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Stemmans Horse Sale Company 2007 Evangeline Downs John Franks Memorial 2yos in Training Sale

March 18, 2007

Hip No.HorseSire-DamCover SireEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
2Buddha ManBuddha - Dancer's Birthday
3Sassy But ClassyCame Home - Dancey Kate
4Dancing AlbertaAlbert the Great - Dancing Style
5High Kicking DreamAlmostashar - Daring Dream
6Big ErlErlton - Deal With Her
10Dixie FiddlerGold Tribute - Dixity Do Dah
11Sefapiano RulesSefapiano - Don'tbreaktherules
12AdayinspainEl Prado (IRE) - Doo Dah Day
13PainSilky Sweep - Double Alarm
14IknowuthinkimsexyCount the Time - Drop Dead Gorgeous
15Alexis the GreatAlbert the Great - Dutchess Alexandra
16Eaglette's BoyMidbar - Eaglette Baby
17Gerard's WishJaunatxo - Eartha (IRE)
18Echo de ParadisTime Bandit - Echo of the Past
19GambleonthestormJaunatxo - Emeralds
20Hour Finest WishFinest Hour - Endymion Maid
22Express HandHold Hands - Expressed Contract
23Lively ReaperGrim Reaper - Fearless N Lively
24FigPosse - Fife
25Lee de SoieLeestown - Fleur de Soie
27Uno DeltaA. P. Delta - Four Aces Girl
28GangbusterLangfuhr - FoxcallerFree 
29Fantastic GentWorldly Ways (GB) - Gentleman's Copy
30Ante Go GoUpping the Ante - Goin Jesy
31AlrighttobelilbityLittlebitlively - Gone Secret
32I Drink AloneIntidab - Grab Gingerly
33Tiger in a BagTiger Ridge - Granja Oro
34Tough TriumphGood and Tough - Great Triumph
35The Great GypsyGreatness - Gypsy Queen
36Vicar of LaVicar - Handfullofmints
37Silk TamerSilky Sweep - Happy Regent
38Till It ShinesLeestown - Hatenot
39Miss OctaviaTwo Punch - Hawiian Sunburst
40Kelly's High HopesKipper Kelly - High Hopes Nel
41TibbytymePrecocity - Highest Rank
42Bag ItStorm Passage - Highsteppin Bag
43QueewayWorldly Ways (GB) - Highway Queen
44Do the TigerHold That Tiger - Hussy
46KimberleaKimberlite Pipe - Idalea (ARG)
48I'm Feeling StormyStorm Passage - I'm Feeling Salty
49Almost ImpressedAlmostashar - Impression
50Heather's SoldierLost Soldier - It's Heather
51Joy's StingHoly Sting - Joy the Lady
53Delta's Black GoldFinder's Gold - Judy's Delta Queen
54MamouSafe Prospect - Kajun Waltz
55Erlton JohnErlton - Keen Angel
56Choose KellyChoosing Choice - Kelly's Pac Girl
57D. J.'s SpiritDiligence - Kinalalu
58Jacy My GirlFinder's Gold - Kiwani
60Tammie's ValentineMany a Wish - Kusox
62Toolights LadyToolighttoquit - Lady Lindsley
63Check With MeMoonlight Dancer - Land Yachting
65Miss Finest HourFinest Hour - Little Miss Leader
66Blonde Tail GirlSefapiano - Lobsang S Dilema
68LikemenowTiznow - LubiankaFree 
69Ky Matty GMatty G - Madison's Girl
71Jestic LightToolighttoquit - Majestic Evening
72Snow BabaSnow Ridge - Mamselle Du Lac
73Foxy FoxySilky Sweep - Miss Fox'y G
74Mr. J. B.Valid Belfast - Miss Gina S.
75Super HuffHuff - Miss Superoyale
76LittlebitlittleLittlebitlively - Miss Ternship
77South BrooklynSafe Prospect - Miss Unknown
78Woo Belek BabyBelek - Miss Woo Woo
79She Went WildWild Zone - Missywit
81Fling AwayWorldly Ways (GB) - Mountain Fling
82Finest FundamentFinest Hour - Moon Star Rising
83ValbertaAlbert the Great - Mount Vesuvius
84Gift of PieProspector's Gift - Ms. Daisie's Pie
85Dealing With GoldGold Tribute - Musical Missy
86My GoldMalabar Gold - My Darling Brocco
87Zuppardo's PrideStorm Day - My Lil' Frances Z
88My ButtonsIle St. Louis (CHI) - Myrna Anne
89Logan's PrizePrized - Mysia Jo
90Say the ScoopWild Zone - News Scene
91Escrito's StageEscrito - Next Stage
92Smoke 'n GoStorm Day - Northern Zeal
93ItchypalmPlacid Fund - Odile
95No RomanceAcademy Award - Ohio Ann
97One Tough DubaiE Dubai - One Tough Beth
98One Fine EskimoFinest Hour - One Tough Eskimo
99Count the NailCount the Time - One Tough Nail
100Pass the BrewKipper Kelly - Passum Once
101Buster HutTime Bandit - Pelican Reef
102Little Buster ManBusterwaggley - Perdido Key
103Daring PickDaring Bid - Picadilly's Pet
104Piegan's BygonesAlmostashar - Piegan
105Pleasant VoyageTime Bandit - Pleasantly Mine
106Milady DawnKadhaaf - Please Be Seated
107Parting PleasureParting Guest - Pleasure Fighter
109Brooklynn's CookinFinest Hour - Pourjedajour
110Escrito's SweetieEscrito - Prairie Oyster
111ThreefiftyCaller I. D. - Preemptive Bid
112Feaux by FeauxMillennium Wind - Price Discovery
113SmoothmoverSilky Sweep - Pro Gamble
114GivtheballtoleroyKipper Kelly - Providence
115Forest TreeForestry - Queen Mama
116Mr. C G WoodsonEpic Honor - Queen of the Slots
117Irish ElixirWire Me Collect - Race Into History
118Louisiana PrincessTourist - Racey Affair
119ReallywhamminWhambam - Reallybelieveit
120Unreal TimeTime Bandit - Really Shocking
121Very DelightfulAfternoon Deelites - Red Marie
122Count ReeCount the Time - Ree Tah
123Derby ProspectDerby Wish - Regent Prospect
124Lady NottawayWorldly Ways (GB) - Renato Jo
125Cindys MalagraMalagra - Ruvelyn
126Itsashe EchoWestern Echo - She Nasty Too
127Brogan's BullHoly Bull - Salt Lake Dancer
128Stackin ChipsTiger Ridge - Salty Suzy
129RoseaguskaYonaguska - Samantha Rose
131Louisiana StyleStormin Fever - Saratoga Humor
132RudeSilky Sweep - Savage Poet
133ShowmethescoreFinest Hour - Score First
134Sweet IreneStorm Passage - Seattle Prospector
135Chief JayIle St. Louis (CHI) - Secret Squaw
136Sharp BlufferPine Bluff - Sharp Sox
137Shirley's ManErlton - Shirleygee
138Ruston RedneckStorm Passage - Silent Robber
140Sunset's FireLost Soldier - Silvervan
142Skip to the MoonDr. Best - Skipn Be Happy
143Wild CryDeputy Diamond - Smarter Is Better
144Toledo BendWire Me Collect - Songsung
145Speck of IdeIde - Spectacular Joy
146StormbringerLittleexpectations - Stormy Louise
147Ky Sunny CatCat Doctor - Sunny Black
148SupershineGolden Missile - Superfines Luvey
149Hurricane IslandIle St. Louis (CHI) - Supreme Vixen
150Gambler's ChoiceParting Guest - Susy's Choice
151Get the CandyOn Target - Sweet Mag
152Echo Boy BlunderWestern Echo - Tea N Toddy
153Malibu DanMalibu Moon - Thirty Six CaratFree 
154Up and ReadyUpping the Ante - Tigrina
156Parting TouchParting Guest - Touch Me
159Mamow MaxMy Friend Max - Trick E Ticket
160Trinity's CupBusterwaggley - Eminent Numbers
161TrustprospectornowProspector's Gift - Trustmenow
163Big StingHoly Sting - Vicki's a Berry
164Loose the TudeStorm Day - Vigorous Feelings
165Delta VixenA. P. Delta - Voluptuous Vixen
166Escrito's ChoiceEscrito - What a Mama
167Demi Chue CrisisOut of the Crisis - Whiplash Wilma
168Julia's DreamTime Bandit - Wolfe Island
169Lone Star RoseCold Bid - Won for Fun
171Mr. SladeMr. Sparkles - Zudora Jane
172Awesome AmazonWorldly Ways (GB) - Abby's Em
173Above the GoldGold Tribute - Above the Rest
174Nurse McCabeMacabe - Scat Kitty Cat
175Double SilkSilky Sweep - Alarming Double
176King CadenKing Cugat - Alberta Johnson
177Afternoon MusicAfternoon Deelites - Alpine Music
178ChopperJaunatxo - Angel With Wings
179Ide Take AnotherIde - Another Sparkle
180Easy KatrinaEasyfromthegitgo - Apricot
181Delta AngelA. P. Delta - Ashlyn's Angel
182PulaJade Hunter - Avance
183Ide BallIde - Ballagren
184Battle BoogieSilky Sweep - Battleberg
185Spainish DancerMacabe - Bertie's Trick
186Mr TrickysituationTricky - Betsy Holly
187Rainy Day MatineePlacid Fund - Betty C
188Ali's Next ChanceValid Belfast - Bimboette
189Wag the ClaimBusterwaggley - Goldie's Claim
190Black AttackSilky Sweep - Black Tie Queen
191Macabe's GoldMacabe - Black Zone
192Lite the CigarLite the Fuse - Blooming Again
194BruseefenPrince of the Mt. - Bowl Me Over
195Go Go WalkIn a Walk - Brightstarrynight
196Saucy MissOn the Sauce - Broadway Miss
198Star TributeGold Tribute - Carr Star
199R T's House CatHomebuilder - Catiano
200Swifty VictressMacho Uno - Caught FireFree 
201Snuck N CatSnuck In - Cayla's Playmate
202Lanie's FireLost Soldier - Charging Fire
203Whitney's WayFinest Hour - Commando Dancer
204Key ProductionRun Production - Courtney's KeyFree
205Long Ash DeeliteAfternoon Deelites - Cranekin'
206Crimson WayWorldly Ways (GB) - Crimson Lucy
208Time Is CrucialTime Bandit - Crucial Moment
209JennyszoneProspector's Gift - Cyberzone
210Nochie TooParting Guest - Eartha (IRE)
211Five Star StolieFive Star Day - Gilded Stolie
212I'makickerFight Over - Just Sugar
213TufferthanleatherLaabity - Our Desire
214DollarjunctionLaabity - Our Little Gibby
215Cocky and BoldJaunatxo - Picadilly's Pet
216BlueskydayGift of Gib - She's Lucky
217Dare to Be MeMeadowlake - Sunshine O'My Life
218Wanda's ProspectLaabity - Wandawee
219A Scoop of JazzParting Guest - Angel With Wings
222Handsome WishJaunatxo - Catch the Bouquet
224Guzzlin GrassRunning Stag - Demi Country
225Lena RJaunatxo - Donna's Deal
226Wash IslandFine Island - Acid Wash
227Kiss My Angel DelMutah - Jade's Bejeweled
228Plain GorgeousDr. Lewis - Plain Luscious
229Gib's PrinceGift of Gib - Danielle's Crown
230I'madeltagirlFight Over - Flydets
231Meg's Lucky CharmGrand Slam - Gallant Dancer
232Cowboy WeddingBoone's Mill - Landingham's LoverOut of the Crisis
233Watch CupidWatch the Bird - Liberal Love
234Martha On the RiseI'ma Hell Raiser - Martha's GraySilver On Silver
235Maybe Its TrueIs It True - Mykato
236Viva Las AngelViva Deputy - Only Angel
238Tactical MaryTactical Cat - UnbeknownstFree
239Something AnteUpping the Ante - Unsolved Mystery
240Jackie's JunebugRodeo - Werk's Wonder
241Lucky HeatherLucky North - It's Heather
242CherieonthreeGold Tribute - Sassy Haz Am
243Toolights EveningToolighttoquit - Majestic Evening
244Emily's Red BoyIde - Movie Goer