Sholokhov (IRE)
1349Nice Idea (IRE)Tikkanen - Native Idea (IRE)Mahler (GB)
1350Sentimental (IRE)Galileo (IRE) - Alleluia Tree (IRE)Ocovango (GB)
1351Handmaid (GB)King's Theatre (IRE) - Hand Inn Glove (GB)Blue Bresil (FR)
1352Boskill Lady (IRE)Flemensfirth - Native Bid (IRE)Pour Moi (IRE)
1353Cyclone's Sister (IRE)Stowaway (GB) - Hurricane Debbie (IRE)Milan (GB)
1354Kivalina (IRE)Kayf Tara (GB) - Katmai (IRE)Malinas (GER)
1355Manhattan Babe (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Rosceen Bui (IRE)Doyen (IRE)
1356Nicandra (IRE)Big Bad Bob (IRE) - Fashionista (IRE)Soldier of Fortune (IRE)
1357Kalita (IRE)Kalanisi (IRE) - Savitha (IRE)Doyen (IRE)
1358Augusta Kate (GB)Yeats (IRE) - Feathard Lady (IRE)Champs Elysees (GB)
1359Let's Dance (FR)Poliglote (GB) - Baraka Du Berlais (FR)
1360Kate Appleby Shoes (IRE)Flemensfirth - Gotta Goa (IRE)Jukebox Jury (IRE)
1361Screaming Rose (IRE)Darsi (FR) - Screaming Witness (IRE)
1362Meri Devie (FR)Spirit One (FR) - Folle Biche (FR)
1364Karalee (FR)Martaline (GB) - Change Partner (FR)
1365Lareena (FR)Full of Gold (FR) - Briere (FR)
1366Morello Royale (IRE)King's Theatre (IRE) - Mystic Cherry (IRE)Blue Bresil (FR)
1367Shoofly Milly (IRE)Milan (GB) - Jacksister (IRE)Scorpion (IRE)
1367ASizing Stephanie (IRE)Beneficial (GB) - Spirit Leader (IRE)
1368She Ranks Me (IRE)Golan (IRE) - Rosealainn (IRE)Kayf Tara (GB)
1369UNNAMEDFlemensfirth - Betty's The Best (IRE)Leading Light (IRE)
1370Nebuleuse (IRE)Definite Article (GB) - Nuit des Chartreux (FR)Yeats (IRE)
1371Russian Memories (FR)Slickly (FR) - Moscow Nights (FR)My Dream Boat (IRE)
1372Cathodine Cayras (FR)Martaline (GB) - Leeloo (FR)Blue Bresil (FR)
1373R de Rien Sivola (FR)Robin des Champs (FR) - Gamine d'IciSir Percy (GB)
1374Meribel Millie (GB)Kayf Tara (GB) - Ede'iff (GB)Telescope (IRE)
1375Powhatan Squaw (IRE)Soviet Star - Tonto's Girl (IRE)Pillar Coral (GB)
1377Cadix (FR)Califet (FR) - Assia (IRE)Masked Marvel (GB)
1378Cervaro (FR)Al Namix (FR) - Jeanquiri (FR)Masked Marvel (GB)
1380Dawn Flower (FR)Linda's Lad (GB) - Send Me Flower (FR)Crillon (FR)
1381Horner Vale (IRE)Vinnie Roe (IRE) - Horner WaterSageburg (IRE)
1382Pietralunga (FR)Soldier of Fortune (IRE) - Ascot One (FR)Flemensfirth
1383Holly Girl (IRE)Testa Rossa (AUS) - Miss Hernando (GB)Network (GER)
1384Conformist (GB)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Lovely Origny (FR)
1385Belle Bora (IRE)Alderbrook (GB) - Boro Bow (IRE)Vendangeur (IRE)
1386Landen (IRE)Kalanisi (IRE) - Eilanden (IRE)Doyen (IRE)
1387Flaviola (IRE)Moscow Society - Kim Mews (IRE)Geordieland (FR)
1388Justapuzzle (GB)Apple Tree (FR) - Gaelic Gold (IRE)Scorpion (IRE)
1389Former Line (FR)Martaline (GB) - Formerly (FR)Saint des Saints (FR)
1390Keenlaska (FR)Kingsalsa - LaskadyaMasked Marvel (GB)
1391Laskaline (FR)Martaline (GB) - LaskadyaSaint des Saints (FR)
1392Retour En France (IRE)Robin des Champs (FR) - Rayane (FR)Bullet Train (GB)
1393Ginger Bazouka (FR)Okawango - Cedar Springs (IRE)Pillar Coral (GB)
1394Tickity Bleue (GB)Tikkanen - Cerise Bleue (FR)Pillar Coral (GB)
1395Poisonous (FR)Nayef - Snake Dancer (IRE)Lauro (GER)
1396Cockney Wren (GB)Cockney Rebel (IRE) - Compose (GB)
1397Stephanie Frances (IRE)King's Theatre (IRE) - Brownlow Castle (IRE)Flemensfirth
1398Gaye Flier (IRE)Milan (GB) - Gaye Preskina (IRE)Jack Hobbs (GB)
1399Miss Tiggy (IRE)Milan (GB) - Rockwell College (IRE)Getaway (GER)
1400Salon Musique (GER)Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Salontasche (GER)Pour Moi (IRE)
1401Milans Pride (IRE)Milan (GB) - Kinnegads Pride (IRE)Kingston Hill (GB)Free 
1402Spring Flower (IRE)Beneficial (GB) - Four Moons (IRE)Diamond Boy (FR)
1403Down Ace (IRE)Generous (IRE) - Full of Birds (FR)Beat Hollow (GB)
1404War Bride (GER)War Blade (GER) - Wassiliki (IRE)Jukebox Jury (IRE)
1405Creaking Step (IRE)Shernazar (IRE) - Footsteps (IRE)Gatewood (GB)
1406Running In Heels (IRE)September Storm (GER) - Ceo Draiochta (IRE)
1407Ninety Seconds (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Myown (IRE)
1408Be My Witness (IRE)Witness Box - Smokey Firth (IRE)Pour Moi (IRE)
1409Rowlestone Lass (GB)Hernando (FR) - Charmante Femme (GB)Blue Bresil (FR)
1410Tricky Present (IRE)Presenting (GB) - Mistric (GB)Conduit (IRE)
1411Mouskersize (IRE)Lawman (FR) - Sesenta (IRE)Malinas (GER)
1412UNNAMEDMilan (GB) - Quinnsboro Guest (IRE)
1413Wipe Your Eye (IRE)Milan (GB) - Pretty Neat (IRE)Westerner (GB)
1414Luas Luso (IRE)Luso (GB) - Griffin's Best (IRE)Notnowcato (GB)