Overview of the Ordering Process

  1. Visit the TrueNicks.com Reports console. If you are already registered, log in -- otherwise, you should create your free account.
  2. Select the Type of Report that you are wanting to run. 
  3. In "Step 1" of the order report console, type in the name of the horse you are interested in, or build a hypothetical mating of sire and dam and select "Find." 

Name or Hypothetical

  1. A verification screen will list all horses with the name you've chosen. Please click "Select" next to the correct stallion.

Select Mare Name

  1. The horse's name will now appear in the verification box on the main order screen. Note that you may now choose to select additional horses at this point (repeat steps "B" and "C" above).
  2. The Order Confirmation page details your request. You must now click "Checkout" for the order to be processed.

Add to Cart

  1. An email will arrive within 12 hours to alert you that your report is ready for download. Click the report link within your email to return to the TrueNicks reports console and view your report.


View a Sample Report

Sample Report