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Texas Thoroughbred Association 2017 Summer Yearling & Mixed Sale

August 21, 2017

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1UNNAMEDEaton's Gift - Rayofsunshine
2UNNAMEDLittleexpectations - Readylight
3Moro CompassMoro Tap - R Salty Vet
4Detroit Sixty SixDiscreetly Mine - Rule of Twelfths
5Play PretendPaddy O'Prado - Sankobasi
7Seattle SurpriseMr. Besilu - Seeking Heaven
8Miss ParadiseSongandaprayer - Shared Cause
9Midnight RainNew Year's Day - Shes Her Own Posse
10Chasing HappyPower Broker - Shesblondelikeme
11Shez My FerrariSilver City - Shezgoodasitgets
12Song and a GCrossbow - SingasongFree
14Lullaby BlingToo Much Bling - Soft MusicFree 
15Unbridled HaloCustom for Carlos - Solo BuenaFree 
16StillaplayIntimidator - Stillatouch
17Sudden WindGrasshopper - Summer QueenFree 
18Awesome SunsetExpect a Lot - Sunset Sail
19Favorite RubyAffirmatif - Susie Joe's
20It Never HappenedCan the Man - Sweet JacquelineFree 
21The Guy RocksLittleexpectations - The Girl Rocks
22Peppermint PaigeCrossbow - TurkolaFree
23Stormy DepencierToo Much Bling - Unusual DollFree 
24Too HamazingHamazing Destiny - Yoo Hoo TooFree
25Second Hand HeartUnbridled's Heart - Ziva D.
27Game WorldLoveofthegame - Aftanoon Tea
28Red EclipseSing Baby Sing - All's Well AgainFree
29Ganola TsiTactical Cat - Amber Rose
30Dancing AwesomeMoro Tap - Awesome Dudette
31Prince CharmingSidney's Candy - Baby PrincessFree 
32UNNAMEDEuroears - Bella Flora
33UNNAMEDThe Hunk - Bin Quiet
34UNNAMEDSilver City - Brandyice
35Quepaza BernardiniMidshipman - CapazFree 
37Pleasant MajestyFearsome Charisma - Cashel
38Expect a CatLittleexpectations - Cats Rule
39Classy BlingToo Much Bling - Class of Fifty TwoFree 
40My Little TrickLittleexpectations - Clever Intimidator
41Western WalkIntimidator - Cope With the Cat
42Shifty HenrySilver City - Coryphee
43Princess GoldieOveranalyze - Courting GloryFree 
44Liaison HaloLiaison - Crooked HaloFree 
45Classy SwanCaleb's Posse - Cruising NorthFree
46My Fair MaidThe Hunk - Dawali
47Little MarkMy Golden Song - Deep FinesseFree 
48UNNAMEDThe Hunk - Detonate
49Tenue de SoireeDominus - Distant DrumsFree 
50Southern HumorAlternation - Dixie DarlingFree 
51Just Call Me DixieCustom for Carlos - Dixieland BabyFree 
53E RatedSpecial Rate - E ClassicFree 
54UNNAMEDPower Broker - Enchanting
55UNNAMEDGirolamo - Everybody Lies
56IntrepidatorIntimidator - Exotica Jones
57Henry's PrincessStay Thirsty - Five Star MysteryFree
58Flamin IconIcon Ike - Flamin JosieFree
59HiwayfiftyfiveThe Hunk - Forever Brilliant
60Flyin Silver EagleBadge of Silver - Friends Included
61With the BandToo Much Bling - Funny TuneFree 
62UnapologeticallyToo Much Bling - General ReunionFree 
63Golden LullabyeMy Golden Song - Going Away BabyFree 
65OnalaskaGrasshopper - Good IndicationFree 
66Golden PareeMy Golden Song - Grey PareeFree 
67Kat's CommandoMy Golden Song - HadenoughFree 
68Mexican RelationPower Broker - Ideal Relation
69Heaven BlessedMajesticperfection - Innate Ability
70DrillbusterDrill - JoalsheconFree
71Pal PlayLittleexpectations - Kendras Jones
72UNNAMEDWimbledon - Krazy Kitty
73SucreMass Media - La Misma
74UNNAMEDTake Charge Indy - Lac Dawat
75Half InterestHalf Ours - L'ApparitaFree 
76Let's TapMoro Tap - Let's Chat
77GloriosaGraydar - Macha GloritaFree 
79Oh My Gosh BeckyGio Ponti - Majestic FelineFree 
80Roses n' RubiesToo Much Bling - Maximalista (ARG)Free 
81Truly BlingToo Much Bling - MazzyFree 
82Henry's StarForefathers - Meadowlanding
83UNNAMEDGiant Oak - Mesa Rose
85Wilburn WonkaWilburn - Miss FremontFree 
86Desert DreamsStrong Mandate - Miss MissileFree 
87Moro WinsMoro Tap - Miss Twee Wimb
88Gio AngelGio Ponti - More AngelsFree 
89Moro CharlieMoro Tap - Moving Appeal
90KbarMoro Tap - My Cherimaux
91PojoaqueTemple City - My Daughter's SongFree 
92My BlingToo Much Bling - My Girl BessFree 
93LiljoeI Want Revenge - My Queen
94Hax AlongDoctor Chit - Mysterious Cargo
95Moro SpeedMoro Tap - No Speed Limit
96Legendary SongMy Golden Song - Pack Your P J'sFree 
97Amarillo SkysongSky Mesa - Perennial SongFree 
98Perfect PercyWarrior's Ridge - Perfect Knowledge
99UNNAMEDToo Much Bling - Positive SpinFree 
100Our MotiveHalf Ours - Primary MotiveFree 
101Uptown BlingToo Much Bling - PrytaniaFree 
102Purgatory TapMoro Tap - Purgatory Cat
201Moro YoMoro Tap - Sweet and Yoe
202Reckless DecisionMoro Tap - Vendeuse
203UNNAMEDMoro Tap - Complete Rule
204Ruff CauseNiagara Causeway - CazalGrasshopperFree 
205Sassy ChimesChimes Band - Village SassOxbowFree 
206ShezgoodasitgetsWimbledon - India AmigaMoro Tap
207Sithechristmas ElfForefathers - Strong EvidenceMoro Tap
208Spanish CatHennessy - Spanish Dior
209Summer of SeventyEl Prado (IRE) - Almost SaintlyMoro Tap
210Sunset SailPetionville - Cayman SunsetMr. Besilu
211Sweet and YoeAdded Edge - Little YeomanMoro Tap
212Tin Top CatSupreme Cat - CamshaftStonesiderFree
213Unbridled SpiritUnbridled's Song - Star's HonorNiagara CausewayFree
214Walk On GoldSeeking the Gold - Regent's WalkBradesterFree 
215Bella FloraWaupaca - Bella RansomToo Much BlingFree 
216Wizards QueenTiz Wonderful - Super CubMaclean's MusicFree 
217Bin QuietQuiet American - Bin SweetMr. Besilu
218BrandyiceTop Kid - Camshaft
219Changing AttitudesPolitical Force - AttitudeTexas RedFree 
220Cofresi TesoroSuccessful Appeal - Gal's ForumMoro Tap
221Complete RuleTribal Rule - Complete Approval
222Dot ProductLangfuhr - Aunt Dot DotMoro Tap
223Gucci BrownBig Brown - Sybil's WayStonesiderFree
224Heavens AboveSt. Jovite - Heaven Knows WhyBradesterFree 
225Infinite LifeDrosselmeyer - In This LifeMoro Tap
226Irene GIndygo Shiner - Swingin On IceMoro Tap
227Joyfull JuliaCandy Ride (ARG) - SourisFree 
228KeepthenameDiablo - B L's GirlDaaherFree
229Lightning AngelStormy Atlantic - Fly Away AngelMoro Tap
230Lucky KnickersLookin At Lucky - ScrofaFree 
231Magic ShawScrimshaw - Meli MagicMoro Tap
232Miss Twee WimbWimbledon - Aggie Miss TreeMoro Tap
233Randy NanceDixieland Band - Cathy's GalMoro Tap
234Road to RedemptionBellamy Road - Dearest GulchFree 
235UNNAMEDNiagara Causeway - Grey PareeFree
236UNNAMEDNiagara Causeway - PulpitinaFree
237Niagara StormNiagara Causeway - Walk On GoldFree
238ValerienaUnbridled's Song - Aintjustwhistlin'Custom for CarlosFree 
239Saucey OfficerOfficer - Butterscotch SauceCustom for CarlosFree 
240Izzie's GoldE Dubai - Yes It's GoldCustom for CarlosFree 
242Yours AloneToo Much Bling - Autumn BannerFree