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Fasig-Tipton Kentucky 2010 Fall Yearling Sale

October 25 - 27 2010

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Sticks WondergirlStevie Wonderboy - Y Country
2ManolaSir Shackleton - Yippie Skippy
3HarvardHard Spun - You AgainFree 
4X Country GirlGrand Slam - Youwantmetodowhat
5CanutaTale of the Cat - Zamba CanutaFree 
6ZarynaFriends Lake - Zawaaya
7Chretien de TroyesEurosilver - Zigabout
8Zorra SuaveSuave - Zorra
9Our JuliaValue Plus - AbolinnaFree
10Respect HerCat Thief - About Respect
11Blue Line CatBluegrass Cat - Above the LineFree
12Love Like CrazyValue Plus - Above the MarketFree
13FerreteraPurge - Absolute Trust
14UNNAMEDInvasor (ARG) - Acadiana
15On Abbey RoadSun King - Acquiescent
16She's ActceptionalKafwain - Actceptional
17UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Act Stormy
18Operative AssetsA. P. Warrior - Added Asset
19Culleoka RoseAlphabet Soup - Adlibbing
20Northern AttitudeNorthern Afleet - Adriatica
21Haengbok EutteumSun King - Aerobatics
22Soup A' FleetAlphabet Soup - Afleet Canadian
23After LateLatent Heat - After You
24Jill GoldenRepent - Agnes Rose
25DukhaanSilver Wagon - Alameda
26Wild Country SongSongandaprayer - Albany County
27Alison's SongSongandaprayer - Alison's Winner
28BrainiacSmarty Jones - A Little EvilFree
29SandanaJohannesburg - Aljawza
30PanthroDiscreet Cat - All At Once
31EongmandoriPurim - Allbow
32JesambisulSeeking the Best (IRE) - All Girls Band
33Small TankBirdstone - All the VeesFree 
34Daddy's AshleyYankee Gentleman - Alma MaterFree
35Montford ParkInvasor (ARG) - Altos de Chavon
36Gentleman JessYankee Gentleman - AmarataFree
37ConzigCongrats - Amber MythFree 
38Glowing ReviewDevil His Due - Amber's Glow
39KnocknockwhosthereIt's No Joke - American Icon
40LifeboatKitten's Joy - American PassageFree 
41Barefoot MailmanSilver Train - And
42John and CharlieLimehouse - Angel LipsFree
43ConganitaCongaree - Anita GaribaldiFree
44Starship SilveradoSilver Wagon - Anna Lisa Beth
45Beacom HillsPure Prize - Anncloatkey
46UNNAMEDPerfect Soul (IRE) - A Northern AngelFree 
47Antique WeddingChapel Royal - Antique Crystal
48Holymoly RockemoleRockport Harbor - Aomi
49ElmorJohannesburg - Apache Canyon
50MykukubirdWith Distinction - Apache Dancer
51GhostkeeperGhostzapper - A. P. Double CatFree 
52Poised to a TeeCongrats - Appealing JeanneFree 
53Badge MasterBadge of Silver - Arazi Exchange
54PutalilenglishonitEnglish Channel - ArbushaFree 
55Lady ComoGiacomo - Ardmore Prospect
56Miss Indiana JonesSmarty Jones - Are You HomeFree
57One Magic MomentSongandaprayer - Armathwaite
58Apt to ShootArtie Schiller - Armed and ReadyFree 
59Mister DehereDehere - Arty'svirginiagirl
60Aspen BlushCuvee - Aspen MountainFree 
61NorthscapeForest Danger - Aspen Whisper
62GiacomettiDynaformer - Idols Eye
63Mr Shane the PainMonarchos - At the Altar
64War VixenClosing Argument - Auburn ForeverFree
65Auction ChantWar Chant - Auction Cat
66Gogo JojoJohar - Auntie Soph
67The Queen's ReignPolitical Force - Avalos
68Queen RoyalePomeroy - Avamore
69More Is to ComeWar Front - Ava's CrownFree 
70Darby's LightningBandini - Awesome Tri
71Shoe ShoppingPleasantly Perfect - A Woman's Quest
72Quiet CatMr. Sekiguchi - Aya
73ArchenlandLion Heart - Babe's FlairFree 
74Gabbi's AmorThe Cliff's Edge - Babe's Miracle
75Marin's MagicBob and John - Ballade's Magic
76Crashing WaveStrong Hope - Ballynaugh
77Giving Me FitzSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Banana Dance
78Power BalladCorinthian - BandstandFree 
79Four One SixPolitical Force - Banner Dancer
80AmuletoBob and John - Barra Steel
81BullredStrong Contender - Barroness Beth
82Serenity NowConsolidator - Bashful Charmer
83Big Man in BlackSouthern Image - Beartrack Cove
84Polar EclipsePut It Back - Beautifully
85Fly Lexis FlyBadge of Silver - Becky Loves Silver
86Old SaltPleasantly Perfect - Becky's Angel
87UNNAMEDVan Nistelrooy - Beer Baroness
88Por EsoBorrego - Begin the Beguine
89TrinnibergTeuflesberg - Bella DoratoFree 
90Beautiful StrikeTenpins - Bella Ragazza
91Rollover BellaValue Plus - BellaramaFree
92Quikdraw BellstarSuave - Bell Brass
93Grandfield BelleShakespeare - Belle Chant
94Just Pay Me OffDon't Get Mad - Bestow Her Crown
95Bob Got LoadedBob and John - Best Practices
96War FaceWar Front - Best PunchFree 
97A Blonde ThingSir Shackleton - Better Be Sure
98Henny PowersHenny Hughes - Betty Garr
99Lady of SamariaChapel Royal - Beyond Imagination
100Hong Kong HarryBob and John - Beyond the Fence
101Fitz to StrikeSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Beyond the Horizon
102Cash Or ChequeHat Trick (JPN) - Big Cheque
103Big City SlammerGrand Slam - Big City Bound
104Love My WayPomeroy - Big City Joy
105Willy BeaminSuave - Big Tease
106Little GerdaClosing Argument - Bijoux MissFree
107Born to FightA. P. Warrior - Birthright
108TochyPowerscourt (GB) - Blarin SpeedFree 
109UNNAMEDSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Blinded by Cash
110Plinx BlinxPurim - Blinx Babe
111CastellaDaaher - Blue StreamFree
112Xuang FengSpeightstown - Bluffing GirlFree 
113JimboFlower Alley - Boat HouseFree 
114Lion's JumpEnglish Channel - Bo Bo's ThunderFree 
115SuninyoureyesSunriver - Boggs Eyes
116Blast of MachoMacho Uno - Bold BlastFree 
117StormylittleroseyConsolidator - Bonita Beach
118Sky's PrizeSky Classic - Bonnie's Prize
119RejuvenatingKafwain - Bonus
120Meydan StarFriends Lake - Bootsey
121Born ForcePolitical Force - Born Twice
122GuskadociousYonaguska - Bragadocious
123Dolet HillsAny Given Saturday - Breath of Life
124Primo ViaCandy Ride (ARG) - Breezy StreetFree 
125Belfast EmmaCuvee - BriaraFree 
126UNNAMEDDixieland Band - Bridal Memories
127Tanya's TiaraForest Wildcat - Bridal Tiara
128Borego's BarbarianBorrego - Bride Four a Groom
129Hey Little SisterJump Start - Bride in the WingsFree
130ExfactorExchange Rate - Bright Magic
131Exodus WayCorinthian - Brighton WayFree 
132Dynamite CatBluegrass Cat - Broad DynamiteFree
133EzlovinsosexylooknFlashy Bull - Broadway Music
134AtropeyoSouthern Image - Broker's Delight
135Compromisin I'mnotPolitical Force - Brown Eyes
136Scrap DragonBob and John - Bud Draft Please
137Moments TruthCastledale (IRE) - Bulletin
138Storage QueenPurge - Butterstride
139Done Done DoneLatent Heat - Buzz Off Buzz
140Pure MajestySimon Pure - Cadillac Black
141Out of the FireEnglish Channel - Cajun DollFree 
142Blue Bubble GumDayjur - Calico Cat
143English SunriseEnglish Channel - California SunsetFree 
144Desire to ChangeKafwain - Cambria Gold
145Vanity's ShowcaseFlatter - Came CallingFree 
146Sharpie's SonSharp Humor - Canary Yellow
147KegKitalpha - Caney Creek
148Derwin's FlameSilent Name (JPN) - Cant Stop the FireFree 
149Reserved for TwoJump Start - Cape DiscoveryFree
150Ima Free FlyerStrong Contender - Carefree Flyer
151Shigeru KarinFriends Lake - Carolina Blue
152LahontanBandini - Caroni
153Ima Big ColtaWildcat Shoes - Carson Copy
154Flying HarborRockport Harbor - Casa's Kids
155Bluegrass IndyBluegrass Cat - Cash No CreditFree
156Cash in HandDixie Union - Cash Storm
157Castle CatDiscreet Cat - Castle Mey
158Van LewClosing Argument - Catch This CatFree
159Silver MenaceSilver Wagon - Catmaker
160Tap It TwiceTapit - CatnaboutFree 
161Tokyo CatHat Trick (JPN) - Cat Verse
162Secret Agent LadyStrategic Mission - Cayce Lady
163SpritzyHonour and Glory - Cazal
164GaiusBroken Vow - Cee's Valley GirlFree 
165Cherry PointPoint Given - Cerise
166OnceinmylifetimeKitalpha - Champagne Royal
167Bold SeekerSeeking the Best (IRE) - Champlain Sunset
168J R LightNorth Light (IRE) - ChangeableFree 
169Mae's RacerSilver Train - Change for a Buck
170UNNAMEDThunder Gulch - Changing Fortunes
171Vperyod SeryogaJohar - Chaos
172Secret WinnerFive Star Day - Charismagic
173Holy BarbaraDevil His Due - Charlmar
174Lady IsolinaPioneering - Charm Dancer
175UNNAMEDRoman Ruler - Chaseafallenstar
176StartleJump Start - ChateaumistFree
177La Gran IlyuCuvee - ChelanFree 
178Storming RageStormy Atlantic - Cherokee RageFree
179Baby Chill OutGolden Missile - Chill Out Baby
180Choo Choo ChantWar Chant - Choo Choo Lady
181InfragantiRepent - Christmas List
182Northern TrainSilver Train - Chunter's Joy
183Pretty in DiamondsHoly Bull - Cirque View
184Adobe JoToccet - Citicrossing
185Tony Blue EyesBadge of Silver - Clap Happy
186Carson KidInclude - Classic ClaretFree 
187Forli PhillyNorthern Afleet - Classic Garbo
188AnnatlanticStormy Atlantic - Classic ReignFree
189ConserveTapit - Classic WomanFree 
190Fortune DivaBandini - Classiest Gem
191UNNAMEDBernstein - Classy Con
192Scarlet BeautyAction This Day - Claudia's Type
193Girls LikePurge - Clear Intentions
194Fancy AfleetNorthern Afleet - Clever Fancy
195UNNAMEDMingun - Close to Summer
196Highest RewardCongrats - CloudrunnerFree 
197El FabioBernstein - Coastal Flag
198Bull PenHoly Bull - Colleague
199With ClassWith Distinction - Colonial Currency
200Color UpPurim - Color My Heart
201El DeputyEl Corredor - ComarilloFree 
202Snuffle OverboardRockport Harbor - Come Forth as Gold
203Isn'tshebeautifulSmoke Glacken - Come On Cathy Ann
204Finally TogetherBold Executive - Commendablecharity
205UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - Computer HackerFree 
206SumterBob and John - Confederate Lady
207Debits and CreditsCorinthian - CongratulationsFree 
208Achi BonakkorsiArch - Conquestress
209Hilda's LegacyIstan - Copetown
210UNNAMEDPowerscourt (GB) - Copper CalhounFree 
211Corner the SunSun King - Corner the Groom
212Flying PossePosse - Coronda Rose
213Sharp N PrettySharp Humor - Couldabeenabenz
214Dixie JazzMonarchos - Could Be Jazz
215Country RiskLion Heart - Country BeautyFree 
216Post PatternEnglish Channel - Country CookoutFree 
217IsizweProud Citizen - Country Vision
218TunsoBadge of Silver - Cozy Star
219BellamayaSongandaprayer - Cozzy Temper
220Indiana AnnieLittleexpectations - Crafty Ana
221Candy Store KidCandy Ride (ARG) - Crafty GypsyFree 
222Offlee CraftyOfflee Wild - Crafty Move
223UNNAMEDLawyer Ron - Cravings
224SignedandnumberedChapel Royal - Creative Image
225Big ZKafwain - Creeksider
226Mr. PranksterIt's No Joke - Cremedelacramer
227BushidoOfflee Wild - Crimson Girl
228Critical AlertE Dubai - Critical Code
229Fabulously RippedFlashy Bull - Croissant
230Point KrisPoint Given - Cruising Kris
231UNNAMEDSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Crystal Magic
232Blondie's GhostSunday Break (JPN) - Cuddleskin
233Hon. de LeonEnglish Channel - CukeeFree 
234MononoWhywhywhy - Cuz You Never Know
235Missdang SallyGood Journey - Dakota Lass
236Sunlight CatForest Wildcat - Danceinthesunlight
237Prime DevilPrime Timber - Dancelikethedevil
238Evening ProgramLangfuhr - Dancen in the Sun
239Posse JuniorPosse - Dancing Blues
240Edmund's BoyCrafty Shaw - Dancing Deborah
241KingstreeSouthern Image - Dancing Monarch
242Flying Bob JohnBob and John - Dancingupastorm
243Ann of the DanceEnglish Channel - Dans La Ville (CHI)Free 
244Lord DarbyE Dubai - Darby's Hope
245Royal FighterChapel Royal - Dark Rhythm
246BigleagueprospectMaster Command - Darlin Dixie
247BackstorySilver Wagon - Dar Prisa
248Kela DawnKela - Dawn's MomentFree
249Got You CoveredConsolidator - Daysofwebnroses
250Hand I Was DealtA. P. Warrior - Deal Us In
251Wild StrikerTenpins - Dearest Susie
252Here Comes FrazierBadge of Silver - Debby Dot Com
253Deep in Your HeartChapel Royal - Deep in My Heart
254Fancy FarmForest Grove - Delacour
255Actin' UglyAction This Day - Deliteful Princess
256Gonna HappenSky Mesa - DemonizeFree 
257NostraHalf Ours - DeoneandonlyFree 
258Silent BidderSilent Name (JPN) - Desert BloomFree 
259UNNAMEDDiscreet Cat - Desiraes My Candy
260Hidden Ball TrickHat Trick (JPN) - Despot
261DoyouwantmenowSouthern Image - Destiny Bay
262Double AntePurim - Deux Anes (GB)
263Special DiamondSun King - Diamonds and Jade
264Mikayla RaeStormello - Diamondsnemeralds
265SandsKitalpha - Diamond Tie
266Big DigginsStormy Atlantic - DigginsFree
267Ruby PaulineAction This Day - Dixie Bust
268Sovereign CitizenMacho Uno - DixiechickadeeFree 
269SharpandwittySharp Humor - Dixie Doree
270EstoqueThunder Gulch - Dixiemint
271Grand DixieGrand Slam - Dixity Do Dah
272La GazelleBright Launch - Doc's Leading Lady
273Eager EmJohar - Dona Bonita
274Don't TattleSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Don't Tell Daddy
275Theatrical PowerHoly Bull - Dorei
276Able's SisterFlashy Bull - Double Entendre
277ZoebellAfter Market - Doubly FortunateFree
278Golden BluesGolden Missile - Downstream Blues
279Dehere's the GrayDehere - Drama Queen
280Ty's HonourHonour and Glory - Dream for a Moment
281Ron's GirlLawyer Ron - Drifa
282Montana DreamFirst Samurai - Duchess MaggieFree 
283Grapefruit LeagueLatent Heat - Dunedin
284Right AngleRock Hard Ten - Dynabunny
285DynatouchTouch Gold - Dynacielo
286MartinisonthebayBadge of Silver - Dynaffair
287Stars AlignaStar Dabbler - Dynakitten
288Municipal FinanceFlatter - DynalookFree 
289Amazingly AwsomeAwesome Again - DynashoreFree 
290Sienna RainSunriver - Dysham
291Small Hope BayStrong Hope - Early Mass
292Hillary DBellamy Road - Earthly AngelFree 
293Lots of ChromeEurosilver - Ecstasy Lady
294Majestic NumberOfficer - Ecstatic Girls
295LegalisSun King - Eh La Bas Chere
296Red Bean Ice CreamFusaichi Pegasus - ElainaFree 
297Electrick KittyTale of the Cat - Electrick CityFree 
298Classic R and BSky Classic - Ella Singstheblues
299AndmoreexcusesInclude - Elle NicoleFree 
300Pure ElloquenceSir Shackleton - Ellie Gee
301Sing Song CatTale of the Cat - Elusive SongFree 
302Colorado Guy WinsBorrego - Enjoy
303Bloomtown BabyFlower Alley - En RougeFree 
304Sauvignon BlancTapit - EntoriaFree 
305Smarty PartySmarty Jones - Equity EventFree
306Handsome HarborRockport Harbor - Especially Awesome
307Man StuffBelong to Me - Espresso Song
308CharlieprittyangelBandini - Esther's Joy
309Twice as WiseLion Heart - EstriFree 
310Evasive CatDiscreet Cat - Evasive
311Tricky SlamLangfuhr - Every Trick
312FilipinaAction This Day - Evita's Song
313Meydan TigerFlashy Bull - Exbourne Free
314AlternativeLimehouse - ExellenseaFree
315Exotic RivalStrong Contender - Exotic City
316Arctic ExpeditionPowerscourt (GB) - Expedite ItFree 
317Reggae ManCandy Ride (ARG) - Express for MindyFree 
318YaretziPoint Given - Extremadura
319Seattle ArtistStormy Atlantic - Eye of the ArtistFree
320Zona de CombateAction This Day - Eyes of a Dove
321Chateau VersaillesLimehouse - Fabulous BonusFree
322Paleo NativeBirdstone - Fairway MeadowFree 
323Tennessee BendPurim - Fall Fantasy
324ParreloCanadian Frontier - Family Silver
325OrleanianStormello - Fancy Dress
326Fantastic MizzMizzen Mast - Fantastic PromiseFree 
327Stevie Loves WomenStevie Wonderboy - Fantastic Women
328Gunpowder GertieMizzen Mast - Fantasy of CaroFree 
329Stormy AppealStormy Atlantic - Fashion TipFree
330LucygotgameProud Citizen - Fast Included
331Hard KnockingProud Accolade - Fast Lisa
332Ninety GrandBirdstone - Fast Talkin GirlFree 
333South RisingWhywhywhy - Favorable Review
334Suave FlightSuave - Fearless Flight
335Heated DebateClosing Argument - Feel the HeatFree
336FeloniousQuiet American - Felony One
337CoamingJohar - Felucca
338UNNAMEDPollard's Vision - Ferghana's RoseFree
339Cave Creek RoadChapel Royal - Fiddler's Dream
340Pryce's PossePosse - Field of Glory
341FugiacomoGiacomo - Fiji Island
342Lechuza's CandyCandy Ride (ARG) - Fillie MaysFree 
343UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Fine ProspectFree 
344MrsmargiePosse - Firecard
345Sylvan LightTeton Forest - Fire Tap
346Flaming AffairQuest - Firey Affair
347Harlan's WayHarlan's Holiday - First Encore
348For the WinCongrats - First InterviewFree 
349Horizon KingSun King - Fiscal Gold
350Handsup MoneydownSharp Humor - Fit to Scout
351Suave RomanceSuave - Flaming Romance
352Power of SciencePowerscourt (GB) - FlatslittlesisFree 
353GeonuseongSouthern Image - Fleet Dreamer
354Smoken DancerSmoke Glacken - Fletch
355ShezabluestreakStar Dabbler - Flew Past Em
356Midnight FriendFriends Lake - Flewsy
357BursquelArtie Schiller - FloreanaFree 
358UNNAMEDBellamy Road - Florida's DelightFree 
359Table Three TenEl Prado (IRE) - Hopes and Dreams
360Wish to OpinePurim - Flying Gal
361BlameableOrientate - Flying Nellie
362Northwest's HopeFlatter - FobFree 
363Redneck RomeoRockport Harbor - Folara
364Mitch RappYankee Gentleman - Foolish PartyFree
365Harbor BayRockport Harbor - Forest Bay
366Arbor MissInclude - Forest MaidenFree 
367UNNAMEDGiant's Causeway - Forest Music
368Vindicted RulerVindication - Forest Ruler
369What's the PlayCherokee Run - Forest Shadows
370AlbaicinBellamy Road - Forever ClassicFree 
371BellamyBellamy Road - Forever DixieFree 
372Tales of ParadiseTale of the Cat - Forever ParadiseFree 
373Because I WinWhywhywhy - Form an Accord
374Wild FrankStorm Surge - Formeredith
375Samurai SlamGrand Slam - For Scarlett
376Black AceBandini - For the Wire
377Ted the ProtectorSouthern Image - Forty On Line (GB)
378Special ChanceEurosilver - Free the Magic
379French OrientationOrientate - French Braids
380BonaparteTouch Gold - French Madam
381Dance RainingDehere - Fruhl's Gold
382CowcuttaLatent Heat - Fun Bound
383Redheaded StrangerPioneering - Gabourel Bank
384MarcariaAptitude - Galaxy Dancer
385Flashy ToroFlashy Bull - Galileo's Star
386Lady ContenderStrong Contender - Gallant Jean
387Cut the DeckGiacomo - Game Card
388FurtivaEasing Along - Gan's Girl
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
389Horse and the CityInclude - Garden CityFree 
390Wild SkillsWith Distinction - Gazella Forest
391Only PrettierHorse Chestnut (SAF) - Genteel Class
392Galaxy WarriorAldebaran - Gilda Time
393Dubai MagpieE Dubai - Gilded Magler
394Brilliant LadBernstein - Gilded Miracle
395Gilded QuestQuest - Gilded Twine
396AugustoEven the Score - Ginger CreekFree 
397Glorious ChildHonour and Glory - Girl Child
398ArthuguinnessInvasor (ARG) - Girl in Velvet
399Asian JoyKitten's Joy - GlasgowFree 
400Sinister IntentTale of the Cat - Gleaming Eye'sFree 
401Winter's ComingRockport Harbor - Glimmer Twin
402North Star GirlHoly Bull - Glittering Seas
403Glamour GaloreStormy Atlantic - Go for GlamourFree
404UNNAMEDBandini - Going Ashore
405Buckey RoadBellamy Road - Going Great GunsFree 
406DecoyArtie Schiller - Golden Heidi J DFree 
407Catienus GoldCatienus - Golden Kitty
408Chicken JuiceAfter Market - Golden ReputashnFree
409Unspoken PrayersSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Golden Surprise
410Maggies Little CatBluegrass Cat - Golden ThatchFree
411UNNAMEDAction This Day - Golden Works
412ObservanceLawyer Ron - Gold Invitation
413Dan's GoldForest Danger - Goldrush Lady
414LoverbilNot For Love - Go Nicholas Go
415The BrainStreet Sense - Good Student (ARG)Free 
416Good TermsA. P. Warrior - Good Talk
417Soul SaverHarlan's Holiday - Gospel Singer
418Got ZipCity Zip - Got Pizazz
419GrabthesilverngoSilver Train - Grab N Go
420Black Sea GirlChapel Royal - Gracie Lady (IRE)
421Gracious SakesLangfuhr - Gracility
422Frankie and JoeBellamy Road - Gracious GrannyFree 
423George's PrayerSongandaprayer - Grand Consequence
424Grand TuscanySharp Humor - Grand Fan
425Steppin Tothe BeatDon't Get Mad - Grand March
426Sommer's ChoiceSuave - Gran Mujer (CHI)
427Irish GrandKitten's Joy - Granny FrannyFree 
428Karle CashmereMedaglia d'Oro - Gray CashmereFree 
429Chics PalaceOne Nice Cat - Gree Lee Dee
430Princess GhalyaProud Citizen - Greene Road
431Grand CouleeStrong Contender - Grey Gulch
432UNNAMEDDon't Get Mad - Grinding Luv
433AmbonaEcclesiastic - Grindstone Lassie
434Arch RiverArch - Halo River
435Feisty FoleyFlower Alley - Hanabelle RichterFree 
436Sunset QueenSun King - Happy Scene
437West Point StarStar Dabbler - Harmattan
438HattusaStreet Sense - HatpinFree 
439KelpieQuest - Haunt
440Street GlideBorrego - Hawa Mahal
441Hay Mr JonesSmarty Jones - Hay Let's DanceFree
442OneplayfulladyLatent Heat - Hayley's Dancer
443YankeedoodlecandyYankee Gentleman - Heavenley LarkFree
444Sweet DreaminNajran - Heavenly Halo
445Let Th Kitten PurrKitten's Joy - Heavenly OilFree 
446Le CorsaireMustanfar - Heaven's DancerFree 
447Mujeok AceEl Corredor - HeiresstothethroneFree 
448Kela's HeatKela - Heirloom WishFree
449Schindlers RiskPleasant Tap - Hennessy's Deeds
450SpeightstownlawyerSpeightstown - Hennessy WaltzFree 
451Bless My HaloSongandaprayer - Hide the Halo
452BecknervilleUnbridled Energy - High Caste
453Lion FighterSaint Anddan - High Temptations
454Northeast AbbieInclude - HildeFree 
455Yada Yada YadaStar Dabbler - Hipster Dufus
456AitanaCatienus - Hitch Village
457Bonita PrimaveraForest Danger - Holly's Punch
458Spinning WildcatHard Spun - Hollywood WildcatFree 
459Ducky McLeanStormy Atlantic - Holy ChristmasFree
460HotkittyinthecityCity Place - Honey Fritters
461Purim LoveStar Dabbler - Honey Love
462Fast MastMizzen Mast - HonorleeFree 
463LubavaConsolidator - Hope For
464Lucky FellowCongrats - Hope of NationsFree 
465Greek TrickHat Trick (JPN) - Hopes and Fears
466Hope's VictoryInclude - Hope's TriumphFree 
467Hot ArgumentClosing Argument - HottieFree
468Starship TormentaPomeroy - Hotunderthecollar
469TaesujaeSoto - House of Soviet's
470Carolina FaithKitalpha - Howl At the Moon
471Easy CrossingEnglish Channel - HumoristicFree 
472Games GoodUnbridled Energy - Hurricane Ally
473The BrowUnbridled Energy - Huzzah
474Green Tea IcecreamOrientate - Ice Cream Cone
475Kristina StellaGrand Slam - Icy Minister
476Stage SetSeeking the Best (IRE) - Ideal Scenario
477Don't InsistBernstein - I Insist
478Do My DutyAct of Duty - I Kan Do
479UNNAMEDKitten's Joy - I'll Do MoreFree 
480MolniyaE Dubai - I'm a Slick Chick
481MezzanoMizzen Mast - Im Cruising DixieFree 
482WicholaSeeking the Best (IRE) - Impatiently
483Silver City QueenBadge of Silver - Inavision
484StonemasonBirdstone - In Case of WindFree 
485Horizon BlueBluegrass Cat - Indian BreezeFree
486Daddy CanThe Daddy - Indian Jewel
487Indian SuovenirJohar - Indian Pink
488WrongDefer - Indyan Lisa
489Ghost AngelGhostzapper - Indy JazzFree 
490Ben JamminShaniko - Ingding
491Inner JoyMayakovsky - Inner Thoughts
492AdamasCorinthian - In the LimelightFree 
493Wolseley BaySligo Bay (IRE) - In the MoodFree 
494Royal LouisE Dubai - In the Will
495UNNAMEDSun King - Ionian Bride
496BeamishChapel Royal - Irish Brick
497FawningFlatter - Irish Class MissFree 
498The Irish ChampChampali - Irish Starlet
499Moochy MoolahMancini - Isla Reni
500Razor's RacerRazor - Islemissyou
501UNNAMEDLion Heart - Isn't It FunFree 
502Purple SandBluegrass Cat - Isola RosaFree
503GattinoKitten's Joy - ItsallaboutamandaFree 
504Reese's RoarTeton Forest - It's a Roar
505Rap SeekerSeeking the Best (IRE) - It's a Wrap
506Willful WaysSharp Humor - It's Personal
507Untold StoryPollard's Vision - It's WitchcraftFree
508Wit and SparkleIt's No Joke - Ivey Nell
509Sharp IvorySharp Humor - Ivory Trick
510Seeking the MineSeeking the Best (IRE) - Ixtapa
511TommygunBandini - Iyieldtonoone
512Absolute PriorityMaster Command - Jack's Touch
513LindyhopRockport Harbor - Jazzitup
514Broadway NumberHoly Bull - Jazznwithwindy
515Quick CrowSurvivalist - Jenepher
516AffairMr. Sekiguchi - Jennifer's Affair
517Desert DocKela - JessicaFree
518LinderellaSharp Humor - Jessica Rapid
519UNNAMEDSharp Humor - Jewels Pride
520UNNAMEDFlatter - JoinFree 
521Sky TrystSky Mesa - Joyce Loves MeFree 
522Impulse BuyerMineshaft - Jozi's ChoiceFree 
523Personal KittyKipling - Jubilee Walk (GB)
524Joyful TapPleasant Tap - Judge Phylomina
525ScarredPurim - Judith's Gamble
526Sunny OnePolitical Force - Jungle Sun
527Just TrippingTrippi - Just KissingFree 
528Classic KittenTale of the Cat - Kain's CharmFree 
529Give a PrizePoint Given - Kain's Prize
530MaoriEven the Score - KarakaFree 
531YeowangbeolChapel Royal - Kasabonika
532Just Cruisen OnPleasant Tap - Kat Can Dance
533Daylight KatyUnusual Heat - Katherine Renee
534UNNAMEDTeuflesberg - Kat's ChickenFree 
535Wild PanteraOfflee Wild - Kat's Fairy Tale
536PotestaMacho Uno - KatzenFree 
537Muru MuruGood Reward - Kaygee Ess Free
538All KnightLangfuhr - Kayleighbelle
539Keep SingingStevie Wonderboy - Keep It Going
540Belle SchillerArtie Schiller - Kells BellsFree 
541UNNAMEDSuave - Kent Hall
542Government RoadPoint Given - Kissy Missy
543DisgraceDiscreet Cat - Kiwi Sunshine
544Our FrankDoneraile Court - Klagenfurt
545Known ContenderStrong Contender - Known Lady
546KollosInvasor (ARG) - Kolinsky
547Ode to SamiLion Heart - Kombat LakeFree 
548Tacos for Mister GCorinthian - KrasnayaFree 
549Jump At the ChanceJump Start - KristiFree
550La Belle CatTale of the Cat - La Belle DanseFree 
551Winner's MarchWar Chant - La Bresilienne
552Giant BabySuave - La Chiquilla
553Bella PromessaBroken Vow - La Croisette (CHI)Free 
554BolicheScipion - Lady AdareFree
555Leave It Up to MeInclude - Lady BequestFree 
556UNNAMEDHalf Ours - Lady BiscayneFree 
557Lady's RedemptionBadge of Silver - Lady Buttercup
558ScuderoScat Daddy - Lady Danza
559MorelianaQuest - Lady Ghost
560Say SonnySunday Break (JPN) - Lady Jezzi
561Tap Tap Ur ItTapit - Lady KafwainFree 
562Rodillo NegroEasing Along - Lady Lapuma
563Coteau CatTale of the Cat - Lady of PeaceFree 
564PraksisClosing Argument - Lady Rose LakeFree
565Fast Fats DominoHalf Ours - Lady's KissFree 
566Turk's FriendFriends Lake - Lady Turk
567Lucys BackFriends Lake - Lake Lucy
568Mellieha BayDuring - Lake Shore View
569Land of ParadiseTaste of Paradise - Land Hawk
570Political JusticePolitical Force - La Petite Justice
571WhartonWar Front - La PradaFree 
572We All Bleed RedFlower Alley - La QueenieFree 
573HinokiHat Trick (JPN) - Laquiera
574Yeonseung GanghoSimon Pure - La Raine of Terror
575QuickhutchArtie Schiller - La SamannaFree 
576UNNAMEDShakespeare - La Trieste
577WhyluckywhyWhywhywhy - Laura's Lucky One
578Cajun d'OroMedaglia d'Oro - Lavender LassFree 
579BairnChapel Royal - La Vida Loca
580UNNAMEDRahy - It's Heidi's Dance
581UNNAMEDMacho Uno - Le ConteFree 
582Flashy LassieFlashy Bull - Lemon Pop Lassie
583Ballado's BookSunriver - Lemon Tart
584Jess N NatOmega Code - Lemon Twist
585Petite DivaWilko - Lights Out Lewie
586Surviving New YorkSurvivalist - Light Up New York
587Minnesota ThunderThunder Gulch - Like Josie Wells
588EverbodylovesbaconGood Reward - Lily La Belle
589SugudayFirst Samurai - Lily O'GoldFree 
590Bella CarolinaCuvee - LimerickFree 
591ChebokPollard's Vision - Line's BusyFree
592HuckDown the Aisle - Lin Mi Lin
593Chappy ChickChapel Royal - Lisa's Secret
594Bird HouseLimehouse - Little BertieFree
595Bridge StreetClosing Argument - Littletown BridgeFree
596Awesome ValueValue Plus - Little TruffleFree
597UNNAMEDStevie Wonderboy - Lively Ballad
598Starship BabyStreet Cry (IRE) - Lizzy's Township
599MamasanFirst Samurai - Lo Cal BreadFree 
600One BravoCactus Ridge - Lomatic
601KollyvaOfflee Wild - Lonesome Hill
602AzafranAfleet Alex - LorlineFree 
603RomancingToccet - Losing Faith
604Last CommandScrimshaw - Lost Command
605Trippin OutTrippi - Lost JudgementFree 
606Random RequestQuest - Louisa
607Salty BobBob and John - Louisiana Salt
608Wild by NaturePulpit - Love Always
609Mexican SongValue Plus - Lovely DeedFree
610New QualityElusive Quality - Love n' Kiss S.
611Smart LoverDehere - Love Smart
612War QueenWar Chant - Love's Sensation
613Point CountCape Town - Lucky in Love
614Alley FlowerFlower Alley - Lucky Lady DancerFree 
615Sugar Shenanigan'sCape Town - Luff
616LeynaGolden Missile - Lure Me Out
617UNNAMEDD'wildcat - Mabel's TuneFree
618He GoneBorrego - Madame Sunshine
619Shining GraceWill He Shine - Madison Grace
620Silly MagicHat Trick (JPN) - Magic Paint
621GamiltonStrong Hope - Magic Valentine
622Johnny's GalaxyGreeley's Galaxy - Mailbox Full
623Tiger WalkTale of the Cat - Majestic TrailFree 
624Alison's WynGolden Missile - Make the Wyn
625War WonHenny Hughes - Making Up
626Teasing BernieBernstein - Maltese Dianne
627Bear AllKitalpha - Mama Bear
628UNNAMEDLatent Heat - Mandy Jud
629Kid CottonHigh Cotton - Manor Flag
630Fairy CatTale of the Cat - Manor QueenFree 
631E. Z. IrishEasing Along - Mapenga
632Later BabyUnbridled Energy - Marfa's Girl
633Cat SquallsDiscreet Cat - Marfa's Squall
634She's a Classy GalShaniko - Marfa's Taxes
635Bayou VermilionEnglish Channel - Marie JFree 
636Wicked WitSharp Humor - Marisa Go
637Whisper LakeKela - Mari's VerseFree
638NofinancingneededTeuflesberg - Mark Her NastyFree 
639GalvinelKela - Marlee's Rain BowFree
640BibbingAction This Day - Marlene
641Flor de AzaliaKela - Marnie's HeirloomFree
642Mount IstanIstan - Marrymount
643Great ChanceAny Given Saturday - Marsheslew
644Golden WagonSilver Wagon - Marty's Joia
645Gospel GalRepent - Mary Kies
646CruxusWith Distinction - Marzi
647Unbridled YankeeYankee Gentleman - MasondixonFree
648Bellamy RoadsterBellamy Road - Maudie MayFree 
649Magic WagonSilver Wagon - Mayan Magic
650SwageFlatter - MeadowleeFree 
651Spirit of CourageMilwaukee Brew - Meadow PeaceFree 
652Memories MadePerfect Soul (IRE) - Memories for UsFree 
653Shesa CalendargirlPomeroy - Memory Rock
654Mr SupernovaAldebaran - Memory Work
655Tiz MerryTiznow - MerrimentFree 
656Stealing MoneyWith Distinction - Miami Advice
657HuhKafwain - Miami Breezes
658Beer Drinkin ShariEddington - Midnight AngelFree
659Thomas JeffersonMr. Greeley - Milago
660Military RiverMilitary - Milk River
661Crafty MachoMacho Uno - Mine DarlinFree 
662Little Ms. MinkE Dubai - Mink Alert
663Satin TouchNoble Causeway - Minor Details
664TequirisisBadge of Silver - Misinformer
665Stormin CousinsFlashy Bull - Miss Aciss
666Pride RockProud Citizen - Miss Alethia
667UNNAMEDPerfect Soul (IRE) - Miss AllisonFree 
668Hudson's CreedSongandaprayer - Miss Barrister
669MonwayaMonarchos - Miss Belga Bound
670Added WonderStevie Wonderboy - Miss Carrera
671Highroller DaveDon't Get Mad - Miss Daisy
672Hot ToccetToccet - Miss Dark Star
673Vengeful PrideProud Citizen - Miss Dixie Dreamer
674Quid Pro QuoPowerscourt (GB) - Miss Formal AffairFree 
675BackdrafterHook and Ladder - Miss Huff n' Puff
676Memories of LucasLangfuhr - Missionary Hope
677TrippingHard Spun - Mississippi LightsFree 
678SeeyahdowntheroadBellamy Road - Miss Le BerthonFree 
679InganeOrientate - Miss Pepto
680GhostwriterWhywhywhy - Miss Pretty Keane
681Devil Wears OlmoFriends Lake - Miss Prospector
682The CruciverbalistAction This Day - Miss Puzzle (AUS)
683FutureMr. Greeley - Upcoming Story
684Little Miss LilyBorrego - Miss Represented
685Ritz MasterMaster Command - Miss Ritz
686Roman RaiderRoman Ruler - Miss Sand Bar
687UNNAMEDSouthern Image - Miss Sandi Ann
688I'minittowinitSouthern Image - Miss Sandy Dee
689Round RockRockport Harbor - Miss Trudy
690County DownPerfect Soul (IRE) - Miss WinverFree 
691Good Morning DivaLion Heart - Missy's AdvantageFree 
692UbelongtomemissyBelong to Me - Missy Turtle
693Heated TroublesLatent Heat - Mista Mayberry
694UNNAMEDStreet Cry (IRE) - Misty Sixes
695Stream LightSun King - Miz Landy
696Symbol of SupportLimehouse - Miz Lynne KellyFree
697RangoEddington - Mizzen LassFree
698Sam the RamToccet - Moments Past
699Malibu MadnessMalibu Moon - Mona MiaFree 
700Leah JetPurim - Mon Cherie
701AtangoeWith Distinction - Money Code
702Frequent RewardGood Reward - Mon Queen
703Magic MoondustFlatter - Moondust MistFree 
704Soul of the MoonPerfect Soul (IRE) - Moon GemFree 
705Venetian SonataBernardini - Moonlight SonataFree 
706Shez Cody's ChoicePomeroy - More Than a Rumor
707PurrfumeDiscreet Cat - Moroccan Rose
708Indy Go RibbonsFriends Lake - Mother Superior
709Funny BelleSharp Humor - Mountain Dance
710Ellis OffspringSir Shackleton - Mountain Pearle
711Shayna SharpieSharp Humor - Ms. Clothes Hoss
712Is SunnySun King - Ms. Isadora
713ShewillshineWill He Shine - Msveepee
714Santonio d'OroMedaglia d'Oro - Murky WatersFree 
715VasileaBandini - My Allegiance
716Bad EconomyPolitical Force - My Heiress
717CatalyzeCatienus - My Ira
718Ali's WonderboyStevie Wonderboy - My Lady Marine
719FobosFriends Lake - My Lovely Psycho
720MistakenNoble Causeway - Myrtle Irene
721Another TrickSilver Wagon - Mystical Tricks
722Maid of DishonorIstan - Mystic Honour
723JeongsangilloFlatter - My Sweet TalkerFree 
724Star CollisionSmart Strike - Mythical
725Gold GlackenSmoke Glacken - Nastar Gold
726Madi Two ShoesForest Danger - Navarro Rose
727Honour LordHonour and Glory - New Look
728Nice DreamsStrong Hope - Nice Boots Baby
729VladkazQuiet American - Nicebutnaughty
730Miss Ninja SongCactus Ridge - Ninjas Song
731UNNAMEDSun King - Nitty Gritty
732Due CauseE Dubai - Noble Cause
733CherburgoLion Heart - No Blues TodayFree 
734ReneesgotzipCity Zip - No Dress Code
735RiverettePurge - Nogalus
736LockoutLimehouse - Non SibiFree
737Ring It UpToccet - Noontime Angel
738Athena NikeStrong Hope - Northern Hilite
739Inflate My EgoSmarty Jones - NotagoldbrickFree
740Tap'n My ToesTapit - Ocean's AwayFree 
741GalexFlatter - Oh CaramelFree 
742Court's PointPoint Given - Old Court's Cat
743Goose SkywalkerStrategic Mission - Old Mother Goose
744Chasing PiperNoble Causeway - Olympic Champion
745He Be Free BePetionville - On and On
746C Lo DubaiE Dubai - One Frisky Cat
747Sgt RecklessLatent Heat - One Kick and Gone
748Key Keys Jump ShotJump Start - OnlyFree
749KittybusKitten's Joy - On the BusFree 
750Oopsi'vedunitagainFusaichi Pegasus - OopsFree 
751Southern SpiceSun King - Orbited
752UNNAMEDBroken Vow - Our CozzetteFree 
753Freya Is MineChapel Royal - Our Freya
754Our True GalYes It's True - Our Gal
755Jungle FlowerFlower Alley - Our MariahFree 
756Little DaleYankee Gentleman - Our MimiFree
757Stormy DudeStormello - Our Saratogadancer
758Jungle JuiceSpellbinder - Our Sophia
759PascharJohannesburg - Pad the Wallet
760Sheza RounderStar Dabbler - Painting the Town
761Has It NowTiznow - Papa to KinzieFree 
762Unhook My SarongHook and Ladder - Pardon My Sarong
763Bail BondsmanBellamy Road - Paris JailbaitFree 
764BolivarFlashy Bull - Paris Sky
765Just Say HeyRockport Harbor - Party Chatter
766Party in the SunSun King - Party Stripes
767Stalking LionLion Heart - Pastel ColourFree 
768Hottie Two HottieConsolidator - Pause for Applause
769PanderChapel Royal - Pearl E
770Van Gogo GirlVan Nistelrooy - Pem's Hostess
771Wicked HardHard Spun - Pennant WinnerFree 
772PunterHard Spun - PentFree 
773UNNAMEDHigh Cotton - Pentelicus Gold
774CarrigallenPolitical Force - Perfectly Awesome
775Perfect PoliticianPolitical Force - Perfect Moment
776Smartest SecretarySmart Strike - Perfect Secretary (IRE)
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
777Ninety DegreesLatent Heat - Perfect Wave
778Royal BlackjackChapel Royal - Pete's Delite
779Red River ToccetToccet - Petite's Dowery
780PrimpfedenelDiscreet Cat - Phantom Creek (GB)
781Sir FlanaganUnbridled's Song - Philly's Philly
782Beer Is GoodBob and John - Philosophers Stone
783Talk LaterStormin Fever - Phone Chances
784Miss Nancy FrancesSun King - Pierce Arrow
785Sir ShanikoShaniko - Pitchin a Fit
786Saturday Nite RideFlower Alley - PlaceritaFree 
787PlayswiththestarsJump Start - PlaysamongthestarsFree
788Global AllianceE Dubai - Pleasant Glory
789Sokitumi SamuraiFirst Samurai - Pleasant LaughterFree 
790Marvelous MateSuave - Pleasant Mate
791Tigers Love PepperMilwaukee Brew - Pleasant ThunderFree 
792ComfitQuest - Plenty Sweet
793Luv BanditYonaguska - Plus Beau
794Two Oh TwoTiznow - Pnut Butter CookieFree 
795Where'd It GoYankee Gentleman - Pocketbook PassionFree
796Tip Your HatTrippi - Polished TrickFree 
797Miss LarueStar Dabbler - Polish Legacy
798Royal AccelChapel Royal - Pollys Accelerator
799LumberjackArch - Pomerol
800Patriot LakeFriends Lake - Popular Patriot
801Revolution PoseAfleet Alex - PoseFree 
802Chocolate DelightVan Nistelrooy - Poule d'Eau
803Rachel's PromiseHat Trick (JPN) - Precious Events
804Gata DistinguidaWith Distinction - Precise Strike
805MasqueradeSilent Name (JPN) - Present ColorsFree 
806VicolaIndian Charlie - Pretty Audrey (NZ)
807Our EleanorSuccessful Appeal - Pretty Jane
808Afleet AbacoAfleet Alex - PrevailingFree 
809Play SoleilLatent Heat - Prevention
810Railroad TiePatriot Act - Prime Step
811Fair DinkumE Dubai - Princess Eloise
812B Moore BentleySuave - Princess Pamela
813JackstownSharp Humor - Prior Lake Lady
814TommycopacabanaAfter Market - PrizeFree
815Town PrizeSpeightstown - Prized StampFree 
816GetawaySkip Away - Proof Positive
817Johburg's LegacyJohannesburg - Proper Gamble
818Southpaw ProspectSouthern Image - Prospector Dumaani
819Balooga BullFlashy Bull - Proud Crusader
820NeacanaKitten's Joy - Proud MoverFree 
821Smart OwnerSmarty Jones - Proud OwnerFree
822TavolataJump Start - Publicity ShyFree
823UNNAMEDQuest - Pulaski
824All About GhaziEven the Score - Pull the LeverFree 
825UNNAMEDAfter Market - Pure IncentiveFree
826Pure ActionAction This Day - Purely Promising
827Autumn QueenForest Wildcat - Purple Heart
828Langley FieldLangfuhr - Quality Label
829The Cotton LegendTeton Forest - Queen Majesty
830CurmudgeonStar Dabbler - Queen o' the Igloo
831Stephen Got BetterStephen Got Even - Quiet Exuberance
832UNNAMEDJohar - Quinnsworth
833Stormy BeautyStormy Atlantic - Raging BeautyFree
834Pow Wow StarPollard's Vision - RamolinaFree
835UNNAMEDForest Grove - Ranaway
836ShirleyceeFriends Lake - Rare Heat
837UNNAMEDLion Heart - RathvillyFree 
838Lets Think AboutitCanadian Frontier - Rationale
839Personal AssistantYonaguska - Ready Willing Abel
840Azure HillsInvasor (ARG) - Reagan Michelle
841Bubba's Big ShowMizzen Mast - Reality ShowFree 
842Above DistinctionWith Distinction - Reata's Rose
843Frenchfries N MayoDon't Get Mad - Rebina Lake
844RecognizethestreetStreet Sense - RecognizableFree 
845RedmontMontbrook - Red Beauty
846Karakorum RoyaleNoble Causeway - Red Empress
847DeliveredKitalpha - Red Hot Chiquita
848UNNAMEDBandini - Red Riding Hood
849Hurry Home CloverBellamy Road - Red SonnetFree 
850Electric SeatFriends Lake - Red Tag Clearance
851AscarelloForest Danger - Refugee
852Barossa GoldPetionville - Regal Boot
853Dubai DynamiteE Dubai - Regal Charm (IRE)
854UNNAMEDSimon Pure - Regal On Demand
855UbusukuHat Trick (JPN) - Renfro Valley Star
856Silver StefStevie Wonderboy - Repossess
857PointPoint Given - Revealing
858ItoldyoufromthegetStrong Contender - R Forum Girl
859LindsayluDehere - Richter's Emblem
860Black RiverSharp Humor - Richwood Gold
861Fitz N GigglesSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Riesling
862DulcetormentaE Dubai - Risen Miss
863TerubchehBandini - River Princess
864UNNAMEDVan Nistelrooy - Robust
865J's ChromePikepass - Rock Creek Star
866Good Point TakenGood Reward - Rock N Rebecca
867UNNAMEDCorinthian - Rock RainFree 
868Potential ArgumentClosing Argument - Rokeby LynnFree
869Ultimate JoyOfflee Wild - Rose's Jewel
870Charging OrderHalf Ours - Roses N BowsFree 
871Zennin GirlWhywhywhy - Rose's Treasure
872EvagreenGrand Reward - Roseva
873WassamassawCongaree - Rosie the RiveterFree
874Stellar KissesEddington - RousedFree
875Flatout RoyalFlatter - Royal BaubleFree 
876My Ponies PaintedQuest - Royal Epic
877LeshchencoEurosilver - Royal Family
878Duchess of SpainProud Citizen - Royal Illusion
879My Sophia FieldsForest Wildcat - Royal Sting
880One SurvivorLeestown - Royal Street
881Twinkle LittlestarCuvee - Run AmeadowstarFree 
882Ryder in the SkyNajran - Runawayskye
883Ave CremaAfleet Alex - RunthruthejungleFree 
884A P AssetPollard's Vision - SabindyFree
885Senor DominguezKipling - Sabot
886Southern SaraSouthern Image - Sab's Reason
887GalileeInvasor (ARG) - Safeen
888Praise BandUnbridled's Song - Saintcerely
889Dr. CalahanCatienus - Saint Chi Chi
890SindhuBroken Vow - SangamFree 
891UNNAMEDKela - Sassy TaffyFree
892Speed of LifeTeuflesberg - Saucy VivFree 
893Say DubaiE Dubai - Saybrook
894R. C. RoadPowerscourt (GB) - Scaife RoadFree 
895NaifKafwain - Scootin Dana
896BaramkkotGrand Slam - Seaquay Ninty Nine
897High PomeroyPomeroy - Searching High
898Brooklyn ProudLawyer Ron - Seasonal
899Burnin' AshE Dubai - Seattle Ash
900Takela ShamKela - Seattle ShamFree
901La Petite RoquetteGone West - Seattle Stardust
902UmhloboSmarty Jones - Secret BalladFree
903Chat Me UpPurim - Secret Pact
904Lord HenryForest Grove - Sejm's Lunar Star
905Tough SenoritaBorrego - Senorita Jazzy
906Distinct HumorSharp Humor - Senorita Spike
907Steady RoarJump Start - Sensuous CinnamonFree
908OutaboundsDynaformer - September Dolly
909Oh So SherriYankee Gentleman - Shadowy WatersFree
910VictoriasugrdaddyThe Daddy - Shanade
911BreakinalltherulesWild Deputy - Shanghai Joyce
912Princess ClaudiaSurvivalist - Sheho
913Dealin DonConsolidator - Shellmound
914City SceneCity Place - Sheringham Lady
915SheziMacho Uno - Sherry ElizabethFree 
916CorofinFlashy Bull - Shesadreamcatcher
917Don'tbitemynanaMingun - She's a Traveler
918Why He's EnoughWhywhywhy - She's Enough
919Direct InjectionLimehouse - Shewould'ntlistenFree
920HezaflashFlashy Bull - Shezafrenzy
921America SealStormin Fever - Shining Victory
922Captain GeniusSimon Pure - Shiny Happy Groovy
923Flatter FlirtFlatter - Shoo InFree 
924Soccer MogulsCanadian Frontier - Shot Gun Millie
925Bowman's BeastBowman's Band - Show Biz
926He's a BanditBandini - Sigatoo
927Matt and JesseAfleet Alex - Sigh of ReliefFree 
928SekhmetSun King - Silence Speaks
929JasizzleJazil - Silky Bay
930PhantasticusYes It's True - Silky Chanteus
931Run WildWild Rush - Silky Omega
932KarkadannCatienus - Silver Again
933SynchopatedUnbridled's Song - Silver Bird
934Happy HarveyHenny Hughes - Silver Breeze
935Essence of BubblesEssence of Dubai - Silver Champagne
936UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Silver Emblem
937Siete CopasNoble Causeway - Silver Gambler
938UNNAMEDMarquetry - Silver Juliette
939Dattts HappyIndian Charlie - Royal Cheer
940Stormy Donna GailStormello - Silver On Gold
941Lakota WolfLatent Heat - Silver Strings
942Simply SharpSharp Humor - Simply Speed
943Music Man StanConsolidator - Singinginthestreet
944Nonno's BoySuccessful Appeal - Singin Up a Storm
945Twelve HundredCape Town - Sippin' Devil
946Celestial GroveCongrats - Sister FionaFree 
947Dangerous DuoJohar - Sister's Image
948Chocolate TrainSilver Train - Sister to the Nth
949Impetuous PowerPowerscourt (GB) - Sistine's HopeFree 
950KokopelliHenny Hughes - Sitar
951Random SynEven the Score - Sixth and WalnutFree 
952Rosee Is CozeeCozzene - Sixty Five Roses
953Barclays BoyBellamy Road - Siyah MarieFree 
954Dodie JoSeeking the Best (IRE) - Skip Lightly
955Flashy FoolFlashy Bull - Skip'n Fool
956Fly Away GalStrategic Mission - Sky Away
957RedlureE Dubai - Sky Crown
958UNNAMEDSongandaprayer - Skygusty
959Pure Blue SkyPurim - Sky Nine
960Slammin' SlewFlatter - Slammin' LilFree 
961Fanner FiftySilent Name (JPN) - SlamyaFree 
962Slip Along BandBowman's Band - Slipping
963DevitoDevil His Due - Sly Chick
964VitiumPure Prize - Small Vices
965UNNAMEDStorm Surge - Smartenclassy
966Smok'n RevelMacho Uno - Smokem Then FrolicFree 
967Make Em See RedConsolidator - Smokin Ghost
968Santee RenegadeMalibu Moon - SmolenskFree 
969RadiomarelliVan Nistelrooy - Sniffles
970Dixie CreekDixieland Band - Soccory
971Regal RonLawyer Ron - Society's Child
972UNNAMEDStonesider - Solar SongFree
973Sunny SteinBernstein - Soleil Lady
974IgotnosixesNajran - Solid Brass Cat
975CommersantEddington - Solitary EmeraldFree
976Any Given JerryAny Given Saturday - Some Kiss
977Three StentsYes It's True - Something Brewing
978KittenishKitten's Joy - Something DixieFree 
979Captain MarvinKitten's Joy - SomethingtreasuredFree 
980Cajun AfleetNorthern Afleet - Sopris
981UNNAMEDUnbridled Energy - Spa
982Petite PapillonChampali - Spanish Hound
983Franky NailsSilver Deputy - Sparky Can Dance
984UkuthandazaSongandaprayer - Speak Easy
985ChansonnierSuave - Speciality
986Flattering CharmFlatter - SpellfireFree 
987England SwingsKitten's Joy - Spent GoldFree 
988TrainingforsuccessSharp Humor - Splashing Fancy
989HudsonvilleNoble Causeway - Split Dividend
990Lethal Lil LadyUnbridled Energy - Sporting Scene
991DudewithanattitudeCuvee - SprightishFree 
992Munhak ScamperYonaguska - Spycial
993All Squared AwayBellamy Road - SquaredFree 
994Fake PersonalitySir Shackleton - Squaw's Prospect
995King of SportsStrategic Mission - Stalda
996Little KickArtie Schiller - Starcrossed AffairFree 
997Prized StarPure Prize - Star de Rahy
998Star VestaMaster Command - Star in the Corner
999ThecausewaykidNoble Causeway - Starlight Stella
1000Gabbi HannahBadge of Silver - Star White
1001Spades Are WildOfflee Wild - Star Wisper
1002FiveahweHenny Hughes - Star Worship
1003Casa CreekE Dubai - Stately Kitty
1004In DefenseLawyer Ron - Stealing Thunder
1005Pelee IslandRepent - Steve's Lil Girl
1006No Just CauseNoble Causeway - St. Lucia
1007Dreamin RoseSharp Humor - Storidawn
1008TurnoveranewleafKela - Storm BevFree
1009Hurricane GirlMingun - Storm Clipper
1010Stormy BobBob and John - Stormy Ballerina
1011Win for MorganForest Grove - Stormy Bliss
1012North ChillNorthern Afleet - Stormy Chill
1013EurobuildingArtie Schiller - Stormy TimeFree 
1014Don AmericoMr. Greeley - Stormy Venus
1015Purple StardusterStormello - Strawberry Halo
1016Never Shea NeverSun King - Strawberry One
1017UNNAMEDLatent Heat - Sugar Baby
1018Limerick LadySharp Humor - Sultry Lady
1019Summers HonourJazil - Summer Brise
1020Coast of SangriaAfleet Alex - Summer ForestFree 
1021Shigeru CacaoCongrats - Sun AttackFree 
1022WambriKafwain - Sunday Sonata
1023Specialgirls C T TQuest - Sunny Skies
1024Spirit Ofa WarriorA. P. Warrior - Sunny Street
1025Triple JeopardyHat Trick (JPN) - Sunset Thomas
1026SupertrippTrippi - SupernalFree 
1027Pour One MoreAlumni Hall - Super Seller
1028Admiral ErvNoble Causeway - Super Snoopy
1029Kherington AnnGiacomo - Supplant
1030ThiscatsatalkinCatienus - Surpriseinthebox
1031I Got NamesBob and John - Susan Jane
1032Last Minute RoseFlashy Bull - Sweeping Hours
1033Girls RockForest Danger - Sweet Abilena
1034I Dont Know JackWhywhywhy - Sweet Angel Eyes
1035SnacksDixieland Band - Sweet Devils Food
1036Proud JacksonProud Citizen - Sweet Lexy May
1037Cyuse BillPurge - Sweet Politics
1038Mary DebbyVan Nistelrooy - Sweet Screamer
1039Red LaceBluegrass Cat - Sweet SerendipityFree
1040Purely BoyPurim - Sweetstorm Amy
1041The BeastToccet - Swift Princess
1042Ratio LegisJump Start - Sybil's WayFree
1043AvarkaSeeking the Best (IRE) - Syrian Summer
1044Little LetaSmoke Glacken - Tabby Cat
1045TulinE Dubai - Tacit Bid
1046Slammin BeautyGrand Slam - Tafcar
1047Pan for GoldArtie Schiller - Talk About TownFree 
1048Pointe ClairePoint Given - Tashiling
1049HorizonboundBernstein - Tea Lady
1050Back SpinSuccessful Appeal - Tee Off
1051Wire TranzferSimon Pure - Telegram
1052Dark DemonArtie Schiller - Tender StormFree 
1053Sweet FlatteryBob and John - Tender Years
1054AnnacloneFlatter - TerritoryFree 
1055Skippy DudeSkip Away - Territory Ahead
1056The Winged VenusRock Hard Ten - Thanksgiving (GER)
1057Doctor DiegoHonour and Glory - Thedoctorscat
1058SwaggaboyStevie Wonderboy - Thendara
1059Cat PawsBandini - This Cat's Special
1060Run Marvin RunUnbridled Energy - Thisisthelife
1061Rush of ThunderPass Rush - Thounder DanceFree
1062Smoken ValueValue Plus - Tiger FlowerFree
1063Grand DistinctionWith Distinction - Tigress Woman
1064Everlasting ManBernstein - Time for Jazz
1065Belle n' BlackieHalf Ours - Timely ChoiceFree 
1066Cerce CayHard Spun - Timely LegendFree 
1067Bridal TrainSilver Train - Tingwithasting
1068Princesse BeebeeDecarchy - Tiz N Image
1069Gospel It TizSongandaprayer - Tiz This
1070Capital GoodsCorinthian - T. K. O. LadyFree 
1071Casey's RainbowFlashy Bull - Tocar
1072Point TakenPoint Given - Tom's Kid
1073Kit's HaloPleasant Tap - Tone Change
1074FoursouthernbellesStephen Got Even - Toni DeNitto
1075Sudden GhostGhostzapper - Too Late NowFree 
1076Lion D N ALion Heart - Too Many HolesFree 
1077UNNAMEDBadge of Silver - Tra
1078Seattle TempoFriends Lake - Traveling Alone
1079Sinister SwaggerPurim - Travois
1080Mi MargaritaMingun - Treasure Chest
1081Dem Aah Watch MehA. P. Warrior - Tri Aly
1082ClobberPulling Punches - Tricky Vixen
1083SpecialagentnchargPurge - Triple Schnied
1084West Point WillChapel Royal - True At Heart
1085Elusive EnergyElusive Quality - True Tails
1086Get Er UpCongaree - Truly CraftyFree
1087Flashy PattiFlashy Bull - Trumpets of Glory
1088Cheers and BeersGrand Slam - T's Icecoldbeer
1089FortyfivepercentMalibu Moon - Turn Me LooseFree 
1090WildaOfflee Wild - Tutu Twain
1091Twilight RunKafwain - Twilight League
1092Gol de PlacaGood Reward - Twilite Tryst
1093Queen's BetLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Twin Bet
1094UNNAMEDScat Daddy - Two Bad Girls
1095Trois AureoleEnglish Channel - Two HalosFree 
1096Mollie's PrizePure Prize - Ultreya
1097AvaraxPosse - Unbridled Breeze
1098Miss MontrealOrientate - Unbridled's Secret
1099UNNAMEDHard Spun - Unchained PrincessFree 
1100She's a VisionPollard's Vision - Uncharted WatersFree
1101Penny PulpitHenny Hughes - Universe
1102Tongue in CheekDon't Get Mad - Unsaid
1103Shuttered CatCatienus - Unshuttered
1104Stephen Got BudStephen Got Even - Upcoming
1105Eric Jose ABob and John - Vacuna
1106Yankee VacuumYankee Gentleman - VacuumFree
1107Radiant SaintWild Desert - Vagabond Saint
1108Cecilia SaysSimon Pure - Valid Bid
1109StauffenbergCorinthian - Valkyries' RideFree 
1110Green MouseCherokee Run - Valley Fever
1111The C BassStrong Contender - Vals a Doctor
1112CircletherunwayPoint Given - Varus
1113Afton's CourageAction This Day - V Courageous
1114Alpha DawnKitalpha - Velvet Dawn
1115Simply AppealingSuccessful Appeal - Venetia
1116PredictableEavesdropper - Vera Claudine
1117Wild for SummerWild Desert - Vermont Summer
1118Biden TimeTen Centuries - Vice President (IRE)
1119VictoriahasasecretUnbridled Energy - Victoria Cherie
1120UNNAMEDProud Accolade - Vidlocity
1121Midnight RavenEl Corredor - Vikki's HonorFree 
1122AxleBob and John - Virtus
1123Geaux WandoWando - Voisey Bay
1124VozagerForest Danger - Voz De Colegiala (CHI)
1125Larry ZipCity Zip - Wandering Meadow
1126UNNAMEDCongrats - Wasted WisdomFree 
1127Managers SpecialUnforgettable Max - Watch and See
1128Rockstar LifeGone West - Watching You
1129UNNAMEDTenpins - Watch That Girl
1130Hurricane BobWhywhywhy - Waterwild
1131Sweet CrudeJump Start - Watusi MissFree
1132RedisbackDiscreet Cat - Wave Me Home
1133Commanding LeadMaster Command - Wavering Wind
1134Eleven MoonsIndian Charlie - Wawota
1135Short ChangeHarlan's Holiday - Wealthy
1136ShambhalaGrand Slam - Wedding Day Blues
1137Ezpz Lemon SqueezePure Prize - We Got a Lemon
1138Well SpelledSpellbinder - Well
1139UNNAMEDAction This Day - Well of Gold
1140ContributedPolitical Force - West Coast Kitty
1141Master's MistressMaster Command - Saltwater Runner
1142Booster RocketBright Launch - What a Bout
1143Fire GameAfter Market - What a GameFree
1144UNNAMEDHorse Chestnut (SAF) - Whatasassysong
1145Gold SiltAlluvial - What Brilliance
1146UNNAMEDHenny Hughes - Whattacapote
1147Gun BoatCongrats - White RuffleFree 
1148Why Bother MeSharp Humor - Why Bother
1149Too Hot to WonderStevie Wonderboy - Why You
1150Wickedly PurePurim - Wickedly
1151MatamorosSunday Break (JPN) - Wiedniu
1152Jazz and BluesJazil - Wild Cure
1153Indio BravoAndromeda's Hero - Wild Lin Bird
1154Sharp N FoxySharp Humor - Wild R. N.
1155UNNAMEDTapit - Willa BrokeFree 
1156MycitytipCity Zip - Willa Ruth
1157BeryozkaQuiet American - Willow Bank
1158Miss CatavillePetionville - Winter Tide
1159UNNAMEDConsolidator - Wishah
1160Witch Way NorthNorth Light (IRE) - Witch TraditionFree 
1161Upon ReflectionBernstein - Within
1162MawhinneyScat Daddy - Woodthrush
1163Delicate DiversionRock Hard Ten - Word Games
1164GraysonJump Start - Working TitleFree
1165Holy MoHoly Bull - Work Out Queen
1166Broken PennyBroken Vow - Worth Every PennyFree 
1167KissAction This Day - Xena War Princess
1168Mongol MaxLawyer Ron - Wildcat Beauty