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Tattersalls Ireland Fairyhouse 2018 November Flat Foal & Breeding Stock Sale

November 9, 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Waha (IRE)Free 
2UNNAMEDPrince of Lir (IRE) - Weekend Lady (IRE)
3UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Welsh Diva (GB)
4UNNAMEDMost Improved (IRE) - Westlife (IRE)
5UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Whimsical (IRE)
6UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Wider World (IRE)
7UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Wild Ocean (GB)
8UNNAMEDRuler of The World (IRE) - Wooded Glade (GB)Free 
9UNNAMEDEstidhkaar (IRE) - Yasmin Satine (IRE)
10UNNAMEDAjaya (GB) - Yellow Elder (FR)
11UNNAMEDHavana Gold (IRE) - Action Platinum (IRE)
12UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Ahaaly (GB)
13UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Air of Mystery (GB)
14UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Alhena (IRE)
15UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Alphaba (IRE)
16UNNAMEDMukhadram (GB) - Amaany (GB)Free 
17UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Angelena Ballerina (IRE)
18UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Annouska (IRE)
19UNNAMEDOutstrip (GB) - Another Name
20UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Anytimeatall (IRE)Free 
21UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Apasiona (IRE)
22UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Art of Persuasion (GB)
23UNNAMEDMukhadram (GB) - Asfurah's Dream (IRE)Free 
24UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Auntie Myrtle (IRE)
25UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Aweebounce (IRE)Free 
26UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Back On Baileys (GB)
27UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Bahriya (IRE)
28UNNAMEDCable Bay (IRE) - Ballet Move (GB)Free 
29UNNAMEDFamous Name (GB) - Balm (GB)
30UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Barbieri (IRE)
31UNNAMEDAltruistic (IRE) - Betray (GB)
32UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Big Bad Lily (IRE)
33UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Big Heart (GB)
34UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Bing Lass (IRE)
35UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Bird of Light (IRE)Free 
36UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Bon Ton Roulet (GB)
37UNNAMEDMarkaz (IRE) - Boston Ivy
38UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Bubble Gun (IRE)Free 
39UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Cabopino (IRE)
40UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - California Rose (GB)
41UNNAMEDEstidhkaar (IRE) - Can Dance (GB)
42UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Cannot Give
43UNNAMEDStrath Burn (GB) - Cape Elizabeth (IRE)
44UNNAMEDTough As Nails (IRE) - Carina Ari (IRE)
45UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Champagne Aerial (IRE)Free 
46UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Chic Fabric (IRE)
47UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Chifney Rush (IRE)
48UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Chimay (IRE)
49UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Compton Mews (GB)
50UNNAMEDPride Of Dubai (AUS) - Cool Cap (IRE)Free 
51UNNAMEDFascinating Rock (IRE) - Corsola (IRE)
52UNNAMEDParish Hall (IRE) - Cruidin (IRE)
53UNNAMEDEstidhkaar (IRE) - Crystalline Stream (FR)
54UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Cuiseach (IRE)Free 
55UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Daanaat (IRE)
56UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Daleside (GB)
57UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Dangerous Duo (IRE)
58UNNAMEDMehmas (IRE) - Dash Back
59UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Definite Opinion (IRE)
60UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Delaine (GB)
61UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Demaria (ITY)
62UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Demesne (GB)
63UNNAMEDElusive Pimpernel - Devine Acclaim (IRE)
64UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Dialing ToneFree 
65UNNAMEDPearl Secret (GB) - Dos Lunas (IRE)
66UNNAMEDBattle of Marengo (IRE) - Dress Up (IRE)
67UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Dubai In Bloom (IRE)
68UNNAMEDTamayuz (GB) - Dutch Rifle (GB)
69UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Easee Annie (IRE)
70UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Easee On (IRE)
71UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Elaysa (GB)
72UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Emerald Fire (GB)Free 
73UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Empressive (GB)
74UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Evening Dress (GB)
75UNNAMEDGarswood (GB) - Extent (GB)
76UNNAMEDFulbright (GB) - Faanan Aldaar (IRE)
77Malabar Coast (IRE)Buratino (IRE) - Fair Countenance (IRE)
78UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Feruzzi (IRE)
79UNNAMEDPearl Secret (GB) - First Rains (GB)
80UNNAMEDMehmas (IRE) - Furnival
81UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Gin And Slim (IRE)
82UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Glyndebourne
83UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Goldane (IRE)
84UNNAMEDPride Of Dubai (AUS) - Golden Passion (IRE)Free 
85UNNAMEDRuler of The World (IRE) - Great Job (GB)Free 
86UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Hadrienne (GB)Free 
87UNNAMEDMizzou (IRE) - Hallo Rosie (IRE)
88UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - HasanzaFree 
89UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Hatria (IRE)Free 
90UNNAMEDIvawood (IRE) - Hazel Blue (IRE)Free 
91UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Heloisa (IRE)
92UNNAMEDRock of Gibraltar (IRE) - High Society Girl (IRE)Free 
93UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Holotarosie (IRE)
94UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Ice On Fire (GB)
95UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Idle Curiosity (IRE)Free 
96UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Intricate Dance
97UNNAMEDPearl Secret (GB) - Jackline (GB)
98UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Jasmina (GER)
99UNNAMEDManduro (GER) - Jawlah (IRE)
100UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Juanti (FR)
101UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Kadesh (IRE)
102UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Karadenia (IRE)
103UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Khibraat (GB)Free 
104UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Know (IRE)
105UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Lady Acclaim (GB)
106UNNAMEDKodi Bear (IRE) - Lady Canford (IRE)
107UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Laguna Sunrise (IRE)Free 
108UNNAMEDSir Prancealot (IRE) - Larkfield Empress (IRE)Free 
109UNNAMEDBorn To Sea (IRE) - Leceile
110UNNAMEDFrench Navy (GB) - Let Your Love Flow (IRE)
111UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Little Red Minx (IRE)
112UNNAMEDFountain of Youth (IRE) - Loveisallaroundyou (IRE)
113UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Lukes Well (IRE)Free 
114UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Mabrokah (GB)
115UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Macarthurs Park (IRE)
116UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Mandella (ITY)
117UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Marinebird (IRE)
119UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Mecca's Missus (IRE)
120UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Minawi (GB)
121UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Miss Manduro (IRE)
122UNNAMEDThe Last Lion (IRE) - Miss Mary (GB)
123UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Miss Prim (GB)
124UNNAMEDAdaay (IRE) - Miss Wicklow (IRE)
125UNNAMEDPride Of Dubai (AUS) - Mizayin (IRE)Free 
126UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Moss Nation (GB)Free 
127UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Ms Cromby (IRE)
128UNNAMEDKodi Bear (IRE) - Muscadelle (GB)
129UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Mutual Core (IRE)
130UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - My Rules (IRE)Free 
131UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - New Music (IRE)
132UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Oasis Fire (IRE)Free 
133UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - One Time (IRE)
134UNNAMEDPrince of Lir (IRE) - Paper Dreams (IRE)
135UNNAMEDClodovil (IRE) - Pearl Power (GB)
136UNNAMEDFascinating Rock (IRE) - Penthesilea Eile
137UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Phoenix Clubs (IRE)
138UNNAMEDTamayuz (GB) - Piazzini (IRE)
139UNNAMEDKingston Hill (GB) - Polite Reply (IRE)Free 
140UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Poppea (GB)
141UNNAMEDFootstepsinthesand (GB) - Princess TheodoraFree 
142UNNAMEDVadamos (FR) - Queen O'The Desert (IRE)
143UNNAMEDHeeraat (IRE) - Queen Padme (IRE)
144UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Rags (IRE)
145UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Raseel (GB)
146UNNAMEDRuler of The World (IRE) - RazzleberryFree 
147UNNAMEDTough As Nails (IRE) - Realta (IRE)
148UNNAMEDRed Jazz - Regal Ribbon (GB)
149UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Rhagori Aur (GB)
150UNNAMEDPrince of Lir (IRE) - Rio Yuma (ITY)
151UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Romea (GB)Free 
152UNNAMEDTwilight Son (GB) - Rosamaria (IRE)
153UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Rose Pink (IRE)
154UNNAMEDHellvelyn (GB) - Royal Award (GB)
155UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Royal Crescent (IRE)
156UNNAMEDHallowed Crown (AUS) - Royal Sateen (GB)Free 
157UNNAMEDMayson (GB) - Sampleur (FR)
158UNNAMEDChamps Elysees (GB) - Saratoga Baby (IRE)
159UNNAMEDMarkaz (IRE) - Saxum (FR)
160UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Scarlet Pursuits (IRE)
161UNNAMEDWorthadd (IRE) - Selouma (FR)
162UNNAMEDGarswood (GB) - Shadow of The Sun (GB)
163UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Shahmina (IRE)
164UNNAMEDNew Bay (GB) - Sharp Crisp Air (IRE)
165UNNAMEDPower (GB) - Shebelia (GER)
166UNNAMEDTagula (IRE) - Singapore Secret (IRE)
167UNNAMEDGutaifan (IRE) - Sixfields Flyer (IRE)
168UNNAMEDKodi Bear (IRE) - Sleeping Princess (IRE)
169UNNAMEDElzaam (AUS) - Solara (GER)
170UNNAMEDNew Bay (GB) - Soteria (IRE)
171UNNAMEDDylan Thomas (IRE) - Source of Light (IRE)
172UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - South Ring (IRE)
173UNNAMEDMarkaz (IRE) - Spirit of Alsace (IRE)
174UNNAMEDKodi Bear (IRE) - Stained Glass (GB)
175UNNAMEDEpaulette (AUS) - Stella Etoile (IRE)Free 
176UNNAMEDFulbright (GB) - Stoney Quine (IRE)
177UNNAMEDAnjaal (GB) - Straight Sets (IRE)
178UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Street Kitty (IRE)
179UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Sun Disc (IRE)
180UNNAMEDBuratino (IRE) - Take It Easee (IRE)
181UNNAMEDRuler of The World (IRE) - Talon Bleu (FR)Free 
182UNNAMEDPrince of Lir (IRE) - Tepeleni (GB)
183UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Tereed Elhawa (GB)
184UNNAMEDNight of Thunder (IRE) - Think (FR)
185UNNAMEDGregorian (IRE) - Tides Reach (IRE)
186UNNAMEDAjaya (GB) - Tifawt (GB)
187UNNAMEDPrince of Lir (IRE) - Unusually Hot (IRE)
188UNNAMEDMehmas (IRE) - Urban Beauty (IRE)
189UNNAMEDPearl Secret (GB) - Valandraud (IRE)
190UNNAMEDRequinto (IRE) - Vale of Belvoir (IRE)Free 
191UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Veladiya (IRE)
192UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Vertigo On Course (IRE)
193UNNAMEDDragon Pulse (IRE) - Viennese Whirl (GB)
194UNNAMEDStyle Vendome (FR) - Vision Intense (FR)
195UNNAMEDCoulsty (IRE) - Vivacious Way (GB)
196UNNAMEDCamacho (GB) - Vulnicura (IRE)
197Pretty Demanding (IRE)Night Shift - Absolute GleeGutaifan (IRE)
198Pavlopetri (IRE)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Akuna BayRequinto (IRE)Free 
199Smart Mover (IRE)Fast Company (IRE) - Alltherightmoves (IRE)
200SifterHenrythenavigator - Always AuditioningNational Defense (GB)Free 
201Loutka (FR)Trempolino - ArionellaChurchill (IRE)Free 
202AnqoodaOasis Dream (GB) - AtayebMukhadram (GB)Free 
203Bonnington LassSuper Saver - BeliciaFree 
204Pahokee (IRE)Almutawakel (GB) - Blue Inlet (IRE)Buratino (IRE)
205High Honcho (GB)High Chaparral (IRE) - Chieftess (IRE)Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)Free 
206Dusty Moon (GB)Dr Fong - Dust Dancer (GB)War CommandFree 
207Easy To Thrill (GB)Soviet Star - Easy to CopyDandy Man (IRE)
208Fujara (GB)Rail Link (GB) - Fashionable (GB)Leading Light (IRE)
209Rousseau (IRE)Tagula (IRE) - FathomingFulbright (GB)
210Know (IRE)Excellent Art (GB) - For Evva Silca (GB)
211Curl (IRE)Duke of Marmalade (IRE) - Fringe (GB)Alhebayeb (IRE)
212Last Night Show (ITY)Martino Alonso (IRE) - Greedy SlewpyFrench Navy (GB)
213Zahenda (GB)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Impetious (GB)Estidhkaar (IRE)
214Virginias Best (GB)King's Best - La Virginia (GER)Leading Light (IRE)
215Blossem Hill Diva (IRE)Arakan - Little Miss Diva (IRE)Hunter's Light (IRE)
216Wildcrafting (GB)Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Local SpiritKodi Bear (IRE)
217Pushkar (GB)Danehill Dancer (IRE) - Mail The Desert (IRE)Leading Light (IRE)
218Lady Acclaim (GB)Acclamation (GB) - Medina (IRE)Battle of Marengo (IRE)
219Thanaaya (IRE)Haatef - Mejala (IRE)Buratino (IRE)
220Whisky Marmalade (IRE)Duke of Marmalade (IRE) - NashataraKodi Bear (IRE)
221Night Law (GB)Lawman (FR) - Night Carnation (GB)
222Naadrah (GB)Muhtathir (GB) - Princess d'Orange (FR)Awtaad (IRE)
223Safeenah (GB)Oasis Dream (GB) - Raasekha (GB)
224Classical Ballet (GB)Selkirk - RazzleSlade Power (IRE)
225GuiseExchange Rate - Red Herring
226Stained Glass (GB)Dansili (GB) - Reflections (GB)Tagula (IRE)
227Dangerous Duo (IRE)Intikhab - Serene Dream (GB)
228Filzalea (ITY)Galileo (IRE) - Sfilza (GB)Cotai Glory (GB)
229UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Universe (GB)