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Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2010 Eastern Fall Yearling Sale

October 5 - 6 2010

Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
1Yama HeroPartner's Hero - Yamipa
2Averils DreamSt Averil - Yarrow Dream
3NathanthedestroyerDesert Warrior - You Promised
4Parade in BrazilSiphon (BRZ) - Your Hit Parade
5Camp TopridgeBluegrass Cat - ZagoraFree
6MinivanVan Nistelrooy - Zelmira
7Zen ImperialismImperialism - Zend to Aiken
8NistlerautVan Nistelrooy - Ziggaraut
9Live for TodayMineshaft - ZipFree 
10ExactanelliBorrego - Zozada
11Decorated AdmiralFormal Dinner - Admirelle
12Victoria's CometScipion - Affair With MollyFree
13Magic GoldSongandaprayer - Affirmed Class
14Fiddlers CeltOratory - Agiftfrom Bertie
15Neulpureun TopMizzen Mast - Air AdairFree 
16Mandy Blue EyesLite the Fuse - Albarakat
17Denny's PennydropEavesdropper - Alexie
18Lt. KojakSay Florida Sandy - Aliso Creek
19Blond ValentineFriends Lake - All American Blond
20Calmer Than YouCongrats - Allen's MsFree 
21This BirdBirdstone - All the TricksFree 
22Action AdventureOutflanker - Almost ParadiseFree
23B C's TrainSilver Train - Alotofappeal
24JangoSeeking Daylight - Alpine Cat
25Criming Out LoudReal Quiet - Althing
26She's From MoneyLove of Money - Alvinia
27Absolute AnswerScipion - Always AskingFree
28Our PalRock Slide - Always Pals
29Houdini's BluffSpellbinder - Aly's Bluff
30Lite Up the MorninLite the Fuse - Amarillo Morn
31Connemara CoastCity Zip - Amazing Lady
32CalypsogirlMilwaukee Brew - Amelia E.Free 
33Saint LucastaCountry Only - Anna Lucasta
34Believe Its SundaySunday Break (JPN) - Annie's Deelite
35First TwilightFirst Samurai - Appealing BrideFree 
36Got Me On the GoDance With Ravens - April Gator
37SprinkleConsolidator - Arpeggio
38Artist's VisionPollard's Vision - Artist's StudioFree
39Johns Girl JessBadge of Silver - Ashley At the Gate
40Doc's EllaLawyer Ron - Astickyproposition
41SirachaCity Zip - Astorbilt
42Moon PhillyMalibu Moon - Astor PlaceFree 
43Cuvee AvenueCuvee - Avenue of GoldFree 
44He Will Be KingRaffie's Majesty - Ave's Princessa
45Moneyinyour PocketRaffie's Majesty - Badger Pocket
46PlumPure Prize - Bamba
47Big RoyalblackjackChapel Royal - Bambuyan
48LostandfoundagainLost Soldier - Bank On Ashley
49Fingal's MusicStonesider - BankruptFree
50BanachekThe White Fox - Barbara's Song
51All StealerSmoke Glacken - Base Stealer
52TappsTapit - Battle SearchFree 
53AshalahSilent Name (JPN) - Bayou FlowerFree 
54Cozy AppAptitude - B. Cozy
55FiftyfivefiftyfiveFriendly Island - Bea Plus
56Beer TearsNot For Love - Beauty Brush
57Mighty OneMacho Uno - BehrnikFree 
58Joe Loves MoneyLove of Money - Belles Champ
59A Desert StoryWild Desert - Belle Story
60Upside DownToccet - Bellomesa
61Denali Zero YieldSoto - Below Zero
62GabfestGators N Bears - Berkshire Shopper
63Rock Slide JohnnyRock Slide - Bernie's Baby
64Going Going GoneLimehouse - Blazing CatFree
65Samuels Blond LadySunriver - Blond Lady
66B L's Real DealReal Quiet - B L's Boutique
67KildareLangfuhr - Bluebird Day (IRE)
68Seven Deadly SinsAction This Day - Bluff's Dividend
69ImsoboldShow Tune - Bold Clover
70Bold EmotionFantasticat - Boldest Blade
71Dark SoulBadge of Silver - Bold N Dark
72Chiyu CheonbiChapel Royal - Brenda D S
73Real LegacyReal Quiet - Brigitte
74Cherokee JadeCherokee's Boy - Brilliant Lass
75Well PolishedBernstein - Brush Over
76Clean GlassesPollard's Vision - Buff 'n PolishFree
77NoifswhatsorbutsPomeroy - Burning Season
78Spirit of the MistStonesider - Bush RoseFree
79Pa CruiserCongressionalhonor - Butterfield Eight
80Super BabycakesTwo Punch - Bye Bye Katie Pie
81Cafe KomodoKafwain - Cafe Espresso
82Majestic PowerPowerscourt (GB) - Calista's StarFree 
84Acceptance LetterChief Seattle - Cameo Mio
85The Heart of GypsyLion Heart - Camptown GypsyFree 
86YesyoumayDance With Ravens - Canavakiss
88NeveranystressMidas Eyes - Capitess
89Moon Meeting TooMalibu Moon - CarnaFree 
90Say Sarah SandySay Florida Sandy - Carrie the Flag
91Champ's MetalMedallist - Carson KittyFree
92Cash BearGators N Bears - Cashel Lassie
93UNNAMEDEasing Along - Castlemania
94Cuvee RulesCuvee - Cats RuleFree 
95Jackson's RhythmSaint Anddan - C B Rhythm
96French HolidayHarlan's Holiday - Chalonnaise
97Rock Star CharlieE Dubai - Charlies Paradise
98Skip AhoySkip Away - Charlotte Russe
99Mocha SteelSuave - Chaya
100Chin ChinTwo Punch - Cheers and Tears
101LiononeooneLion Hearted - Chippewa
102LegendofsparticusNot For Love - Chiqueada
103Market StrikeAfter Market - Christmas StrikeFree
104TizallaboutkatieTiznow - CinemineFree 
105Gracefully MeanBandini - Classy Agenda
106Dr. GoldfarbOrientate - Cleveland Browni
107Hit the NitrousSunriver - Cleverita
108El LandEl Corredor - ClincherFree 
109DonttangowithmangoInclude - Code Name CassieFree 
110Mom's OutflankOutflanker - Commanding MomFree
111UNNAMEDGators N Bears - Copelan's Piano
112Tiff N TorJohannesburg - Coral Cay
113TormentHarlan's Holiday - Cottage Flower
114Sweet MadilyDefrere - Count Colors
115Desert DownDesert Warrior - Countdown
116BabbyDance With Ravens - Cover Crop
117SplurgedCongressionalhonor - Cozaam
118Pajama PantsThunder Gulch - Cozy Lace
119Mission ManOutflanker - Cozzene's GoldFree
120Natalie JaneEcclesiastic - Crafty Melody
121Todd ColeMalibu Moon - Critical CatFree 
122Majority DecisionStrong Contender - Crownly
123Love in the RainNot For Love - Crying in the Rain
124Sonny Crewe JackGreeley's Galaxy - Cryptocari
125Frosen CreamClosing Argument - Crypto CreamFree
126Our Deputy ExpressDeputy Rokeby - Crypto Express
127Mr. SunshineLouis Quatorze - Curable Pessimist
128Tattooed by RickDesert Warrior - Cure Judys Blues
129Miss Tea PartyPurge - Currency Quest
130Fearless BeautyParade Ground - Da Beauty
131Belong TogetherBelong to Me - Daddy's Darling (BRZ)
132ThisdanseistakenGators N Bears - Dance Approval
133Alex's MojoAfleet Alex - Dance for JanFree 
134Zealous GeorgeHere's Zealous - Dancing Lillian
135Mr P BPeruvian - Dancing With Me
136Doctor DangerEcclesiastic - Dangerous Liaison
137Little SplitTenpins - Daring Tactics
138Miss Bellamy LaneBellamy Road - Dark ComedyFree 
139Nobody CaresStonesider - Dating GameFree
140Angel's BouquetFlower Alley - Dawn's AngelFree 
141UNNAMEDFantasticat - Day of Atonement
142Smitten by GoldMedallist - Deeply SmittenFree
143M'DearheartLion Hearted - Deer Chase
144Got the TrickHat Trick (JPN) - Dellarosa
145UNNAMEDSt Averil - Deputy Lady
146Work AheadMaster Command - Always Annie's
147Irish HumorSharp Humor - Desired Trait
148YeaahYes It's True - Devil Dancing
149SlytopiaUtopia (JPN) - Devilish Sly
150Pure InnocenceSimon Pure - Devil's Affair
151Devil's FortuneDesert Warrior - Devilzene
152Diablo's BallPark Avenue Ball - Diablo's Number
153Yes He DidExchange Rate - Didycheatamandhowe
154I Just Wanna RunMedford - Dina's Song
155UNNAMEDEcclesiastic - Dinner Date
156IslaramaFriendly Island - Diorama
157BrideawayWheelaway - Diplomatic Bride
158Sheza Fun SpongeTwo Punch - Disco Darlin'
159Seeking MillieSeeking Daylight - Disco Millie
160Star GatorGators N Bears - Distant Star
161Golden WheelsLimehouse - DivineFree
162Hot DixieLatent Heat - Dixieland Briar
163Hot Dixie BandLatent Heat - Dixieland Rock
164Dixie's RavenDance With Ravens - Dixie Music
165Pietra DuraRock Hard Ten - Dixie Talent
166Done TalkingBroken Vow - Dixie TalkingFree 
167Dream On J CMingun - Donandru's Dream
168Get It AllGators N Bears - Donebroke
169Francesco PunchTwo Punch - Donna Doolittle
170Groovy MaxScipion - Dorothy AnnFree
171Double the EnergyUnbridled Energy - Double Doubleville
172Laugh It OffLion Heart - DoublethepleasureFree 
173Raven's LuckDance With Ravens - Double Your Luck
174Good Looking GirlMedallist - Douce DouceFree
175Viva Del PradoSenor Swinger - Dovie Dee
176Max the CatMr. Sekiguchi - Dream Copy
177BringhomethegoldMidas Eyes - Duffel
178Athena's ActionAction This Day - Duke's Enya
179UNNAMEDOrientate - Dusti's Tune
180Dustin' the RestHigh Cotton - Dusty Sparkle
181Appealing CatSuccessful Appeal - Dynamic Cat
182Golden ProductionExchange Rate - Dyna Two
183Perfect EaglePleasantly Perfect - Eagle Sound
184Fantastic RunnerYes It's True - Elaines Reason
185Gabby's MiracleOfficer - Elusive Melody
186Digby BRaffie's Majesty - Emisaria (IRE)
187But She's PrettyDixie's Prodigy - Estanaslava
188Exclusia FlosyUtopia (JPN) - Exclusia North
189Expect ThunderThunder Gulch - Expected
190UNNAMEDNot For Love - Exploit Me
191Klepto TimeSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Explosive Glow
192Mine OwnMineshaft - ExposeFree 
193SilkystarCuvee - Famous Lady AnnFree 
194Seobang SingiKafwain - Fashion Island
195Under the BusOutflanker - Favorite BrewFree
196Mia PoppyForest Wildcat - Fiddlers Song
197Perfect CrossingUtopia (JPN) - Final Crossing
198Ashton's HumorFriends Lake - Final Humor
199Cam's RebelSouthern Image - Fine Bluff
200CutiewidabootyPark Avenue Ball - Fit to Clean
201Five Star RatingExchange Rate - Five Gold Stars
202Feet IncludedInclude - Fleet and FancyFree 
203Allen's Last DanceDance With Ravens - Flirtatious Heart
204Miss RibotOrientate - Flo Jo
205Rocky GapRockport Harbor - Flowerbud
206Fly CatCatienus - Fly
207MarcahuasiPeruvian - Flying Rainbow
208Love AboundsNot For Love - Foolish Kisses
209Runs With BullsFlashy Bull - For All Who Dream
210UNNAMEDSiphon (BRZ) - Force Above
211Awesome FlowerFlower Alley - Formalities AsideFree 
212Consolidated GoldConsolidator - Formia
213Seriously SimonAny Given Saturday - Foufa's Hunter
214Sheridan SquareStormello - Fourteen Wishes
216Scarlet O'CashyPollard's Vision - Free ScarletFree
217My DelilahEddington - FriedaFree
218Martha's WildcatsForest Wildcat - Funny Woman
219Rocket BoyGolden Missile - Gabianna
220Nucky ThompsonLion Hearted - Gamble's Answer
221Kevins GoldMutakddim - Gambliningridsgone
222ZillionsNot For Love - Gazillion
223Talkin TrashFantasticat - Gemstone's Jewel
224What a GiftMedford - Generous Gift
225Quick BidCrypto Star - Gentlemen's Locket
226Sun With CauseSunriver - Giant Leap
227All That GlimmersTenpins - Glimmer Ice
228YoginisArtie Schiller - Glowing BreezeFree 
229D D RenegadeMedallist - Glowing HonourFree
230The Kenosha KidBwana Charlie - Go Kathy Go
231Super GoldieReal Quiet - Goldie Nekia
232Caymus GirlLion Heart - Goldie PopsFree 
233Foxy Has MoxiePatriot Act - Gone Whirlin
234Gracious GracieGators N Bears - Gracefulprospect
235UNNAMEDTwo Punch - Green Jeans
236English BlokeEnglish Channel - Grooms DerbyFree 
237Airstream DriverScipion - GuessFree
238DeherewegoagainHere's Zealous - Halo Jamerica
239Go Go Hannah GoHere's Zealous - Hannah On Stage
240Yo KoffyKafwain - Hanto Yo
241La ChikyAragorn (IRE) - Happy Numbers
242RichieshappynotionGreat Notion - Happy SylviaFree
243ShanoyDeputy Rokeby - Haven
244SinheungdaedolpungNorthern Afleet - Hear the Sea
245Midas ProspectMidas Eyes - Herb's Prospect
246Mama GinaScipion - Her Name's RubyFree
247Silver ArchSilver Wagon - Heyam
248Runaway LizYonaguska - Hey Doll
249UNNAMEDWith Distinction - H. F. Brimstone
250Raffie's ChanceRaffie's Majesty - High Falutin Gal (IRE)
251RimfireLatent Heat - High Lady
252D' DominatorD'wildcat - Highpoint PrincessFree
253Her WayService Stripe - Hill Keys
254Sparkling WatersSunriver - His Beauty
255Hot IdeaCity Place - Hit the Bid
256Mustang UnRepent - Hollow Gal
257Hark the HeraldGators N Bears - Holly Jolly
258Peppermint PrinceWildcat Heir - Holy Holy Moly
259Maji WarriorDesert Warrior - Homah Ling Ling
260Honey WondergirlStevie Wonderboy - Honey's Angle
261Pia's HopeSt Averil - Hopeforthecat
262Distinctly DonovanWith Distinction - Hopi
263Lightning N HailDance With Ravens - How 'bout Chris
264Hug Me PleaseDomestic Dispute - Hugsie
265Jade EmpressPartner's Hero - Hunter's Slew
266Our Top BananaNot For Love - Hurricane Hazel
267ConsolverConsolidator - Hurricane Watch
268My Friend Dr JoeWar Front - Icee SaraFree 
269RichiesonjamarleyMedallist - Icy CatFree
270PipelineMedford - Identifiable
271Tootsie's GirlWild Desert - Idle Day
272Bohemian DancerOutflanker - IferFree
273T. J's BodylanFreud - I'm So ClassyFree 
274Impulse PurchaseAction This Day - In a Haze
275Hard DriveHard Spun - Indy FlashFree 
276CashforkopperDehere - Inexcessivelylucky
277One Giant LeapMalibu Moon - InitialFree 
278MetaxieFlashy Bull - Interviewing
280Intimate StormD'wildcat - Intimate TalesFree
281Dance Next to MeDance With Ravens - Irish Baroness
282Bowie's DivaRepent - Irish Diva
283Southern PunchTwo Punch - Island Saga
284Riverdance RockFreud - I's Pretty FastFree 
285Beverly's SpiritRequest for Parole - It's All Good
286True EnergyUnbridled Energy - It's a True Ring
287Triple VisionPollard's Vision - JanaFree
288Deacon FurrEcclesiastic - J B's Money
289Don's DesireMecke - Jellied Madrilene
290Defeet R FleetAfleet Alex - JennasiettaFree 
291My Girl TiffanyChapel Royal - Jen's Delimma
292Sheza BossladyA. P. Warrior - Jetlegs Minshau
293A. P. WonderA. P. Warrior - Joey's Girl
294Our JoanieHalf Ours - JonespartyofwonFree 
295Mr. UnknownBuddha - Judy's Prospect
296Candyland ManBandini - Ju Ju Bean
297Bubblegum TreeRequest for Parole - Juniper Tree
298Everlasting EveNoble Causeway - Karakorum Karen
299Cryptic KateCrypto Star - Katarica Disco
300Le VampireMeadow Monster - Kate's Orphan
301Girl WonderMedallist - Kat MuratFree
302Center City SedonaPure Prize - Keep Your Day Job
303MatisseMaster Command - Keepyourwitsaboutu
304Jake N ElwoodDuring - Kid Silver
305Gail's Royal FlushChapel Royal - King's Fancy
306More ReubensScipion - King's MateFree
307Little Miss JaylaHenny Hughes - Kinlin
308Cuvee JonesCuvee - Kitten JonesFree 
309SonofanarchyEcclesiastic - Kleines Haus
310Primal LoveNot For Love - Known Thief
311FlagerdownHat Trick (JPN) - Kshesa's Flag
312My Lucky AlyDance With Ravens - La Aly
313Saint Anna CarinaSaint Anddan - La Carina
314Noble GiftNoble Causeway - Ladies
315AvenuesofnewyorkFriends Lake - Lady Julia
316Summer HuesHenny Hughes - Lady of Summer
317Sir GeovanniEcclesiastic - Lady Perla
318Lina BellaHere's Zealous - Lady Stars
319Senor MarteenSenor Swinger - Landing Card
320LaplagelovesmoneyLove of Money - La Plage
Hip No.HorseSire-DamEnhanced ReportsClassic ReportsEnhanced Inbreeding Reports
321Little ItalyProud Citizen - La Sprezzatura
322Seeking the RokebySeeking the Best (IRE) - Last Offer
323Last HeartbreakerSunday Break (JPN) - Last Valentine
324Shiftinthe WeatherChangeintheweather - Lavish Partner
325I've Got UUtopia (JPN) - La Xeneize
326Harlan's CrownHarlan's Holiday - Let's Coast
327Frisky WarriorDesert Warrior - Let's Roll Lady
328Wait for the LightDefer - Lightmywayhome
329Andrea's MoonMalibu Moon - Lightning SpeedFree 
330Tori's BreezeOratory - Like a Breeze
331CuvestedCuvee - ListedFree 
332Cayman StyleScat Daddy - Liszy
333Shade of AlleyFlower Alley - Little Ali OopFree 
334Special ValueEurosilver - Little Noni
335UNNAMEDGolden Missile - Little Notice
336Takful LadyMutakddim - Living Color
337Estate PlanNot For Love - Living Trust
338JeonseunggadoFriendly Island - Lizzie Worthington
339UNNAMEDOratory - Lois's Dancer
340ThebritishrcomingFull Mandate - London Valley
341Lookin' SuaveSuave - Lookin' Swell
342Even ChangeGhostly Minister - Loose Change
343Twice the StormFantasticat - Love Me Twice
344A Rose for LydiaFreud - Loves to PeakFree 
345Quietly BrilliantBandini - Lucky Monkey
346Madame GalaxyGreeley's Galaxy - Madame Music
347Raffie's MagicRaffie's Majesty - Magic Momentum
348El RatijoHonour and Glory - Magster
349Chemical AlExclusive Quality - Majestical
350Cuban DevilSilent Name (JPN) - Malibu MystiqueFree 
351Run Wilko RunWilko - Malibu Run
352Derg MasterLove of Money - Mama Nook
353Our BailiwickGimmeawink - Manila Rain
354Maples WayEcclesiastic - Maple
355Costas FiftiethSoto - Marchena
357Deputy MonDeputy Storm - Maria's Reply
358Tessa BLimehouse - Marine OdysseyFree
359West Is BestWar Chant - Marisa Mia
360Smoldering RuinsLeroidesanimaux (BRZ) - Marquet Rate
361Love the HeatLatent Heat - Mary Anne's Love
362Corinthian MistCorinthian - Maryland MistFree 
363DeceiverMedaglia d'Oro - Masked WolfFree 
364Romancing the GoldMedallist - Mass RomanticFree
365Stone Cold GoldStonesider - Master FeetFree
366StrongestStrong Contender - Maya Jambalaya
367Shadow SecretaryRaffie's Majesty - Mayhem
368McCourtPowerscourt (GB) - McCallFree 
369Electric FlashFlashy Bull - Mean Melanie
370Put Back the BlackPut It Back - Megan's Cracker
371MegafordMedford - Megler
372Royal ChamerChapel Royal - Mein Love
373King FridayMedaglia d'Oro - Mello But BoldFree 
374Chiyu CheonhwangBroken Vow - Memories of MysticFree 
375Hererr's JohnneyHere's Zealous - Merger of Equals
376Tiz MerryTiznow - MerrimentFree 
377Kid KaosMedallist - MerriweatherFree
378Moon's ProspectMalibu Moon - Merryland MonroeFree 
379Dancing AnnaCuvee - MesabuFree 
380AlmiaAljabr - Mia Sposa
381Stormin MikiForest Wildcat - Miki's Melody
382My Pal GusYonaguska - Mi Mejor Amiga
383UNNAMEDHook and Ladder - Miner's Mint
384Big BlackjackFormal Dinner - Mining Silver
385Elegant HeartLion Heart - MinkieFree 
386Starship SevenUnbridled Jet - Mints First Star
387DeferlongDefer - Miriam's Song
388Brandon Luis CarloGators N Bears - Misinformed
389SlipstitchJump Start - Miss Amy RFree
390Love Those BootsLove of Money - Miss Boot Scoot
391Ken Sing a SongWerblin - Miss Dixie Dream
392Azu WereOfficer - Miss Elusive
393Domestic DelightDomestic Dispute - Miss Gemstone
394Gold DubaiE Dubai - Missile Strike
395LittlemrbigshotSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Miss Islander
396Smokem's CharmSmoke Glacken - Mississippi Charm
397Brenda's Lil TigerRoar of the Tiger - Miss Moolah
398The Admiral'sflankOutflanker - Miss NaomiFree
399Blue PunchTwo Punch - Miss Quackers
400Officer ShipleyOfficer - Miss Shipley
401GentenBernardini - Miss Terrible (ARG)Free 
402TemplewoodHorse Chestnut (SAF) - Missy Dear
403FireymistonthehillPerforming Magic - Mist On the Hill
404Real OrientedOrientate - Mistress Hemming
405Deeper in DebtLove of Money - Misty's Princess
406Dewey BeachLove of Money - Mitote Maya
407Foreign ReviewRockport Harbor - Mixed Reviews
408Audacious DixieDixieland Band - Miz Audacious
409Miss RetSenor Swinger - Momo's Favorite
410Raffie's BanditRaffie's Majesty - Moody Woman
411Leda's SwanMacho Uno - Moonlight CruiseFree 
412GrainHard Spun - Moonshine RunFree 
413MordenDesert Warrior - Morganatic
414Citizen KatProud Citizen - Mountain Dawn
415Movin to UtopiaUtopia (JPN) - Movin Along
416Indio CarlosIndian Charlie - Mrs. Coolidge
417MisunderestimatedTwo Punch - Mrs. Vanderbilt
418DelawnoWheelaway - My Manana
419Frivolous PalNot For Love - My New Pal
420Yield At the BullHoly Bull - Mystery Yield
421Drums of WarWar Chant - My Sweet Westly
422ShekeepsherbootsonNot For Love - Nasty Nemisis
423Chelsea's GiftCorinthian - Nature's DowryFree 
424I've Been ChozenRead the Footnotes - Nazdarove
425Macho GrisMacho Uno - Night FashionFree 
426Gold LarkGolden Missile - Night Wings
427Haydens HeroPartner's Hero - Nin Two
428Executive ActionRaffie's Majesty - No Other Like You
429Zealous SecretHere's Zealous - No Secrets Here
430PluperfectChangeintheweather - Not to Be Outdone
431Mr. StyleBluegrass Cat - Number One GirlFree
432Disco SensationDance With Ravens - Numerator
433Flip the SwitchDiscreet Cat - Nurse Cleo
434Run for RichesMacho Uno - Oedy's RichesFree 
435Once With EnergyUnbridled Energy - Once From Heaven
436HwanggeumbulpaeFlashy Bull - One Tough Cat
437Woodin EyeDixie's Prodigy - Open and Shut
438Love ContractConsolidator - Option Contract
439Appealing LucyUnbridled Time - Our Little Lucy
440Jet PackJump Start - ParlezFree
441Dance With PassionDance With Ravens - Passionate Punch
442Twelvegauge TrixeeTwo Punch - Past You
443Joyce's ChoiceHook and Ladder - Patron Silver
444Hot TopicMacho Uno - Paula SmithFree 
445Moon HarborRockport Harbor - Penumbra Moon
446Red High MountainA. P. Warrior - Perfect Plan
447Della NotteOrientate - Piano Bar
448J J's DisputeDomestic Dispute - Piersixer
449River CourtRock Hard Ten - Pleasant Emily
450Softly SilentlyReal Quiet - Pleasant Pastures
451PogoniaUtopia (JPN) - Poach
452DelonixTwo Punch - Poinciana
453More Party GirlMore Smoke - Polar Miss
454Quiet Lu LuReal Quiet - Polish Choice
455Bullet CatcherStrong Hope - Polo Ridge
456Bluegrass AtatudeTwo Punch - Potomac Bend
457Lion SueLion Heart - Precisely SueFree 
458BrandeisStevie Wonderboy - Pretty Dicey
459Channel QuestEnglish Channel - PrimequestFree 
460Time for WineCuvee - Princess CashtimeFree 
461Miss d'OroMedaglia d'Oro - Princess LegacyFree 
462Blues AlleyFlower Alley - ProbingFree 
463Hard to StealDance With Ravens - Psyche
464On the BoardPomeroy - Ptichka
465Amp and AdrenalinHarlan's Holiday - Pure Adrenalin
466Time LordLatent Heat - Purloin
467Push KaiserThe Kaiser - Pushin Perfect
468Pretty WonderStevie Wonderboy - Quanah County
469Eden QueenUtopia (JPN) - Queen Josephine
470Defy GravityBandini - Quickest
471Quiet EyesMidas Eyes - Quiet Julia
472Mesa MistSky Mesa - Quiet MistFree 
473SquishFriends Lake - Racene
474Tramici BayHook and Ladder - R B's Linda
475Jersey JoeRepent - Reallyupacreek
476Nancy's Red DressBwana Charlie - Red Hot Reagan
477GlibGreat Notion - Red ValentineFree
478Rich LoveNot For Love - Richetta
479Daddy Likes ThatMilwaukee Brew - Rich RubiesFree 
480Waves of WonderStevie Wonderboy - Riding the Waves
481Sandys Rising JetSay Florida Sandy - Rising Moment
482Hardly SpokenHard Spun - Robyns TuneFree 
483Lil BillieArtie Schiller - Rocky Top GalFree 
484DancinatthechurchEcclesiastic - Rocquette
485FantangoFantasticat - Roman Tango
486Why Not WhiskeyWhywhywhy - Roshneti
487Indys ValayDance With Ravens - Ross Valay
488More Than RubiesFantasticat - Rubi Spice
489Run to WinLatent Heat - Run for Joy
490Jive' N JazzElusive Jazz - Ryejee's Dancer
491Jack SensicalNot For Love - Sadler's Sarah
492Perfect LoverNot For Love - Sad Refrain
493Savina's ChanceDefer - Sage Burner
494Spa City TreasureShakespeare - Sailingonshannon
495KinginthecityFriends Lake - Salsa City
496Punto d'OroPoint Given - Salty Rocket
497Sam's Sunny CityCity Zip - Sam's Sunny Halo
498Heather's FeatherDixie Union - Santa Rosa Island
499Ileen's StarDeputy Rokeby - Sarath
500Princess NiyahStorm Surge - Savagery
501Prime MistressPrime Timber - Sayitwithdiamonds
502When We DanceNoble Causeway - Scintillating
503Barrister BobSpellbinder - Scullery Maid
504Meg's Monster BabyGreeley's Galaxy - Sea Loving
505ReadthebylineRead the Footnotes - Seattle Byline
506Eye Sea a PirateChapel Royal - Sea View Picture
507Gypsy RhythmArtie Schiller - SeductivaFree 
508Roxbury RocketPolitical Force - Seemslikearocket
509Speed AvenueE Dubai - Semaphore Ms.
510Do OverWill He Shine - Sensual Lady
511Seriously SharpBluegrass Cat - Serenity JaneFree
512Sixth SonGarnered - Seventh Avenue
513Perfect SideUtopia (JPN) - Shadyside
514Viva LitaliaTale of the Cat - She Looks WickedFree 
515Red SoloTwo Punch - She's a Drummer
516Always SmilingGreat Notion - ShifraFree
517Breezie WeezieNot For Love - Shorcount
518Uncle ToddJump Start - Shorlove KayleighFree
519Dangerous ForestForest Danger - Shortpoint
520Runnin BullFlashy Bull - Show Legs
521IlsimusiOfficer - Siamese Cat (IRE)
522Princess KatrinaUnbridled Energy - Sicilian Princess
523Medaglia de PlataMedallist - Silent ButlerFree
524Thrice NiceHat Trick (JPN) - Silken Purse
525Silver StreetFlower Alley - SilvereniecharmFree 
526Hunt CrossingCorinthian - Silver LaceFree 
527Wild About GinOfflee Wild - Silver Seas
528South Beach HottieGators N Bears - Silver Stream
529AhlaamEurosilver - Silver Wand
530Kayla's MarqueeLion Heart - Silver WireFree 
531YeonsarangMr. Sekiguchi - Singing Breeze
532Power DashLion Heart - Skip a BeatFree 
533Grand SavannaLion Heart - Slammin SuccessFree 
534Seneca LakeTenpins - Slewzy Floozy
535Golden LordGolden Missile - Smartlee Away
536Get Me Out of HereDomestic Dispute - Smart 'n Assertive
537CurraheeA. P. Warrior - Smart N Polished
538Smart LandingMedford - Smarty
539Harbor LynxRockport Harbor - Snappy Little Cat
540Laila DundeeTwo Punch - Soap Opera
541ZempatLemon Drop Kid - Sohgol (IRE)Free 
542Solo ApproachLangfuhr - Soloing
543Miss Sweet TalkerSuave - So Many Memories
544Posse HawkPosse - Song of the Hawk
545Alpha Galpha GoldGolden Missile - Sorority Gal
546ThreeanddonedanDance With Ravens - So Smashing
547Spanish WildcatSpanish Steps - Southern Wildcat
548Forest PathEl Corredor - Sparkling ForestFree 
549Saichi SweepinFusaichi Pegasus - Sprig of BroomFree 
550What'smineismineMineshaft - Spring StarFree 
551Touch With a PunchTwo Punch - Starry Nugget
552Meet the MissileGolden Missile - Stop the Meeting
553Margaret LilianPolitical Force - Storm Dancer
554Miss Henny PennyHalf Ours - Storm HenFree 
555Adding AlphaEven the Score - Stormin AnnaFree 
556Norma the StormaHarlan's Holiday - Stormin Gulch
557PaletazoPurim - Storminthewoods
558Super MoeAlbert the Great - Stormy Nation
560Eleven LafayetteDesert Warrior - Struttin On Union
561Stylish CuveeCuvee - Stylish AristocratFree 
562AlongcamethedevilGators N Bears - Suddenly Devilish
563Summer ApplauseHarlan's Holiday - Summer Exhibition
564Shuffle AwayWheelaway - Summer in Saratoga
565Secrets by the SeaMacho Uno - Summer RomanceFree 
566Sunny Sol RioSunriver - Sunny Senorita
567Beach Boy AlexAfleet Alex - Surf City SusieFree 
568Two DorcasTwo Punch - Sussex Drive
569Super QuietReal Quiet - Sweeping Return
570MarzesPowerscourt (GB) - Sweet ElixirFree 
571Little RitaChief Seattle - Sweet Rita
572Mercy LouSeattle Fitz (ARG) - Tacky Affair
573Double AdvantageDouble Honor - Tactical Go Go
574Bamboo HarvesterTwo Punch - Taint Yieldin'
575IngordoAfter Market - TakealookatmenowFree
576Fingers CharlieOratory - Takeitoffthetop
577Sun PointSunriver - Talking Point
578One Dancing ChicSiphon (BRZ) - Tamaris
579My Uncle CardieFreud - TancaFree 
580Sterling's Mi AmorFriends Lake - Tantalize
581At the PalaceAny Given Saturday - Tatooma
582Road WorthyBellamy Road - Taylor's HopeFree 
583Do DolanDixie's Prodigy - Tea Company
584Hard Way SixHard Spun - TeewinotFree 
585WithalottaloveNot For Love - Tekawitha
586Pedro Del ValleIndian Charlie - Ten Halos
587Hey GoodyDixie's Prodigy - Thankfully Mine
588TheatricalityPurim - Theatrical Review
589Little IsabellaOutflanker - The Best SisterFree
590Bo Strikes BackBowman's Band - The Emster
591Cuvee MontCuvee - The Girl RocksFree 
592UNNAMEDAction This Day - The Lady Roars
593The Funky ExpressFreud - The Rodeo ExpressFree 
594Drunken ThiefMilwaukee Brew - Thief in StyleFree 
595Jack's in the DeckLove of Money - Thracian
596Red Moon GirlMalibu Moon - Thunder BayouFree 
597Tiger RoyaleChapel Royal - Tiger in My Tank
598Gregoria ME Dubai - Timbia
599Alaskan DawnPurge - Time to Coast
600Bella the PrincessChapel Royal - Toe in the Water
601McNair and AdgerBob and John - Too Fast to Catch
602Saintly TouchStar Dabbler - Tough Aint Enough
603AwesomeatthetrackAwesome Again - Track GalFree 
604Marquetrys WarriorDomestic Dispute - Tres Linda
605Tribal VerseOratory - Tribal (IRE)
606Judas KissHoly Bull - Tricky Elaine
607Color BlindGiacomo - Triumph Arch
608Temptations SongWar Chant - Trudy True
609Thunder RoaringRoaring Fever - Trustees Gray
610Church ChoirEcclesiastic - Tubacity
611Tidal TreasureTeuflesberg - Turkana's TreasureFree 
612Last AroundFantasticat - Turning Around
613Honeysuckle VineForest Wildcat - Twice Forbidden
614Lil' Miss Pa.Badge of Silver - Twilight Aurora
615Consider Me GoneBadge of Silver - Two Skats
616Raffie's DancerRaffie's Majesty - Ukrainian Dancer
617Little SarahHere's Zealous - Undeniable Queen
618Don a BooVan Nistelrooy - Upwardly Mobile
619Vall and JanBob and John - Vallinda
620UNNAMEDSuave - Verma
621Rock On ThelmaFormal Dinner - Victory Rhythm
622Gotogo ByeDeputy Storm - Video Sister
623Clever TalkOratory - Virginia Punch
624Koh I NoorHarlan's Holiday - V V S Flawless
625Friends IndeedFriends Lake - Wacissa
626Fat JackLove of Money - Wally S.
627LotosblumeMr. Sekiguchi - Waltz
628Miss Laura JeanHonour and Glory - Wedding Day Lover
629Stomping ShadowsArtie Schiller - Wee Irish StarFree 
630Rare MarkSafely's Mark - Whats It Gonna Be
631Pure Whim's GemSimon Pure - Whim's Gem
632Utopia CallUtopia (JPN) - Whispered Call
633QuotablePetionville - White Angelica
634Apparent DangerForest Danger - Who Fu
635UNNAMEDRockport Harbor - Wild Mistress
636Pilgrims MohawkSunriver - Winloc's Pilgrim
637GetupwiththesunDance With Ravens - Winnie D.
638Red DoctoberSharp Humor - Winning Toast
639Mr. SkunkJohar - Winter Fashion (FR)
640Silver WillowBadge of Silver - Wishing Willow
641Bewitching HopeStrong Hope - Witch Wife
642Hardly PatientHard Spun - With PatienceFree 
643Faulkner FanSouthern Success - Wolfpack Fan
644Won the WarScipion - Worthy of SilverFree
645Miss PaddywhackerRaffie's Majesty - Xtra Dash