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Washington Thoroughbred Breeders & Owners Association 2013 Summer Yearling Sale

August 20, 2013

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1PreachinatsagoiPreachinatthebar - Sagoi
2Volume TwelveLatent Heat - Salt Loch
3Boundfor WhitesoxSnowbound Rio - Secluded Valley
4G I'm SharpMatty G - Sharpheels Lucille
6PreachinatloloPreachinatthebar - She's a Lolo
7UNNAMEDDemon Warlock - Sheza Slick Chick
8Bakken GoldHarbor the Gold - Silver City LillyFree
9Boss LoriHarbor the Gold - Silver PatronaFree
10CadenzaPrivate Gold - Slew TunesFree 
11UNNAMEDPreachinatthebar - Snowbound in Rio
12Jenny BearPrivate Gold - Special ReturnFree 
13Bet the HarborHarbor the Gold - Stormy BetFree
14Rachae LeighStormin Fever - Striking Scholar
15UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Sudden Departure
16Faith Kali MoHarbor the Gold - Sunday MorningFree
17Spin FortyHard Spun - Sweet FourtyFree 
18Ever EliteHarbor the Gold - SweethrtofsigmachiFree
19Said TaylorHold Me Back - Taking the GoldFree 
20Victor VictorianNationhood - Tis a SlewFree 
21Meatball PaulHe's Tops - Top Union
22Crystal EnergyDemon Warlock - Topaz 'n Jazz
23Secret PlatinumPrivate Gold - Tops ImageFree 
24GavinatorMatty G - Trinity Treasure
25KetchumCorinthian - Trust FundFree
26UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Valour Road
28Go Angelina GoRaise the Bluff - Wild Whirl
29Miss SixthirteenSixthirteen - Wish Upon a StarrFree
30Wicked SpellSuave - Wood Witch
31Badrock CanyonGrindstone - Workin the Glory
33UNNAMEDHarbor the Gold - AlygriaFree
34T. K. KnockoutCorinthian - American TraditionFree
35Manny's Red TyAbraaj - Artic MistFree 
36Asura SpringsHarbor the Gold - AsuraslewFree
37UNNAMEDParker's Storm Cat - Bacpac
38Legion of BoomHarbor the Gold - BahatiFree
40Basket of GoldHarbor the Gold - Basket CopyFree
41Hot BobbyRaise the Bluff - Blondaway
42BrewingintheblueHarbor the Gold - BluledoFree
43Cash N DashParker's Storm Cat - Bon Jour Paris
44George WHarbor the Gold - Brookie GirlFree
46Huckleberry RidgeRaise the Bluff - Carrie's a Jewel
47Find Safe HarborHarbor the Gold - Cascade CoronaFree
48Storm to the TopParker's Storm Cat - Celtic Sunset
49On Fire RubyPrivate Gold - Charismas FireFree 
50Sweet RenataStormin Fever - Cielo Dulce
51Harbor DreamsHarbor the Gold - Clair AnnetteFree
52Hot Shot CowboyFree At Last - Clearly the Best
53UNNAMEDDemon Warlock - Climb Every Wave
54Staccato PrinceGrindstone - Coasting Home
55Cola SpringsHarbor the Gold - Company BFree
57My GrandsonGrazen - Creole DelightsFree
58John's Not BluffinRaise the Bluff - Dark Diva
59Victorious NationNationhood - Delete the BrowserFree 
60TrackattackerHarbor the Gold - EclatanteFree
62Exclusive ChampMatty G - Emerald Light
63BigbadvoodookittyRaise the Bluff - Escopazzo
64IwannabeadivatooPreachinatthebar - Fast Rio
65Nicole MichelleZensational - Fighting Countess
66UNNAMEDYes It's True - Firetrail
67O B HarborHarbor the Gold - Flying MemoFree
68Last Lite LeftPrivate Gold - Foxy LiteFree 
69Ryker GMatty G - Freedom in Flight
70E Z JoPrivate Gold - Freedom MarchFree 
71PreachinwithhumorPreachinatthebar - Fully Distorted
72UNNAMEDRockport Harbor - Fun Bound
73National WonderNationhood - Greenmountain GirlFree 
74Mambo RockRock Hard Ten - High Speed Access
76In PrivatePrivate Gold - In Suzanne's HonorFree 
77Private BossPrivate Gold - Irene's Bonus BabyFree 
78Knight CrossingRaise the Bluff - Knight Weave
79HoodslideNationhood - La MariahFree 
80Lauren's BluffRaise the Bluff - Laurelhurst Lauren
81Arrom BearNationhood - Lite NiteFree 
82Look AboveNationhood - Little CutieFree 
83Private LanePrivate Gold - Lois LanerFree 
84PrincesinhaTrickey Trevor - Lucky Leah
85UNNAMEDPreachinatthebar - Mackenzies Snow
86Raise the MagaritaRaise the Bluff - Magarita Midnight
88UNNAMEDDelineator - Marquet Formula
89Raspberry RoadBellamy Road - Marva JeanFree 
91UNNAMEDHarbor the Gold - Mia F EighteenFree
92Distinctive RunWith Distinction - Milk Run
93UNNAMEDMajestic Warrior - Mis Vietoria
94Carson's StartAbraaj - Miss PixieFree 
96Latte GoldHarbor the Gold - Mocha TimeFree
97Oh Marvelous MeBluegrass Cat - MorakamiFree
98Seven Fifty MistyRaise the Bluff - Morn n' Mist
99Evening LightHarbor the Gold - Ms MelangeFree
100Never EvereverMatty G - Nevercomesagain
101UNNAMEDProud Citizen - No Constraints
102Staud's SwishMatty G - Ocean's Fourteen
104PreachinpainlessPreachinatthebar - Painless
105Three Olives LaterMatty G - Party Pirate
107Relatively FastEinstein (BRZ) - Passiona
108Peaceful NationNationhood - Peaceful WingsFree 
109UNNAMEDMatty G - Peanutella
110Percy's BluffRaise the Bluff - Persephonie
111Bar DoncellaPreachinatthebar - Prado's Joy
112Seattles Best CopyDemon Warlock - Premo Copy
113Red Rio VikSnowbound Rio - Rediskia
114CantkeepasecretRaise the Bluff - Romantic Idea
200Striking ScholarSmart Strike - DegreeStormin Fever
201AsuraslewSlewdledo - AsuraHarbor the GoldFree
202Climb Every WaveThunder Gulch - Up SailDemon Warlock
203Freedom MarchFree At Last - Marshua's MusicAtta Boy RoyFree 
204Mocha TimeVying Victor - Stitch in TimeSlew's TiznowFree
205PinseekerOfflee Wild - Insearchofgold
300Smokin BadgeSilver Deputy - Smokin Affair
301Pacific ViewStormin Fever - Greny
302Poppy LoveBenchmark - Poppy Seed