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Cape Breeders Club Stallions

  Admiral Kitten
  Alado (GB)
  Ato (SAF)
  Bold Silvano (SAF)
  Canford Cliffs (IRE)
  Captain of All (SAF)
  Count Dubois (GB)
  Coup de Grace
  Danon Platina (JPN)
  Duke of Marmalade (IRE)
  Elusive Fort (SAF)
  Erupt (IRE)
  Fencing Master (GB)
  Flower Alley
  Futura (SAF)
  Gimmethegreenlight (AUS)
  Global View
  Gold Standard (SAF)
  Horizon (SAF)
  Ideal World
  Jackson (SAF)
  Lancaster Bomber
  Louis the King (SAF)
  Mambo in Seattle
  Master of My Fate (SAF)
  Oratorio (IRE)
  Pomodoro (SAF)
  Potala Palace (SAF)
  Querari (GER)
  Rafeef (AUS)
  Red Ray (SAF)
  Royal Mo
  Silvano (GER)
  Soft Falling Rain (SAF)
  The United States (IRE)
  Twice Over (GB)
  Vercingetorix (SAF)
  What a Winter (SAF)
  Where's That Tiger
  William Longsword (SAF)
  Wylie Hall (AUS)

Highlands Stud Stallions

  Canford Cliffs (IRE)
  Jackson (SAF)
  Potala Palace (SAF)
  Rafeef (AUS)

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