Ratings Generated in 2018
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Tattersalls Limited 2018 Craven Breeze Up Sale

April 17 - 18 2018

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
2UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Nellie Forbush (GB)
3UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - New Atalanta (IRE)
4UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Nur Jahan (IRE)Free 
5UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Oxbow Lake
6UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Pale Mimosa (IRE)Free 
8UNNAMEDStreet Sense - Please Sign InFree 
9UNNAMEDKyllachy (GB) - Port Charlotte (GB)
12UNNAMEDShamardal - Punita
13UNNAMEDZebedee (GB) - Pursestrings (GB)Free 
14UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Pussycat Lips (IRE)
15UNNAMEDCharm Spirit (IRE) - Puzzled (IRE)
17UNNAMEDGregorian (IRE) - River Song
18UNNAMEDOlympic Glory (IRE) - Rolled Gold
19UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Royal Fortune (IRE)
20UNNAMEDMukhadram (GB) - Royal Whisper (GB)Free 
21UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Rumuz (IRE)
24UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Secret Dream (IRE)
25UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - SequinedFree 
26UNNAMEDOasis Dream (GB) - Shaleela (IRE)
28UNNAMEDBlame - She's SmashingFree 
29UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Shehira (FR)
30UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Shifting (IRE)
32UNNAMEDAnimal Kingdom - SirmioneFree 
33UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Sis CityFree 
35UNNAMEDDutch Art (GB) - Sleek (GB)
36UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - So Secret (IRE)Free 
38UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Speedy Sonata
40UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Spirit LineFree 
41UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Sugarhoneybaby (IRE)
42UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Sunshine for LifeFree 
44UNNAMEDStormy Atlantic - Swanky BubblesFree
45UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Sweet NothingsFree 
46UNNAMEDGarswood (GB) - Sweet Wind Music (GB)
47UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Sylvan Mist (IRE)
48UNNAMEDDistorted Humor - TambozFree 
49UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Teodelight (IRE)
50UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Thawrah (IRE)
51UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Thousandfold
52UNNAMEDGregorian (IRE) - Tia Mia (GB)
53UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Tiger Mist (IRE)
54Daddy's SweetheartScat Daddy - Tipping Point
55UNNAMEDExchange Rate - Tiz My Time
56UNNAMEDCamelot (GB) - Trapeze (GB)Free 
57UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Truly Magnificent
58UNNAMEDFarhh (GB) - Turmalin (IRE)
60UNNAMEDCharm Spirit (IRE) - Urgele (FR)
61UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Vayasa (FR)Free 
64UNNAMEDAlhebayeb (IRE) - Volcanic Lady (IRE)
65UNNAMEDBernardini - Vole Vole MonamourFree 
66UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Wake Up Kiss
67UNNAMEDExchange Rate - Wendy Wow
68UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Wosaita (GB)Free 
69Zero Doubt (GER)Dabirsim (FR) - Zenaat (GB)
71UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Alegendinmyownmind (GB)
72Adventure World (GER)Dabirsim (FR) - Allure (GER)
73UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Araajmh
74UNNAMEDAnodin (IRE) - Aunt Julia (GB)
75UNNAMEDThe Factor - B R's GirlFree 
77UNNAMEDOlympic Glory (IRE) - Basira (FR)
78UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Becuille (IRE)
79UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Bezique (GB)Free 
81UNNAMEDVerrazano - Blue Sky HighFree 
83UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - BromeliaFree 
84UNNAMEDBated Breath (GB) - Burning Dawn
85UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Campfire Glow (IRE)
86UNNAMEDInvincible Spirit (IRE) - Caphene (GB)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
87UNNAMEDWar Command - Carolines Secret (GB)Free 
88UNNAMEDFarhh (GB) - Catchline
89UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Caterina di Cesi (GB)
90UNNAMEDMoohaajim (IRE) - Cheherazad (IRE)
91UNNAMEDWar Command - China In My Hands (GB)Free 
92UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Chocolate Hills (FR)Free 
93UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Choose Me Please (IRE)Free 
94UNNAMEDGiant's Causeway - Circumstances (IRE)
95UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Classic Falcon (IRE)
96UNNAMEDKingman (GB) - Clenor (IRE)
97UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Cloud Line (GB)
98UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Cold Cold Woman (GB)Free 
101UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Copy-Cat (GB)
102UNNAMEDHeeraat (IRE) - Coy (IRE)
103UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Crimson Cheer
104UNNAMEDTeofilo (IRE) - Crossover (GB)
105UNNAMEDDansili (GB) - Crystal Music
106UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Dafariyna (IRE)
107UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Damask (IRE)
108UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Dark Skies (IRE)
109UNNAMEDNathaniel (IRE) - Decorative (IRE)
110UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Dolly Colman (IRE)
111UNNAMEDToronado (IRE) - Dutch Diamond (GB)
112UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Eastern Destiny (GB)
113UNNAMEDPivotal (GB) - Ebtisama
114UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Elusive Girl (IRE)Free 
115UNNAMEDAcclamation (GB) - Elusive Laurence (IRE)
117UNNAMEDDark Angel (IRE) - Extricate (IRE)
118UNNAMEDKyllachy (GB) - Fenella Rose (GB)
120UNNAMEDNew Approach (IRE) - First City (GB)
121UNNAMEDMorpheus (GB) - Flamanda (GB)
122UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Folegandros Island (FR)
123UNNAMEDShowcasing (GB) - Frigid (GB)
124Troisouni (FR)Siyouni (FR) - Gamma (FR)
125UNNAMEDIffraaj (GB) - Garden Row (IRE)Free 
126UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Ghost Galaxy
127UNNAMEDSociety Rock (IRE) - Gift of Time (GB)
128UNNAMEDSwiss Spirit (GB) - Gilt Linked (GB)
129UNNAMEDDeclaration of War - Good VibesFree 
130UNNAMEDSpeightstown - Grand MereFree 
131UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - GrandaciousFree 
132UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Graphic Guest (GB)
133UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Greek Easter (IRE)
135UNNAMEDAustralia (GB) - Happy Holly (IRE)Free 
136UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Heavenly Sound (GB)Free 
137UNNAMEDShamardal - Honour (GB)
138UNNAMEDHoly Roman Emperor (IRE) - Humble And Proud (IRE)Free 
139UNNAMEDLope de Vega (IRE) - Hypnology
140UNNAMEDMunnings - Ice CrystalFree 
141UNNAMEDExceed And Excel (AUS) - Imperialistic Diva (IRE)Free 
143LovinOrb - Innocent LoveFree 
145Kherizzia (FR)Kheleyf - Kadiania (FR)
147UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - La CorunaFree 
148UNNAMEDKendargent (FR) - La Joie (FR)
150UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Lady Emly (IRE)
151UNNAMEDTapizar - Lady SiphonicaFree 
153UNNAMEDSiyouni (FR) - Landing Site (FR)
154UNNAMEDFrench Fifteen (FR) - Lasdramad (FR)
155UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Lauded
156UNNAMEDDandy Man (IRE) - Lauren's Girl (IRE)
157UNNAMEDWootton Bassett (GB) - Lemon Twist (IRE)
158UNNAMEDStreet Sense - Light and VariableFree 
159UNNAMEDSea The Stars (IRE) - Lily's Angel (IRE)
160UNNAMEDNoble Mission (GB) - Limonar (IRE)Free 
161UNNAMEDLemon Drop Kid - LusakaFree 
162UNNAMEDXtension (IRE) - Lyca Ballerina (GB)
163UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Madera Dancer
164UNNAMEDKodiac (GB) - Margarita (IRE)
165UNNAMEDGarswood (GB) - Marigay's Magic (GB)
166UNNAMEDWar Front - Meandering (IRE)Free 
167UNNAMEDMore Than Ready - Miss LaviniaFree 
168UNNAMEDFast Company (IRE) - Misscomplacent (GB)
169UNNAMEDNo Nay Never - Mitchelton (FR)Free 
170UNNAMEDPivotal (GB) - Moon Sister (IRE)
171UNNAMEDCape Cross (IRE) - Moonlight Wish (IRE)
172UNNAMEDSlade Power (IRE) - Musical Bar (IRE)