TrueNicks Classic Subscription

TrueNicks will help you attract more broodmare owners – and the right broodmares – to your stallion program. Add TrueNicks links to your website and your stallion's Stallion Register page to reach the largest audience of broodmare owners.

The TrueNicks Classic Stallion Subscription

With other nicking products to choose from, you might ask “Why TrueNicks?” Here are some good reasons to try it:

  • Calculation includes all regional black-type stakes winners, making TrueNicks an invaluable tool for regional, national, and international markets
  • Calculation considers all international starters and racing results, providing the most accurate nick ratings
  • TrueNicks ratings are recalculated in real time with up-to-date results from around the world, providing the most accurate and relevant ratings possible
  • Subscribed stallions are linked to The Blood-Horse Stallion Register Online and are cross-referenced to Weatherbys and the Global Stallions App
  • TrueNicks ratings for the top three finishers are included in The Blood-Horse Stakes Winners section

What will I get when I enroll my stallions with the Classic Report?

  • Classic TrueNicks reports include the top five runners bred on the given cross, making for easy conceptualization of a given rating.
  • Subscriptions run for a full year from time of enrolment and you have unlimited reports
  • Use of TrueNicks links and graphics on your web site — link your full roster of TrueNicks stallions from your web home page or to individual stallions from their own pages.
  • Promotion on Stallion Register Online — reach the largest audience of broodmare owners with enhanced stallion listings on The Blood-Horse Stallion Register Online.
  • Utilization analytics — every monday you will recieve a usage report that will show you which of your stallions are getting the most views and what mares are being mated to your stallion, making it easy to manage your stallion marketing.


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Sample Report


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